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Southern Pest

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1Taking a trip through the near and distant past by wandering the corridors of the Hungarian National Museum, the nation’s treasure trove of historical artefacts.

2Strolling through the Nagycsarnok, southern Pest’s well-endowed Great Market.

3Admiring the art and architecture of the Art Nouveau Museum of Applied Arts.

4Testing your problem-solving skills at the city's first escape game, Parapark.

5Paying your respects to the permanent residents of Kerepesi Cemetery.

From Blaha Lujza tér, named after a leading 19th-century stage actress and sheltering one of the liveliest subways in the city (with hustlers, beggars, peasants selling their wares, musicians and, of course, pickpockets), the Big Ring Rd runs through district VIII, also known as Józsefváros (Joseph Town). The western side of Józsefváros transforms itself from a neighbourhood of lovely 19th-century town houses and villas around the Little Ring Rd to a large student quarter. East of the boulevard is the once rough-and-tumble district so poignantly described in the Pressburger brothers’ Homage to the Eighth District, and where much of the fighting in October 1956 took place. The neighbourhood south of Üllői út is Ferencváros (Francis Town), home to the city’s most popular football team, Ferencvárosi Torna Club (FTC), and many of its tough, green-and-white-clad supporters.

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The Great Plain & Northeast Hungary

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     The Great Plain






     Kiskunság National Park




     Northeast Hungary



     Bereg Region

Like the Outback for Australians or the Wild West for Americans, the Nagyalföld (Great Plain) holds a romantic appeal for Hungarians. Many of these notions come as much from the collective imagination as they do from history, but there’s no arguing the spellbinding potential of big-sky country, especially around Hortobágy and Kiskunság National Parks. The Great Plain is home to cities of graceful architecture and history. Szeged is a centre of art and culture, Kecskemét full of Art Nouveau gems and Debrecen is the ‘Calvinist Rome’.

By contrast, if you want to experience village life – steeped in folk culture, replete with dirt roads, horse-drawn carts and tiny wooden churches – Northeast Hungary is the place to go. The best way to explore is to hire a car, motorbike or bicycle and head out from the capital, Nyíregyháza, a spa town with all the creature comforts.

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View Your GPS Tracklogs in Google Maps

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View Your GPS Tracklogs in Google Maps

The program returns the combination of driving directions from each point to the next, as well as a simplified list of lat/long points. new route segment 37.61830, -122.38632 to 38.57320, -109.55060

San Francisco Airport to Slick Rock Capitol

----------------------------------------------------------------Head west

0.5| mi (734 meters) for 1 min

----------------------------------------------------------------Take the

I-380 W ramp to

San Francisco (I-280)/San Bruno

0.1| mi (197 meters) for 12 secs

You might want to specify multiple locations, including a detour to visit friends, or you might want to trick the routing algorithm into using a route that it considers sub-optimal. Here’s a real life example of tricking a routing algorithm: my dad and step-mom had just gotten a Prius with a navigation system—they had had it less than two weeks. My dad, while quite bright, is not particularly technical. One day they were driving and playing with the navigation system. My dad said, “Don’t set it to go to our destination until you get to this turn—it will take us a bad way from here.”

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The Panhandle

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La Orotava

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This colonial town has the lot it seems: cobblestone streets, flower-filled plazas and more Castilian mansions than the rest of the island put together. La Orotava is one of the loveliest towns on Tenerife, surrounded by lush valleys which are home to bananas, chestnuts and vineyards, as well as being crisscrossed by picturesque footpaths for anyone keen on striding out.

MStart your visit at the fascinating Museo de las Alfombras. Next, duck into the Casa del Turista for a spot of souvenir shopping, then cross the road to admire the Casa de los Balcones showrooms of crafts. Pop in for a coffee in the wonderful courtyard setting of Tascafe Grimaldi, before admiring the baroque extravagance of the Iglesia de la Concepción.

RAfter a belt-loosening meal at Bar la Duquesa, enjoy a bench snooze in the fragrant Hijuela del Botánico garden. Head down the road to explore the cascading terraced gardens of the Jardínes del Marquesado de la Quinta Roja. Next it's time to seek out that well-earned cerveza (beer) at Tapias La Bodega.

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