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Chapter 7 - Steering

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Chapter 7 Steering

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Chapter 12 - Fitting the Body

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This is relatively straight forward as it is practically a reversal of the dismounting procedure. Much more care should be exercised, as you would not want any damage to occur to it at this stage. This is done in two stages, one to mark out the fixing holes in the chassis, and the final fitting when the holes have been drilled and tapped.

Body of the Sprint just mounted on the completed rolling chassis

Glue down the felt to the chassis backbone, not forgetting to cut the holes for the front propshaft access and the seat belt anchors. Then with your army of helpers, lift the body sufficiently to clear the engine and rear uprights, and lower down gently onto the chassis. The body will attempt to find its own location guided by the rear chassis tubes and the interference of the felt. With your band of lifters taking the weight of the body, make sure that the body is as far forward as it will go to ensure that the body bobbins in front of the parcel shelf are in contact with the chassis. If you fail to do this, the body will be stressed in these areas and could cause localised cracking.

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Chapter 4 Drive Shafts

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The drive shafts are the same on both sides. The front suspension is fitted with torsion bars. These bars are under tension and the upper wishbone is pushed down by the tension of these bars. If you are familiar with earlier T4 models, you may know that special support struts were required to release the tension of the torsion bar. This is no longer required on models covered in this manual. A few additional operations are required to remove the drive shafts, if an automatic transmission is fitted.

Note: The wheel bearings must not be placed under load when the drive shaft is removed, i.e. never lower the vehicle back onto its wheels after you have removed a drive shaft. From model year 2001 new wheel bolts are fitted. Section “Front Suspension” gives details.

Proceed as follows to remove a drive shaft from a model with manual transmission, but note that some of the operations are only referred to, but not described in detail. Detailed descriptions of these operations can be found in the “Front Suspension” section.

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Chapter 13 - Electrics

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Replace the baby Elan heater intake plenum chamber if it has been removed. Ensure that the drain hose at the bottom is intact and mates up with the hole in the body and is adequately sealed with silicone sealant. Pour water into the plenum to test this feature or the carpets will never be dry. Before fitting the plenum chamber, fit any soundproofing that you may have removed against the engine bulkhead.

The heater unit on the baby Elan is a simple affair that is easily stripped down. Clean it out and pressure test to make sure there are no water leaks. Test the fan motor for quiet operation on both speeds. Rectifying faults like these at this stage are much easier than finding them in a fully assembled car. The same applies to the +2 heater but this is a little more complex. Connect the heater pipes to the heater unit ensuring the pipe runs do not interfere with other dashboard fitted items, such as the radio on the baby Elan. The +2 heater pipe connections are made on the engine side of the bulkhead and are just as inaccessible when the carburettors are in place.

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