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Five The Mobile Formula In the Past, Present, and Future

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The mobile revolution started over 140 years ago, but it only really took off with Facebook.

While mobile devices look cool, what people really value are the apps.

Millennials are the architects behind the mobile revolution.

Case studies discussed in this chapter: City of Montreal, Geminoids, Ginger.io, Nokia, Periscope, and Oculus Rift.

When Steve Jobs announced the iPhone on stage in 2007, no one at Nokia really paid attention. It didn’t feel like a threat to the company. According to Nokia engineers, the technology used to create the iPhone touch screen wasn’t viable.

To understand why Nokia dismissed that technology, you need to remember that the company is based in Scandinavia. Winters are very harsh and people are bundled up. They wear thick gloves and don’t want to take them off to use their phones. So Nokia’s resistive touch screens relied on pressure being applied to the screen, so they could be operated with gloves on.76 In contrast, the iPhone capacitive touch screens relied on contact with the skin on users’ fingertips, so they could only be touched with a bare finger.

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