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Chapter 6

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Chapter 6




Key 5: Differentiation and Enrichment

A continuum of strategies, developed and aligned with classroom expectations, exists to support teachers in working to improve students’ individual and group behavior. The focus of the strategies is to help the students learn to behave and succeed in the classroom.

Alternative strategies are in place for escalating levels of misbehavior.

Differentiation is one of the concepts in education that has a myriad of definitions and intentionality surrounding it. It is the perfect example of what Michael

Fullan (2005) was referring to when he wrote, “Terms travel easily . . . but the meaning of the underlying concepts does not” (p. 67). It may be easier to state what differentiation is not as a prelude to structuring a positive view of the work. Differentiation is not like following a recipe, implementing an instructional strategy, or even doing only what a teacher does when he or she has time.

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Chapter 11: Leading the Way

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Leading the Way

“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?”

“That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,” said the Cat.

—Lewis Carroll

Once a principal has become intrigued with the idea of an external school review, the next step is to discuss the concept with other members of the school leadership team and with the school staff as a whole.

Not every school is ready to invite outside eyes into the building to take a close look at how the staff goes about the business of transferring knowledge. Involving others in the decision-making process begins the modeling of collaborative strategies that research has identified as effective in school improvement.

Assessing Readiness

Three sets of questions can help principals evaluate their schools’ readiness to benefit from a review.

First, principals should ask themselves the following questions:

• What about a school review do I find intriguing?

• What advantages would it offer me in leading for improvement?

• How receptive am I to coaching?

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Chapter 9 Text Features Scavenger Hunt

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Text Features Scavenger Hunt

Look at any piece of informational text—a magazine article, a textbook chapter, an informational book—and you will see many features you don’t see in stories, poems, or plays. The most noticeable feature of informational text is a variety of visuals; drawings, photos, maps, charts, graphs, and diagrams are common features of informational text. Additionally, informational texts contain headings that signal the main ideas of each section and, sometimes, subheadings. Within the text, you will occasionally notice bold words. These are important vocabulary terms that are often defined in the text and sometimes further clarified in a glossary. Most informational texts contain words students may not know how to pronounce; some texts even provide pronunciations in parentheses next to vocabulary words. If the text is divided into chapters, you can probably find a table of contents in the beginning and an index at the end, which will help you quickly locate specific information within the text.

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Chapter 8

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Global Digital



ur level of global interconnectedness has been staggering since the World Wide

Web was introduced into our lives. This interconnectedness allows us to see how collective or individual efforts can have a global effect. We can now see and track our actions on an international scale, measure our impact on the global environment, gauge our social and moral differences and similarities, rally together to inspire hope, and provide aid for countries, communities, or even individuals dealing with hardships and tragedies.

We have become very aware of our need to understand this continuous rapid change and forecast parameters of safety for our most vulnerable users. When we think about it, it makes sense to cultivate empowered individuals who are dutifully aware of their responsibility both for and with the power of the Internet for the lasting well-being of our global community.

This is a hallmark of what we call the global digital citizen: a conscientious, respectful, and compassionate individual who strives to establish a sense of global community in all his or her online and offline relationships, duties, and endeavors. The five unique aspects that define the global digital citizen are: (1) personal responsibility, (2) global citizenship, (3) digital citizenship, (4) altruistic service, and (5) environmental stewardship. In this chapter, we will describe these aspects, note some skills each helps to cultivate, and list potential benefits that result from developing those skills. We then provide rubrics for measuring items that students require to be successful with the aspects of global digital citizenship.

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Chapter 10

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“Where is she?”

The Cloudic smiled but made no reply.

“Where is she?” Conrad’s voice was low, steady, and dangerous.

“I don’t know.”

“You’re lying. Tell me the truth.”

The man’s smirk widened across his face.

“Then I will tell you where she is,” Conrad hissed, leaning forward until his face was only inches from his. “She is being held captive in Cloudrain.”

Shock registered across the man’s face, telling Conrad he had guessed correctly. A pregnant silence followed his words, and his dark eyes never left the prisoner’s. The man’s sneer had vanished, and for the first time, he dropped Conrad’s glare.

“Who sent you to abduct her?” Conrad growled.

“I wasn’t sent to harm the queen,” the man said softly, as though he did not realize he was speaking. “I was only a distract—” He stopped, and his face paled suddenly, humiliated that Conrad had gotten him to speak. Conrad nodded, his eyes cold.

“You were sent as a distraction to keep me and the lieutenant away from her bedroom. That’s why you weren’t wearing dark blue. It would have alerted our suspicions.”

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