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Chapter 7: Discipline

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~ Knowledge

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We were waiting for the train, and it was late. The platform was dirty and noisy, the air acrid. There were many people waiting, like us. Children were crying, a mother was suckling her baby, the vendors were shouting their wares, tea and coffee were being sold, and it was an altogether busy and clamorous place. We were walking up and down the plat form, watching our own footsteps and the movement of life about us. A man came up to us and began to talk in broken English. He said he had been watching us, and felt impelled to say something to us. With great feeling he promised he would lead a clean life, and that from this moment he would never smoke again. He said he was not educated, as he was only a rickshaw boy. He had strong eyes and a pleasant smile.

Presently the train came. In the carriage a man introduced him self. He was a well known scholar; he knew many languages and could quote freely in them. He was full of years and knowledge, well-to-do and ambitious. He talked of meditation, but he gave the impression that he was not speaking from his own experience. His god was the god of books. His attitude towards life was traditional and conformatory; he believed in early, prearranged marriage and in a strict code of life. He was conscious of his own caste or class and of the differences in the intellectual capacity of the castes. He was strangely vain in his knowledge and position.

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VII. In Summation

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During the last talks or discussions, we have been considering the question of self-knowledge. Because, as we said, without being aware of ones own process of thought and feeling, it is obviously not possible to act rightly or think rightly. So the essential purpose of these gatherings or discussions or meetings is really to see if one can, for oneself, directly experience the process of ones own thinking and be aware of it integrally. Most of us are aware of it supercially, on the upper or supercial level of the mind, but not as a total process. It is this total process that gives freedom, that gives comprehension, that gives understanding, and not the partial process. Some of us may know ourselves partially; at least we think we know ourselves a little, but that little is not sufcient, because if one knows oneself slightly, it acts as a hindrance rather than a help. And it is only in knowing oneself as a total processphysiologically and psychologically, the hidden, unconscious, deeper layers as well as the supercial layersit is only when we know the total process that we are able to deal with the problems that inevitably arise, not partially, but as a whole.

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VIII. The Relation of Action to Other Areas of Inquiry

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To Be Intelligent Is To Be Simple

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