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48 Adventure Up Your Trip

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Try a new approach to zing up your trip and throw up unexpected experiences


Destination not exciting enough for you? Adventurer and TV presenter Simon Reeve (simonreeve.co.uk) has some suggestions on how to add some spice to your vacation.

Go out at night, and dawn. Exploring a new locale shouldn’t be restricted to 9 to 5, and there’s always a surprise to be had watching a city after dark, or just as it’s waking up.

Ditch the big sights: take pleasure in detail. Draw a circle around your home-base using a glass and explore the area forensically.

Pore over local press. Forget international news and CNN. Nothing will immerse you in where you are like local news. If all you find is mundanity then you can relish finding a rare, quiet part of the world.

The road less travelled

Latourex (The LABoratory of EXperimental TOURism; www.latourex.org) is a treasure-trove of way-out ways to shake up your travels.

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Jordaan & the West

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1Losing yourself in the labyrinth of narrow streets and charming canals while walking through the Jordaan, before spending the evening in the neighbourhood's atmospheric brown cafés (bars) – nothing is more quintessentially Amsterdam.

2Learning about the fascinating history and production of the country's favourite bloom at the Amsterdam Tulip Museum.

3Listening to rare jazz and classical tunes play on vintage pianolas at the Pianola Museum.

4Discovering what life is like on the city's waterways at the quaint Houseboat Museum.

5Pedalling around the unique mash-up of reedy wilderness and old gasworks buildings turned into cafes and theatres in Westerpark.

Though gentrified today, the Jordaan was a rough, densely populated volksbuurt (district for the common people) until the mid-20th century, and that history still shows. You'll discover that this neighbourhood is a curiously enchanting mix of its traditional gritty, hard-drinking, leftist character and its revitalised, trend-conscious sheen.

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31 Always be Healthy While Travelling

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Sometimes mishaps are inevitable – but there are simple ways to reduce the risk of sickness and injury when on the road


Avoid bites

Whenever and wherever you travel in the tropics, cover up, use lots of insect repellent, and protect yourself from bites during the night using plug-ins, mosquito coils and/or a mosquito net.

Don’t expect to avoid common complaints

Pack a medical kit to help you cope with common ailments like cold, flu, headaches, allergies and indigestion, not just with tropical ailments in mind.

Remember risks

Remember that enjoying the nightlife, sports, swimming, cycling, diving, and using a moped or motorbike may be more dangerous than at home, and the medical care poorer. Prevention is everything!

Wash your hands!

Wherever and whatever you eat, always make sure that your hands are clean – carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer to use before handling food.

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     Lake Bled

     Lake Bohinj

     Kranjska Gora

     Soča Valley


     Škocjan Caves






     Understand Slovenia

     Survival Guide

It’s a pint-sized place, with a surface area of just more than 20,000 sq km and two million people. But ‘good things come in small packages’, and never was that old chestnut more appropriate than in describing Slovenia. The country has every­thing from beaches, snowcapped mountains, hills awash in grape vines and wide plains blanketed in sunflowers to Gothic churches, baroque palaces and art nouveau buildings. Its incredible mixture of climates brings warm Mediterranean breezes up to the foothills of the Alps, where it can snow in summer.

The capital, Ljubljana, is a culturally rich city that values livability and sustainability over unfettered growth. This sensitivity towards the environment extends to rural and lesser-developed parts of the country as well. With more than half of its total area covered in forest, Slovenia really is one of the ‘greenest’ countries in the world.

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     Southeast of Willemstad

     North of Willemstad

     Understand Curaçao



     Landscape Wildlife

     Directory A–Z

     Getting There Away

     Getting Around

Go-go Curaçao balances commerce with Unesco-recognized old Willemstad and an accessible beauty, thanks to hidden beaches along a lush coast. It’s a wild mix of urban madness, remote vistas and a lust for life.

It has a rich history dating back to the 16th century. Central Willemstad boasts fascinating old buildings and excellent museums. Remnants of plantations dot the countryside – some are now parks. The west coast has oodles of beautiful little beaches, good for diving, snorkeling or just lazing.

Curaçao has a surging economy beyond tourism, which means that Willemstad, apart from its historical core, has factories, many humdrum neighborhoods and at times bad traffic. Catering to visitors is not the primary aim here, but if you’re looking for a Caribbean island that is busy setting its own pace, Curaçao is for you.

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