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Newfoundland & Labrador

Lonely Planet Lonely Planet ePub

Newfoundland & Labrador

Canada’s easternmost province floats in a world of its own. Blue icebergs drift by. Puffins flap along the coast. Whales spout close to shore. The island even ticks in its own offbeat time zone (a half-hour ahead of the mainland) and speaks its own dialect (the Dictionary of Newfoundland English provides translation, me old cock).

Outside of the good-time capital St John’s, it’s mostly wee fishing villages that freckle the coast, some so isolated they’re reached only by boat. They offer plenty of hiking and kayaking escapes where it will just be you, the local family who’s putting you up for the night and the lonely howl of the wind.

If you’re looking to get off the beaten path – to see Viking vestiges, eat meals of cod tongue and partridgeberry pie, and share fish tales over shots of rum – set a course for this remote hunk of rock.

Jun Icebergs glisten offshore, though the weather can be wet and foggy.

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Planet, Lonely Lonely Planet Publications ePub


207 / pop 1.3 million

With more lobsters, lighthouses and charming resort villages than you can shake a stick at, Maine is New England at its most iconic. The sea looms large here, with mile upon mile of jagged sea cliffs, peaceful harbors and pebbly beaches. Eat your way through food- and art-crazed Portland, one of America’s coolest small cities. Explore the historic shipbuilding villages of the Midcoast. Hike through Acadia National Park, a spectacular island of mountains and fjord-like estuaries. Let the coastal wind whip through those cobwebs and inhale the salty air. Venture into the state’s inland region, a vast wilderness of pine forest and snowy peaks.

Outdoor adventurers can race white-water rapids, cycle the winding shore roads, or kayak beside playful harbor seals. For slower-paced fun, there are plenty of antique shops, cozy lobster shacks, charming BBs and locally brewed beer on hand.

And, oh, did we mention the lobster?

Jun–Sep Coastal towns fill up with lobster-hungry travelers.

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Dusit Palace Park

Lonely Planet Lonely Planet ePub

Following his first European tour in 1897, Rama V (King Chulalongkorn; r 1868–1910) returned home with visions of European castles and set about transforming those styles into a uniquely Thai expression, today's Dusit Palace Park. The royal palace, throne hall and minor palaces for extended family were all moved here, and were supplemented with beaux-arts institutions and Victorian manor houses. The resulting fascinating architectural mishmash and the expansive gardens make the compound a worthwhile escape from the chaos of modern Bangkok.

Phaya Thai exit 2 and taxi

f Tha Thewet

วังสวนดุสิต %0 2628 6300; bounded by Th Ratchawithi, Th U Thong Nai & Th Ratchasima; adult/child 100/20B, or free with Grand Palace ticket ; h9.30am-4pm Tue-Sun; fTha Thewet, bPhaya Thai exit 2 & taxi

AEntry is free if you're holding a same-day ticket from Wat Phra Kaew & Grand Palace.

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212 / pop 33.3 million

For many travellers Morocco might be just a short hop by budget airline, or by ferry from Spain, but culturally it’s a much further distance to travel. On arrival, the regular certainties of Europe are swept away by the full technicolour arrival of Africa and Islam. It’s a complete sensory overload.

Tangier – that faded libertine on the coast – has traditionally been a first port of call, but the winds quickly blow you along the coast to cosmopolitan, movie-star-famous Casablanca and the whitewashed fishing-port gem Essaouira. Inland the great imperial cities of Marrakesh and Fez attract visitors in droves; the winding streets of their ancient medinas hold enough surprises to fill a dozen repeat trips.

If you really want to escape from everything, Morocco still has a couple of trump cards. The High Atlas Mountains seem custom-made for hiking, with endless trails between Berber villages, and North Africa’s highest peak to conquer.

Morocco can feel like another world, but you don’t need a magic carpet to get there.

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Historic District

Michelin Michelin Travel & Lifestyle ePub


Nathaniel Russell Houseaaa

51 Meeting St. 843-724-8481. www.historiccharleston.org. Visit by 30-minute guided tour only, year-round Mon–Sat 10am–5pm, Sun 2pm–5pm. Closed Thanksgiving Day & Dec 24–25. $10. Combination tickets are available for Nathaniel Russell and Aiken-Rhett houses.

If you just see one historic house in Charleston, make it this one. The sister property to the Aiken-Rhett House, the 3-story, 9-room Nathaniel Russell House has been restored to its 19C glory after the roof collapsed when Hurricane Hugo blew through town in 1989. The brick residence, considered to be one of the best examples of Federal-style architecture in the US, was built in 1808 for Nathaniel Russell and his wife, Sarah. Born in Rhode Island, Russell came to Charleston at age 27 in 1765, as an agent for a Providence import-export firm. When he moved his family into the new house in 1808, Russell was 70 years old, and ranked as one of the city’s wealthiest merchants. You can see his prosperity for yourself in the ornate carved woodwork and moldings, and the collections of fine 18C Charleston-made antiques and English silver that decorate the lovely rooms.

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Northeastern Aegean Islands

Planet, Lonely Lonely Planet Publications ePub

Northeastern Aegean Islands

The wildly varied northeastern Aegean Islands (Τα Νησιά του Βορειοανατολικού Αιγαίου) invite travellers to experience old-fashioned island cuisine, traditional village culture and dramatic celebrations.

Eccentric Ikaria is marked by jagged landscapes, pristine beaches and a famously long-lived, left-leaning population. Nearby Chios, an ecotourism paradise, is fertile ground for the planet’s only gum-producing mastic trees. The islands range from rambling Lesvos, Greece’s third-largest island and producer of half the world’s ouzo, to midsize islands such as semitropical Samos and workaday Limnos, and bright specks in the sea such as Inousses and Psara. Samothraki is home to the ancient Thracian Sanctuary of the Great Gods, while northernmost Thasos seems nearly an extension of the mainland. In fact, both Thasos and Samothraki are mostly accessible from Northern Greece ports. Lesvos, Chios and Samos offer easy connections to Turkey.

Apr May Wild red poppies adorn the back roads and Greek Easter livens up every village.

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Sheikh Zayed Road & Around

Planet, Lonely Lonely Planet Publications ePub

Downtown Dubai | Al-Quoz | Financial District

For more detail of this area, see Offline map

Gazing skywards at the extraordinary, elegantly tapered Burj Khalifa ( Click here ), Dubai’s most famous landmark. Soaring upwards for a staggering 828m, it’s the world’s tallest man-made structure – take the elevator to the top for incredible panoramic views.

Shopping at the mother of all malls: Dubai Mall ( Click here ), with a record- breaking 1200 shops.

Checking out the superb Middle Eastern artwork at Gate Village in the Financial Centre (Click here ).

Spotting flocks of migratory birds at Ras al-Khor Wildlife Sanctuary (Click here ).

Wondering at beautifully choreographed dancing fountains at Dubai Fountain (Click here ), from a restaurant vantage point.

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Chittagong Division

Lonely Planet Lonely Planet ePub

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     Cox’s Bazar

     Around Cox’s Bazar

     St Martin’s Island


The most diverse region of Bangladesh, Chittagong is a land that stretches from forested hills and scenic lakes to sandy beaches and coral islands. It’s a land of off-the-beaten-track adventure, with great hiking and remote boat trips, but also one of cultural contrasts – around a dozen Adivasi groups live here.

Home to Bangladesh’s largest port, Chittagong is a place where you can see wooden fishing boats being pieced together on one beach, while disused ocean liners are picked apart on the next. You can trek through forests where elephants roam wild, or walk along the world’s longest natural beach before retreating to your hotel’s rooftop pool.

Some travellers are put off by the hassles of permits (actually very easy to arrange) or the dangers of social unrest (check the latest before you come). But those who persist are rewarded with experiences you simply can’t find in any other region of Bangladesh.

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Tips on Re-Entry

Dena Riegel Down East Books ePub

How you talk about your staycation is an important part of it. People are going to want to know about it and how they can do it. There will also be those creeps who went to Prague or the caribbean, and they might be inclined to diminish what you just had, saying that you

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Central Malta

Lonely Planet Lonely Planet ePub

Central Malta combines beautiful historic centres with some of the island's most spectacular scenery. Here, you can explore Mdina, Malta's atmospheric ancient walled capital, perched on a hilltop with stupendous views over the hills and out to sea, visit remarkable medieval frescoes in ancient catacombs, marvel at one of Europe's largest church domes, and spend the night worshipping the dance gods at some of Malta's best nightclubs. Natural attractions include stark cliffs (the perfect place to watch a sunset), and a scenic bay ideal for swimming (if only you can find it). There are sleeping and eating options ranging from luxurious five-star hotels to rustic village restaurants where locals come for their weekend feasts of rabbit.

If you're after traditional Maltese traditional culture and a tranquil holiday that's a little off the well-worn path, this is the perfect base.

ASpring (April to June) and autumn (September and October) are the best times to visit this region.

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Jordan Pond

Thayer, Robert Down East Books ePub

Bordered on three sides by mountains, Jordan Pond looks like a high alpine lake. This is merely an illusion, for in two miles its waters drop 270 feet to the ocean. Unlike most alpine lakes, Jordan Pond is a deep and productive body of water. It was, however, formed by glaciers

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Daytona Beach Area

Janet Groene Hunter Publishing ePub
Medium 9782067182042

Crater Lake National Park

Michelin Michelin Travel & Lifestyle ePub

80mi northeast of Medford on Rte. 62. Open daily year-round. $10/vehicle. t 541-594-3000. www.nps.gov/crla. Steel Visitor Center open late Apr–early Nov daily 9am–5pm; rest of the year daily 10am–4pm; closed Dec 25. Rim Visitor Center open late May–late Sept 9:30am–5pm.

Crater Lake National Park

Crater Lake (elevation 1,932ft) is the world's deepest volcanic lake. The sapphire-blue lake rests in the basin of a collapsed volcano, surrounded by steep-walled cliffs. Wizard Island, a volcanic cinder cone, rises at its west end.

Ringed by mountains tinged with snow much of the year, the 6mi diameter lake attracts hikers and sightseers from around the world. The lake—so renowned for its clarity that its water has set new standards for water purity—was formed when the cataclysmic eruption of Mount Mazama 7,700 years ago created a bowl-shaped caldera that filled with snowmelt.

One of the most scenic drives in the world, 33mi loop Crater Rim Driveaaa has more than 20 overlooks, but there are ample other attractions here as well, including hikes through mid-elevation pine forests, and the famed boat touraa to Wizard Island.

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Michelin Michelin Travel & Lifestyle ePub

The West

 Cologne

 Aachen

 Ruhr Region

 Düsseldorf

 Sauerland

 Bonn

 Eifel

 Trier

 Moselle Valley

 Koblenz

 Rhine Valley

 Frankfurt am Main

 Wiesbaden

 Mainz

 Mannheim

 Heidelberg

 Pfalz

 Speyer

 Saar­brücken

The West

Germany’s western regions deliver a cornucopia of diverse and awe-inspiring sightseeing opportunities. Soak up cosmopolitan flair and stunning art and architecture in cities such as Düsseldorf, Cologne and Frankfurt or escape to historic villages in the hilly Sauerland or the gentle Eifel. Follow the mighty Rhine or the meandering Moselle rivers past a fairytale setting of medieval castles, steep vineyards and little towns that are veritable symphonies in half-timber. Walk in the footsteps of the Romans in Trier, check out Charlemagne’s legacy in Aachen and see for yourself the beauty of Heidelberg, which has inspired so many great poets and artists.

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New Caledonian History

Lonely Planet Lonely Planet ePub

In about 1500 BC, Austronesians, known as Lapita, arrived in New Caledonia from Vanuatu. The Lapita were both hunter-gatherers and agriculturists. From about the 11th century AD until the 18th century groups of Polynesians also migrated to New Caledonia.

These early settlers cultivated yams, taro, manioc and other crops; the terraced fields they once worked are still visible in many places on Grande Terre such as Païta, Bourail and Houaïlou.

Life centred around the grande case, the clan’s largest (conical) hut, where the chief lived. The hut was topped by a wooden rooftop spear known as a flèche faîtière, which symbolised the presence of the ancient and highly worshipped ancestors.

Things got messy for the locals when Europeans discovered New Caledonia in the late 1700s. In the 1840s missionaries arrived, bringing diseases as well as the word of God to the local people. By the mid-1850s the country was part of France (much to the disappointment of the British).

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