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Languages: German

Population: 8,169,929

Phone Country Code: +43

Currency: Euro

The Republic of Austria spans some 83,853 square km in south-central Europe. The entire western third of the nation lies in the Alps, and much of its central and southern territories are Alpine as well - some 75% of the country is mountainous. The nation boasts a greater percentage of forested land than any other European nation - about 39% of its terrain is covered with trees. Austria shares its borders with eight other nations: Switzerland and Liechtenstein to the west, Germany and the Czech Republic to the north, Slovakia to the northeast, Hungary to the east, and Italy and Slovenia to the south.

Austria's government is partitioned into nine states and its capital is Vienna. It maintains a parliamentary democracy, with a strong central government. The president presides as the chief of state, and the head of government is the chancellor. From 1955, Austrian politics have vacillated between conservative and socialist policies. Recent issues include the influx of Yugoslav refugees and subsequent right-wing anti-immigration movements. Also controversial over the past decade have been growing unemployment levels, tax increases, and cuts in social services. Austria's unemployment rate hovers around 5.1%..

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National Parks

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Location: North on I-80 to White's City.

Your encounter with Carlsbad Caverns National Park begins in the Chihuahuan Desert of the Guadalupe Mountains. But beyond the somewhat familiar surroundings of rugged mountains and broad plains is another world. Away from the sunlight, away from the flowering cactus, away from the songs of the desert birds and the howl of the coyote, lies the celebrated underground world of Carlsbad Cavern. It is an incomparable realm of gigantic subterranean chambers, fantastic cave formations, and extraordinary features. The first adventurers entering Carlsbad Cavern had no idea what to expect as they walked, crawled, and climbed down into the darkness. Today many of the wonders of Carlsbad Cavern are well know, yet the experience of exploring its chambers is every bit as exciting as it was to the first adventurers.

The park's climate is characterized by warm summers and mild winters. In the summer average highs are in the 90F, in the winter they are in the 50s and 60s. Intense thunderstorms occur in the summer, posing the danger of lightning in higher areas and of floods in low-lying areas.

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Grand Bahama

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Grand Bahamas is a favorite with shoppers and couples.

Grand Bahama island is indeed a grand destination, starting with the city ofFreeport . Stroll the streets of this bustling port and enjoy shopping for international and locally made goods.

The Port Lucaya Marketplace and Marina offers shops selling perfumes, clothing and crafts, and usually has live music along its outdoor waterfront. You'll find goods from around the globe at the International Bazaar, and nearby the Bahamas Arts and Crafts Market sells locally made jewelry and baskets. The bazaar and market are adjacent to the Resort at Bahamia (formerly the Bahamas Princess Resort and Casino), where you can try your luck at table games or slot machines.

The city of Freeport/Lucaya was established just over 40 years ago as a tax-free base for trading nations of the west.

The seabed surrounding the Bahamas is dotted with "blue holes," deep, seemingly bottomless holes in the sea that are easily seen from the air.

These holes were formed when an underwater mountain range filled with glaciers during the Ice Age. As the glaciers grew, water levels dropped and the land peeked up from the sea. Once the glaciers melted, the seafloor became pocked with numerous holes and underground caverns.

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Exploring Stockholm On Foot

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Tip: Opening hours and admission prices are subject to change. Contact the Tourist Center or the places you plan to visit to get the latest update. The admission prices listed below are per adult, and children's prices are about 50% lower as a rule.


Stockholm is great for walking, with plenty of parks (a third of the city consists of parkland) and cozy cafs to relax. Tourists in Stockholm usually start their visit with attractions like Gamla Stan (Old Town), Skansen and the Vasa Museum. But as the heart of the city for the locals is Norrmalm, which they refer to as "City," let's start with a stroll in this part of town. This is where you find the main tourist information center, the major department stores, shopping galleries, office buildings and many cafs, fast-food outlets, restaurants and the hottest nightlife. This is also where you'll find Centralen (the central railway station), which is the hub of almost all land transportation and a good starting point for many Stockholm discoveries. It is conveniently located, clean and orderly and is tied together with T-centralen (the main subway station), Arlanda Express (the train to Arlanda International Airport), City Terminalen (the main bus station) and Hotellcentralen (a great place to make hotel reservations). At Centralen you will also find foreign newspapers and a post office.

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Nassau A-Z

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You can obtain assistance from the Embassy during working hours at their Nassau office on Queen Street, ph.  242/322-1181.

The local American Express travel office is located at 303 Shirley Street (ph. 242/322-2931). For emergency card replacement, ph.  800/327-1267; for lost traveler's check replacement, ph.  800/221-7282.


Thomas Boulevard, ph.  242/302-8500

Frederick Street, ph.  242/322-6800

Commonwealth Bank

Bay and Christi Streets, ph.  242/322-1154


Bay Street, ph.  242/356-8000

Want to tie the knot while you're in Nassau? Many of the larger hotels offer bridal consultants on staff; you can also obtain assistance with everything from paperwork to party favors at these offices:

En'ella Floral and Bridal

PO Box N-1577

Nassau, Bahamas

ph. 242/394-ROSE

Incredible Services

PO Box N-1507

Nassau, Bahamas

ph. 242/341-1482

E-mail: incred@batelnet.bs

Wedding Circle

Winders Terrace

Nassau, Bahamas

ph. 242/323-3549

E-mail: vikki@bahama.net.bs


Anna's Wedding Planning

& Consulting Service

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