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17. The Homeopath’s Bookshelf

McCabe, Vinton Basic Health Publications ePub


The Homeopaths Bookshelf


generation ago, it was very difficult to find any books on the subject of homeopathy. After you bought the two or three that you found at your health-food store, you would have to scour the shelves of used books stores and antique stores (a surprisingly good source, since many of the books on homeopathy had been published a hundred years ago) in order to find anything on the subject. And when you did find a book, you bought it, no questions asked. Over the years I collected books on the homeopathic treatment of horses, and learning to dose homeopathically based on the phases of the moon. Neither was of much practical use to me, but back in those days before eBay, you pretty much had to be happy with whatever you could find.

Today, the problem has reversed itself. Every publishing company, large or small, wants at least one book on the subject for their backlist. So, while homeopathy remains a niche area in publishing, there are now literally hundreds of titles available. Add to this the fact that old books never die anymore, but simply go on to live on the Internet, and you have an enormous wealth of information available.

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7. Hip and Low-Back Pain

Sehgal, Angela Basic Health Publications ePub

Chapter 7

Hip and Low-Back Pain

Kate had been an active runner, cyclist, swimmer, hiker, and rower for years and thrived on activity as an antidote to her sedentary office job. But over the years, musculoskeletal imbalances began to take their toll and intense hip/sciatic nerve pain forced her to quit running and other high-impact activities in her late twenties. She had multiple MRIs (magnetic resonance imaging) and tried chiropractic treatments, anti-inflammatory medications, and physical therapy, but to no avail. “I never realized how the types of exercises and stretches I was doing were probably causing more harm than good,” Kate says. She then met Kim and began learning the Active Isolated Stretching method, which has made a tremendous difference. This past summer, at the age of forty-seven, she even won a road-cycling championship. Kate sticks with her stretching routine and it helps her through periodic flare-ups. “After living with chronic pain for many years, and trying many conventional and alternative therapies, I feel at peace knowing I have a tool for self-healing.”

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12. Cystic Fibrosis

Murray, Frank Basic Health Publications ePub

When cystic fibrosis (CF) was initially identified in the 1930s, before effective antibiotics were available, almost all CF patients died in early childhood, explained the American Medical Association Home Medical Encyclopedia. Since 1975, the outlook has changed dramatically, especially with advanced methods of diagnosis and treatment.1

CF, or mucoviscidosis, is caused by a defective gene. This defect is of the recessive type, suggesting that it must be inherited in a double dose (one gene from each parent). Those who inherit the defective gene from one parent are called carriers, and they are usually unaware they have the disease and have no symptoms.

With CF, certain glands do not function properly, especially the glands in the lining of the bronchial tubes, the publication said. An additional serious malfunction is the failure of the pancreas to produce enzymes involved in the breakdown of fats and their absorption from the intestines, thus causing malnutrition. Sweat glands are also affected.

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5. Energy Medicine: Bridging East and West

Milne MD, Robert D Basic Health Publications ePub

While great strides have been made in Western medicine for treating certain types of illnesses such as infectious diseases and surgical disorders, the prevention and treatment of chronic disorders with Western medicines remains poor. The biochemical model is very limited when trying to treat disease syndromes and chronic disease and focuses on the pathologic degeneration of a conditionignoring the mind-body connection and the existence of energy fields. It is in these energetic fields where disturbances are first manifested. Because of this disparity between what is perceived and the reality of medical care satisfaction, doctors and patients alike argue over the possible solutions for their medical problems. Just as in the ancient times where there was a strong dialogue between Asclepios, god of medicine, and Hygeia, goddess of health, today a new dialogue, a new language is being developed to begin to understand the concept of bioenergy as part of the holistic concept of the treating the whole body, mind, and spirit.

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55. Be Travel Wise, Not Travel Weary

Klatz M.D. D.O., Ronald Basic Health Publications ePub

In the United States alone, in 2002, approximately 628 million trips were made by travelers on commercial airplanes. So, it’s not too difficult to imagine how easy it could be to become sick while in an airport or aboard an aircraft. To keep the skies friendly to your health, consider following these ten travel-savvy tips:

1. Wear loose clothing. If you feel bloated after disembarking from a plane, it’s because the low air pressure (8,000 feet, or 2,438 meters, inside the jet cabin) makes our bodies swell up.

2. Keep your fluids up. While in flight, drink 8 ounces (236 ml) of water during every hour. Cabin air is notoriously dry (0 to 2% humidity). Be sure to take the flight attendants up on their offers of bottled water during your flight. Avoid tap water on airplanes. It is treated with mild detergents, and no regulatory standards are in effect for commercial aircraft water tanks.

3. Sip smart. Avoid alcohol and caffeinated beverages—which act as diuretics. Alcohol’s intoxication effect also is more pronounced when consumed in the rarefied atmosphere of air travel.

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