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St. Martin - SintMaarten

Paris Permenter Hunter Publishing ePub

Fine French food. Topless French beaches. Dutch architecture. Casinos that ring with baccarat and roulette.

This is St. Martin, the island that calls itself "a little bit European and a lot Caribbean." Located 150 miles southeast of Puerto Rico, this 37-square-mile island is comprised of Dutch Sint Maarten and French St. Martin, and is the smallest land mass on the globe shared by two nations.

Passing between the French and Dutch sides is the simplest border crossing you'll ever make. No passports. No customs. No immigration. Just a simple sign marking the demarcation between two nations.

Orient Beach

Although the border is almost superficial, there are distinctions between the two countries. Mention "St. Martin" and many visitors will immediately think of the topless bathing that's de rigueur on the Gallic beaches. And on one 1-mile stretch, au naturel is the order of the day. Orient Beach or Baie Orientale is the home of Club Orient, a naturist resort. The public beach is an equal mixture of nudists and cruise ship gawkers, sprinkled with folks who just want to enjoy gentle surf and powdery sand the color of toasted coconut.

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Ever been to this Maine castle?

Andrew Vietze Down East Books ePub

Quakers and guns, this place has seen it all. With its wide lawn, towers, and fortresslike façade, this central Maine institution has a medieval air about it. It looks as though it could withstand a catapult siege. That’s the first of many ironies about the building, which sits in a village between two of Maine’s largest cities. Though it appears rugged and defensible, the peculiar-looking edifice’s history is rooted in nonviolence. A group of Quakers migrated to this quiet farming community from New York state shortly after the American Revolution, and built a seminary on these grounds in 1848. They built their new school on 330 acres, amid a grove of oaks and overlooking one of the state’s largest rivers, and to this day have an active church in town. Those buildings are long since gone, and in the twenties or thirties, the Tudor-style castle shown here was put up in their place. For the better part of 150 years it was an educational center. It served as a girls academy for a long time, and later became a co-ed, college-prep boarding school. The campus was occupied until 1989, when the school went under and the facility was subsequently purchased by the state and then left vacant for a decade. In 2000, after extensive renovations, it reopened as an academy of a different sort. The property’s Quaker history has proved a bit problematic for this new educational institution, though, because the new school wanted to use guns on the grounds and the Quaker family who donated nearby land to the previous tenant did so under a provision that specifically forbade firearms. The situation has been tricky, but it looks to be sorted out. Check page 100 to see its location.

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James OReilly Travelers' Tales ePub



It’s more than just paint on a Saigon wall.

More than half a century ago, sometime in the 1950s, a small triangle of vacant land lay at the confluence of Tran Hung Dao and Nguyen Cu Trinh Streets. Its address today is 148 Tran Hung Dao, on the way west to Cho Lon. Sometime back in those olden days, it might even have been in the waning days of French rule, a billboard size advertisement was painted on the eastern wall of the adjacent building. The ad was for Negrita Rum, a very popular tipple here from earliest French days to Reunification in 1975 when it pretty much disappeared. But until that time it was the drink of choice for many Foreign Legion soldiers, their heirs the American G.I.s, and who knows how many hard drinking journalists. The ad features Chinese script, which is appropriate to one’s destination should you see it driving westward down the street.

Negrita Rum (the French spell it “rhum”) was first blended and labeled in 1847 by the Bardinet Company of France. And Bardinet still produces it. It’s the most popular rum in Spain and high on the list in other European countries. It’s a blended rum, being made in distilleries on Reunion, Guadeloupe, and Martinique islands. It’s the Martinique element that gives Negrita its distinctive taste. Rums of Martinique are “agricole” rums. They are made from sugar cane juice, not molasses, a by-product of the refining process.

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4 Cancún

Christine Delsol FrommerMedia ePub



by Christine Delsol

Cancún, which generates about one-third of Mexico’s tourism revenue, might be the least Mexican city in the country. You can spend your entire vacation without speaking a word of Spanish or exchanging a single dollar for pesos. Since the first three hotels opened in 1974 on a deserted spit of land visited only by local fishermen, Cancún’s Hotel Zone has acquired a phalanx of massive resorts and megamalls, sprawling for 23km (14 miles) like the love child of Miami and Las Vegas. Yet no amount of change has tarnished the gift from nature that put it on the map 4 decades ago: an expanse of soft alabaster sand and a Caribbean sea the color of blue Curaçao. The brochures, in this case, don’t lie.

Cancún today offers more than 32,000 rooms and has an estimated population of nearly 800,000. It is not only the Yucatán Peninsula’s most prosperous city but one of the entire Caribbean’s most-visited destinations. And its influence continues to grow. With precious little real estate left in the Zona Hotelera (Hotel Zone), the phalanx of luxury resorts marched relentlessly south down the coast, spurring an aftershock of luxury development along the Riviera Maya. A huge, upscale “city within a city” called Puerto Cancún is under development north of the Hotel Zone, with a marina, hotels and gated communities, a golf club, shopping center, and business complexes. Taking shape north of Ciudad Cancún (Cancún City, or “downtown”) on the mainland is Playa Mujeres, a kind of mini–hotel zone with several hotels, a golf course, and more sublime beaches.

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3 Suggested MIAMI & the KEYS Itineraries

Appell, David Paul FrommerMedia ePub


Suggested MIAMI & the KEYS Itineraries

Miami and the Keys, along with the Everglades, serves up an impressive variety with all the go-go activities of a world-class city but also beautiful beaches, natural wonders, and quiet corners. Whether your interests lean toward the active or chill-out, plugged in or unplugged, culture or turn-’n’-burn, or a mix of all, you’ll leave South Florida with a smile on your face.

The range of possible itineraries is endless; what I’ve suggested below is a very full program covering Miami and the Keys over a weeklong period. If possible, I’d recommend you extend your time—a week isn’t enough for in-depth exploration—but I realize most of you are hardly awash in vacation time. So for those who want to taste a little of everything, I’ve layed out the highlights, keeping it all geographically viable and logical.

Important: Should limited time force you to include only the most obvious stops in your itinerary, you’ll invariably come across only those who depend on you to make a living, which could leave you with the sense that South Florida is one big tourist trap. That’s why it’s so important to get off the tourist track—to experience the wacky, the kitschy, the stunning, the baffling, the moving, and the fascinating people, places, and things that make this one of America’s most remarkable destinations.

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The Highlands

Lonely Planet Lonely Planet ePub

Guatemala's most dramatic region – El Altiplano – stretches from Antigua to the Mexican border. Traditional values and customs are strongest here. Maya dialects are spoken far more widely than Spanish, and over a dozen distinct groups dwell within the region, each with its own language and clothing. Such extraordinary diversity is perhaps most evident in the weekly markets of Chichicastenango and San Francisco El Alto. This is where indigenous tradition blends most tantalizingly with Spanish, and it is common to see Maya rituals taking place in front of and inside colonial churches.

Most travelers spend a spell at volcano-ringed Lago de Atitlán. West of the lake stands Guatemala's second city, Quetzaltenango. Northward spread the Cuchumatanes mountains, where indigenous life follows its own rhythms amidst fantastic mountain landscapes. For hikers, this is the promised land.

AIf you’re up for trekking the Ixil Triangle or scaling Volcán Santa María, trails tend to be less muddy and volcano visibility is best from November to April.

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Chris Peacock FrommerMedia ePub


Arken, Museum of Modern Art

Southwest of Copenhagen, the Arken museum is housed in an extraordinary building by Danish architect Søren Robert Lund; when viewed from the right spot, it resembles a ship looming out of the sea. Take a half-day trip (2 to 3 hours) to see this collection of ground-breaking contemporary art in superlative surroundings. Combine it with a visit to the beach at Ishøj Strand for a fun, family day out. START: Follow the E20 17km from the center of Copenhagen and take exit 26 to Ishøj Strand. By rail, take S-trains A or E from Hovedbanegården (Central Station) to Ishøj. From there, bus 128 runs straight to the museum.

❶ ★★ Sculpture Galleries. Arken reopened in 2008 following the addition of a new, light-flooded sculpture gallery, with installations on show from the permanent collection. Look for Olafur Eliasson’s Light Ventilator Mobile, illuminating with a searchlight and circulating air with four fans. Close by is Jeppe Hein’s Mirror Spiral Labyrinth, which leads confused visitors around in circles.

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Kruger National Park

Lonely Planet Lonely Planet ePub

In terms of wildlife alone, Kruger is one of the world's greatest national parks. The diversity, density and sheer number of animals is almost unparalleled, and all of Africa's iconic safari species – elephant, lion, leopard, cheetah, rhino, buffalo, giraffe, hippo and zebra – live out their dramatic days here, along with a supporting cast of 137 other mammals and over 500 varieties of bird.

The landscape is on a grand scale, stretching over 19,485 sq km, and although less in your face than the wildlife, it certainly has the power to charm. Beautiful granite kopjes (hills) pepper the bushveld in the south, the Lebombo Mountains rise from the savannah in the east, and the tropical forests cut across the far north.

But what makes Kruger truly special is the access and opportunities it provides visitors. A vast network of roads are there to explore on your own (incredibly), guided wildlife activities are everywhere and accommodation is both plentiful and great value.

AJun–Sep Wildlife viewing is best in winter when the park is driest and animals meet at waterholes.

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Sports and Recreation

Michelin Michelin ePub

Acqua Beauty Bar

Union Square 7 E. 14th St. 212-620-4329. www.acquabeautybar.com. 4, 5, 6, L, N, Q or R train to 14 St.-Union Sq.

Think you’re already on vacation? Think again! Acqua Beauty Bar offers a range of “journeys” for the face, body and nails. Treatments range from high-tech facials (Medi-Lift, microdermabrasion) to an Indonesian Ritual of Beauty, complete with ground rice body scrubs and herbal masques. There’s even an airbrushed Fantasy Tan for those who want a sun-kissed look.

Treatment Room, Acqua Beauty Bar

©Acqua Beauty Bar


Upper East Side 1294 Third Ave., between E. 74th & 75th Sts. 212-628-0044. www.ajune.com. 6 train to 77 St.

Aestheticians at this Uptown oasis offer personalized treatments for the muscle-sore and wrinkle-weary. Low-tech solutions include the facial du jour, which draws on the curative powers of fresh fruits and essential oils; and the ginger massage, which uses moisture and heat to work out all that tension For those wanting eternal youth – or at least, the appearance of it – Botox and collagen injections are available here.

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Canterbury & Southeast England

Lonely Planet Lonely Planet ePub

Rolling chalk hills, venerable Victorian resorts, fields of hops and grapes sweetening in the sun: welcome to England's southeast, four soothing counties' worth of country houses, fairy-tale castles and the country's finest food and drink. That fruit-ripening sun shines brightest and longest on the coast, warming a string of seaside towns wedged between formidable chalk cliffs. There's something for everyone here, from the medieval quaintness of Sandwich to the bohemian spirit of hedonistic Brighton and the more genteel air of Eastbourne.

The southeast is also pock-marked with reminders of darker days. The region's position as the front line against Continental invaders has left a wealth of turbulent history, including the 1066 battlefield, Dover Castle's secret war tunnels and scattered Roman ruins.

England's spiritual heart is Canterbury; its cathedral and ancient Unesco-listed attractions are essential viewing for any 21st-century pilgrim.

AMay is a good time to get creative in Brighton at Great Britain’s second-largest arts festival.

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Washington Cascades

Lonely Planet Lonely Planet ePub

Washington Cascades

Grafted onto one of the more temperamental segments of the Pacific Ring of Fire, the Washington Cascades are a rugged, spectacular mountain range capped by five potentially lethal volcanoes: Mt Baker, Glacier Peak, Mt Rainier, Mt Adams and – fieriest of all – Mt St Helens.

Renowned for their world-record–breaking precipitation and copious crevasse-covered glaciers, the highest Cascade peaks are vast stand-alone mountains that dominate almost every vista in the western state and create scrubby, almost desertlike conditions further east.

Protected within a string of overlapping wilderness areas and national parks, the mountains offer some of the most awe-inspiring backcountry adventures in the US. For the less outdoor-attuned, rarefied Cascadian beauty can be glimpsed through the windows of cars, buses and trains, or enjoyed in a handful of classic ‘parkitecture’ lodges.

Dec & Jan Cascade ski areas get big dumpings of snow.

Feb The ‘Mt Baker Legendary Banked Slalom’ snowboarding extravaganza.

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Down East Books ePub

Glimpses of life on the water, from lobster

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Lake Otjikoto

Annya Strydom Hunter Publishing ePub




We decided we had more than enough of the cold wet weather in England. So one evening Tony, my husband, took out the map of the world. He spread it on the table, closed his eyes and stuck his finger on a spot on the map, saying "This is where we will go!" It turned out to be Africa, Zambia to be exact. So we began scanning all the newspapers for jobs in his field in Zambia. It wasn’t long before we found one in Lusaka. Tony applied and we were soon on our way to London to be interviewed. The job was with Ford Motor Company and they would be giving us an apartment in Lusaka.

It was decided Tony would leave first to arrange everything at that end and I would pack up what we wanted to take with us and sell the car and furniture, etc. Then in a month or so the boys and I would join him. We held a going-away party for all of our friends. When his departure day arrived the boys and I stayed with my in-laws and we took him to the airport. It was around six weeks before I managed to sell everything. Then I packed our boxes and they were picked up ready to ship out. My in-laws looked after the boys for me while I went shopping for new clothes for us all and then we were back to the airport once more and, after tearful goodbyes, we were off.

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Baja California

Planet, Lonely Lonely Planet Publications ePub

Baja California

Baja California Highlights

Northern Baja


Playas de Rosarito


La Bufadora

Parque Nacional Constitución de 1857


Southern Baja

Guerrero Negro

San Ignacio

Around San Ignacio

Santa Rosalía


Around Mulegé


Around Loreto

La Paz

Around La Paz

La Ventana

Los Barriles

Cabo Pulmo

Reserva de la Biosfera Sierra de la Laguna

San José del Cabo

Los Cabos Corridor

Cabo San Lucas

Todos Santos

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Northern Kenya

Lizzie Williams Footprint Travel Guides PDF

316 • Northern Kenya








South Island

National Park






National Reserve

Maji Ya Moto




Merille River



Buffalo Springs

National Reserve


Timau Kirua

Marigat L aik i p ia P l ate au



Mathew�s Peak













Mado Gashi


National Reserve

Garba Tula




Maralal (2374 m)


Wamba Shaba



National o


Reserve E w a s o

Tangulbel Archer�s Post




National Reserve


Dida Galgalu Desert






National Park







Mount Kenya

North Kitui

Aberdares Moru

Nakuru National

National Park Chogoria National








Kerio Valley

National Reserve






South Horr




Chalbi Desert

North Horr

Mount Kulal




El Molo Bay




South Turkana

National Reserve



Kakamega Forest

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