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The Best of Hong Kong

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In the early days of the colony, Tsim Sha Tsui (TST) was a garden city inhabited by Europeans. Nathan Rd was lined on both sides by colonial houses. Chinese banyans, some of which you can still see today, were planted to provide shade. Chinese were not allowed to live in TST until the early 20th century when the area was being developed into a hub of trade and tourism. After the communist takeover in 1949, many Shanghainese businessmen fled to Hong Kong; some settled in TST. In the northern part of the district today, you’ll see postwar buildings that were once homes to this Chinese ethnic group.

Start Former Kowloon British School; mTsim Sha Tsui, exit B1

Finish Jordan Path; mJordan, exit A

Length 2.5km; two hours

Drop by Chicken HOF & Soju Korean (李家, Chicken GOOGLE MAP ; %2375 8080; Kimberley Rd, G/F, 84 Kam Kok Mansion, Tsim Sha Tsui; meals from HK$150; h5pm-4am; mJordan, exit D) as you make your way to Chatham Rd South from Austin Ave.

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South Rim

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      Grand Canyon Village







      Las Vegas

Step up to a South Rim overlook, and as the maw dramatically opens out before you – breeze carrying a soaring California condor along with high-desert hints of piñon and sage – you can expect to feel very small.

Taking in the grandeur from the rim is as far as most visitors go. But ranging below the rim brings the sheer immensity and splendor of the gorge into perspective; even hiking down a short way reveals fossils embedded in sandstone and rock art left by ancient Native Americans. Hiking up exposes the canyon’s scale in a new, sweat-sheened light.

Desert wildflowers bloom out of rock in the springtime, autumn leaves light up the landscape in the fall, and the canyon’s spires and temples are breathtaking when frosted with snow. All the while, light and shadow creep across the canyon, constantly recreating the landscape before you – a beautiful reminder to be here now.

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Northern Central Highlands

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Northern Central Highlands

Northern Central Highlands Highlights

Querétaro State



Northeast Querétaro State

Guanajuato State



Dolores Hidalgo

San Miguel de Allende

Around San Miguel de Allende

Aguascalientes State


San Luis Potosí State

San Luis Potosí


Real de Catorce

Zacatecas State


Around Zacatecas

La Quemada

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Southeastern Europe Map

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Córdoba Province

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Pop 798,000

Once the dazzling beacon of Al-Andalus, the historic city of Córdoba is itself the main magnet of its namesake province. Remnants of the illustrious Caliphate of Córdoba, especially the great Mezquita (Mosque), hold immense historical and architectural interest, and the city around them is full of good food and wine and captivating gardens. But there's plenty of less-trampled territory to explore outside the provincial capital. To the north looms the Sierra Morena, a rolling expanse of protected forests, remote villages and ruined castles. To the south, olive trees and grapevines carpet rippling terrain, yielding some of Spain's best oils and the unique sweet Montilla-Moriles wines. Further south, caves and canyons are carved out of the limestone massif of the Sierras Subbéticas, with bustling Priego de Córdoba and crag-perched Zuheros making perfect bases for mountain hiking and dining on homestyle local dishes.

A Restaurante La Fuente

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