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1. Local Government Emergency Planning

Gordon, James A. Rothstein Publishing PDF

Comprehensive Emergency Management for Local Government




Prior to undertaking the emergency planning exercise, an understanding of the basic concepts behind local government emergency planning must be gained. The generic planning process,

Concept of Operation and the four phases of

Comprehensive Emergency Management will be introduced. Finally, the ability to see the local emergency plan in the larger regional/county/state/province context will complete an exposure to the nature of local government emergency planning.


When an emergency occurs, the local government is usually the first to become aware of it and often mounts the first attempt to deal with it. Most provinces and states view local government as the “first line of response” in emergency situations

Local Government Emergency Planning

with provincial or state resources only being dedicated to the effort when local resources are no longer capable of addressing the scale of the emergency.

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1 Saving Millions

Eric Bing Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

Every four minutes over fifty children under the age of five die. Thats almost 7 million children per year. And nearly one-third of these children die within the first month of life. In the same four minutes, two mothers lose their lives while trying to give birth to a child. And nearly every time these tragedies occur, they are happening in a developing country.1

Pharmacy on a Bicycle is about innovative and entrepreneurial solutions to these global health calamities and about how all organizationsgovernments, NGOs, businesses, and donorscan use the solutions to maximum effect.

Nearly 7 million children could be saved by simple things such as providing a mother with prenatal care and encouraging her to give her baby breast milk and clean water, get postnatal care, and receive appropriate vaccinations.2 A small dose of daily aspirin might reduce risk of death from heart attack or stroke and simultaneously cut the risk for some cancers.3

Deaths from cervical cancer could be cut with a simple drop of vinegar applied to the cervix to help a clinician identify potentially cancerous cells,4 kids could learn better with inexpensive glasses,5 and depression could be relieved, or a suicide prevented, by talking with a trained lay counselor.6

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Truth: It Hurts … or Does It?

Beverly Kaye Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

Why is it that getting feedback at work can feel like going to the dentist? We avoid it, pretend everything is just fine, and don’t get preventive check ups. The result can be painful— ever had a root canal? We know dozens of people who derailed (failed to achieve the success they or others thought possible), largely because they didn’t know how people saw them.

You need regular, honest feedback from your boss, coworkers, customers, and friends. You need straight talk from them about your relative strengths and weaknesses. That honest input is critical to your development, your success, and, ultimately, your satisfaction at work.

Yet, many people complain about not getting enough feedback. They say, “We don’t have formal reviews,” or “I get almost no input, and when I do, it isn’t specific.” They wait for input and expect honesty. Don’t wait for your boss, or others, to tell you the truth. Go after it.

Did you ever consider truth telling as a gift? If you see it that way, it will be much easier to take—and to give. 131

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#32: Blues on Parade

Marlene Caroselli HRD Press, Inc. PDF

#32: Blues on Parade


Participants will be asked to solve the 15 puzzles that are posted around the room during morning breaks. Just before lunch, you will determine who has solved the most problems.


To stimulate creative thought about cause-specific problems and to create a structure for participants to get to know one another better.



15 blue self-adhesive circles for each two participants

15 sheets of 8½ x 11 typing paper

Marking pens (ideally blue in color)


Three token prizes

About 10 minutes altogether



On each of the sheets of paper, write (ideally with a blue marking pen) one of the following puzzles, and post the sheets around the room:

1) B N

9) W C W

2) B & B

10) W E

3) B C S

11) W as a G

4) C M M B

12) J W S

5) O in a B M

13) W K

6) W C

14) S W

7) B B M

15) W C of D



This exercise works best as an opening activity. As participants enter, pair them off two-by-two, ask them to sit together as a pair, and give 15 blue selfadhesive circles to each pair. Explain that one person will write his or her name on seven of the circles and his or her partner will write his or her name on the remaining eight. If there is one person left, he or she can either join a pair to create a triad (then give five adhesive circles to each member of the triad) or can work alone (using all 15 circles). The size of the group has no bearing on the effectiveness of this icebreaker.

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APPENDIX C: Skills Referenced in This Book

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