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Key 16—Blasted Tower

Chris Zalewski Aeon Books ePub

Key 16 is a great force which follows a course of awakening of the inner-spiritual self through sudden happenings, which may have been shock, upsets, or clear flashes of insight. It is a number of atonement, weaknesses revealed, catastrophes and accidents. The numerical breakdown of 16 is 1 + 6 = 7 (Chariot). The power of the Divine (1) illuminates the mystical union of Spirit and Matter (6), causing an awakening of Man, thus his mind and body knows his true potential (his soul) and is now awakened from ignorance (7).

Numerical analyses of the name ‘Tower’ , using the Pythagorian and Hebraic systems gives Nine and in the English Kabbalah. In Nine (Hermit), which is someone who has forsaken all and gone towards a spiritual path. Another view-point is how the Edomite Kings built false values and walls which are shattered by the reality of spiritual awakening. In Key 1 (Magician) brings about an awakening of the senses, or perhaps it is awareness which has been brought about by his study and learning.

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Ramsey Dukes Aeon Books ePub



Let us add a little paranoia to the dish, a dab of mustard on the edge of the plate into which readers may choose to dip these pages’ chips of wisdom, all the better for to savour them.

Paranoia, like any other demon, should hold no more terror for us now we have learnt how to chat with demons, build up a relationship, and also how to restrain them with analysis.

Indeed, the message of this book so far should have done much to loosen the grip of paranoia on our minds. As the examples on the previous pages illustrate, once we learn how to recognise demons, then we are liberated from conspiracy theories. For I have demonstrated that the evil inherent in our institutions—everything from health care to business, from religion to terrorism—is best understood not as the property of the individuals who serve the demon but rather of the demon itself.

Individual journalist, politicians, businessmen may be fully rounded human beings who really believe they are doing their best for society, and yet they contribute to organisms that serve their own purpose beyond society and often at odds with human needs.

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NUMBER TEN: The Wheel of Fortune

Claudine Aegerter Aeon Books ePub

The Wheel of Fortune symbolises conscious life rising out of the green primordial waters. All the experiences gained in the cycle from 1 to 9 are gathered together, as we die to that cycle and rise into another. The image on the card, with creatures ascending and descending on a wheel describes the paradoxical experience of conscious life. The kundalini energy rises via the quality of mind represented by the blue and yellow Hermanubis who climbs the wheel on the right side, holding the caduceus. Balanced on the top of the wheel is the sphinx; this is matter aspiring to be sublimated. On reaching the sphinx we can rise up through the fires of purification, if we can answer her question correctly. The brown and green beast descending down the left side of the wheel represents the aspect of the mind that has not been able to sublimate attachment to survival. The blue and red circles of the wheel symbolise the inner and outer lives; the task is to fuse them together, the sacred with the profane and the personal with the collective.

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Appendix II: The 22 Mercurial Spirits of Liber 231

Paul Hughes-Barlow Aeon Books ePub


The 22 Mercurial Spirits of Liber 231

For some reason Crowley chose to represent the names of these twenty-two spirits using a mixture of English, Greek and Coptic letters – the Hebrew alphabet is represented by AYN, or Nothingness, related to the Devil card. From the English letters the names of various Enochian, Goetic and other spirits can be discerned. The Coptic ST is explained in various Golden Dawn documents as having spiritualising influence from Kether. This leaves the Greek letters, which could have as easily been rendered in English. What do the Greek letters represent?

In my meditations on these Spirits, I was gradually led to consider Gnosis or Knowledge, usually secret knowledge. The Gnostics were on the one hand considered to be the precursors to the Christian religion, and on the other an enemy that had to be crushed by established religion. This philosophy was explored by Madame Blavatsky and the Theosophical Movement she founded. Alistair Crowley makes it clear in several places that he intended to continue the works of the Theosophical Movement, who, no doubt, feel they can get on quite nicely without his help. A characteristic of Gnosticism as it has come down to us is that its ideas have appropriated and misappropriated over the millennia. One side of Mercury that is not so well known is his role as thief. He steals things, ideas, and words. Spiritually, our original identity can and has been stolen. To know is to be.

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4: Goddesses and Guides: Morgan and the Faery Women

John Matthews Aeon Books ePub

Then fearlessly and unhesitatingly Geraint dashed forward into the mist. And on leaving the mist he came into a large orchard; and in the orchard he saw an open space, wherein was a tent of red satin; and the door of the tent was open, and an apple-tree stood in front of the door of the tent; and on the branch of the apple-tree hung a huge hunting horn. … And there was no-one in the tent save one maiden sitting in a golden chair, and another chair was opposite to her, empty. And Geraint went… and sat down therein.

— Geraint, Son of Erbin from The Mabinogion

There is a sense in which the majority of the women who appear in the Arthurian cycle are, or were, Goddesses. That this is not immediately apparent is due to the gradual Christianization of the material, and to the changing attitudes of successive generations of story tellers, who altered, modified and sometimes suppressed many of the ‘Pagan’ aspects of the tales they told.

Thus Morgan le Fay, whose origins have been traced to the Irish Goddesses Macha and Morrigan, becomes, in the medieval Arthurian world, a mere enchantress — at least, on the surface. Malory says of her that she was the daughter of Igraine and Gorlois of Cornwall, and that after her father's death, and the events of Arthur's birth engineered by Merlin, she was ‘put to school in a nunnery, where she became a great clerk of necromancy’ (47 ).

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