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The Best of Hong Kong

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In the early days of the colony, Tsim Sha Tsui (TST) was a garden city inhabited by Europeans. Nathan Rd was lined on both sides by colonial houses. Chinese banyans, some of which you can still see today, were planted to provide shade. Chinese were not allowed to live in TST until the early 20th century when the area was being developed into a hub of trade and tourism. After the communist takeover in 1949, many Shanghainese businessmen fled to Hong Kong; some settled in TST. In the northern part of the district today, you’ll see postwar buildings that were once homes to this Chinese ethnic group.

Start Former Kowloon British School; mTsim Sha Tsui, exit B1

Finish Jordan Path; mJordan, exit A

Length 2.5km; two hours

Drop by Chicken HOF & Soju Korean (李家, Chicken GOOGLE MAP ; %2375 8080; Kimberley Rd, G/F, 84 Kam Kok Mansion, Tsim Sha Tsui; meals from HK$150; h5pm-4am; mJordan, exit D) as you make your way to Chatham Rd South from Austin Ave.

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Orlando & Walt Disney World® Resort

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Newfoundland & Labrador

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Newfoundland & Labrador

Canadas easternmost province floats in a world of its own. Blue icebergs drift by. Puffins flap along the coast. Whales spout close to shore. The island even ticks in its own offbeat time zone (a half-hour ahead of the mainland) and speaks its own dialect (the Dictionary of Newfoundland English provides translation, me old cock).

Outside of the good-time capital St Johns, its mostly wee fishing villages that freckle the coast, some so isolated theyre reached only by boat. They offer plenty of hiking and kayaking escapes where it will just be you, the local family whos putting you up for the night and the lonely howl of the wind.

If youre looking to get off the beaten path to see Viking vestiges, eat meals of cod tongue and partridgeberry pie, and share fish tales over shots of rum set a course for this remote hunk of rock.

Jun Icebergs glisten offshore, though the weather can be wet and foggy.

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Twenty years ago, Montserrat marketed itself as being ‘The way the Caribbean used to be.’ Little did anyone know that in a few short years the slogan would become horribly ironic for anyone who harkened back to a pre-Palaeozoic era. A series of volcanic eruptions beginning in 1995 devastated the lower half of the island, turning Plymouth, the capital and only significant town, into an ash-covered wasteland.

Today, most tourists come for volcano-related day trips. Driving down the coast, you quickly get a feel for the island’s rich tropical life and take in jaw-dropping vistas of the destruction.

Those who stay overnight get to experience Caribbean culture without the crowds, casinos and cruise ships. They also get the chance to witness the island’s rebirth. Hundreds of single-family homes are now dotted across Montserrat’s unaffected northern half, while a new capital is slowly but surely taking shape around Little Bay.

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For Free

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Although the costs of Amsterdam's accommodation and dining can mount up, there is a bright side too. Not only is the entire Canal Ring a Unesco World Heritage Site (read: free living museum), but virtually every day you'll find things to do and see that are free (or virtually free, at least).

The money-saving I Amsterdam Card (www.iamsterdam.com; per 24/48/72hr €49/59/69) offers discounts and freebies at shops, attractions and restaurants. Students and seniors should bring ID and flash it at every opportunity for reduced admission fees.

Civic Guard Gallery Stroll through the monumental collection of portraits, from Golden Age to modern.

Rijksmuseum Gardens Even many locals don't know that the Renaissance and baroque gardens are free and open to the public (including occasional sculpture exhibitions). Let your pre-Raphaelite spirit run free as you explore the rose bushes, hedges and statues.

Begijnhof Explore the 14th-century hidden courtyard and its clandestine churches.

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