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Bosnia & Hercegovina

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This craggily beautiful land retains some lingering scars from the heartbreaking civil war in the 1990s. But today visitors will more likely remember Bosnia and Hercegovina (BiH) for its deep, unassuming human warmth and for the intriguing East-meets-West atmosphere born of fascinatingly blended Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian histories.

Major drawcards are the reincarnated antique centres of Sarajevo and Mostar, where rebuilt historical buildings counterpoint fashionable bars and wi-fi–equipped cafes. Elsewhere Socialist-era architectural monstrosities are surprisingly rare blots on predominantly rural landscapes. Many Bosnian towns are lovably small, wrapped around medieval castles and surrounded by mountain ridges or cascading river canyons. Few places in Europe offer better rafting or such accessible, inexpensive skiing.

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At first glance, Victoria is a pretty, quiet, well-behaved sort of place, all quaint and charming with historic houses, lush gardens, and a definite British accent. But Victoria is also so much more than that. For one thing, its setting at the rocky southern tip of Vancouver Island makes this not just a spectacularly beautiful landscape, but also one that lends itself to sailing, kayaking, whale-watching, hiking, biking, and rugged outdoor pursuits of all sorts. For another, this city has an exciting and distinctive culinary culture that goes well beyond the traditions of high tea and pub fare. Victoria, in short, is full of delicious surprises.

Victoria is not only the provincial capital, it is also one of the oldest cities in British Columbia, older than Vancouver by more than 20 years. And, unlike Vancouver, a city always eager to embrace the new and forget the past, Victoria has hung on to its lovely old buildings and its cherished traditions.

Back in the 19th century, Victoria was primarily a merchant city, supplying the crews of seafaring vessels roaming the Pacific Ocean as well as adventurers on their way to the Fraser Canyon and Klondike gold rushes. It was a very proper place, taking its role as an outpost of Queen Victoria’s empire seriously. Even so, it has always had its surprising, even scandalous side: It was, for instance, a major importer and manufacturer of opium, and back in the day had a Barbary Coast neighborhood of gambling dens and brothels that was as dangerous and decadent as any in the empire.

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Bangkok Maps

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Bangkok Maps

Ko Ratanakosin & Thonburi


Thewet & Dusit


Siam Square, Pratunam & Ploenchit






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Where to Eat

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Restaurant recommendations are included in each chapter of this book. Here are a few general pointers about typical eating and drinking places.

Boulangeries, Patisseries & Tea Shops

There are several different kinds of bakeries; some with seating or counters for light breakfasts or quick snacks. Even if they don't have seating, no one minds if you buy something and take it to a caf or bar tabac as a nicer, sometimes cheaper, alternative to the continental breakfast served in your hotel. Boulangeries sell breads, croissants and sweet breakfast pastries.

Patisseries specialize in fancy cakes, tarts, pastries, and other sweet tooth fantasies such as confiserie (handmade candy), chocolat and glace (ice cream). If the sign also says Salon de Th, you can sit down for beverages and light meals, grilled sandwiches or quiche, for example.

Fast Food

A bar tabac, as the name implies, sells drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and cigarettes. At lunchtime, they sometimes sell baguettes filled with ham, saucisson sec (salami) or cheese. You have to ask. Just say "Casse Crote?" - which literally means breaking crust. Pan bagnat, a more interesting choice, is a kind of Mediterranean sub sandwich often sold by sidewalk vendors or from shop fronts.

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Wine is only one of the many things this region has to be proud of. Grapes have been cultivated in Lombardy since earliest times: archaeological finds of Vitis vinifera silvestris near Lakes Iseo and Garda dating to the Bronze Age demonstrate that the vine has been present in Lombardy since prehistory. Viticulture here has also benefited from the contributions of ancient peoples, like the Reti from the north, and the Etruscans and Liguri to the south. It was probably the latter who introduced terracing to Valtellina, which is in fact very similar to the type seen in Cinque Terre. In the 19th-c. the land under vine cultivation was much greater than today as many zones in the provinces of Varese, Como, Lecco and Milan, where today the vineyards are limited, used to produce wine in abundance.

Orderly rows of vines in autumn


The terroir

An important wine-producing area in Lombardy is the Valtellina in the province of Sondrio, a zone where viticulture is considered “heroic” due to the difficulties posed by working on its steep, rugged terrain. Nebbiolo is the main variety grown, from which the great red wines Valtellina, Valtellina Superiore and Sforzato di Valtellina are produced.

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