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5 Raising My Confidence

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Raising My Confidence


This activity is designed for people who have felt a lack of self-confidence in certain situations. By processing through a series of steps, participants will be able to decide what to do in order to reduce instances where this occurs. Related material is found in Activity 12.


This activity can be used:

As part of a training program involving a group of people when the members have sufficient time to get to know each other and to feel a reasonable level of trust.

For individuals who have expressed low confidence to a trainer or manager when some ongoing support from the trainer or manager would be useful.


To explore examples of situations where low confidence was felt and also identify relevant factors

To reflect on situations where higher levels of confidence were felt and also identify the relevant factors

To identify differences and similarities present in high and low confidence situations

To draw conclusions from the similarities and differences

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Activity 32 Releasing Resentment

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Twenty minutes


To illustrate the Successful Negotiator six-step model.

Role Play #12

To illustrate the specifics of a contracting discussion between a team leader and a new project manager.

Trainer Notes:

In addition to covering the specific behavior used during the negotiation process, this role play will usually stimulate a fair amount of discussion about the interaction of a new project manager and a difficult team leader. Depending on your own objectives, both subjects are important and worth exploring. If the project manager and the team leader are both involved in the workshop, try having them conduct a contracting discussion after the role play. Have this discussion focus on how well they have been working together and what they might do differently.

At the conclusion of the role play, refocus the discussion on your own company and how new leaders and project managers begin their working relationships. If there is enough time, you might want to have the group develop a checklist for this type of discussion.

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Activity 11 Wanna BET?

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Activity 44 Tic-Tac-Toe

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Activity 44

50 Activities for Coaching/Mentoring


Step 1: Introduce the activity.


Explain that you are going to conduct a game of tic-tac-toe and you’ll explain the special rules in just a few minutes.

Step 2: Prepare materials.


Divide the group into two teams designated X and O. If you have a large group, it is recommended that you divide into several teams of five to seven members per team. You will need an even number of teams.

Give each team 10 3 x 5 index cards.

Assign specific course content areas to each team so that they will not have duplicate questions.

Allow 15 minutes for each team to write 10 questions based on their assigned material. Each question should be written on one side of the card and the answer on the other. Have teams number the question side of each card.

While teams are writing their questions, prepare as many tic-tac-toe diagrams as you will need. You will need one diagram for every two teams.

Step 3: Set up the area.


Select one to four participants from each team as players to represent their respective teams.

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