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Migration Medallion

Janice Zeller Ryan Stash Books ePub

Finished quilt size: 61˝ × 61˝



By Janice Zeller Ryan • Quilted by Angela Walters

The fabrics used in this quilt are Kona Cottons from Robert Kaufman.

I love the elaborate detail and varied fabrics of medallion quilts, but these features can also make the quilts appear quite heavy with pattern and color. My goal was to make a medallion quilt that was light and airy, yet still intricate. For Migration Medallion, the negative space, combined with the bright, solid colors, makes the borders and blocks appear to float and dance around the quilt. I chose the name Migration to evoke the images of movement and birds in coordinated flight.



A variety of colors: 16 fat quarters for pieced borders

Solid-color scraps: a variety totaling 32 pieces, each at least 5˝ × 8˝, for center medallion (You can get some of these from the 16 fat quarters.)

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Medium 9781607059912

Zen Medallion

Janice Zeller Ryan Stash Books ePub

Finished quilt size: 50˝ × 50˝



By Latifah Saafir

While Zen Medallion has the appearance of a medallion, it is not constructed border by border. Instead, it is sewn in eight wedges that, when put together, form the medallion shape. The medallion uses paper piecing and bias tape appliqué to create a fun, easy-to-sew quilt with big impact.



Background: 3¼ yards

Navy blue: 16 fat eighths, plus ¼ yard for bias tape appliqué

Peach: 5 fat quarters, or yardage and scraps to total 1¼ yards, plus 2 different ½-yard pieces for bias tape appliqué

Mint: 4 fat eighths and 4 fat quarters, or yardage and scraps to total 1½ yards

Gold: 8 fat eighths, plus ½ yard for bias tape appliqué

Teal: 8 scraps, at least 5˝ × 5˝, plus ½ yard for bias tape appliqué

Batting: 58˝ × 58˝

Backing: 3⅛ yards

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Dotty Hexagon Pillow

Heidi Staples Stash Books ePub

Hexagon Pillow

PILLOW SIZE: 17˝ × 12˝

Here’s your chance to give hexagons a try! Grab a stack of solid-color charm squares and put together this salute to the color spectrum. If you’re feeling feisty, try making the pillow with prints instead of solids. Either way it’s bound to brighten up your next rainy day.


Dotty Hexagon Pillow

17˝ × 12˝, featuring Kona Cotton Solids by Robert Kaufman Fabrics

Making the Pillow


If this is your first time with hexagons, be sure to do a little research on basting the hexagons and sewing them together. See Resources for links. If you’re already a hexie fan, be sure to check out Tacha Bruecher’s masterpiece Hexa-Go-Go for some incredible project ideas!

1Baste each trimmed charm square to a 1¼˝ hexagon paper foundation, using your preferred method.

2Refer to the Hexagon Assembly diagram to arrange the hexagons into 7 rows, 4 with 8 hexagons each and 3 with 9 hexagons each. Space the white hexagons among the colored ones.

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Amanda Jean Nyberg Stash Books ePub


The idea of this book has been percolating for several years. Back in 2011, right after Cheryl Arkison and I completed writing our book, Sunday Morning Quilts (by C&T Publishing), I was at a small quilt retreat with a few friends. Taglines were given out to each of the members during the weekend. The one that was assigned to me was “leave no scrap behind.” We all laughed about it, but it sums up my quilting style perfectly. In fact, my love for using scraps seems to intensify as each year passes. I find endless enjoyment in using as many scraps as possible. I hope this book encourages and inspires you to do the same!

The quilts and projects in this book are designed to use up every last scrap. They are categorized according to different scrap shapes: squares, strings, triangles, and snippets. There are some small projects included for (nearly) instant gratification purposes, and then there are the quilts that will take a while. Making several of these quilts will be more like a marathon than a sprint, but the results are worth it in the end.

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Medium 9781617450150

Pieced Wool Scarf

Kirstyn Cogan Stash Books ePub

Pieced Wool Scarf

Finished Size: Approximately 6½˝ × 75˝

It’s easy to get funky with this simple pieced scarf—just stack a strip of wool on top of another and stitch! The result is not only a fashionably casual accessory, but the loose layers of wool make it nice and warm too.

Wool comes in a wide range of sizes (and shapes, if you are felting an old wool sweater). I list the basic amounts I used, but you can mix and match to get as funky and creative as you want. There are some amazing dyed wool sources out there (see Resources).


Felting wool at home is easy. Perhaps you have an old wool sweater you can’t wear anymore or you found a great wool skirt at the local thrift store you’d like to felt. Just wash it in very hot water and dry it in the dryer. Repeat. Easy, huh? Wool felted from a sweater works great for projects like the Pieced Wool Scarf. Follow the project cutting list, or simply cut a variety of strips from ½˝ to 4˝ wide and have fun!

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