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Bob Weil Rocky Nook-IPS ePub

Paula Gardener

A Sister’s Love

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Jack Hollingsworth



Christine Sirois

Before the Jump

Iris Photo Suite, Snapseed

David Ingraham

Downtown Punker

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J. Q. Gaines

Impression Series

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Doug McNamee

Lunch Rush

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Marie Matthews

Sunday Blues Player

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Kerryn Benbow

Streets of Havana

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Cecily Caceu

North Head Lighthouse, Cape Disappointment

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Dan Berman

Last Dance

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Rad Drew

Continental Divide, Rocky Mountain National Park

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Marian Rubin

Valle de Viñales, Cuba

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Lindsey Thompson


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8. Shopping along the Vishvanath Gali

Pravina Shukla Indiana University Press ePub

READYMADE CLOTHING, including salwar suits, is sold in the garment district on Dashaswamedh Road, while saris are available in shops south of Godaulia along Madanpura Road. Silver and gold ornaments can be purchased from small shops in Chauk and Godaulia or from one of the big Kanhaiya Lal stores. The last need women have in the creation of their body art consists of daily items such as toiletries, nail polish, henna and hair products, bindis, sindur, bangles, and “artificial jewelry.”

Women buy these everyday essentials with frequency, for personal pleasure and with little concern for cost, since they are inexpensive and ephemeral; they will be used immediately and not kept for posterity. As women browse through the markets, their choices are spontaneous and casually considered, being inspired by whim or late-breaking fashion. They plan little in advance and do not seek the advice of their husbands or girlfriends, as they do when purchasing expensive jewelry or saris. Shopping for bindis, bangles, and imitation jewelry, women are on their own. They engage directly with the salesmen, listening closely as the merchants provide no end of expert guidance.

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9 Likeness or Not: Musings on Portraiture in Canonical African Art and Its Implications for African Portrait Photography

John Peffer Indiana University Press ePub

The evocative power of named masquerades among the Okpella, an Edo-speaking group who live seventy miles north of Benin City in southern Nigeria, drew me into a cross-cultural study of portrait images in the late 1970s.1 Combing the literature using a definition for portraiture that combined “personal reference,” “memory,” and “intentionality” brought numerous cases to light of images that evoked personal presence without representational likeness. I also sought out colleagues recently returned from field research in West Africa and asked them to reconsider their data in the light of my findings. This work formed the basis of Likeness and Beyond: Portraiture in Africa and the World, an exhibition and accompanying monograph produced by the Center for African Art in 1990, and tandem issues of African Arts in 1990 and 1991. The response to Likeness and Beyond suggested to me that we in the West had yet to get beyond physical likeness as the defining characteristic of the portrait image, rather than seeing it as one strategy given prominence by the discussion of portraiture in Western art.2

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3. Can the Artist Speak?: Hamid Kachmar's Subversive Redemptive Art of Resistance

Joanna Grabski Indiana University Press ePub


I would go to this land of mine and I would say to it: “Embrace me without fear…. And if all I can do is speak, it is for you I shall speak.”



Berber artists are not really concerned about personal styles; nor do they care if they are remembered as individuals. Their goals are to present personal views…expressed through the lexicon of collective memory rooted in the tradition of tying knots, combining motifs and taking care that the grammar is not breeched.


In the fall of 2009 Hamid Kachmar, a young Moroccan artist of Amazigh heritage, was featured in a solo show in the Robert and Sallie Brown Gallery and Museum located in the Sonja Haynes Stone Center for Black Culture and History at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The mission of the Brown Gallery and the Stone Center is “to critically examine all dimensions of African American, African and African Diaspora cultures through its education program and through the formal exhibition of works of art and other items.”1

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Bob Weil Rocky Nook-IPS ePub

Cipolla in Florence

In this tutorial you will learn how to transpose an interesting character to another environment to strengthen the storytelling power of an image. You will also learn how to make the image more compelling by adding a timeless enhancement using texture and light.





Big Lens

ScratchCam FX

I spent a few days in Florence, Italy, in the spring of 2012. While I obsessively took photos of the city, I was struck by the appearance of a man I almost bumped into who had undeniable charisma. Thanks to the ProCamera app, I was able to quickly take a candid shot. Later, when I checked the shot, I realized that although I managed to capture the man in a relatively good picture, the rest of the image was poorly exposed and the angle was quite tilted. However, I was still drawn to the man, who reminded me of Thomas Mann’s Cipolla in the novella Mario and the Magician. He conjured the mesmerizing power of Mann’s hypnotist/magician. I decided to place him in another environment that corresponded to the ideas I had about the character. Fortunately, on that same day, I took a photo of the cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore. The cathedral was being renovated at the time of my visit, and this scene seemed to be perfect for my magician.

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