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4. Basic Nutrition for Fit Kids

Antonio Ph.D., Jose Basic Health Publications ePub


s a parent, you want to see your children succeed, prosper, and remain healthy throughout their lives. You sit down and help with their homework, play catch, and teach them the lessons of life so they dont make the same mistakes you did. Parents have a tremendous burden and responsibility in caring for their children. Instilling discipline is one of the hallmarks of raising a child and, interestingly, a lot of that discipline is introduced at the dinner table, isnt it? Well then, what better place to teach them some nutritional discipline as well?

Now, we are sure youre doing a fine job already. In hundreds of research studies spanning the last decade, there have been surprisingly few startling revelations concerning children and nutrition. Getting a child to eat their vegetables is no less important now than it was fifty years ago. But a parents job rearing children is tougher than ever and, in the area of nutrition, it has become astoundingly difficult. Unlike fifty years ago, when dinner was at six oclock sharp and the whole family ate together, we now deal with considerably more time constraints and outside influences that not only affect the way we live, but how we eat. Weve become a society on the run.

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Resources and Medi-Spa Directory

Simpson M.D., Graham Basic Health Publications ePub

Resources and Medi-Spa Directory


American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M)

1510 West Montana St.

Chicago, IL 60614

Ph: 773-528-1000 or 773-528-4333

Fax: 773-528-5390

website: www.worldhealth.net

e-mail: info@worldhealth.net

American Academy of Biological Dentistry

P.O. Box 856

Carmel Valley, CA 93924

Ph: 408-659-5385

website: www.biologicaldentistry.com

e-mail: info@biologicaldentistry.com

American Holistic Medical Association

12101 Menaul Blvd, Suite C Albuquerque, NM 87112

Ph: 505-292-7788

Fax: 505-293-7582


e-mail: info@holisticmedicine.org

Doctors Data

3755 Illinois Ave

St. Charles, IL 60174-2420

Ph: 800-323-2784

Fax: 630-587-7860

website: www.doctorsdata.com

e-mail: inquiries@doctorsdata.com

Eternity Medicine

13704 Treviso Court

San Diego, CA 92130

Ph: 858-720-0046

website: www.eternitymedicine.com

e-mail: info@eternitymedicine.com

Far Infrared Sauna

High Tech Health, Inc.

1919 Seventh Street, Suite 100

Boulder, CO 80302

Ph: 303-413-8500 or 800-794-5355

Fax: 303-449-9640

website: www.hightechhealth.com

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PERK #32: Cancer Made Me Appreciate My Pooch

Strang BA BEd MEd, Florence Basic Health Publications ePub

Perk #32

Cancer Made Me Appreciate My Pooch

My dog-loving friends would be mortified to hear that during cancer treatment I actually fantasized about killing my dog, Patches. One night, for example, she woke me from a sound sleep with a shrill whine and the clickity-clack of her sharp nails tap dancing across my laminate floor. I faked I was asleep for as long as possible, but soon realized I was not going to get any rest until I let her out to pee. At this point in my story I would like to send a sincere apology to my neighbors, in case they looked out at 2 AM that night and saw a bald woman, clad only in her underwear (thanks to my hot flashes), yelling, “Hurry up and pee, would ya!”

Flo and Patches

But I digress. Patches proved herself to be a faithful and loving companion throughout my cancer treatments. She never left my side. As I was fading in and out of consciousness postchemo, I could always count on seeing her furry face, black lips, and big brown eyes looking at me when I opened my eyes. She had been with me for nearly ten years, but that was the first time that I truly enjoyed her company. Too bad it took getting cancer to make me really appreciate having her around.

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12. Cystic Fibrosis

Murray, Frank Basic Health Publications ePub

When cystic fibrosis (CF) was initially identified in the 1930s, before effective antibiotics were available, almost all CF patients died in early childhood, explained the American Medical Association Home Medical Encyclopedia. Since 1975, the outlook has changed dramatically, especially with advanced methods of diagnosis and treatment.1

CF, or mucoviscidosis, is caused by a defective gene. This defect is of the recessive type, suggesting that it must be inherited in a double dose (one gene from each parent). Those who inherit the defective gene from one parent are called carriers, and they are usually unaware they have the disease and have no symptoms.

With CF, certain glands do not function properly, especially the glands in the lining of the bronchial tubes, the publication said. An additional serious malfunction is the failure of the pancreas to produce enzymes involved in the breakdown of fats and their absorption from the intestines, thus causing malnutrition. Sweat glands are also affected.

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8. Quantum Theory: The Final Step in Breaking the Aging Code

Giampapa M.D., Vincent C. Basic Health Publications ePub


Quantum Theory: The Final Step in Breaking the Aging Code

Vincent C. Giampapa, M.D., F.A.C.S.


—John Bahcall, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton University

Throughout this book we have emphasized the importance of repairing and maintaining your DNA in an optimal state. We have discussed the new horizon technologies designed to add both extended quality and years to our lives. We have described the supplements, nutraceuticals, and nutritional and lifestyle changes that will help you to better use the genes you have inherited. We have shown that the fundamental building block of each of these genes is DNA, and that there is something unique about the DNA in every one of the 100 trillion cells that make up your body. To explore this uniqueness, this final chapter goes beyond medicine to look at discoveries in other scientific disciplines.

The field of quantum physics proposes that all matter is composed of energy that is constantly vibrating at different frequencies. What we see as solid is really composed of subatomic particles in constant motion. Nothing holds still: not the chair on which you sit, not the book you hold in your hands, not the bones in your hands, not even your DNA.

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