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Where to Stay

Time now for a change of mood. In a book that celebrates the fun and attractions of New York, it’s necessary for just a short while—the length of this chapter—to deal with a far less pleasant topic: the overpriced accommodations of New York. By and large, hotels in Gotham charge more than hotels anywhere else in the U.S. (an average of $291 per night) for rooms that often aren’t nearly as spacious or full of amenities. Why? A record 58.3 million people visited NYC in 2015, keeping occupancy rates at over 85% for much of the year. Hotels can charge pretty much whatever they darn please . . . and most do.

Though I admit this unpleasant fact, I’m not discouraged by it. Bargains can be found in all price categories. Values exist. And this chapter will introduce you to the very best of them, as well as to a few worthy splurges, for those willing to splash out.

Furthermore, the hotels in this book are hotels that could only exist in the Big Apple. They will give you a more authentic experience than staying in a place chosen randomly over the Internet—and that, in the end, will make up for the high cost of lodgings here. I promise.

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5. The Best Regional Tours

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On Oahu, don’t just stay in Waikiki—get out and see the island. Drive up through the center of Oahu to the famous North Shore. If you can afford the splurge, rent a bright, shiny convertible—the perfect car for Oahu, so you can tan as you go. Majestic sandalwood trees once stood in the central plains; the Hawaiian chiefs ordered them cut down, and now the area is covered with tract homes, malls, and factory outlets. Beyond the plains is the North Shore and Hawaii’s surf city: Haleiwa, a quaint turn-of-the-20th-century sugar-plantation town that has been designated a historic site. A collection of faded clapboard stores with a picturesque harbor, Haleiwa has evolved into a surfer outpost and major roadside attraction with art galleries, restaurants, and shops that sell hand-decorated clothing, jewelry, and sports gear. START: Waikiki. Trip Length: 95 miles (153km).

Take H-1 West to H-2 North, which becomes Hwy. 99. Turn left on Kunia Rd., then right on Lyman Rd. (through the gate), right on Flagler Rd., and left on Waianae Ave. Museum is in Bldg. 361. Bus: 42, transfer to 52, then transfer to 72.

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10 Day Trips from San Francisco 190

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Day Trips from San Francisco

One of the best things about the City by the Bay is its proximity to breathtaking natural beauty and vibrant, diverse, neighboring communities. In less than 30 minutes from San Francisco, you can feel on the edge of the world at the cliffs of the Marin Headlands, look up the trunk of a 600-year-old Redwood, or explore the scenic waterfronts of Sausalito and Tiburon. And to the east, Oakland and Berkeley are destinations in their own right for their fantastic restaurants burgeoning art scenes. Plus, if the fog’s got you shivering, any of these locations are worth the trip just to warm up! Whether you use public transportation, rent a car for the day, or take a guided tour, here are some great ways to spend a day out of the city.


10 miles NE of San Francisco

While Berkeley has lost some of the counter-culture cache that made it famous in the 1960s, it’s still fun to visit the iconic University of California at Berkeley and its surrounding town. Despite the media portrayal, the university is more academic than psychedelic with 22 Nobel Prize winners over the years (8 are active staff). Today, there’s still some hippie idealism in the air, but gone are the days of free love and violent protests. The Summer of Love is present only in tie-dye and paraphernalia shops and like elsewhere in the Bay Area gentrification is reshaping Berkeley’s vibe. As San Francisco’s rent and property prices soar out of the reasonable range, young people, artists, and everyone with less than a small fortune are seeking shelter elsewhere, and Berkeley is one of the top picks—although Oakland is gaining popularity—a lively city teeming with all types of people, a beautiful college campus, vast parks, great shopping, and some incredibly deliciously affordable restaurants.

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4 The Best Shopping

Olson Donald; Olson Donald FrommerMedia ePub

Furniture, Asian antiques, and more at Cargo.

Downtown & Pearl District Shopping

East Side Shopping

Shopping Best Bets

Best for Books

★★★ Powell’s City of Books, 1005 W. Burnside St. (p 78)

Best for Shoes

★★ Imelda’s Shoes and Louie’s Shoes for Men, 3426 SE Hawthorne Blvd. (p 80)

Best for Unexpected Discoveries

★★ Cargo, 81 SE Yamhill St. (p 81)

Best for Toys

★★★ Finnegan’s Toys, 820 SW Washington St. (p 78)

Best for Arty Surprises

★★ Ampersand Vintage, 2916 NE Alberta St. Ste. B (p 77)

Best for Handcrafted Gifts

★★ Crafty Wonderland, 802 SW 10th Ave. (p 78)

Best for Oregon Souvenirs

★★ Made in Oregon, Pioneer Place Mall (p 81)

Best for Hats

★★ John Helmer Haberdasher, 969 SW Broadway Ave. (p 80)

Best for Kids’ Clothes

★★★ Hanna Andersson, 327 NW 10th Ave. (p 78)

Best for Jewelry

★★ Gilt, 720 NW 23rd Ave. (p 82)

Best for Sheer Selection

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Brasserie-style dining at Balthazar.

Dining Best Bets

Best Places for a Carnivore

Keens $$$ 72 W. 36th St. (p 123); and Peter Luger $$$ 178 Broadway, Brooklyn (p 125)

Best Vegetarian

Nix $$ 72 University Place (p 123)

Best French

Le Bernardin $$$$ 55 W. 51st St. (p 123)

Best Cheap Eats

Great NY Noodletown $ 28 Bowery (p 120)

Best Burger

Burger Joint $ 119 W. 56th St. (p 118)

Best Chinese

Mission Chinese $$ 171 E. Broadway (p 124)

Best Party

Sammy’s Famous Roumanian $$ 157 Chrystie (p 125)

Best Fusion Cuisine

Momofuku Ssam Bar $$ 207 Second Ave (p 124)

Best Delis

Barney Greengrass $ 541 Amsterdam Ave. (p 117); and Katz’s $ 205 E. Houston St. (p 122)

Best Pizza

Keste $ 271 Bleecker St. (p 123)

Best Seafood

Le Bernardin $$$$ 55 W. 51st St. (p 123)

Best Splurge

Eleven Madison Park $$$$ 11 Madison Ave. (p 120)

Best Italian

Locanda Verde $$$ 377 Greenwich St. (p 123)

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