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The Willing Suspension of Disbelief

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SPIRITUAL ENLIGHTENMENT: THE DAMNEDEST THINGbath accessed from my bedroom. At first she included me in the planning but she quickly became exasperated with my meddling desire for simple functionality. She already had control of the household accounts so she just excluded me from the process and did what she wanted.So what I ended up with was one of those bathrooms like you see in design magazines. She did it in an elegant cherry wood and black granite style that doesn’t excessively violate the overall feel of the house. The design is very Japanese in its simplicity and I certainly couldn’t have wished for anything better. I whined about the cost of it at one point and Sonaya just looked at me like I was soft in the head.She knows that money is just something that flows; that it comes and it goes and that if you don’t disrupt the flow there’s always plenty. It’s me who sometimes forgets.While showering, my mind revisits the afternoon on the grass with Jolene. I had used a variation on Plato’s cave analogy to illuminate the differences between enlightenment and mysticism and she seemed to get it pretty well. If you haven’t noticed, I’m big on analogies. In fact, here’s an analogy about why I like analogies: If you’re trying to explain fire to someone who’s never seen it or felt it, then you’re pretty much stuck with comparing it to things they’re already familiar with. Of course, it’s no substitute for the direct experience of fire; it’s just the best you can do under the circumstances. It serves the additional purpose that when they come across real fire, they’ll know what they’re looking at.

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Medium 9780980184822

That Which Cannot Be Simpler

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She just stares back at me mutely as if the answer is too obvious to need stating, but it does need stating. I want it out here in front of us where we can examine it and poke at it with our pointy little brains.

“Well, you know,” she begins, still not quite believing I actually want her to state something so obvious. “Spiritual growth, I guess. I want to, uh, you know, be a better person and be able to love more deeply and, you know, raise my vibrational… you know.”

I’m hanging on every word.

“Your vibrational what?”

“Uh, frequency? I want to, you know, raise my level of consciousness, to be more in touch with, you know, my inner self, my higher self. I want to open myself up to the divine energy that’s, you know, everywhere.”

“Oh, okay. Why?”



“Why what?”

“Why everything you just said. Why do you want to raise your levels and be in touch and open yourself up and all that?”.............. See All Chapters
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Big Thoughts

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Good story. If it was made up or amended I don’t want to know. I like it just the way it is.......

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The Ministry of Awakening

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“You might want to think about this,” says Bob, looking at me over the tops of the pages he’s holding. “These amateurs and hobbyists, as you call them, are your audience.”

“My audience?”

“Well, your intended audience,” he clarifies. “It might not be wise to alienate them like this.”

“If I have an intended audience,” I reply, “it’s people who know they’re stuck and want to get unstuck, not people who don’t know they’re stuck and just want to pass the time and pass judgment.”

He sighs in exasperation. We’ve been having more or less this same conversation for several days.

“And what do you suppose is the difference?”

“The former would receive criticism with gratitude, and the latter as a personal attack. Awakening is a process of breakthroughs, and breakthroughs don’t come from incense and candlelight and inner peace. You look at spiritual aspirants as those most likely to achieve awakening, but........ See All Chapters
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To Live Deliberately

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In what concerns you much, do not think that you have companions: know that you are alone in the world.

-Henry David Thoreau.............. See All Chapters

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