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Criss Cross Applesauce

Bonnie K. Hunter Kansas City Star Quilts ePub

Criss Cross Applesauce





I’ve been in a phase of being inspired by quilts that don’t use a lot of white or cream backgrounds. A phase of wanting to just play with color and all its shadings, instead of wanting to float everything in a sea of neutral! I was inspired by an antique quilt, as often happens when I come across them, and fell in love with the simplicity of this block. It has an almost modern appearance set block by block by block. I gave myself two rules for this quilt: Greens from the palest to the darkest, and a wide variety of reddish scraps, that went from a strawberry pink to rust to red all the way through to mulberry. Some of the greens even have blue in them, which helped keep it from looking too much like a Christmas quilt.

During the making of this quilt, I lost my grandfather, who lived a long, full life. I was able to incorporate a couple of his shirts in this quilt which adds so much meaning to me. The binding took every inch of one of those shirts, so now I know just how far one shirt can go!

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Seven Happy Flowers

Kim Schaefer C&T Publishing ePub

———— Wall Quilt ————

{These happy flowers will just make you smile! Embellish with your favorite buttons for added visual interest.}

Quilted by Diane Minkley of Patched Works, Inc.

Finished wall quilt: 43½″ × 18½″

½ yard light for appliqué background

yard light green for inner border

yard dark green for outer border

¾ yard total assorted brights for flowers

½ yard total assorted greens for stems and leaves

¼ yard black for flowers

2 yards paper-backed fusible web

1 yards for backing and binding

yard for binding if different from backing

48″ × 23″ batting

50 (approximately) buttons (optional)

Cut from light: 1 rectangle 39½″ × 14½″ for appliqué background

Cut from light green:

• 2 strips 1″ × 14½″ for 2 side inner borders

• 2 strips 1″ × 40½″ for top and bottom inner borders

Cut from dark green:

• 2 strips 2″ × 15½″ for 2 side outer borders

• 2 strips 2″ × 43½″ for top and bottom outer borders *

* Cut 3 strips 2″ × fabric width, piece the strips end to end (see Borders, page 6), and cut the border pieces.

Refer to Putting It All Together diagram (at right).

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Appliquéd Winter Quilt

Kirstyn Cogan Stash Books ePub

Appliquéd Winter Quilt

Finished Size: 80˝ × 88˝

In the cold winter months, nothing is better than having a bright quilt to ward off the dark season’s blues. A bit unconventional in approach, this quilt features three long quilted panels pieced together. No longarm or fancy quilting equipment required.


Coordinating cotton or linen/cotton-blend fabric in 5 colors:

Panel A: Cream, 3 yards* 45˝ wide

Panel B: Cream, 3 yards, or 1½ yards if pieced at the center (This is the background fabric for the appliqués.)*

Panel C: Pink, 1 yard

Panel D: Gray, 1¾ yards

Panel E: Orange, ¾8 yard

Patterned fabric for backing: 6 yards, at least 42˝ wide

Muslin: 6 yards (60˝ wide)

Low-loft batting, king size

Iron-on adhesive: 2 yards (I used HeatnBond Feather Lite.)

Coordinating thread

Measuring tape and ruler

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I Heart You Pillow

Annabel Wrigley FunStitch Studio ePub

take your time and ask for help

I Heart You Pillow

Finished Size: Approximately 12˝ high

What Do I Need?

½ yard of fun decorator- weight fabric

Fat quarter of fun fabric for the pocket (see Fat Quarter)

Red perle cotton, size 8 (optional)

Polyfill stuffing

Basic sewing supplies

If you are using a ¼˝ presser foot, don’t forget to use washi tape as a guide to make the correct seam allowance width for this project.

special skills

•Refer to The Rules of Sewing

• Making and using templates

• Sewing around a corner

• Clipping curves

• Sewing a backstitch

• Sewing a whipstitch

• Using an iron

Prepare the Pieces

1.Trace the template patterns for the heart pillow and pillow pocket. Use the template

2.to cut 2 heart pieces from the decorator-weight fabric.

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July—Star Flowers Quilt

Kim Schaefer C&T Publishing ePub

Star Flowers Quilt, 20½˝ × 28½˝, made by Kim Schaefer, quilted by Diane Minkley of Patched Works, Inc.

    yard total assorted dark blues for pieced background

    yard total assorted reds for pieced border and appliqué pieces

   ½ yard total assorted lights for pieced border and appliqué pieces

    yard green for leaves and stems

   1 yard for backing and binding

   24˝ × 32˝ batting

    yard paper-backed fusible web

   6 buttons (optional)

Appliqué patterns are on pattern page P7. Refer to page 3 for preparing the appliqué.

Cut 15 squares 4½˝ × 4½˝ from the assorted dark blues for the pieced background.

Cut 40 rectangles 1˝ × 4½˝ from the assorted reds for the pieced border.

Cut 20 rectangles 2˝ × 4½˝ from the assorted lights for the pieced border.

Cut 1 each of appliqué pieces 1–19.

Refer to page 3 for general piecing and appliqué instructions.

1. Make the pieced background.

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