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St. Kitts & Nevis

Rapp, Laura & Diane Hunter Publishing ePub

St. Kitts was known to the Caribs as Liamuiga, the fertile isle, before Columbus dubbed it St. Christopher. The French, British, Dutch and Spanish were all aware of St. Christopher, but none braved the fierce Caribs to settle there until Sir Thomas Warner arrived in 1623 with a small group of English settlers. He claimed the island for the British, who shortened the name to St. Kitts.

Not long afterwards the French established a settlement at Basseterre, south of the British settlement near Old Road. The two cultures lived peacefully for a time in the same manner as the Dutch and French occupy St. Maarten today. However, the Carib Indians were unwilling to share their territory and attacked the British settlement, murdering many of the settlers.

Sir Thomas Warner escaped to recruit British and French troops, who banded together and mounted an attack to drive the Caribs from their stronghold in the hills. As a result, the picturesque island became the scene of one of the bloodiest battles in Caribbean history. An estimated 2,000 Caribs were slaughtered, causing the river to flow with blood for days. The site of the massacre was named Bloody Point, and island tour guides speak of the incident with a sense of remorse.

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Lonely Planet Lonely Planet ePub

Mountainous Gangwon-do (강원도) gives you some of South Korea’s most spectacular landscapes, up-close Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) experiences, and laid-back coastal towns and beaches on the East Sea. This is where many Seoulites escape – to get lost in the mountains, to chow down on Chuncheon’s fiery chicken dish dakgalbi or the raw fish of the coastal towns, or to leap into a frenzy of sports such as skiing in Pyeongchang county, host of the 2018 Winter Olympics.

While the province may not have that much by way of cultural antiquities, what it does have – Gangneung’s 400-year-old Dano Festival, for instance – it celebrates with zest. And Gangwon-do can be quirky too. Near Samcheok you’ll find a park full of unabashed phallic sculptures standing cheek by jowl with a humble fishing village, while Gangneung has a museum dedicated to its founder’s lifelong obsession with all things Edison.

AJan–Mar This is the best time to hit the ski slopes at Yongpyong and Alpensia.

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Circuit Hikes From Access Points on the East Side

Jack P. Hailman University Press of Colorado ePub

East Side circuits are those located on the eastern side of RMNP, excluding those accessed from Bear Lake Road, which we have placed in a separate category. In order to access most of these East Side circuits, you will find you must leave the Park and drive to an access point on or just inside the park’s eastern boundary.

Those staying in campgrounds may find it convenient to do a circuit hike that begins right by their campsite. Unfortunately, most of the East Side circuits cannot be hiked in this way. The exception is the Wind River Circuit, which could be hiked from the Glacier Basin Campground on Bear Lake Road. The Longs Flank Circuit is indeed accessed from Longs Peak Ranger Station and Campground, but it is not a circuit one could hike while camping in this tents-only, limited-stay small campground. Longs Flank is one of only two circuits in this book that cannot be done as a day hike, so special planning for a multiday trip is necessary.

The accounts in this section are ordered geographically by access point from north to south. All have different access points.

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Options in Port

Norton, Clark Hunter Publishing ePub

You have three major options for spending your time in port: taking a cruise ship organized shore excursion, taking an independent organized shore excursion or going off to explore completely on your own. (Of course, if the port doesn't interest you, you can always stay on the ship if you choose - and some passengers do take advantage of that opportunity to schedule leisurely spa appointments or simply relax on deck.) We'll take a look at the pluses and minuses of each option. Keep in mind that whichever option you choose for one port, you can always choose a different option for the next port; for instance, you might choose a cruise line organized flightseeing trip in Ketchikan, book an independent whale-watching tour in Juneau and then explore Skagway by yourself. Finally, you may well have time to take a shore excursion (or even two) and still have time to explore the port on your own a bit, if your excursion isn't of the all-day variety. 

Shore excursions purchased through your cruise line can be enormously convenient. You sign up a few days (or weeks, if you go online before your cruise) in advance, you pay through your shipboard account, you board your transportation soon after leaving the ship, and you are guided or escorted to - and usually during - your destination or activity. 

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Lynne Sullivan Hunter Publishing ePub

Anegada is unlike any of the other British Virgin Islands. It sits alone, about 14 miles north of Virgin Gorda and 30 miles northeast of Tortola, sheltered by one of the world's largest coral reefs, 18-mile-long Horseshoe Reef. While the other Virgins are made of volcanic mountains, Anegada is a narrow, flat, coral atoll measuring about 12 miles from East Point to West End Point.

The highest spot on the island is just 28 feet above sea level. Spanish explorers called it Anegada, or drowned land, because storms easily cause ocean waves to engulf the beach. Over the past centuries, many sailors, unable to see the level island on the horizon, have crashed against Horseshoe Reef and sunk offshore. Their wrecked ships lie on the ocean floor attracting shoals of sea creatures and providing excellent adventures for snorkelers and scuba divers.

Archeologists have uncovered evidence of Indian villages on Anegada well before Columbus sailed past in 1493. Later, pirates took advantage of the protective reefs to hid themselves and their treasures. The first European settlers came to Anegada to hunt for pirate treasure and pillage galleons that wrecked coming through the Anegada Passage.

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