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15. A Better Way to Walk for Health

Donkin Dr., Scott W. Basic Health Publications ePub

Nearly all of us walk every day, if only to get around the house, to the car, and to the office. But are we doing it right and are we getting all the benefits of walking?


Walking is an excellent choice of EXERCISE.

Walking is EASY. You already know how to do it.

Walking is SAFE, especially if you warm up first, know when to stop, and have a safe walking route.

Walking is CHEAP. You only need a good pair of walking shoes.

And, walking can be done almost anywhere, in any weather, and at any timewith just a few precautions. A mere thirty minutes of walking a day will be extremely beneficial for your health!


As you begin walking for health, remember that a correct walking posture reduces the chance of injury. Begin by walking slowly for about five minutes to warm up your muscles, and then gradually speed up. Walk with your head and chin up and your shoulders back. Try to hold your stomach in. Keep your back upright, but not rigid. Keep the curves of your spine as natural as possible. Dont lean forward.

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4. My Personal and Professional Journey in Nutrition, Jack Challem

Challem, Jack Basic Health Publications ePub

Jack Challem, known as The Nutrition Reporter™, is the author of more than twenty books on nutrition and health, including Stop Prediabetes Now, The Food-Mood Solution, and The Inflammation Syndrome. He is also a personal nutrition coach and provides nutritional consultations in person or on the telephone. Address: P.O. Box 30246, Tucson, AZ 85751. E-mail: jack@thenutritionreporter.com. Website: www.nutritionreporter.com.

Iam a best-selling author of nutrition and health books and I write for many different magazines. I also lecture consumer and medical groups on nutrition topics, and I coach people one-on-one to help them develop better eating habits. But most of what I do in this field and the nutrition recommendations I make are based on what I have learned from other people.

Many events and individuals have shaped my perspectives on nutrition and health. The first and perhaps most pivotal event was the death of my older brother. When I was fifteen years old, I saw him waste away from cancer, living in great pain for nine months. Much of his pain was the consequence of medical treatments. The lasting effect of that experience on me has been the firm belief that no one should ever die that way. Looking back, my brother’s death fundamentally influenced much of my personal and professional journey in life.

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4. Prostate Research: How Is It Done?

Janson M.D., Michael Basic Health Publications ePub



irst, let me give you some information about medical research, so you can understand the studies on saw palmetto and drugs. Medical research varies greatly in quality and consistency, and for many reasons, any one study must be viewed with caution, especially if it is contrary to a number of other studies. The methods and design play a large role in determining the outcome, and the position of the authors strongly influences the interpretation and conclusions, and the way studies are reported. Even established journals may publish studies that are of inferior quality, but that does not mean the research is valueless. It may stimulate other studies and provide some good information, even if not all of it is valid.

When doctors do medical research, they are always on the lookout for effects that may appear to be due to a treatment, but in reality are due to other factors. This is particularly the case when symptoms of an illness are variable and affected by stress or emotions. It is also an important consideration when the signs of an illness are subjective (reported by the patient) rather than objective (measured by a lab test or other equipment).

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2. A Really Good Start: Pre-Pregnancy, Prenatal, and Postpartum Nutrition and Fitness

Keeling, Knute Basic Health Publications ePub

Congratulations! You’re pregnant. It’s time to put up your feet, eat anything you crave in any quantity you want, and chill for the next nine and a half months … right?

I don’t think so!

Throughout human history, women have been active all through their pregnancies. We may no longer have to work as hard physically in our everyday lives, but our bodies are still wired to be active—pregnant or not.

You are what you eat, and your baby is what you eat, too. Caving in to every craving for sweets and junk food during pregnancy will, at the very least, probably bring about more weight gain than is ideally healthy and make that hill of losing the baby weight more difficult to climb later on. I’m not trying to stand between you and the occasional Ben & Jerry’s celebration or other small indulgences, but overall, your diet during pregnancy—even pre-conception, when you are preparing for pregnancy— should be nutrient dense (more on this later) and follow sensible guidelines, which I’ll lay out in this chapter.

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9. Supplements to Treat Depression

Schauss Ph.D., Alexander G. Basic Health Publications ePub

The most common assumption about the link between depression
and obesity is that being overweight is viewed negatively by
our society and this is internalized as self-rejection.


There is considerable evidence that the consequences of obesity can range from a sense of lowered self-esteem to clinical depression. This does not mean that everyone obese has a lowered self-esteem or suffers from clinical depression. In fact, obesity is not associated with any specific personality type, but anxiety and depression are common. Many obese individuals who are diagnosed with binge eating disorder often are comorbid with depressive illness. Comordibity means that they are coexisting conditions, illnesses or disorders, that occur at the same time.

What is depression?

Depression is a medical condition that affects at least 20 million Americans each year. A persons mood, thoughts, physical health, and behavior all may be affected. Symptoms commonly seen in depression include:

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