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13 Favorite Moments

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One of Amsterdam’s idyllic canals at dusk.

13 Favorite Moments

Amsterdam is a very special place. It has some of the most beautiful architecture in the world, a long history, and a vibrant multiracial community. Despite its pride in its roots, this is not a city that lives in the past. Innovative new buildings are going up at a blistering rate, the restaurant and nightlife scene is buzzing and ever-changing, and culturally it’s open to (almost) anything. Here are a few of my favorite Amsterdam moments; experience some of these and you’ll begin to grasp the psyche of this wonderful city.

Booking a table at Blauw, the hottest new arrival on Amsterdam’s Indonesian restaurant scene, for deliciously spicy rijstaffel and the buzzing, raucous atmosphere. Service is friendly, and the numerous dishes of saté, rices, pickles, salads, and curries are some of the best in town. See p 15.

Admiring the paintings at the Van Gogh Museum late in the afternoon just before the museum closes is one of the highlights of a trip to Amsterdam. That’s when the usually crowded second-floor gallery is almost empty, and you get the chance to admire Vincent’s brush strokes without being shoved around by the throngs. See p 13.

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Exploring Chicago

Pundits and poets alike often refer to Chicago as the quintessential American city. Standing proud in America’s heartland, the Windy City is packed with museums, art galleries, world-famous cultural institutions, historical homes, stunning architecture, parks, zoos, concerts, and theaters, but it’s also brimming with beautiful, tree-lined streets, a stunning, beach-lined lake, and neighborhoods loaded with character. In a single day, you can view one of the largest collections of Impressionist works in the world at the Art Institute; pay a visit to the Field Museum to wave at Sue, the largest, most complete Tyrannosaurus Rex ever found; stand on the highest viewing deck in the U.S. at Willis Tower; and then sleep it all off in an iconic skyscraper hotel and wake up to choose another adventure. It’s a city of contrasts, from the bustling Loop on a weekday morning to the serene Lake Michigan on summer afternoon.

One piece of advice: Take a deep breath and don’t try and fit it all into one visit. First off, it’s impossible. And besides that, to be a true Chicagoan is to appreciate the city’s playfulness. If the weather’s nice, that means packing a picnic and heading to the lake or Millennium Park. If it’s dreary or cold, head to an art house movie theater or even a neighborhood tavern for a spell. Our cultural institutions have been here, in some cases, for more than 100 years. They’ll still be here when you visit next.

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by Eric Peterson

At 277 river miles long, roughly 4,000 feet deep, and an average of 10 miles across, the Grand Canyon’s so big that even the breezes seem to draw a deep breath at the rims. But it’s so much more than an enormous gulch. In the past 6 million years, while the river or rivers that eventually became the Colorado River were carving the main canyon, runoff from the rims cut hundreds of side canyons that funnel like capillaries into the larger one. As the side canyons deepened and spread, they gradually isolated buttes and mesas that tower thousands of feet above the canyon floor. Early cartographers and geologists noticed similarities between these rock pinnacles and some of the greatest works of human hands. They called them temples and shrines, and named them after deities such as Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.

The canyon not only inspires reverence, but also tells the grandest of stories. Half the earth’s history is represented in its rocks. The oldest rock layer, the Vishnu Formation, began forming 2 billion years ago, before aerobic life forms even existed. The layers of sedimentary rock that piled atop the Vishnu Formation tell of landscapes that changed like dreams. They speak of mountains that really did move, eroding into nothingness; of oceans that poured forth across the land before receding; of deserts, swamps, and rivers the size of the Mississippi—all where the canyon now lies. The fossils in these layers illustrate the very evolution of life.

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Football match at Stadio Olimpico in Rome.

Arts & Entertainment Best Bets

Best Quintessential Roman Experience, Period

★★★ AS Roma or ★★ SS Lazio soccer match, Stadio Olimpico (p 136)

Best Classical Music

★★ Accademia di Santa Cecilia, Largo Luciano Berio 3 Auditorium (p 133)

Best for Living La Dolce Vita

★★★ Opera at the Baths of Caracalla, Viale delle Terme di Caracalla (p 134)

Best Excuse to Get Dressed Up

★ Teatro dell’Opera, Via Firenze 72 (p 134)

Best Way to Pick Up Some Roman Profanity

★★★ AS Roma or ★★ SS Lazio soccer match, Stadio Olimpico (p 136)

Best Place to Catch a Big-Budget American Action Flick in English or Italian

★ The Space Cinema—Moderno, Piazza della Repubblica 45 (p 135)

Best Mellow Outdoor Concerts

★★ Villa Giulia, Piazza di Villa Giulia (p 135)

Best Blockbuster Stadium Concert Venue

★★ Circus Maximus

Best All-Around Concert Venue

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Suggested Las Vegas Itineraries

The Strip alone has hundreds of restaurants, dozens of shows, and more attractions, sights, and sounds than can easily be catalogued, much less visited. So yes, when you come to Las Vegas, you certainly won’t be lacking in things to do. But the sheer enormity of the city and its laundry list of items to add to your daily to-do list could leave even the most intrepid traveler feeling a little overwhelmed.

The itineraries in this chapter are designed to help narrow down the big list a little while maximizing your time. This way you can spend less energy planning and more having fun. Each itinerary has a theme, but you can always mix and match to create your perfect Las Vegas getaway.

Instead of a step-by-step tour, the itineraries are broken down by morning, afternoon, and nighttime activities with multiple suggestions for each, again allowing you to customize your vacation in a way that makes sense for you.

Iconic Las Vegas

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