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Alissa Haight Carlton Stash Books ePub

65″ × 80″

This bright and sunny quilt design is perfect for any child’s room. Since it’s twin size, why not make it for your son’s or daughter’s bed?

This is the first quilt in this book that involves some improvisational piecing (see page 130). The improv section of the quilt will take the most time to piece. Take your time-embrace and enjoy the process and make the quilt top your own by knowing that no one is making a quilt identical to yours.

Based on 42″ fabric width.

Fabric A (white): 3 yards for background

Fabric B, C, and D (yellow, green, orange): ¾ yard of each

Backing: 4 yards

Binding: yard

Please be sure to read Notes on Making the Quilts in This Book (page 6). Label the pieces as you cut.

Fabric A (white)

1. Cut 2 strips 7½″ × WOF (selvage to selvage) and sew end to end; trim A1.

2. Cut 4 strips 4½″ × WOF and sew end to end; trim A2 and A3.

3. Cut 2 strips 16½″ × WOF and sew end to end; trim A4.

4. Cut 1 strip of each of the following sizes for the improv section: 1½″ × WOF, 2½″ × WOF, and 3½″ × WOF.

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Let It Out: Let Out Pants Side Seams

Suzannah Hamlin Stanley Stash Books ePub

Let It Out

Let Out Pants Side Seams

Giving more room on tight seams is one of the simplest fixes you can make to improve fit on ready-made clothes. For some of us, jeans that fit in the hips and around the bottom are very tight in the thighs and calves. This trick, when done correctly, will produce a high-quality, comfortable result. Do this on pants or jeans that are a little too snug along the leg or even on the sleeves of a snug blouse or unlined jacket. It is a very simple way to get some necessary extra room!

You Will Need:

•Jeans or pants that fit in the hips but are too snug in the legs

•Standard sewing supplies

Get It Done

Refer to Removing Stitches, Method 1, for guidance.

1. Turn the jeans inside out and use a seam ripper to pick out every second or third stitch of the outer seam. Leave alone the serger stitches that finish off the inside of the seam and keep the fabric from unraveling. (These stitches will hold the front and back pieces together before you sew a new seam.)

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Projects for children to make:

Salley Mavor C&T Publishing ePub


These projects are fun and easy for children to make. They are simplified adaptations of the wee folk and fairies featured in this book. Some children with sewing experience and fine dexterity can move to the more complicated wrapped versions of the dolls.

simple flower fairy

Flower Fairy, 2½˝ doll


Makes 1 doll. See Gathering Materials for more information on supplies.

Chenille stem 3mm in diameter

12mm unvarnished wooden bead for head

Acorn cap to fit bead head

Wool yarn for hair

Small piece of green felt for tunic

5 faux flower parts (rings of petals) for skirt

Pair of faux flower petals for wings

Colored pencils for facial features

16˝ length of size 3 perle cotton thread

Large-eyed needle

White glue



1. Bend the chenille stem in half (A).

2. Use the photo (below) as a guide to bend the toes (B), underarms (C), hands (D), and neck (E).

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Harvey, Tamsin C&T Publishing ePub

Fabrics featured in this quilt are from the Shadow Play collection by Maywood Studios. The white background fabric is from the Pearl Essence collection from Galaxy Fabrics.

FINISHED SIZE: 40˝ × 48½˝ (102cm × 122cm)

The Topkapı Palace, located in Istanbul, was the primary home of the sultans from 1465 until 1856. The palace complex consists of four main courtyards, the harem, and many small buildings. It was not only the main residence of the sultan and his court, but was also initially the seat of government in which the imperial court met and conducted business. The palace was designed to provide the sultan with privacy and discretion. Today, as a museum, it is an example of the lifestyle of the sultan and his court. Rooms are heavily decorated with gold accents, İznik tiles, upholsteries, and luxury items. Large panels of İznik tiles, still in impeccable condition, are located throughout the palace. Numerous pavilions, chambers, kiosks, dormitories, and gardens, along with the harem, look out over the Bosphorus and Istanbul. This quilt is inspired by several of the panels located within the palace.

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Independence Day

Emily Breclaw C&T Publishing ePub

PIECED BY Emily Breclaw
QUILTED BY Amy Jameson

Fabrics: Basically Patrick by Patrick Lose for RJR Fabrics

Perfect for a picnic blanket or dorm-room spread, this patriotic quilt goes together quickly with chain-pieced units. The entire quilt is made of super-size medallion blocks with plain hexagons as filler.


BLUE: Scraps or yardage to total 3 yards. (The quilt shown uses ½ yard each of 6 blue fabrics.)

RED: Scraps or yardage to total 2⅜ yards. (The quilt shown uses ½ yard each of 3 red fabrics and ⅞ yard of 1 red fabric.)

WHITE: Scraps or yardage to total 3¼ yards. (The quilt shown uses ½ yard each of 4 white fabrics and ⅝ yard of 2 white fabrics.)

BORDERS: ⅞ yard

BACKING: 6⅞ yards

BINDING: ⅞ yard

BATTING: 82˝ × 98˝


Use the 3˝ hexagon family of patterns. In the instructions that follow, large shapes measure 3˝ on a side and small shapes measure 1½˝ on a side. Refer to Cutting and Preparing Patchesas needed.

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