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Yukon Territory

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This vast and thinly populated wilderness, where most four-legged species far outnumber humans, has a grandeur and beauty only appreciated by experience. Few places in the world today have been so unchanged over the course of time. Aboriginal people, having eked out survival for thousands of years, hunt and trap as they always have. The Klondike Gold Rush of 1898 was the Yukon's high point of population, yet even its heritage is ephemeral, easily erased by time.

Any visit will mean much time outdoors: Canada's five tallest mountains and the world's largest ice fields below the Arctic are all within Kluane National Park, while canoe expeditions down the Yukon River are epic. And don't forget the people: get set to appreciate the offbeat vibe of Dawson City and the bustle of Whitehorse, and join the growing numbers of people who've discovered the Yukon thanks to TV shows such as Yukon Gold and Dr Oakley: Yukon Vet.

ANov–Apr Days of snowy winter solitude end when the river ice breaks up.

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South Coast

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The Ring Road (Rte 1) sweeps southeast of Reykjavík through wide coastal plains and verdant horse farms before the landscape grows wonderfully jagged, after Hvolsvöllur and Hella, near Skógar and Vík. Inland, mountains thrust upwards, some of them volcanoes wreathed by mist (such as Eyjafjallajökull, site of the 2010 eruption), and awesome glaciers glimmer, as rivers carve their way to black-sand beaches.

MThe south coast is enormous, so you'll need to pick your focus. Head east along the Ring Road, stopping near Hella or Hvolsvöllur for horse riding, and Saga studies at Sögusetrið; or hit the coast at Stokkseyri and Eyrarbakki for a taste of local life in an Icelandic fishing village. If you'd rather explore the powerful Þjórsádalur river valley, go to Þjórsárstofa in Árnes for top sight information. Or, plan a day trip to the Vestmannaeyjar.

RLunch at Gamla Fjósið and stop off at Eyjafjallajökull Visitor Centre; or head straight along to Skógar, stopping at the several grand waterfalls, the Skógar Folk Museum and Sólheimajökull ice tongue. Take any number of adventure tours, or zip along to Vík's magnificent coastline at Dyrhólaey and Reynisfjara.

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White River, Blyde River Canyon, Kruger National Park & Beyond

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We decided we had more than enough of the cold wet weather in England. So one evening Tony, my husband, took out the map of the world. He spread it on the table, closed his eyes and stuck his finger on a spot on the map, saying "This is where we will go!" It turned out to be Africa, Zambia to be exact. So we began scanning all the newspapers for jobs in his field in Zambia. It wasn’t long before we found one in Lusaka. Tony applied and we were soon on our way to London to be interviewed. The job was with Ford Motor Company and they would be giving us an apartment in Lusaka.

It was decided Tony would leave first to arrange everything at that end and I would pack up what we wanted to take with us and sell the car and furniture, etc. Then in a month or so the boys and I would join him. We held a going-away party for all of our friends. When his departure day arrived the boys and I stayed with my in-laws and we took him to the airport. It was around six weeks before I managed to sell everything. Then I packed our boxes and they were picked up ready to ship out. My in-laws looked after the boys for me while I went shopping for new clothes for us all and then we were back to the airport once more and, after tearful goodbyes, we were off.

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Santa Barbara County

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Frankly put, this area is damn pleasant to putter around. Low-slung between lofty mountains and the shimmering Pacific, chic Santa Barbara’s red-tiled roofs, white stucco buildings and Mediterranean vibe give credence to its claim of being the ‘American Riviera.’ It’s a surprisingly bewitching place to loll on the beach, eat and drink extraordinarily well, shop a bit and push all your cares off to another day. The city’s car-free campaign has brought electric shuttle buses, urban bike trails and earth-friendly wine tours. Mother Nature returns the love with hiking, biking, surfing, kayaking, scuba diving and camping opportunities galore, from offshore Channel Islands National Park to arty Ojai, surrounded by hot springs. Meanwhile, winemaking is booming in the bucolic Santa Ynez Mountains, where over a hundred wineries vie for your attention. But if all you want to do is relax, no worries – plenty of sunny beaches await.

AApr Balmy temperatures, fewer tourists than in summer. Wildflowers bloom on Channel Islands.

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For price ranges, see the Legend.


$$ Caribbean Paradise Inn – Grace Bay, Providenciales.t649-946-5020 or 866-946-5020. www.caribbean-paradise-inn.com. 18 rooms. This charming inn offers rooms in soft pastels with a refrigerator, ceiling fan and a balcony or a patio. The complimentary breakfast buffet is served on the cheerful, open-air terrace.

$$ Sibonné Beach Hotel –Grace Bay, Providenciales. t649-946-5547 or 800-528-1905. www.sibonne.com. 28 rooms. This low-rise complex picked the best location right on the white-sand beach. Wander among the shady palms in the resort’s gardens as you head to the swimming pool or the restaurant. Each room has a ceiling fan, mini-refrigerator and courtyard patio. Good value for money.

$$$$$ Grace Bay Club – Grace Bay, Providenciales. t649-946-5050 or 800-946-5757. www.gracebayclub.com. 89 rooms. The well-heeled clientele come here to de-stress or exercise. Cycle, play tennis, kayak or simply laze about on the world-class beach. Guest quarters have a Spanish flair, Egyptian cotton linens and flat-screen TVs. Continental breakfast and afternoon tea are included in the rate.

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