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Bairro Alto & Chiado

Lonely Planet Lonely Planet ePub

Two neighbourhoods, two very different personalities. Chiado invites days spent boutique-shopping, gallery-hopping and lingering in literary cafes. Its more rakish, party-loving neighbour is Bairro Alto, a tangle of lanes harbouring dozens of shabby-chic shops, late-night bistros and hole-in-the-wall bars. Swinging south, Cais do Sodré has reinvented itself from red-light district to nightlife hub.

MGlide up the hillside, as folk have done since 1885, on the vintage Elevador da Glória, pausing for castle-crowned city views from Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara at the top. Take a peek inside the opulently azulejo-clad Igreja & Museu São Roque before ambling downhill to Chiado. Factor in a little boutique-shopping and a creative lunch at the story-book-themed Fábulas.

RCultural afternoon? The Convento do Carmo presents a romp through the city’s history with its entrancing ruins and stash of archaeological finds. Then make your way down to the river, stopping at the Museu do Chiado to contemplate works by Rodin and Jorge Vieira. It’s a stiff hike or a quick ride on the Elevador da Bica to Miradouro de Santa Catarina, where Lisbon spreads out photogenically before you. Enjoy those same views over a sundowner at Noobai Café.

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Alsergrund & the University District

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Alsergrund & the University District

For more detail of this area see Neigbourhood Map»

Feeling the Freud as you explore the elegant rooms of his former home, with exhibits providing a tantalising insight into the life and cognitive workings of the psycho­analysis godfather.

Tiptoeing through the baroque apartments and landscaped gardens of the Palais Liechtenstein on a guided tour.

Going for an erudite wander through the arcades and courtyards of Vienna’s 650-year-old university.

Taking a romp through the one-time abodes of two classical giants: Beethoven Click here and Schubert Click here.

Listening to a pianist play in the vaulted, marble-columned grandeur of Café Central.

Book-ended by one of Europe’s biggest universities, Alsergrund in the 9th district can hold its own in the world’s hall of intellectual fame, counting Mahler and Karl Kraus among its alumni. In these elegant streets, Schubert first saw the light of day and Sigmund Freud navigated the unconscious mind’s murky depths. The gravitas of such history still seeps through artily shabby cafes and cavern-like bars, where students contemplate life with beer-glass-clinking conviction. University life sits neatly within the framework of this cultured neighbourhood of churches, leafy squares and gardens, such as those framing the baroque Palais Liechtenstein.

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Adriatic Coast

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Adriatic Coast

The juxtaposition of mountains and sea sends the spirit soaring here. Croatia may hog most of the Adriatic coast but Montenegro’s tiny section packs a lot into a very small area. Without the buffer of Croatia’s islands, more of Montenegro’s shoreline has developed into sandy beaches, culminating in a 12km continuous stretch leading to the Albanian border.

Living on the fault line between civilisations, the people of the coast have fortified their settlements since ancient times. That legacy can be explored in the lively bars and shops of Budva’s Old Town, the surreal glamour of Sveti Stefan’s village resort, the ramshackle residences within Ulcinj’s fortifications and, most evocatively, the lonely and mysterious ruins of Haj-Nehaj, Stari Bar and Svač. Otherwise just spend your days lazing beside azure waters and supping the local vino in outdoor cafes between the oleanders.

» Enjoy the beaches and balmy weather in May and June, before the crowds descend.

» July and August see soaring temperatures, crowded beaches and peak prices – but these are the best months to party.

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Kennebec and Sheepscot River Lights

Caldwell, Bill Down East Books ePub

Tens of thousands of vessels have turned north from Seguin into the Kennebec and Sheepscot rivers, bound for local harbors or the once-busy ports of Bath and Augusta. Now there are river lights to guide them: Pond Island Light, Perkins Island Light, Squirrel Point Light, Doubling Point Range Lights on the Kennebec, and Goose Rocks Passage Light and Hendricks Head Light on the Sheepscot.

Steer Clear often heads up the Kennebec and Sheepscot, especially when the weather out on the ocean is cold, rough, or foggy. These are beautiful and historic rivers, brimming with hundreds of years of Maine history; they are filled with lovely islands, snug, small harbors, and remarkable hideaways for a quiet night on anchor, such as the Oven’s Mouth, approached by the fjord-like passage through Cross River off the Sheepscot.

On most weekdays, even in summer, these rivers are not crowded with other boats. A game I play in my mind is to picture them as they used to be—crowded, bristling, and busy with an amazing variety of ships.

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The Best of Vancouver & Victoria

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The jagged, snowcapped peaks of the Coastal Mountains plunge down through hushed forests to sandy beaches. Idyllic islands float dreamily in the calm waters of the Georgia Strait. Lush gardens bloom even when the rest of Canada is still buried under snow. There’s no question the southwest corner of British Columbia is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful places on the planet. And amid all this stunning natural beauty lie Vancouver and Victoria, two cities that may be physically close together but are miles apart when it comes to style and personality.

On the Mainland is Vancouver, the biggest metropolitan area in Western Canada. It is young and vibrant and bristling with the shiny modern towers that led hometown writer Douglas Coupland to label it the “City of Glass.” Also known as Lotusland (as in Homer’s “Odyssey,” a land where the locals are befuddled by the narcotic lotus plant), Terminal City (for its place at the end of the transco ntinental railroad), and Hongcouver (for its huge ex-pat Chinese population), Vancouver is famously a city where you can snowboard in the morning, sail in the afternoon, and dine at a sophisticated restaurant in the evening. It consistently tops the lists of the world’s most livable cities and is also the province’s business hub, Canada’s busiest port, and a center for creative industries such as film and animation.

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