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Defending Biblical Literalism: Augustine on the Literal Sense

Mangina, Joseph Rowman & Littlefield Publishers ePub

Defending Biblical Literalism: Augustine on the Literal Sense

David Graham

Theological exegesis is making a remarkable comeback. In the concrete life of the church, to be sure, this manner of reading never quite died out. Yet in the last half-century or so, an increasing number of Christian scholars from various traditions have grown impatient with critical hermeneutics. In order to transcend the effective consignment of the biblical text to secular history, they have sought a rediscovery of the felicitous interplay of Scripture and divine reality. But this rediscovery need not entail a simple reversion to a precritical mind-set, which, as it is usually conceded, lacks a reliable safeguard against the untamed Origenists among us. Instead it ventures to incorporate some of the values implicit in modern reading habits. This intention has taken shape, for instance, in the renewal of critically informed figural reading—that is, spiritual interpretation that remains based upon and accountable to the literal sense of the text. Conceived thus, theological exegesis has the potential not only to furnish Christian formation; it also promises, so it seems, to maintain some of the intellectual credibility of the church amidst the academy.

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Perceptions of Beginning Public School Principals

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ABSTRACT: This study was designed to determine the level of competency that beginning principals perceived they had in their primary areas of responsibility when appointed to the position. Secondarily, the study determined what beginning principals perceived to be their greatest challenges and frustrations, most familiar and most unfamiliar areas of responsibility, and who was most and least helpful to them as new principals. The findings indicated that beginning principals are challenged by the following: delegating responsibilities and becoming familiar with the principal’s role, the local school, and school operations. Their major frustrations were role adjustment, the (large) amount of responsibility, and time management.

Several years before the publication of A Nation at Risk, a small group of educational researchers launched what has become known as the school effectiveness movement. The principal architects of this movement were Edmonds, Brookover, and Lezotte, who concluded that strong instructional leadership by the principal was one of the necessary correlates for effective schools (Edmonds, 1979; Brookover et al., 1982; Lezotte et al., 1980). Subsequently, other researchers have supported the idea that the principal is the key figure in productive schools (Devoise, 1984; Dwyer, 1984; Brophy and Good, 1986). During the past ten years, so much attention has been devoted to the role of the principal that Barth contends a “re-discovery” of the school principalship has occurred (Barth, 1985).

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The Killing Fields and the Necessity of Memory

International Journal of Educational Ref Rowman & Littlefield Publishers ePub

Interview of Juha Suoranta by Peter McLaren

I am a Finnish male born in 1966 and currently working as a professor of education at the University of Lapland, Finland. I am Anna Sofia’s father and Erja’s husband. In my academic life, I have worked with methodological questions in the educational and social sciences, with qualitative research methods (I have written an introductory book in Finnish on the subject), and recently with the questions of critical (media) pedagogy. My readings and experiences have led me to think of educational and methodological issues more and more as questions of politics and ideology, that they are political in nature.

I think that there is also a biographical factor to this progress. Therefore, I’d like to tell the following historical account. As you well know, we had a civil war in Finland in 1918. It was one of the bloodiest in the history of civil wars. The battle was between the right-wing “Whites” and left-wing “Reds.” My hometown, the city of Tampere, played a central role in the war and, in a way, my destiny—my pure existence—was determined in the final battle of Tampere. My great-grandfather, Anton Suoranta, participated in the Tampere battle on the side of the Reds. After the Whites had won and taken over the town, great-grandfather was taken as prisoner and quickly sentenced to death by firing squad.

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Authentic and Social Justice Leadership: A Case Study of an Exemplary Principal along the U.S.–Mexico Border

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Authentic and Social Justice Leadership

A Case Study of an Exemplary Principal along the U.S.–Mexico Border

ABSTRACT: Few researchers have sought to merge authentic and social justice leadership or investigate how each can be applied together to address the current school reform and social justice challenges associated with high-stakes accountability. This article presents a qualitative case study of authentic and social justice leadership practices of one exemplary principal working along the U.S.–Mexico border and how she nurtured, inspired, and motivated teachers and families to create innovative and inclusive programs to meet the needs of all students, especially Mexican American English language learners (ELLs). Two micro-cases are presented to examine the principal’s role in founding a gifted and talented dual language program for ELLs and a merger with a low-performing school. Additional findings describe how the principal developed strategic relationships and motivated families to advocate for social justice. In doing so, this article highlights areas where authentic and social justice leadership support effective practices and mitigate obstacles to adopting equity-oriented reforms. Implications are discussed which include new directions for future research and principal preparation programs.

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Validly and Reliably Assessing Teacher Candidate Dispositions Toward Teaching

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ABSTRACT: Schools function primarily on two basic principles. The first focuses on the education of students in cognitive skills, and the second, on the education of students in the social skills. Both are necessary to function successfully within society, the workforce, and the political framework of the country (Fullan, 1993). Although these principles are met through the overt, the hidden, and the null curricula (Eisner, 1994), public and political outcry for accountability and the implementation of No Child Left Behind, requiring all teachers to be “highly qualified,” have led colleges of education to place more emphasis on knowledge of content than on disposition toward teaching. To focus more overt attention on dispositions, an instrument of measure was developed and implemented over a 4-year period at a private western New York university. The findings yielded a high reliability score for the data (Cronbach’s alpha = .987) and strong content validity. Although we hypothesized that the 21 items would factor evenly among three independent components, a maximum-likelihood factor analysis showed that all items were highly related and yielded a single factor.

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