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21-The Price of UnEngagement

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Part IV–Measuring Employee Engagement


The Price of UnEngagement

Activity Description

Time Guideline: 45 minutes


To illustrate how much it could be costing to not engage employees at work


A model is introduced that measures the costs of not engaging employees, or in other words, the Price of

UnEngagement (POUE).


Handouts 21.1 and 21.2


Begin the activity by explaining that typically we think in terms of what something is going to cost when making a decision whether to invest in it or not. But what about the cost of not investing in something such as employee engagement? What might the cost of such a decision ultimately be? In other words, how much time, energy, resources, and business are you losing by not engaging your employees?

Distribute copies of Handout 21.1 to participants and explain what each column represents. For instance,

Column A represents opportunities that would be lost as a result of not engaging employees in their jobs.

Explain to participants that:

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Activity 43: What is a supervisor?

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50 Activities for Developing Supervisory Skills


1. Ask each participant to write down his or her own definition of a supervisor.

2. Allow 2 to 3 minutes for this activity.

3. Ask the participants one by one to read aloud their definitions.

4. Write the answers on the flipchart under the heading “A supervisor is someone who…”

Trainer Guidance

Most of the answers will contain similar ideas. Write all the key words on a list and when each participant has answered, discuss the common themes. You will find that the list will include activities or tasks (a), personal attributes (pa), tools (t), and objectives (o).

Examples of common answers are:

Takes responsibility

Runs a department efficiently


Possesses leadership skills

Organizes and utilizes staff

Has objectives

Has targets

Promotes team enthusiasm


Gets the best out of people

Has a disciplined staff

Effectively utilizes equipment

Controls stock

Plans production

Minimizes waste

Completes paperwork on time

Solves problems

KEY pa o a pa a o o pa t t a o a t o a t

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23 Triggering My Ability to Influence Others

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Triggering My Ability to Influence Others

Lord, grant me the courage to change those things that need to be changed, the strength to endure those things that cannot be changed, and the wisdom to know the difference.

(Prayer attributed to St. Francis)


This activity considers the skills, qualities, and abilities that are needed to influence others, and explores ways in which these can be “triggered” in ourselves in order to influence others more effectively. Related material is found in Activities 22 and 24.


This activity can be used by anyone who needs to influence others more effectively, such as:

Senior managers involved in changing the culture of the organization

Managers trying to introduce different ways of working

Individuals hoping to influence policies and practices


To identify some of the skills and qualities needed to influence others

To recognize the negative and positive aspects of influence

To develop strategies for acquiring and/or improving the skills/qualities needed for effectively influencing others

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Activity 32: Relaxez-Vous

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Activity 32 



• To provide a technique for relaxation and stress reduction

• To increase the capacity for paying attention to people and situations

This activity helps to improve self-management competence, clarify personal goals, and enhance personal development.


This activity was originally developed for individuals, but can be readily adapted for group use.

For many years, it has been recognized that the negative effects of pressure and stress can be reduced by relaxation techniques. In essence, most of these are a simple form of meditation. Experience shows that regular practice helps individuals to become more accustomed to the techniques and go into a state of relaxation more quickly.

If you find the activity at all stressful, simply stop and obtain advice from a more experienced practitioner. You may find that increased relaxation also improves your listening skills and your use of time.

1. Select your environment. Choose a quiet, calm environment with as few distractions as possible. It is best to be alone or be with someone else who is practicing the activity, for at least 15 minutes.

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23 Word Games

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