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Pom-Pom Scarf

Annabel Wrigley FunStitch Studio ePub

a teeny bit more challenging

Pom-Pom Scarf

Finished Size: Approximately 7¼˝ × 49¼˝

What Do I Need?

•½ yard of lovely fleece or wool fabric (at least 50˝ wide)

•3 balls of yarn in fun colors

•Coordinating sewing thread

•4 pieces of cardboard 5˝ × 5˝ (You can cut up a cardboard box.)

• Basic sewing supplies

If you are using a ¼˝ presser foot, don’t forget to use washi tape as a guide to make the correct seam allowance width for this project.

special skills

Refer to The Rules of Sewing

Sewing a whipstitch

Sewing around a corner

Prepare the Pieces

Cut 2 pieces of scarf fabric to measure 8˝ × 50˝.

Let’s Make It


Place the 2 scarf pieces right sides together and pin all the way around.

Mark a 5˝-long no-sew zone near the center of a long edge of the scarf. This is the area that we do not want to sew.

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Sleepy-Time Friend Kit

Heidi Staples Stash Books ePub

Friend Kit


TOTE BAG SIZE: 6˝ wide × 8½˝ high × 3˝ deep, plus strap


PILLOW SIZE: 5˝ × 3˝

This little stuffed doll can be made into just about any character you like, and his size is a great fit for small hands. Use his pocket for a stuffed friend of his own or special treasures, like jewelry or just-lost teeth. A coordinating tote plus miniature quilt and pillow add extra fun to the mix.


Lynne Goldsworthy of Lily’s Quilts (lilysquilts.blogspot.com)

Any tips for busy people trying to fit sewing into their life? Find a little corner where you don’t have to tidy things away every time you stop sewing. I like to have one hand-sewing project that can be picked up whenever I have a free minute.

Organizational tips for the sewing room? I have a trash bin right next to my cutting mat and a scraps box underneath. When I’m cutting, tiny scraps go into the trash, and bigger scraps go straight into the scraps box.

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Autumn Splendor

Kim Schaefer C&T Publishing ePub

autumn splendor

Combine pieced blocks with appliquéd “fall foliage” to make this quilt a focal point of your holiday decorating.

Quilted by Diane Minkley of Patched Works, Inc.

finished quilt: 48½" x 48½" | finished block: 8" x 8"


Black: 1¾ yards for pieced blocks and appliquée! border background

Assorted rusts: ½ yard total for pieced blocks and appliquée! border

Assorted oranges: 1 yard total for pieced blocks and appliquée! border

Assorted yellows and golds: ¾ yard total for pieced blocks and appliquée! border

Assorted greens: ½ yard total for pieced blocks and appliquée! border

Green: ⅞ yard for appliquée! vines

Paper-backed fusible web: 3¾ yards

Batting: 53˝ x 53˝

Backing and binding: 3⅛ yards


Cut from black:

16 squares 2½˝ x 2½˝

192 squares 1½˝ x 1½˝

2 strips 8½˝ x 32½˝

2 strips 8½˝ x 48½˝ *

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Tree Skirts

Kim Schaefer C&T Publishing ePub

Place Mats

Snowman Place Mat

FINISHED PLACE MAT SIZE: 18˝ × 12½˝ oval


•¾ yard teal for background, backing, and bias binding

•⅓ yard light for snowman head and shoulders

•⅛ yard black for neck, arms, mouth, and eyes

•Scrap of orange for nose

•½ yard paper-backed fusible web

•22˝ × 16˝ batting


Pattern pieces are on pullout.


2 of pattern piece 1 for the front and back


Refer to Appliqué as needed. Appliqué patterns are on pullout.

1. Using the appliqué patterns:

•Cut 1 each of appliqué pieces 2 through 8.

•Cut 2 of appliqué piece 9.

2. Refer to the putting it all together diagram as you appliqué the pieces to the background.


1. Layer the place mat with batting and backing. Baste or pin.

2. Quilt as desired and bind with bias binding.

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Scrappy Patchy Pencil Cup

Annabel Wrigley FunStitch Studio ePub

a teeny bit more challenging

Scrappy Patchy Pencil Cup

What Do I Need?

Scraps at least 7˝ long of fun fabric

Mason jar (We used a jar measuring 6½˝ tall, but you can use any size for this project.)

¼ yard of plain canvas fabric for the backing

Fun-colored sewing machine thread

Basic sewing supplies

special skills

•Refer to The Rules of Sewing

• Using an iron

Prepare the Pieces

1.Use a tape measure to measure the jar from the base to just under the lid area. Now add ½˝ and write that measurement down. It will be the height of your cover. (My jar measures 5½˝, with the addition of ½˝ to make a measurement of 6˝.)

2.Measure around the circumference of the jar. Add ¾˝ and write down the measurement. (Mine is 12¼˝, with the addition of ¾˝ to make a measurement of 13˝.)

3.Cut the canvas the height and width of the measurements that you wrote down in Steps 1 and 2. (In my case, 6˝ × 13˝.)

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