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17. But Where Were the Nazis?

Peter Wortsman Travelers' Tales ePub

THE POSTER PLASTERED ON EVERY LAMPPOST LOOKED innocuous enough. Red on one side, white on the other, it featured a Playmobil figurine with beady black eyes and a toothbrush mustache, circled and crossed out in red, casting a thin gray shadow, with the slogans BERLIN GEGEN NAZIS (Berlin Against Nazis) above and BLOCKIEREN IST UNSER RECHT (Blocking is Our Right) below.

May 1, May Day, is the traditional workers’ holiday, the international Labor Day, celebrated with marches, speeches, and picnics by labor unions and parties on the political Left all over Europe. But Germany’s neo-Nazis have sought to capitalize on long-festering resentments. Their May Day march and regularly scheduled clash with an anarchist counter-demonstration had in recent years devolved into a messy Berlin rite, monitored, albeit barely kept under control, by the riot police. This year the clash was to spill over into the peaceful residential neighborhood of Prenzlauer Berg, ostensibly precipitated by an angry demonstration by the Left in the Berlin District of Schöneweide, in front of a Kneipe ominously called Zum Henker (The Hangman), a known hangout of skinheads and rightwing extremists.

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2. The Vectors of Alexanderplatz

Peter Wortsman Travelers' Tales ePub
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17. Ham Supper for 227

Paula Young Lee Travelers' Tales ePub

Chapter Seventeen

Ham Supper for 227

I like pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals.

Sir Winston Churchill

Ow, Patrick announces, as everyone sits down to Sunday supper at the Big House. I just bit on something.

Buckshot, John says calmly.

But Im eating potatoes, Patrick protests.

Buckshot, John repeats, and reaches for another serving of venison chop suey.

So tell me about the wedding! I prod Patrick.

We got married, Patrick shrugs, still chewing with a slightly puzzled expression on his face. Then we fished at the lake.

Thats it?


You still doing the pig roast?


What about the pig? I poke him. Have you got one yet?

Nope, he replies. If I bring a pig home early, Christy will start cooing over it and before you know it, it will be another Bucky. And then Ill just have to get another pig to roast.

Just to be clear, Bucky wasnt a pig. He was a dog stuck in the body of a goat.

It is a truism of animal husbandry that certain animals come in pairs. The dove is one of them. The goat is another. Even if herds of other friendly animals are around, a single goat will not do well on its own. The specifics of the pair dont matter: It can be girl-girl, boy-boy, boy-girl, old-young, big-small, or black-white. They just both have to be goats, preferably two of the same kind, and not an Archy and Mehitabel kind of pair (a cockroach and an alley cat, in case you were wondering). Bucky thought he was a dog. So did all his friends. Wagging his tail, Bucky followed Patrick wherever he went. Begging to be petted, Bucky lived inside the house and shed on the couch. But one day, while nobody was home and he was all alone, he died. Death deprived him of his amazing powers of mind control, and behold! Bucky was returned back to being a goat. It was very upsetting.

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We Wait for the Sun

Lavinia Spalding Travelers' Tales ePub


We Wait for the Sun

Fury is more tolerable than fear.

Everyone in the village is congregated at Bahar Dar’s dirt airstrip, each of us dripping sweat in the hot afternoon sun. But not one of us is thinking about searching for shade. We’ve come out of respect to witness Flora’s coffin as it is loaded onto an Ethiopian Airlines DC-3. Tropetas is leaving with her, and we don’t know if he will ever return. The elderly Greek couple has run our village bakery for decades, and now Flora will be buried in the Greek cemetery in Addis Ababa.

Tropetas beats on his chest as if it’s a drum. He’s worked himself into a sweat that soaks the hair on his head, absorbs into his cotton shirt, and flies off his body with each successive strike of his powerful fists.

Four men dressed in Ethiopian Airlines khaki uniforms push a rolling luggage carrier across the bare red dirt. On it is the coffin, a simple, ordinary, plywood shipping crate bizarrely festooned with colorful airfreight tags—yellow, green, blue. The tags are in constant motion, cheerfully waving and bobbing about in the mid-afternoon wind coming off Lake Tana, as if celebrating a festive birthday party rather than solemnly mourning a tragic death.

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SECTION IV - X (Chromosome) Rated

Sophia Dembling Travelers' Tales ePub

YOU KNOW THE ONES. THEY’RE THE movies you turn to when you’re home with the flu, the cheesy classics that you watch for the umpteenth time on lazy, rainy evenings. They’re the comfort food of the film world: chick flicks. But they’re also good for more than curling up on the couch with. Their real-life locations have become modern pilgrimage sites.

Some chick-flick landmarks have their own pre-celluloid claims to fame, entering our artistic vernacular. The Empire State Building observation deck, for example, where Cary Grant’s Nickie Ferrante waited in vain for Deborah Kerr’s Terry McKay to meet him in An Affair to Remember. Extensive lines and elaborate security measures may have dampened the romance some, but you can still take the long ride to the top and gaze forlornly into the Manhattan night. Or, cheer yourself up and remember Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks recreating the same scene, but happier, in Sleepless in Seattle.

Katz’s Delicatessen was a New York City landmark long before Meg Ryan faked an orgasm at a small table in the middle of the room; still, despite its century-plus of history, the deli is probably best known for hosting that classic When Harry Met Sally scene. The famous table is marked with a sign that reads “Where Harry Met Sally… Hope you have what she had!,” and there are a few photos of Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan on the cluttered walls, but otherwise, business at the deli goes on as usual.

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