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Practical Meditation Considerations

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The best time to meditate is when you can, as in “get it while you can!” The best place to meditate is where you can, and the best duration is for as long as is available or necessary for you to get what you wish out of it. This may seem like an obvious answer, but people can sometimes get it into their heads that certain times are better than others and thus not meditate when that seemingly sacred time period is unavailable or interrupted. They may feel that certain places or special circumstances (special cushions, noise levels, etc.) are oh-so-necessary, and if these are not available then they may feel frustrated and unable to practice. They may feel that a certain minimal duration of meditation time is necessary, and thus find themselves unable to make use of what time they may have.

If you have two hours each day for meditation, great! If you have two jobs, six kids, and just can't find more than ten minutes each day for meditation, make good use of what you've got. There have been times in my life when I was very grateful that I had twenty hours a day to practice. On the other hand, when I have only had ten minutes a day, I have been grateful for the sense of how precious those ten minutes were. Skillful urgency and well-developed gratitude for a chance to practice at all can allow us to really use limited pieces of time to their fullest.

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CHAPTER FOUR: The absolute truth

Barford, Duncan Aeon Books ePub

To observe paranormal events in their more vivid forms,” suggests Michael Murphy, “we must do so when and where they happen.”

Sounds obvious, but easier said than done.

“In studies of hypnosis,” Murphy continues, “biofeedback, meditation, and mental training in sport, experimental procedures can weaken results by their preoccupation with devices meant to enhance scientific precision” (1992: 17). In other words, fields of activity in which the paranormal is likely to appear are also those on which the clammy hand of science has its most deadening effect.

Sceptics frequently argue the converse of this: that pseudo-scientific disciplines produce “anomalies” only because they do not admit scientific rigour. But let us examine Murphy’s list in more detail: hypnosis, biofeedback, meditation and sports training. These share a concern with how the mind and body are connected; the relationship between self and other, observer and observed. Experimental science tends to take this boundary for granted. It would have to trash all its conclusions if, for instance, it were discovered that the experimenter influenced the results, whether consciously or not. Yet this kind of influence is the specific goal of the disciplines on Murphy’s list; they all work to affect and change that boundary in various ways.

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Appendix I: Meditations

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The Meditations presented here have been developed from the pairing of the Major cards, the pairing of the verses of Liber 231, and the pairing of the initiatory correspondences of the Hebrew alphabet. The number of pairings total 11, the number of Change and of Magick. Each pairing is also associated with a stage of the Neophyte Ritual, the basis of Golden Dawn magic.

Thus we see that Liber 231 was created on the basis of the study of the Kabbalah, the use of the rituals of the Golden Dawn to attain the Holy Guardian Angel, and the names of Enochian Spirits. The reader is refered to the description of the magical weapons in the commentary on Column XLI in Liber 777. Rather than try to analyse the sigils, I suggest the reader study the magical weapons and discover the abstract forms of these weapons that can be found in the Sigils of Liber 231.

Part l. General Exordium

The Speech in the Silence:

The Assessors

Amprodius: A, the heart of IAO, dwelleth in ecstasy in the secret place of the thunders. Between Asar and Asi he abideth in joy.

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Chapter V: The Secret Guardian

Horsley, Jasun Aeon Books ePub

“When innocence has been deprived of its entitlement, it becomes a diabolic spirit.”

—J. Grotstein, “Forgery of the Soul”

A life full of holes. A cluster of fragments, swirling, roving, seeking a place to fit, seeking coherence, seeking meaning. A wound in the soul; a psyche in mortal peril. What is Whitley's secret? And why have I felt compelled to probe his work again and again throughout my adult life, like a tongue returning to an infected tooth? Whatever Whitley's secret wound, finding it would mean—would depend on—finding my own. So how do you seek a secret you are keeping from yourself?

“The visitors appeared to be using our distorted perception as a vehicle.”

“You're chained to the ground.”

“There was a strange darkness. I did not want to look; I didn't even want to be near it.”

“You may be irretrievably lost.”

“An energetic level that is completely detached from the physical.”

“I can imagine no greater honor than to be called human.”

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Four of Swords

Zalewski, Chris; Zalewski, Pat Aeon Books ePub

In the Four of Swords the central Rose is not pierced but rather enclosed and held by the four Swords. The Rose, as the central point,is intact but the swords still threaten it. The crossed Swords actually lock themselves together nullifying their own action. The Rose, as such, represents a haven from the strife of the Swords. The symbol formed by the swords and rose is the double cross, which implies, due to the presence of the rose, resurrection from the Cinders.

The alchemical association is the third stage of Cibation, which is a resuscitation, or resurrection as mentioned above. Although the clouds have lifted to the sides of the card, they still meet at the bottom. In the “Treatise on the Great Art” Dom Antoine-Joseph Pernety says:

At all times bodies exhale a subtle vapour, this is manifested more clearly in summer. The warm air sublimates the waters into vapours and attracts them to itself. When, after a rain, the rays of the sun beam upon the earth, one sees it smoke and exhale itself in vapour. These vapours hover in the air in the form of fogs, when they do not rise far above the surface of the earth: But when they mount to the middle region, one sees them float, here and there, in the form of clouds …

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