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Projects for children to make:

Salley Mavor C&T Publishing ePub


These projects are fun and easy for children to make. They are simplified adaptations of the wee folk and fairies featured in this book. Some children with sewing experience and fine dexterity can move to the more complicated wrapped versions of the dolls.

simple flower fairy

Flower Fairy, 2½˝ doll


Makes 1 doll. See Gathering Materials for more information on supplies.

Chenille stem 3mm in diameter

12mm unvarnished wooden bead for head

Acorn cap to fit bead head

Wool yarn for hair

Small piece of green felt for tunic

5 faux flower parts (rings of petals) for skirt

Pair of faux flower petals for wings

Colored pencils for facial features

16˝ length of size 3 perle cotton thread

Large-eyed needle

White glue



1. Bend the chenille stem in half (A).

2. Use the photo (below) as a guide to bend the toes (B), underarms (C), hands (D), and neck (E).

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Square Play

Becky Goldsmith C&T Publishing ePub

square play


Made by Becky Goldsmith.

If you want a quilt to be noticed, consider using lots of red. Red is bold. It makes you stop and look. In red, this quilt reminds me of a bandana on a warm summer day.

From the very beginning, I knew this quilt would be primarily red. Red, blue, and yellow form a triadic color scheme, which helped me to decide on the two accent colors.

My first thought was to make the narrow strips yellow. Refer to Auditioning Pieced Quilts to see how that turned out. Luckily, I made a few sample blocks to test the color combination before sewing all of the blocks.

The sample blocks also helped me realize that I needed to do more to highlight the small and medium-sized squares that form when the blocks are sewn together. My solution was to use solid red in the position that creates the diagonal grid. Medium-scale and small-scale prints come together to form distinctive smaller squares.


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Chapter 9. Woodland Folk

Salley Mavor C&T Publishing ePub

Camouflaged in shades of green, a multigenerational family gathers in a mossy corner of the forest floor. What is it like for them living in the woods? Make the Woodland Folk grandparents, parents, and children with the materials listed.

For more specific directions, see these sections:

Basic Materials for Most Dolls

Faces, clothing, and accessories: See Making Wee Folk and Fairies.




Grandmother (4˝ doll)

Additional Materials

Makes 1 Grandmother doll.

1 sturdy 4˝ doll armature

1 unvarnished 20mm wooden bead for head

8 size 6/0 beads for hairpiece

Cotton fabric for skirt

7 faux leaves each 2˝ long for skirt

2 faux flower petal disks 1½˝ in diameter for sleeves



1. Slip the hands through the center hole of the flower petal disks and slide the petals up the arms.

2. Sew the centers of the petal circles to the body’s shoulders. (The felt bodice will hide the raw ends.)

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Bread Warmer Tea Towel

Kirstyn Cogan Stash Books ePub

Bread Warmer Tea Towel

Finished Size: 20˝ × 28˝

Bread has been an essential staple of everyday life in most societies for centuries. Scandinavia is no different. It seems everywhere you go, there’s a loaf of bread sitting on a wooden cutting board, wrapped in a tea towel, anticipating that another slice will be cut and enjoyed.


Linen or linen/cotton-blend fabric: ⅔ yard for towel

Coordinating appliqué fabric (linen, linen/cotton blend, or quilting cotton): 1 fat quarter or ¼ yard (Use a single fabric or a combination. You will have extra fabric left over.)

Iron-on adhesive: ¼ yard (I used HeatnBond Feather Lite.)

All-purpose sewing thread to coordinate with towel fabric

All-purpose sewing thread to coordinate with appliqué fabric(s)

Contrasting embroidery floss: 1 skein

Fine-tip permanent marker

Fabric-marking pen (Always test on a scrap of fabric before using. I recommend using FriXion pens.)

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August—Bee Skep Quilt

Kim Schaefer C&T Publishing ePub

Bee Skep Quilt, 20½˝ × 28½˝, made by Kim Schaefer, quilted by Diane Minkley of Patched Works, Inc.

    yard total assorted lights for pieced background and appliqué pieces

    yard total assorted blues for pieced border and appliqué pieces

    yard total assorted yellows and golds for appliqué pieces

    yard each of 2 greens for stems and leaves

   Scraps of 2 purples for flower and flower center

   Scraps of 2 oranges for flower and flower center

    yard black for bees and door

   1 yard for backing and binding

   24˝ × 32˝ batting

   1½ yards paper-backed fusible web

Appliqué patterns are on pattern page P8. Refer to page 3 for preparing the appliqué.

Cut 15 squares 4½˝ × 4½˝ from the assorted tans for the pieced background.

Cut 20 squares 4½˝ × 4½˝ from the assorted blues for the pieced border.

Cut 1 each of appliqué pieces 1–18.

Cut 5 each of appliqué pieces 19–25.

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