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4. Billy Dixon

John R. Erickson University of North Texas Press PDF



Through TiIne and the Valley

land and settle down to a quiet life in a good country.

Dixon had hunted and scouted over an enormous area in his lifetime, from northern Kansas to the Palo Duro Canyon in Texas, from the New Mexico line to Indian Territory. He knew every creek and spring, and could discourse on the taste of the water, the quality of the grass, and the amount of timber on each. Out of all this country he chose to settle on Bent's Creek in Hutchinson County,

Texas, not only because it was a lovely spot, but also because from

Bent's Creek he could look a mile and a half to the north and see the ruins of Adobe Walls. Adobe Walls had a special significance for Dixon, for it was there that he had first proved himself a man of uncommon ability and courage. Bat Masterson, who had fought with him at the Walls, had gone East to work for a New York newspaper after the battle and had written of Dixon's amazing shot, when he had knocked an Indian off his horse at a distance of seveneights of a mile. Now people all over the country knew the name

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Stephen Brewer FrommerMedia ePub

King’s Cross railway station, London.

Getting There

By Plane

London, England, receives most of Britain’s incoming air traffic, and Britain’s principal airport is London Heathrow (LHR; www.heathrowairport.com), 17 miles west of the city and boasting five hectic, bustling terminals (Terminals 1 to 5). This is the U.K. hub of most major airlines, including British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, and the North American carriers. London Gatwick (LGW; www.gatwickairport.com) is the city’s second major airport, 31 miles south of central London in the Sussex countryside. As with Heathrow, you can fly direct or with a connection to or from pretty much anywhere. For information on getting into London from its various airports, see p. 55.

England also has a number of smaller and regional airports. The only two with a significant number of intercontinental connections are ­Manchester (MAN; www.manchesterairport.co.uk) and Birmingham (BHX; www.bhx.co.uk). Scotland’s principal airports, Edinburgh (EDI; www.edinburghairport.com) and Glasgow (GLA; www.glasgowairport.com), also have a few direct connections with North America. For information on getting into city centers from Edinburgh and Glasgow airports, see p. 472 and 539, respectively.

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11 Alaska Wildlife

Fran Golden FrommerMedia ePub


Alaska Wildlife

It’s all but guaranteed that you will see plentiful wildlife on your cruise, on land, sea, and in the air, from majestic bald eagles to some of the 16 different species of whales that spend time in Alaska waters. Keep your binoculars at the ready. Listen for announcements from the bridge—cruise crews are well versed in spotting critters in places such as Glacier Bay National Park, Tracy Arm Fjord, and the waters near Sitka. Be on the lookout from your ship’s open decks for Dall sheep hanging out on cliffs and sea lions sunning on rocks. Keep your eyes peeled, too, during shore excursions, whether on land or in small boats. You may even spot a bear perched at a forest stream hoping to munch on some salmon. Here is a brief directory of some of the wildlife you may encounter.


Beluga Whale These small white whales with a cute rounded beak prefer the cold and don’t head south for winter. They grow to only about 16 feet and might be confused for dolphins—though dolphins are smaller and have the addition of a dorsal fin. Baby belugas are gray. They tend to swim in large groups, feeding on salmon, including at the mouths of rivers.

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Jason Cochran FrommerMedia ePub


The Best of London

Whether you realize it or not, London shaped your destiny. There’s hardly a quarter of the globe that London, as the seat of England’s government, hasn’t changed. The United States was founded in reaction to London’s edicts. Australia was first peopled with London’s criminals. Modern Canada, South Africa, and New Zealand were cultivated from London. India’s course was irrevocably changed by the aspirations of London businessmen, as were the lives of millions of African slaves who were shipped around the world while Londoners lined their pockets with profits. That you bought this book, written in English ­somewhere other than in England, is evidence of London’s reach across time and distance. And its dominion continues to this day: London is the world’s most popular destination for foreign tourists.

London is inexhaustible. You could tour it for months and barely get to know it. Few cities support such a variety of people living in remarkable harmony. In 2016, this historically Christian country even elected a Muslim mayor—one who earned a fatwa for ­supporting LGBT rights. That diversity makes London like a cut diamond; approach it from a different angle each day, and it ­presents an entirely fresh shape and color. From famous stories to high style, London is many things in every moment.

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4 Cancún

Christine Delsol FrommerMedia ePub



by Christine Delsol

Cancún, which generates about one-third of Mexico’s tourism revenue, might be the least Mexican city in the country. You can spend your entire vacation without speaking a word of Spanish or exchanging a single dollar for pesos. Since the first three hotels opened in 1974 on a deserted spit of land visited only by local fishermen, Cancún’s Hotel Zone has acquired a phalanx of massive resorts and megamalls, sprawling for 23km (14 miles) like the love child of Miami and Las Vegas. Yet no amount of change has tarnished the gift from nature that put it on the map 4 decades ago: an expanse of soft alabaster sand and a Caribbean sea the color of blue Curaçao. The brochures, in this case, don’t lie.

Cancún today offers more than 32,000 rooms and has an estimated population of nearly 800,000. It is not only the Yucatán Peninsula’s most prosperous city but one of the entire Caribbean’s most-visited destinations. And its influence continues to grow. With precious little real estate left in the Zona Hotelera (Hotel Zone), the phalanx of luxury resorts marched relentlessly south down the coast, spurring an aftershock of luxury development along the Riviera Maya. A huge, upscale “city within a city” called Puerto Cancún is under development north of the Hotel Zone, with a marina, hotels and gated communities, a golf club, shopping center, and business complexes. Taking shape north of Ciudad Cancún (Cancún City, or “downtown”) on the mainland is Playa Mujeres, a kind of mini–hotel zone with several hotels, a golf course, and more sublime beaches.

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Jeanette Foster FrommerMedia ePub


Oahu, the Gathering Place

Rising in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Honolulu, Oahu’s main city and the capital of Hawaii, offers a fast-paced urban setting with Hawaii’s hottest nightlife, best shopping, and most diverse restaurants. Next door is Waikiki, the world-famous vacation playground, complete with every imaginable visitor amenity. And the memorial at Pearl Harbor gives a glimpse into world history. The island’s North Shore, however, presents a different face: miles of white-sand beaches and a slower, country way of life.

Beaches    Beginner snorkelers and families should head to Hanauma Bay, a small, curved, 2,000-foot golden-sand beach. Lanikai offers excellent swimming with tropical fish and sea turtles in a crystal-clear lagoon. In the winter months, when giant waves—sometimes rising to 50 feet high—pound Waimea Beach Park, don’t miss the opportunity to see big board surfers easily conquer these monsters. For those who don’t want to stray too far from urban action, Waikiki is the place.

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Elise Hartman Ford FrommerMedia ePub


The Best of Washington, D.C.

The sun has come up, dappling the surface of the Potomac. It warms the front plaza of the Supreme Court building, where visitors stand in line awaiting their chance to attend an oral argument. Sunlight splays across the National Mall and pours through the south-facing windows of the Oval Office, where the president works away at the problems of the day. Commuters of all sorts, from diplomats to nonprofit wonks to corporate execs to shopkeepers, spill from cars and buses and Metro stations onto sunlit downtown streets armed with briefcases, coffee cups, smartphones, and newspapers. They rub elbows from sunup to sundown, in the halls of Congress, in Penn Quarter restaurants, in Georgetown shops, in bars along 14th Street. The city bustles. Bustle with it. It’s a beautiful day.

Each day dawns anew in this “city of magnificent intentions,” as Charles Dickens once called it. Maybe this will be the day that Republican and Democratic lawmakers hammer out a deal on combating climate change or that the new president welcomes world leaders to the White House for a Middle East summit. Or maybe today’s the day that you fulfill your own intentions, sublime or otherwise, of setting eyes on the original Declaration of Independence perhaps, or tasting something called a “half-smoke,” or listening to a jazz concert in the same place where Duke Ellington once performed. Things happen here that can happen nowhere else on earth. You’re in America’s capital, and this city and this day belong to you. Best get crackin’!

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Karl Kahler FrommerMedia ePub

View of Arenal Volcano from Tabacón Grand Spa Thermal Resort.

Costa Rica continues to be one of the hottest vacation and adventure-travel destinations in Latin America, and for good reason. The country is rich in natural wonders and abundant biodiversity. Costa Rica boasts a wealth of unsullied beaches for sunbathing and surfing, jungle rivers for rafting and kayaking, and spectacular cloud forests and rainforests with ample opportunities for bird-watching, wildlife viewing, and hiking. In addition to the trademark eco- and adventure-tourism offerings, you will also find luxury resorts and golf courses, plush spas, and some spectacular boutique hotels and lodges. In this chapter, you’ll find the very best of what this unique country has to offer.

Costa Rica’s best Authentic Experiences

Taking a Night Tour in a Tropical Forest: Most neotropical forest dwellers are nocturnal, so nighttime tours are offered at rainforest and cloud-forest destinations throughout the country. Some of the better spots for night tours are Monteverde (p. 389), Tortuguero (p. 537), and Drake Bay (p. 493).

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4 The Cruise Experience

Fran Golden FrommerMedia ePub


The Cruise Experience

Now that you’ve made most of the hard decisions—choosing and booking your cruise—the rest of your vacation planning should be relatively easy. From this point on, the cruise lines take over much of the work, particularly if you’ve booked a package that includes air travel. Carefully read the pre-trip information sent to you by your chosen cruise line, because most lines’ pre-trip packets include sections that address commonly asked questions.

Most of this information can also be found on each line’s website. In this chapter, we’ll add our own two cents’ worth on these matters and provide some practical hints that’ll help you be prepared for all you’ll find in the 49th state, both aboard your ship and in the ports of call.

Packing for Your Cruise

Preparing for the Weather

The sometimes extreme and always unpredictable Alaska weather will be a big factor in the success of your vacation. During your summertime cruise, you may experience temperature variations from the 40s to the 80s or even low 90s (single digits to low-30s Celsius). The days will be long, with the sun all but refusing to set, especially in the more northern ports, and people will be energized by the extra daylight hours. You’ll likely encounter some rain, but there could also be weeks of sunny skies with no rain at all. You’re less likely to encounter snow, but it is a remote possibility, especially in the spring.

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11: Let Us Be Human: Wittgenstein and Philosophical Pilgrimage

McIntosh, I.S.; Harman, L.D. CABI PDF


Let Us Be Human: Wittgenstein and Philosophical Pilgrimage

Patricia A. Sayre*

Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Indiana, USA


Should you happen to visit Ludwig Wittgenstein’s grave in Cambridge, UK, you may well wonder if this is a site of pilgrimage. People leave things there: flowers, moss, bits of masonry, a miniature ladder to represent a famous metaphor from the end of his Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus. Or, should you make your way to the remote Norwegian village of Skjolden, you will learn that many visitors have preceded you in trekking around the lake, across the fields and up the wooded slope, to stand on what remains of the foundations of the hut where Wittgenstein drafted the core of his

Philosophical Investigations. And, should you find yourself in the isolated Austrian village of Trattenbach, you will surely notice the well-marked trailhead of the path on which Wittgenstein, during his stint there as an elementary school teacher, took his students on nature walks – a path that has since been transformed into a veritable way of the cross, with carved signposts quoting from his writings marking the way. As is the case, perhaps, with most sites associated with the life of a well-known personage, many of those who visit these will do so as mere tourists. Is it possible, though, to visit these sites as a genuine pilgrim? And, if so, what sort of pilgrimage would this be: sacred or secular? Neither option seems quite right, yet neither seems entirely

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Laura M. Reckford FrommerMedia ePub



Nearly 400 years of history, some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and a wealth of diversions and attractions combine to make Boston, Cape Cod, and the islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket irresistible destinations for travelers from around the world.

One of the oldest American cities, Boston packs a lot into a small footprint, with abundant culture, historic sites, shopping for every budget, terrific dining, lovely scenery, and plenty of sports (both watching and doing). It’s a crowded, welcoming destination—even areas choked with sightseers are in or near residential neighborhoods, and countless locals are former students at the area’s many excellent colleges. With so much to offer, Boston is perfect for a quick visit or a longer stay.

Summertime is really what first draws the crowds to Cape Cod and the Islands, but the colorful history, arts, and culture of the region keep them coming back throughout the year. When it comes to this 70-mile-long peninsula, it’s a matter of choosing which of the 15 towns to use as your base, and then heading out to explore, from the bridges in Bourne to the tip in Provincetown.

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3. The Best Neighborhood Walks: Potsdamer Platz, Alexander Platz, Museum Island,Kreuzberg, Kurfurstendamm, Unter den Linden

Donald Olson FrommerMedia ePub
This tour leads from the green expanse of Tiergarten to a forest of skyscrapers in Potsdamer Platz. Following the River Spree, take in the neoclassical grandeur of Schloss Bellevue and the modernist elegance of Haus der Kulturen der Welt. Ambling farther south brings you to Kulturforum’s stellar galleries showcasing Rembrandt and Picasso. START: S-Bahn to Tiergarten.   Siegessäule. One of Berlin’s most visible icons, the Siegessäule (Victory Column) towers above the Grosser Stern traffic circle and is crowned by a golden statue, nicknamed “Goldene Else” by Berliners. You need to get up close to this monument to Prussian war victories to appreciate its ornate murals and mosaics depicting the battles of the 19th-century Franco-Prussian and Austro-Prussian wars. Feeling sprightly? Hike up to the platform for vistas across the treetops to central Berlin. 30 min. Go to Page. S-Bahn: Tiergarten. Schloss Bellevue. Pass through the woodlands linking Grosser Stern to Schloss Bellevue. Stroll across the neatly clipped lawns to reach the three-winged facade of this beautiful baroque palace. Built in 1786 for Prince Ferdinand of Prussia, it has been the official residence of the German president since 1994. Supported by Corinthian columns, the gables are embellished with allegorical figures that represent agriculture, fishing, and hunting. 20 min. Go to Page. See All Chapters
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Stephen Brewer FrommerMedia ePub

An open-top tour bus on Tower Bridge, London.

You want to get the most out of your trip in the short time that you have available, right? This short chapter has some suggestions for several ways to use your miles wisely. The first itineraries are general highlights tours covering the very best that England and Scotland have to offer for those with limited time. Following those are a couple of itineraries for travellers with special interests, or who wish to explore a smaller part of this island in more depth.

Regions in Brief

England and Scotland are part of the United Kingdom, which comprises England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Only 50,327 sq. miles—about the size of New York State—England has an amazing amount of countryside and wilderness and an astonishing regional, physical, and cultural diversity. Scotland is geologically older, less populated, with equally historic cities and low-rise mountain ranges that have taken on almost mythical status: the Highlands.

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Harris, Patricia FrommerMedia ePub

A beautiful beach in Marbella.

Some of Spain’s nicest beaches—and worst traffic congestion—coexist along the Mediterranean shoreline of the Costa del Sol, the sandy strip along the southern coast of Andalucía. From the quiet sands of Estepona, it stretches east to the jet-set resort of Marbella and the port city of Málaga, then continues east as the Costa Tropical to Almuñécar. Along with the strands are sandy coves, whitewashed houses, olive trees, lots of new apartment houses, high-rise hotels, fishing boats, golf courses, souvenir stands, fast-food outlets, theme parks, and widely varied flora and fauna. You’ll likely also find bargains on lodging, thanks to overbuilding.

There’s good reason why millions of travelers ignore the ugly new architecture and brave the traffic jams. With an average of 325 days of sunshine a year, the Costa del Sol lives up to its name. It’s best to know yourself before you go. Do you want to simply bake on the beach? Do you crave nightlife? Do you long to hobnob with the beautiful people? Or do you hanker for the least built-up fishing village? There’s an option for everyone.

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16 Favorite Moments

Olson Donald; Olson Donald FrommerMedia ePub

Strolling through the Portland Japanese Garden.

16 Favorite Moments

Sometimes Portland seems almost too good to be true. Just try to get locals to stop rhapsodizing about the cuisine, the liveability and bike-ability, the great neighborhoods, the nearby mountains and ocean, the beer and wine and coffee and—see what I mean? Once the “undiscovered city” between San Francisco and Seattle, the City of Roses has now been discovered in a very big way, becoming a magnet for creative, outdoorsy folks young, old, and in-between—in short, for anyone who wants a vibrant, forward-thinking city that’s also manageable. Popularity brings its own set of problems, of course, but let’s accentuate the positive and have a look at just a few of the highlights.

Cycling across the Hawthorne Bridge.

❶ Browsing Powell’s City of Books. The world’s top independent bookstore fills an entire city block (and that’s just this branch) with over 1.5 million new and used books. It’s pure bibliophile nirvana. See p 78.

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