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It is often stated that ‘opposites attract’, however, in the case of shared demons I would rather say that “similarities attract, while opposites galvanise”.

People can be drawn together by a shared demon: two racists might meet at a nationalist party rally and enjoy each other’s company, two people with uniquely liberal educational ideas might meet at a parent/teacher evening and become good friends. But the real dynamism in a relationship happens when a shared demon is manifest as two opposing horns as in the following examples.


Two people met and fell madly in love—each seeming to the other to be a special person, very different from themselves. Although it was not recognised at first, they did have certain things in common. Both were born to intelligent, middle class parents without much money, both were sent to local state schools but proved themselves to be unusually bright. So both got state-sponsored scholarships to posh private schools and both found themselves in their pre-teens feeling small and overwhelmed in an alien environment.

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Key 11—Justice

Chris Zalewski Aeon Books ePub

Key 11 is a powerful number of Truth. Firstly, if you take 11 and break it up into 10 and 1, you will have in the 10 a divine spark (0) contained in the manifestation of Man (1). This number then, speaks of the Law of Mankind. It also represents violence and power, which is a sad history of mankind in the wielding of its many Laws. But it can also be revelation. Spiritual Truth (1) unites in the materialplane (10), the Kingdom. However, 11 also rules sins, penitence and striving for liberty and knowledge.

One hidden number in the name Justice is 8 (Strength), using the Pythagorean system. Key 8 is the spiritual cosmic Law and Truth, which subtlety guides Mankind in their earthly Law, Key 11. Using the English Kabbalah system, the other hidden number is Key 6, harmony and balance is sought by Man with divine blessing.

The Golden Dawn version of this card, for the most part imparts a traditional Western archetype of the figure of Justice with esoteric symbolism around it. In many ways, both directly and indirectly, this appears to have come from the Egyptian Book of the Dead—the Judgement of Ani before Osiris. This takes the concept of Justice beyond the Physical law and gives it the seal of Karmic evaluation as well. This shows that judgement and the law of cause and effect, better known by the name of karma, is all encompassing and all embracing. None escape its wrath, whether in this world or the next. As the last word, it is absolute.

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Claudine Aegerter Aeon Books ePub

Humanity is at the present time at a crossroads, or point of transition. The human kingdom represents the latest state of biological evolu tion on planet Earth, so further expansion of the mind beyond its intellectual boundaries must take place, if we are to realise the true potential of who we are as human beings and understand the pur pose of our existence. It is our responsibility to lead the way in ser vice to the whole process of life in this Solar System. Up to now, mankind has been the frightened brave species, expressing group survival through our behaviour and mentality. By extending our selves beyond our safe place, we can see ourselves as vehicles for a greater energy and a greater plan. We then step into the realm of the next kingdom in the evolutionary process; that of the Soul. The Tarot, seen as an initiatic tool, offers a perception of the inner work that a human being has to achieve as he associates with his Soul. This leads to contact with the higher mind and its universal experience.

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Chapter One: The Nature of Ritual Magic

John Michael Greer Aeon Books ePub

The magical traditions of the world contain a dizzying array of different methods, practices and procedures. At first glance, there may seem to be very little in common between the pounding drums and bright colors of a Voudon ceremony under way in Haiti and the perfect meditative silence of an esoteric Buddhist magician at work in a temple in Japan, or, for that matter between either of these and the ornate working tools and flowing robes, stylized gestures and chanted words of power of a magician working in the Golden Dawn tradition. Still, despite the visible differences, a deeper thread of connection joins each of these practitioners and their work. That thread is the thread of ritual.

Even to those with no magical background at all, the idea of ritual is central to any notion of what magic is or what magicians do. To many modern Americans, whose closest approach to magical thought comes from caricatures in Saturday morning cartoons or the even sillier caricatures condemned from church pulpits on Sunday mornings, magic is still a matter of gestures and words, special objects and strange actions. This habit of thought is grounded in the realities of magic, for although there is more to magic than ritual; the art of ritual makes up the heart of magical technique in nearly all of the world's traditions.

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Princess of Wands

Chris Zalewski Aeon Books ePub

The Princess of Wands stands with her hand on an altar. The altar is the seat of her power showing an ever present spiritual framework from which she works. The Tiger's head above her crown and on her belt and knees, is the symbol of her dual nature of both creator and destroyer. On her crown and club is the Sigil of her scale, the hieroglyphic symbol of a ram's head with spirals of energy emitting there from, but it is reversed revealing the feminine polarity with masculine traits. The Fiery club she holds is also reversed for the same reason. The ram's heads circling the altar are masculine, procreative energy and power which she emits. Her practical, earthbound energy puts energy into form.

The Princess of the Salamanders works directly under her brother, the King, in carrying out the Orders of her father the Knight. Her functions on the Material Plane are a direct application of both heat and Fire in the physical sense. She is a force that produces intensity in the Fire of the Salamanders. Her title is ‘Rose of the Palace of Fire’ and her actions are likened to the ‘unfolding Rose 1 which starts as a small bud that gradually blossoms into full bloom. It is she who controls the volume or capacity of the fire element.

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