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Lago d'Iseo

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This is Italy's largest lake, perenially popular, and a great place for watersports and family holidays. This is the one lake that seems both Alpine and Mediterranean. The northern reaches of the lake are quite mountainous, with rugged cliffs. The south, where the lake fans out into the Lombardian plain, is altogether softer, with more Mediterranean flora. Lake Garda was originally called Lake Benacus, a name of Celtic origin. In 268 AD, the Emperor Claudius confronted the Alamanni at the Battle of Lake Benacus. The Alamanni were routed, forced back into Germany, and did not threaten Roman territory for many years afterwards.

There are a number of beautiful lakeside towns, and lots of strolling or sitting in lakeside cafs to be done. The beautiful city of Verona is a short drive away. If you're traveling with kids, (or even without) Gardaland, Italy's largest theme park makes for a fun day out.


Garda was formed more than 10,000 years ago by a glacier, which, having thrust its way south into the Lombardy plain, receded, leaving the lake. More than 30 miles long, its maximum width is 10 miles, its circumference 100 miles. The maximum depth is 1,135 ft, though 488 ft of that is a moraine deposit (moraine is the name given to the rocks and soil deposited by a glacier). The lake extends over three provinces: Verona, to the southeast, Brescia to the southwest and Trento in the north.

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The Interior

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Iceland Adventure Guide


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Where in the world can you find fantastic scenery that includes 3,100 miles of gorgeous coastline, a host of lakes and rivers, geysers, numerous waterfalls, roughly 100 volcanoes, and the largest glacier in all of Europe? Where could you find a country that enjoys some of the purest water and cleanest air in all the world? A country that features unparalleled opportunities to enjoy birdwatching, riding among the whales on a ferry, biking, hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, golfing, swimming, touring the mountains in a Jeep, pony trekking, river rafting... and then where you can end your day with a wonderful dinner, followed by some of the most unbelievable nightlife on earth?

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The Niceties

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You must have a valid passport that will be good for six months after your entry into the country. No visas are required for citizens coming from Canada, the United States, England, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey and Uruguay for stays of up to 30 days. If your visit exceeds one month, a stay permit must be obtained from the Immigration Authorities at the airport. 

Everyone entering Belize must apply for a travel permit, given free of charge at the border or port of entry. If you arrive by plane, the application form is distributed prior to landing. You will be returned a portion of the form to carry with you. This tiny piece of paper must be submitted to the border guard on your departure. Loss of the paper could cost you in time and headaches. 

The border guards will usually give a visitor a 30-day visa with no problems, but not always. On my last visit, I was given 10 days and when I explained that I needed 30, they said I would have to pay the US$25 to extend my visit. I spoke with Gareth Murillo, the Assistant Director of Immigration in Belmopan, and he smiled and said, "The guards can make this decision and if you want to stay you will have to pay the extra money for a visa extension. I later learned that overstaying your visa could cost US $1,000. 

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Lake Garda

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Festival Jazz is a well-respected jazz festival that's held in the Lugano's Piazza Riforma in the first week of July. Previous lineups have included Buddy Guy, Van Morrison, Yes, Jethro Tull, Yellowjackets, Al Jarreau, Randy Brecker. It's open-air, it's crowded (best not to take small kids) and, incredibly, it's free! There's a great atmosphere in the city at this time.

Porto Ceresio is a quiet, pretty lakeside village, with fine views over the lake to Morcote and along the two arms of the lake. There are three daily boat runs here from Lugano, with twice-daily return trips. Ponte Tresa, favorite supermarket-stop for local Swiss (prices can be up to 40% cheaper) is attractive enough, and is the jumping-off point for trips to Miglieglia and the cable-car to Monte Lema another peak with outstanding views and great walking/biking trails. Boats serve Ponte Tresa, also reachable (a more regular service) on the Ferrovie Luganesi, www.flpsa.ch, a small train that essentially operates as a commuter service for all the workers and school kids commuting to Lugano City.

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