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Quilt Show

Julia Icenogle Kansas City Star Quilts ePub

Mrs. Bobbins and pals head to the Selvage County Fair for a quilty adventure!

As the deadline approached for the Selvage County Fair, the quilt show night terrors begin to set in.

Quilt Show Panic, Stage Two: The All-Nighter

“Geraldine, when you said you would finish your quilt on the way to the show, I had assumed you’d be further along than that…”

“Hang on, everyone! My GPS just alerted me to a new quilt shop”

The ladies visit the Holy Land.

When it comes to over-buying at the factory outlet, resistance is futile.

“Why, yes, we are here for the quilt show! How did you ever guess?”

“Aren’t you glad we quilted our own name tags? We are really going to stand out!”

“I would complain, but to be honest, I think the low lighting will work to my advantage.”

Mrs. Bobbins subtly tries to influence the quilt show judges.

“Stand back, Geraldine…I’m popping the hatch and this baby’s packed tighter than a black hole.”

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Kids and Furry Friends

Montilone, Jenelle C&T Publishing ePub


DEER PLUSHIES This stuffed buck and stuffed doe are so cute that they might find a home on your bed instead of in the kids’ toy chest.

Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity.
— George S. Patton —


(For one toy)

3 T-shirts or large scraps from other projects

6 oz. of polyfill

½ cup of rice

Wooden dowel or blunt tool for turning


½ yard lightweight interfacing

¼ yard fusible webbing (optional)

Walking foot (optional)



1. Using the patterns, create templates.

2. Cut:

15˝ × 15˝ rectangle of brown and interfacing for head, ears, arms, and legs

7˝ × 8˝ square of beige and interfacing for antlers

6˝ × 12˝ square of your choice and interfacing for shirt

NOTE: Additional materials are needed for the cape.

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Remake: Riding Pants Makeover

Suzannah Hamlin Stanley Stash Books ePub


Riding Pants Makeover

I have no need for functional equestrian riding pants, but I like their edgy knee-patch styling so I made my own from basic skinny pants. Give old pants a totally new look just by adding patches! Try fun colors and go completely cool and casual, or make the patch from leather for a chic, urban vibe.


Maneuvering narrow pant legs on the free arm of a sewing machine can be a challenge, so you might want to first try the simpler Elbow Patch Sweater Makeover .

You Will Need:

•Skinny pants

•Fabric: about ⅛ yard (12cm) (prewashed)

•HeatnBond Lite Iron-On Adhesive: ⅛ yard (12cm)

•Standard sewing supplies

Get It Done

1. Cut the approximate shape and size for the knee patches out of the fabric. Mark the patch placement on the knees and inner leg of the pants with fabric pen, chalk, or pins.

2. Cut 2 pieces of a similar size and shape as the fabric out of the HeatnBond. Iron it to the fabric, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Use a pressing cloth or Teflon pressing sheet to prevent a sticky mess on your iron or ironing surface.

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January—Snowman Quilt

Kim Schaefer C&T Publishing ePub

Snowman Quilt, 20½˝ × 28½˝, made by Kim Schaefer, quilted by Diane Minkley of Patched Works, Inc.

    yard total assorted reds for pieced background and appliqué pieces

   ½ yard total assorted blacks for pieced border and appliqué pieces

   ¼ yard total assorted golds, oranges, purples, and blues for appliqué pieces

    yard light for snowman

    yard total assorted lights for snowflakes

    yard stripe for scarf

   1 yard for backing and binding

   24˝ × 32˝ batting

   1 yard paper-backed fusible web

Appliqué patterns are on pattern page P1. Refer to page 3 for preparing the appliqué.

Cut 15 squares 4½˝ × 4½˝ from the assorted reds for the pieced background.

Cut 20 squares 4½˝ × 4½˝ from the assorted blacks for the pieced border.

Cut 1 each of appliqué pieces 1–12.

Cut 5 of appliqué piece 13.

Cut 15 of appliqué piece 14.

Refer to page 3 for general piecing and appliqué instructions.

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Spark 5. Time

Carrie Bloomston Stash Books ePub

“Forever is composed of nows.”


It is a fact of modern life that we are busy. Cultivating a creative life will require some thoughtful shuffling of things to make room for it. Be aware of your own rhythms as you establish a creative practice so you can take the path of least resistance (which is always the right path). I don’t believe in the “struggling artist” paradigm.



Pay attention to the little things in your life that are like green lights telling you to go.

Do This

Think about the following:

What is your best time of day? When do you feel most creative? Have the most energy?


When are you sluggish, tired, or drained?


What times of day are more neutral for you?


What helps give you energy?

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