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Kim Schaefer C&T Publishing ePub

Quilted by Diane Minkley of Patched Works, Inc.

finished block size: 8″ × 8″ | finished lap quilt: 64½″ × 88½″

The solid fabrics used in this quilt give it a modern, graphic look. The quilt was cut and pieced in one day! It is a great project for beginners and gives more experienced quilters a chance to explore color.

•  ¼ yard each of 25 different solids for pieced blocks

•  5½ yards for backing and binding

•  69″ × 93″ batting

Cut from assorted solids for pieced blocks:

•  59 rectangles 1½″ × 8½″

•  87 rectangles 2½″ × 8½″

•  117 rectangles 3½″ × 8½″

•  30 rectangles 4½″ × 8½″


1. For each Block A, arrange and sew together a 4½″ × 8½″ rectangle, a 1½″ × 8½″ rectangle, and a 3½″ × 8½″ rectangle. Press. Make 30 blocks.

Block A—Make 30.

2. For each Block B, arrange and sew together a 2½″ × 8½″ rectangle and 2 rectangles 3½″ × 8½″. Press. Make 29 blocks.

Block B—Make 29.

3. For each Block C, arrange and sew together a 1½″ × 8½″ rectangle, 2 rectangles 2½″ × 8½″, and a 3½″ × 8½″ rectangle. Press. Make 29 blocks.

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Watch the Birdie

Janice Zeller Ryan Stash Books ePub

Finished quilt size: 48˝ × 48˝



By Kerry Green

Medallion quilts often have a lot of angular straight-line shapes. I wanted to see how I could add circles and a picture element while still retaining a medallion border style. Light, bright, and made of simple repeated shapes, this design radiates from the center with graphic-style birds flying around flowers and leaves. The outer borders expand the birds’ environment to a Scandinavian-style forest with abstract Flying Geese soaring over the summer skyline.



Cream: 2½ yards for background

Pink: a variety to total 1 yard for birds, flower centers, corner squares, and Flying Geese

Green: a variety to total 1 yard for leaves and trees

Orange: a variety to total ½ yard for leaves and Flying Geese

Yellow: a variety to total 1 yard for flowers, second border strips, Flying Geese, and circles

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Fair & Square

Bonnie K. Hunter Kansas City Star Quilts ePub

Fair & Square


FINISHED QUILT SIZE: 81 1/2” x 96”


When I think of those quilters of yesterday, I can imagine myself then, saving every last bit for use in a quilt somewhere. In a world of “disposable everything” I find myself saving even the smallest bits and dreaming, plotting and planning of where I could use each little piece.

This quilt is the perfect example of using various elements of my own scraps to pull together a quilt that sings! The string blocks are stitched from the saved bits of deconstructed clothing for use in quilt making: collars, cuffs, pockets, plackets – all the “too small to be a real strip” pieces that I still could not bear to toss away. The smallest checkerboards surrounding the red squares are 1 1/2” squares of recycled scraps and squares of muslin,

The two sizes of checkerboard border were pieced from strips of recycled fabrics and muslin in speedy strip pieced fashion,

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Confetti in Times Square

Emily Breclaw C&T Publishing ePub

MADE BY Emily Breclaw

Kite shapes twirl and twinkle around the center of this medallion-style wallhanging. The almost-round border surrounding the sprocket is made up of kite triples and singles. Clever piecing of the triples allows some kites to touch at the sides and others point-to-point, all in the same quilt.


BLACK: 2¼ yards for blocks and borders

GRAY: ¼ yard for blocks

WHITE: ⅛ yard for blocks

ASSORTED BRIGHTS: Scraps to total ⅝ yard; each scrap should measure at least 2½˝ × 5˝.

BACKING: 2½ yards

BINDING: ½ yard

BATTING: 46˝ × 44˝


Use the 2˝ hexagon family of patterns. Refer to Cutting and Preparing Patchesas needed.


•Cut 9 strips 4˝ × width of fabric; subcut into 68 hexagons.

•Cut 4 strips 3˝ × width of fabric for the borders.

•Cut 1 strip 2½˝ x width of fabric; subcut 6 house half-hexagons.

•Cut 8 strips 2¼˝ × width of fabric; subcut into 10 half-hexagons, 36 kites, 36 triangles, and 6 thirds.

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Lone Star Wall Quilt: Imari

Helen Frost C&T Publishing ePub

Quilt size: 35” × 35” • Cut strip width: 1¾” • Finished diamond width: 1¼”

A lovely print makes a perfect frame for the star, especially when it is surrounded by squares. This is a formal, elegant presentation for the star.

Machine pieced and quilted by Helen Frost, 2009.


Fabric 1 is for the center and outer tips of the star points. Fabric 4 is for the widest part of the star points.

¼ yard of Fabric 1

1/3 yard of Fabric 2

3/8 yard of Fabric 3

½ yard of Fabric 4

½ yard for background

1/8 yard for first border

7/8 yard for second border

3/8 yard for binding

1¼ yards for backing

Batting: 39” × 39”

Read pages 7–24 before starting. Refer back to those pages as needed when constructing the quilt.


Fabric 1

Cut 1 strip 5” × width of fabric; subcut into 16 strips 1¾” × 5”

Fabric 2

Cut 1 strip 7½” × width of fabric; subcut into 16 strips 1¾” × 7½”

Fabric 3

Cut 1 strip 10” × width of fabric; subcut into 16 strips 1¾” × 10”

Fabric 4

Cut 1 strip 12½” × width of fabric; subcut into 8 strips 1¾” × 12½”


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