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6: The Living Hallows: Knighthood for Today

Matthews, John Aeon Books ePub

W that makes the Grail such an enduring symbol for the inner search is its continuing value for each and every age that has followed upon its first appearance in the world. People have been seeking to plumb the mystery ever since, with varying degrees of success. We have seen something of the outer as well as the inner course which the stories have taken; now it is time to look in more detail at the reality of the experience which the Quest entails, first through the adventures of the original Quest Knights, and then through some contemporary accounts.

The Hallows of the Grail are living symbols of a very real Quest, in which many men and women are at present involved. This new knighthood is every whit as true and valid to the original precepts of chivalry, honour and the search for meaning as were the Knights of the Round Table.

As I was completing the first edition of this book in 1989, I encountered a further example of the living quality of the Grail Tradition. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (50) opened in London to packed houses and I was among those who thronged to see it. Imagine my delight when I found it to be a modern Grail Quest, which added a new chapter to the myth. Indiana Jones goes in pursuit of his father, who is the greatest living expert on the Grail and who has been taken prisoner by the Nazis. After many adventures the cup is discovered in ‘a certain valley in Hatay’. It is a plain wooden cup, which nonetheless heals the mortally wounded scholar, and brings death to the evil seeker. Then, it is lost again, in the depths of the earth.

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Chapter Five: The Shao Yung “Plum Blossom Method” of I Ching Numerology

Nisarg, Swami Anand Aeon Books ePub

As explained in the first chapter, Shao Yung was one of the great innovators in the practice of the I Ching; he could almost certainly be considered the most significant figure in I Ching studies outside of those nearly legendary figures that are credited with forming the very canon of the I Ching (Fu Xi, King Wen, and Confucius). He was notable as an outsider from the institutional mainstream (as indeed Confucius himself was in his own times), and for being a great defender of the necessity of actual use of the I Ching as a divination system and system of practice, rather than just a document for intellectual study (once again, a view that was largely in opposition to the conventional wisdom of the intelligentsia of his own age; and likewise paralleled Confucius’ own views and situation in his own life).

Shao Yung was responsible for many innovations or discoveries in I Ching studies. He was almost certainly the one truly responsible for conceiving of the “early heaven” directional model for the trigrams, even though it was attributed to Fu Xi; he was likewise the most instrumental in elucidating the nature of the I Ching as a system of binary code. But most importantly, he designed (or, if the legend is to be believed, received from a mysterious “old sage” which may in fact have been an allegory for his own higher self) an entirely novel system of I Ching divination. Because the key of how to apply this method was discovered while observing a plum tree, it is called the “Plum Blossom” (or sometimes “plum flower”) method.

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Chapter Five: The Emperor, the Star and the Fives

Hughes-Barlow, Paul Aeon Books ePub


The Emperor, The Star and the Fives

IV The Emperor = 90, Tzaddi Fire, Aries, Single Letter

XVII The Star = 5, Heh Air, Aquarius, Single Letter

Aleister Crowley famously transposed the Hebrew letters of these two cards, after an instruction in the Book of the Law, and it is interesting that the Pairing would bring these two cards together whether or not they were transposed. The numerical value of the cards is 5 + 90 = 95, which relates to HMN, Venus and MADYM, Mars (planetary ruler of Geburah), HMYM the Waters, MHLK journey, MLKH Queen, and ZBVLN Capricorn.

The Emperor card combines the idea of energy in its most material form with the idea of authority, and the card represents the idea of alchemical Sulphur. The action is sudden and violent, but does not last. Crowley makes it clear that his authority is derived from the Word of the Magus. The Star card, which was transposed by Crowley with the Emperor card, represents Nuith as manifestation of form, as opposed to the force of the Emperor, and the Star of Venus is strongly associated with her, which connects with the Empress.

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Chapter Eight - The Tree Between the Veil and the Abyss

Greer, John Michael Aeon Books ePub

Above Netzach, the Paths of Wisdom that make up the Tree rise above the realms of experience normally accessible to human beings. The process of opening up these higher ranges of human possibility—and in particular, of opening up the five Paths which cross the Veil—is the central work and the principal challenge facing the magical Cabalist, and the focus of most kinds of magical workings which go beyond purely practical goals. The Paths and Spheres between the Veil and the Abyss, then, have important lessons to teach concerning magical practice. At the same time, they lay the foundation for the summit of the Cabalist's journey—the crossing of the Abyss to the realms of Unity beyond.

Path 25, the Path of Samech

Letter of the Path: ס, Samech (Prop).

Name of God: ALHIM, Elohim.

Astrological Correspondence: Sagittarius, the Archer.

Tarot Correspondence: Trump XIV, Temperance.

Esoteric Title: Daughter of the Reconcilers, Bringer Forth of Life.

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Chapter Four: Advanced I Ching Studies

Nisarg, Swami Anand Aeon Books ePub

Permutations of the Hexagrams

At this point, we have already explored the basics of the I Ching: the text itself, and the fundamentals of how to cast and interpret a standard I Ching reading. For someone using the I Ching casually as a tool for divination, this is essentially all that is needed. However, this is only the tiny tip of a very large iceberg of the incredible wealth of knowledge, contemplation, and imagery found in the mysteries of I Ching. These mysteries can be studied carefully to obtain a much more profound knowledge of the way the I Ching hexagrams relate to each other; and as the hexagrams represent different situations in Time/Space, this type of study allows us to understand the particular ways phenomena in existence are interconnected.

The first, oldest, and most important set of advanced studies in the I Ching is found in what are called the “permutations”. These are the ways that a hexagram can be transformed into another hexagram. One of these permutations has already been explained: the “resulting hexagrams” that are formed when changing lines in a casting are shifted into their opposite. Every changing line becomes its opposite, and in this way a new hexagram (generally understood to be the “future” hexagram of that particular casting) is created. This permutation is of obvious significance in divination, because it represents the way a particular hexagram casting is in the process of transforming in that specific instant into another kind of hexagram.

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