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The cocktail party has become the American way of turning everyone into a “Blithe Spirit.” How we do it depends entirely on the host—or hostess. Informality is its purpose, as munching on such oddments before or in place of a meal should keep conversation on the lighter and brighter things of the day.

Where to serve? Anywhere—the living room, the back porch, the kitchen; anywhere your guests or family choose to light.

If you are interested in its family tree, go to the Russian Zakouska. Being a hearty race, before dinner the Russians gather around a sideboard in a room adjoining the dining room and partake of all kinds of special pastries, smoked fish and such, with much conversation and strong drink. The French Hors d’oeuvre, the Scandinavian Smörgåsbord, the Italian Antipasto, all are offshoots of the Zakouska. . . . I like to keep [the cocktail tidbit] as uncomplicated in flavor as possible, freshly made, cold and crisp—or hot—as the case may be. . . . These few ideas, I think, will answer for all kinds of tastes, for the hostess who has time, or not much time; an unlimited budget, or just a few spare dimes. I think you should let guests pile as high and wide as they like, so very few of these ideas are to be spread on silly little squares of this and that by the hostess beforehand.

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Caribbean Coast

Planet, Lonely Lonely Planet Publications ePub

Sun-soaked and stewed in culture, Colombia's dramatic Caribbean coastline is its dazzling crown, capping the country with myriad ecosystems, from the dense jungles of the Darién Gap on the border with Panama to the barren desert of La Guajira near Venezuela.

The crown jewel along the coast is Cartagena, a colonial city with a beauty and romance that's unrivaled anywhere in Colombia, despite the enormous numbers of visitors it attracts. A yet undiscovered version can be enjoyed by journeying inland to find gorgeously isolated colonial Mompox, a sleepy hamlet lost in the jungle and whose star is truly in the ascendant. Other attractions are more natural: the Parque Nacional Natural (PNN) Tayrona, a wonderful stretch of perfect beach and virgin rainforest, and the thrilling and arduous Ciudad Perdida (Lost City) trek, which will satisfy adventurers wanting to discover the remnants of an ancient civilization against a stunning mountain backdrop.

ADec & Jan The beaches are at their best at Christmas as the humidity drops.

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Secretos para una alimentación saludable

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La alimentación sana fue la que nos enseñaron en casa cuando éramos niños. Nos dijeron que debíamos seguir una dieta balanceada, comer verduras y que el postre se reservaba únicamente para ocasiones especiales. Desafortunadamente, en el mundo moderno el concepto de la buena alimentación ha cambiado. Hemos reemplazado las comidas nutritivas hechas en casa con comida rápida y nuestras alacenas están llenas de productos procesados y llenos de químicos. Todo es abundante, fácil de preparar (o por lo menos es lo que prometen las instrucciones de los paquetes) y alguien más realiza la mayor parte del trabajo. Esto hace que cocinar todo desde un principio, utilizando frutas y verduras e ingredientes de buena calidad parezca demasiado difícil y que no vale la pena perder el tiempo en ello. Este libro le demostrará que preparar comida nutritiva en casa es fácil, rápido y que vale la pena hacer el esfuerzo.

Más que 50 por ciento de la población de los Estados Unidos está excedida de peso. La nueva epidemia nacional es la obesidad, la cual es la causa directa de muchas enfermedades: cardiopatías, derrames cerebrales (embolias), diabetes, alta presión arterial, depresión y osteoartritis (400,000 muertes al año se relacionan con la obesidad). Las personas consumen más calorías de las que queman, por lo general en alimentos procesados, azúcares y carbohidratos. Nuestro estilo de vida sedentario es parte del problema, junto con las porciones cada vez más grandes que sirven en los restaurantes (Aumentar el precio y el tamaño de la porción finalmente resulta en mayores ganancias para los restaurantes). Si para redondear su “dieta moderna” toma algunos refrescos embotellados, o alguna otra bebida dulce es muy probable que tenga un problema de exceso de peso. México sigue los pasos de su vecino del norte y las enfermedades relacionadas con el sobrepeso, especialmente la diabetes, van en aumento.

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Rio Grande Valley

Mary Faulk Koock University of North Texas Press ePub


The Rio Grande Valley, which is simply called “the Valley” by Texans, is one of the most extraordinary regions in the state, or I might say in the United States. It is sprawled along the banks of the Rio Grande River through four of the southernmost counties in the state, starting up near Roma and along through pleasant, small towns in tranquil and semitropical settings, one right next to the other on down to Brownsville. Tourists flock there at a rate second only to Florida’s and California’s, enjoying the year-round beauty of its emerald green citrus orchards, vegetable fields, and the nearly always blue skies. It is a botanical paradox.

Its fertile soil produces a variety of forty-seven vegetables and enormous groves of citrus trees. Laboratory tests on Texas oranges and grapefruit show them to have the highest sugar and juice content of any grown in the world. Lemons also exceed in volume of juice. Fred Birkhead of McAllens CC said that if the Valley hybrid onions and carrots get any sweeter the United States won’t need any other country’s sugar.

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Metric Conversion Chart

Kris Rudolph University of North Texas Press ePub


MEASUREMENTS (dry - powder)

1/4 cup = 35 g

1/3 cup = 47 g

1/2 cup = 70 g

3/4 cup = 105 g

1 cup = 140 g

MEASUREMENTS (dry - granular)

1/4 cup = 48 g

1/3 cup = 63 g

1/2 cup = 95 g

3/4 cup = 143 g

1 cup = 190 g


4 fluid ounces (1/2 cup) = 120 ml

8 fluid ounces (1 cup) = 240 ml

16 fluid ounces (2 cups) = 480 ml

32 fluid ounces (1 quart) = 960 ml (.96 liters)

WEIGHTS (mass)

1 ounce = 30 g

3 ounces = 90 g

4 ounces = 120 g

8 ounces = 240 g

10 ounces = 285 g

12 ounces = 340 g

16 ounces = 1 pound = 454 g


1/4 inch = 6 mm

1/2 inch = 1.25 cm

3/4 inch = 2 cm

1 inch = 2.5 cm


32°F = 0°C

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