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CHAPTER FIVE: The inner circle of humanity

Max Gorman Aeon Books ePub

It is clear that esotericism implies and requires the existence of higher human beings, an esoteric community, a guiding inner circle of humanity who produce, direct and sustain the education of the race. The inner teaching requires inner teachers. With them it is organically connected. For such knowledge depends on being, higher being, for its very existence. It is thus being-knowledge. It originates with, and is sustained by, beings of a certain nature, who project it downwards through a descending sequence of other beings until it reaches the recipient level of ordinary humanity. This is Jacob’s Ladder. From the inner community comes the inner help by which we can ascend it. The way is indeed a living way. And cannot be otherwise.

The necessity for such help from intermediaries between man and God in the spiritual ascent from Earth to Heaven is well expressed by René Daumal, the narrator of the extraordinary expedition which attempted the climb of that Mountain of mountains ‘whose solitary summit reaches the sphere of eternity, yet whose base spreads out in manifold foothills into the world of mortals’—the colossal Mount Analogue*:

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Eight of Cups

Chris Zalewski Aeon Books ePub

The Eight of Cups shows that there are only two lotuses to fill all eight cups and the two central cups are the only ones which get the Azoth, as there is not enough sap for the lotuses to reach above the upper cups to fill them. The whole scheme resembles success at a midway point and this success is not completely fulfilled. The two streams of Azoth resemble the Sigil of Saturn, one normal and the other in the mirror image.

Alchemically this card is the first Stage of Projection—Transmutation. Additionally, the symbol formed by the positions of the cups in this card is an “I”, which in alchemy symbolises Antimony Vitrum. This is a glass vessel of an antimony base and within this the first stage of projection and the transmutation of the elixir takes place. A Projecting Medicine must be used however and this is where the Azoth, as the Tincture from the sea below pours forth up through the Lotus plant and into the cups. This form of projection is, however, by violent interpenetration and which at the moment of ingression the matter is transformed.

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Claudine Aegerter Aeon Books ePub

A young, almost naked couple link arms under a radiant Sun; this is the spiritual light that penetrates to the heart of matter. They stand within a grassy circle of flowers and behind them there is a wall of blue, red and gold bricks. This is Number 19, where we experience the fusion of the feminine and masculine. Here we radiate energetically from our core, so the vibra tion is very fast. At the advanced level the card represents sainthood, where there is no desire for self. It is near the end of the journey, so we are building the New Jerusalem.

What is beautiful about Taoism is that it is practical yet metaphysical; it rises right up, then it comes back down to look at the situation in a practical way. This is Number 19, which is saint hood, so here we are looking at the saint of the Tarot.

Give up sainthood, renounce wisdom,
And it will be a hundred times better for everyone.
Give up kindness, renounce morality,
And man will rediscover filial piety and love.
Give up ingenuity, renounce profit,
And bandits and thieves will disappear.
These three are outward forms alone; they are not sufficient in hemselves. It is more important to see the simplicity, to realise ones true nature, to cast out selfishness and temper desire.

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XXXVI. The Ave Maria

Sedir, Paul Aeon Books ePub

ANDREAS and Stella had recently returned from travelling in Poland. There they had been the guests of a great landlord, who had showed them all the corners of his immense estates. Andréas had brought back some rare plants and a peculiar kind of mistletoe from which he wanted to extract some unknown medicine. He spoke to me for a long time about these preparations, then the conversation turned to the Polish people, whom he praised.

“Have you ever noticed, dear Doctor, how those people love the holy Mother of God, their ‘swienta Matka Boza’?”

“They truly are,” said Stella, “very much devoted to the Virgin, and in all classes of their society, except the intellectuals who used to go to Germany for their studies. It is a curious thing that such a popular cult, which flashes spontaneously from the hearts of the crowd, is almost always created on the plains, among the forests where there are many oaks.”

“Yes!” I replied. “They have their famous pilgrimages to Czenstochowa, likewise to the vanished forest of Beauceronne where there is the ancient black Virgin of Chartres. Also in Britanny, where people love the Virgin very much, there are plenty of oaks; even in Meudon the seminarists of Fleury erected a statue of the Virgin carved from oak.”

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11: The Dissentient Radicals

Geoffrey Ashe Aeon Books ePub


With Blake, then, the British myth is carried much farther; the way-of-looking-at-things is highly articulated. He puts forward a view of history and a sort of programme. It repeats much the same pattern as Rousseau, the Zionists, and the rest. But he builds it round his transforming conviction that the real problem lies in human nature. Man, as given, is less than he ought to be and has been. Not only is he (as Blake puts it) a ‘mortal worm’ oppressed by his own subjection to age and death; this state goes with a downward tendency in the whole species, a withering and shrinkage due to its own inner disarray. Blake summons Man to an act of spiritual defiance, a transfiguring insight, a rebirth above his present level. On this showing, the various revolutions have been half-blind attempts at such an act. But no revolution will succeed lastingly till human beings grow back to what they are meant to be. And this implies far more than platitudes about ‘bringing morality into politics’ or the like.

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