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Activity 32: Relaxez-Vous

Dave Francis HRD Press PDF

Activity 32 



• To provide a technique for relaxation and stress reduction

• To increase the capacity for paying attention to people and situations

This activity helps to improve self-management competence, clarify personal goals, and enhance personal development.


This activity was originally developed for individuals, but can be readily adapted for group use.

For many years, it has been recognized that the negative effects of pressure and stress can be reduced by relaxation techniques. In essence, most of these are a simple form of meditation. Experience shows that regular practice helps individuals to become more accustomed to the techniques and go into a state of relaxation more quickly.

If you find the activity at all stressful, simply stop and obtain advice from a more experienced practitioner. You may find that increased relaxation also improves your listening skills and your use of time.

1. Select your environment. Choose a quiet, calm environment with as few distractions as possible. It is best to be alone or be with someone else who is practicing the activity, for at least 15 minutes.

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Ch 11 : Audioconference Meetings

Steve Kaye HRD Press PDF

Audioconference Meetings


Business Planning

The board of a major corporation voted to expand by introducing a new product line, stressing that the success of this venture depended upon rapid commercialization. The product had to surprise the marketplace to succeed. Otherwise, companies already established in that market would alter their products to undermine the competitive advantage of the new product.

Administrative assistants at the companies participating in this venture met by audioconference to plan a schedule of videoconferences for their bosses. In the course of these meetings, the assistants prepared agendas, planned logistics, and developed strategies for the meetings, recording their ideas on whiteboards. Within a week the plans were set for the first round of videoconferences.

Benefits of Audioconferences

The benefits of audioconferences include:

• Participants can meet without having to travel.

• These meetings are easy to set up.

• The equipment is relatively inexpensive.

• Team members can attend while traveling.

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Activity 35: The boss wants it now!

Ian Nicholls HRD Press PDF

50 Activities for Developing Supervisory Skills


• A copy of Exercise 35.1 for each participant

• Pens or pencils for participants

• Flipchart stand, paper, and marker pens


Photocopy Exercise 35.1 for each participant.


1. Distribute a copy of Exercise 35.1 to each participant.

2. Ask each participant to spend a few minutes writing down in the first column the features of their job that they feel are really important.

3. Allow 2 to 3 minutes for participants to write down their answers.

4. Then ask participants to use the second column to number the items on the list according to the priority they place on that item, with number “1” being top priority.

5. Ask participants to write down in the third column a list of features about their job that they feel are important to their boss. In other words, what do they think their boss thinks is really important?

6. Then ask participants to number the items on their boss’s list according to the priority their boss would place on that item.

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Activity 34 Letter to a Friend

Donna Berry HRD Press PDF

Activity 34

50 Activities for Coaching/Mentoring


Step 1: Explain the activity.


Explain that one of the most difficult aspects of coaching is identifying or defining behavior. This skill is needed in setting performance expectations, in evaluating performance, and in analyzing performance problems.

Instruct participants to think of two people. If participants are supervisors, they should think of their best performer and their worst performer. If they are not supervisors, they should think of current or former coworkers who would be best and worst as performers.

Step 2: Conduct the activity.


Tell participants that they are going to write a letter to a friend who is a supervisor and to whom each of these two people has applied for a job. The letter is to give as accurate a description as possible.

After the letters are written, have the participants pair up, exchange their letters, and read them.

Step 3: Lead the discussion.


Readers are to circle all statements that do not appear clear, that may be interpreted in more than one way, or that do not describe behavior.

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Activity 10 Force Field Analysis

Mike Woodcock HRD Press PDF

50 Activities for Team Building: Volume II

Activity 10

Force Field Analysis


To provide a framework for a team to tackle a difficult problem systematically.



The activity is carried out individually, and then results are compared in the team.


As a team, select a difficult problem that you all feel needs solving. The activity is more useful where other people or groups are also involved in the problem.


As individuals, work through the following steps:

Identify the problem as you see it now and describe it in writing.

Now define the problem in terms of the present situation and the situation you would like to see when the problem is solved.

Make a list of the forces working against change (resisting forces). Then make a list of the forces working for change

(driving forces). These forces can be people, finances, external factors, etc., anything either hindering you from or helping you to make a change.

Resisting Forces

Resisting Forces


As You Would

Like It To Be



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