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Strøget shopping street.

Copenhagen Shopping

Shopping Best Bets

Best One-Stop Shopping

★★★ Illum, Østergade 52 (p 76)

Best Silversmith

★★★ Georg Jensen, Amagertorv 4 (p 81)

Best Hand-Blown Glass

★★★ Nyhavns Glaspusteri, Toldbodgade 4 (p 75)

Best Colorful Copenhagen Design

★★★ Illums Bolighus, Amagertorv 10 (p 78)

Best Antiques

★★★ Birthe Sørensens Antikvitetsforretning, Bredgade 10 (p 75)

Best Classic Jewelry Design

★★★ Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, Ny Østergade 4 (p 80)

Coolest Household Design Shop

★★ Designer Zoo, Vesterbrogade 137 (p 77)

Best Leader of the Fashion Pack

★★★ Munthe, Grønnegade 10 (p 77)

Best Danish-Designed Shoes

★★ Scarpa, Amagertorv 14 (p 81)

Best Mad Hatter

★★ Modist Susanne Juul, Store Kongensgade 14 (p 76)

Best Retro Clothing

★★ Carmen Copenhagen, Larsbjørnsstræde 5 (p 82)

Best Toy Temple

★★★ LEGO, Vimmelskaftet 37 (p 82)

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Where to Stay in Québec City

Staying in one of the small luxurious boutique properties within or below the walls of Vieux-Québec or at the iconic Château Frontenac can be one of your trip’s most memorable experiences. On the other end of the size spectrum, the string of skyscrapers just outside Upper Town lack some of the city’s historical charm, but offer high-end facilities and some of the best city views.

In addition to the descriptions that follow, The Official Tourist Guide published annually by Québec City Tourism is a useful resource for planning your stay, as is its accompanying website www.quebecregion.com. Both list everything from campgrounds to homes for rent as well as B&Bs and the city’s most upscale hotels. Free copies of the print guide are available at tourist offices (p. 184). When choosing your destination, keep in mind that standards of amenities fluctuate wildly from one hotel to another, even from room to room within a single establishment. It’s reasonable to ask to see two or three options before settling on one.

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11 Wine Country 204

Lenkert, Erika FrommerMedia ePub


Wine Country

The rolling green hills and pocket ponds of this region are so beautiful they could be considered draw enough, but of course, the main reason one comes here is unparalleled access to enjoy world-class food and drink surrounded by pastoral splendor. There’s no doubt the Wine Country is all about the Good Life—so much so that you may find yourself developing a desire to drop everything and move here to stomp grapes. Use this chapter as a quick primer for a weekend or day trip into a world that you are sure to fall in love with.

A Quick Lay of the Land

Picture the whole area as a long, uppercase U in which the two top tongs are pinched together around a light mountain range. On the “left,” or western, tong of the U is vast and widespread Sonoma County, where the principal north-south road is U.S. 101, which goes straight to the Golden Gate; while in Napa County, the eastern half, it’s the more congested 128. In Napa County, the main road is 29, which, especially around rush hour, can be slow going.

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The Best of Cuba

Cuba is unlike any other place on earth. What draws people to this fascinating Caribbean island is much more than beaches, sun, and rum cocktails, though there is plenty of all three for those who want them. One of the last Communist-bloc nations left, Cuba doesn’t suffer from the drab and desultory demeanor of its faded peers. Cuba’s rich culture, unique political history, and continued survival through ongoing economic hardship make it one of the most eye-opening countries that experienced travelers can still discover. Seeing the best of Cuba means dancing to its intoxicating music, admiring how Cubans improvise on a daily basis to make ends meet, and visiting a land that is trying to reconcile its socialist utopia past with its dips into capitalist waters. It’s a nation now populated by a significant swath of newly moneyed Cubans who are, wrote Carlos Manuel Alvarez in 2015 in OnCuba magazine, “specimens at the midway gallop between Cuba’s iron socialist morality and a certain post-realignment Havana consumerism.”

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Humphreys Concerts by the Bay.

Nightlife Best Bets

Best Bar with a View

★★★ Top of the Hyatt 1 Market Pl. (p 118)

Best Concert Venue (Indoor)

★★★ Belly Up Tavern 143 S. Cedros Ave. (p 121)

Best Concert Venue (Outdoor)

★★★ Humphreys 2241 Shelter Island Dr. (p 122)

Best Rock ’n’ Roll Club

★★ The Casbah 2501 Kettner Blvd. (p 121)

Best Jazz Club

★ Dizzy’s 4275 Mission Bay Dr. (p 121)

Best Dive Bar

★ Nunu’s Cocktail Lounge 3537 Fifth Ave. (p 118)

Best Wine Bar

★★★ 3rd Corner 2265 Bacon St. (p 122)

Best Megaclub

★★★ OMNIA 454 Sixth Ave. (p 119)

Best Shoes-Optional Bar

★★ Wave House 3125 Ocean Front Walk (p 119)

Best Brew Pub

★★ Ballast Point 2215 India St. (p 117)

Best Open-Air Bar (High-Rise)

★★ Altitude Sky Lounge 660 K St. (p 117)

Best Open-Air Bar (Low-Rise)

★★ LoungeSix 616 J St. (p 118)

Best Place to Pick Up a Spare

★ East Village Tavern & Bowl 930 Market St. (p 117)

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