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Brass Ring Pillow

Heidi Staples Stash Books ePub

Brass Ring

PILLOW SIZE: 18˝ × 18˝

BLOCK SIZE: 14˝ × 14˝

A traditional Wedding Ring block, also known as a Crown of Thorns block, looks surprisingly modern when transformed into a pillow made of low-volume prints or enlarged to make a lap quilt. “Going for the brass ring” is an old American saying that dates to the turn of the twentieth century, when carousel riders used to reach for brass rings as they straddled horses on the outer ring of the ride. Today the phrase refers to those who are willing to do their utmost to achieve their dreams. It’s a lovely thought to accompany a gift for someone special who may be embarking on a new life adventure.

Favorite scraps or charm squares (5˝ squares) can be put to use in this miniature version of the original block, embellished with an extra row of piecing on each side. Low-contrast prints and a tight color scheme make a quiet statement with big impact.


Angela Pingel of Cut to Pieces (cuttopieces.blogspot.com)

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Fabric Flower Swag

Kirstyn Cogan Stash Books ePub

Fabric Flower Swag

Finished Size: 3˝ × 52½˝ (with 4˝ metal rings)

Nothing says summer more than fresh-picked (or, in our case, fabric) flowers. Flowers are a welcome sign that the warm weather celebrations are here! On Midsummer’s Eve, it’s a tradition to start the day by picking as many fresh flowers as you can carry to decorate wreaths, a maypole, and the house. This floral swag is a great way to bring friends and family together to celebrate the season—it becomes a real flower factory when there’s more than one of you making these! Your fabric flower swag can be hung on an entry door or a wall or used as a table runner—indoors or out.


Medium-weight white linen or linen-blend fabric: ¼ yard of 55˝- to 60˝-wide fabric OR 1¾ yard of 42˝- to 45˝-wide fabric

Quilting-weight cotton: ¼ yard or 1 fat quarter each of 7 colors: bright green, dark green, yellow, yellow-orange, orange, dark orange, blue

White quilting-weight cotton: ½ yard

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Remake: Boxy Tee Makeover

Suzannah Hamlin Stanley Stash Books ePub


Boxy Tee Makeover

This is one of the first revamp techniques I taught myself. I kept getting cool lettered tees that were several sizes too large during my college years and I learned to bring them down to size without leaving the shoulder seams in a weird place or causing the sleeves to fit badly. This is a fun and easy way to make just about any tee custom fitted!

I like doing this makeover to make huge tees into a more close-fit, women’s style, but you can also create a boxy pajama top or gym tee this way. This project uses a French seam technique similar to the one explained in Infinity Scarf Makeover. The result is smooth, finished seam allowances on the inside of the tee.


To simply take in the side seams of a sweater or tee that is a little loose in the waist, refer to Take In a Sweater or Knit Top.

You Will Need:

•Loose, boxy tee

•Perfectly fitted tee to use as a pattern

•Standard sewing supplies

•Walking foot (recommended)

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Medium 9781617450426

Refashion: Blouse-into-Dress Makeover

Suzannah Hamlin Stanley Stash Books ePub


Blouse-into-Dress Makeover

Dresses may seem a little too complicated for a beginner sewist, but this one uses a top you already have combined with what I think is the simplest skirt technique ever. Have fun choosing fabric for the skirt that coordinates with your top. Some of my favorite versions are two-tone, with one color for the bodice and a different color or print for the skirt. Casual, fun, and girly!

This project is also a good one for kids’ clothes. If a child gets too tall for a favorite tee or top, mark her waistline on it and attach a skirt—trimming the fabric as needed to size down.

Once you master this technique, try a double-layer skirt, like a sheer over a lightweight lining. Or try using a more structured tube top or fitted blouse.

You Will Need:

To calculate the ideal width for the skirt panel or panels, multiply the waist measurement by a little over 1½. If your waist is between 22˝ and 32˝ (56cm and 81cm), you should be able to use standard 45˝-wide fabric for a comfortable and flattering skirt.

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Spark 26. Take a Day Off

Carrie Bloomston Stash Books ePub

Sometimes you’ve got to go find your soul on the road.

I am not one of those people who would ever tell anyone to get into their studio no matter what and sit there and move their hands until the creative spirit strikes. There are other books for that. There are books that tell you to be orderly and disciplined as you pursue your passion, to treat it like a job, to punch in on the time clock, to be diligent and earnest in your efforts—constant, consistent, patient. These books want you to sit around in the studio and wait until a butterfly flies into the room. Precisely because you have been in there waiting, you will be ready for it. It’s sort of like fishing for magic—if you wait long enough, something wonderful will happen.

Then again, you could just take the day off—actually go fishing, connect with the natural world and your senses—and come back filled with inspiration and magic, ready to get to work. Personally, I’ll go with the second option any day.

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