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Michelin Michelin ePub

The West

 Cologne

 Aachen

 Ruhr Region

 Düsseldorf

 Sauerland

 Bonn

 Eifel

 Trier

 Moselle Valley

 Koblenz

 Rhine Valley

 Frankfurt am Main

 Wiesbaden

 Mainz

 Mannheim

 Heidelberg

 Pfalz

 Speyer

 Saar­brücken

The West

Germany’s western regions deliver a cornucopia of diverse and awe-inspiring sightseeing opportunities. Soak up cosmopolitan flair and stunning art and architecture in cities such as Düsseldorf, Cologne and Frankfurt or escape to historic villages in the hilly Sauerland or the gentle Eifel. Follow the mighty Rhine or the meandering Moselle rivers past a fairytale setting of medieval castles, steep vineyards and little towns that are veritable symphonies in half-timber. Walk in the footsteps of the Romans in Trier, check out Charlemagne’s legacy in Aachen and see for yourself the beauty of Heidelberg, which has inspired so many great poets and artists.

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Michelin Michelin ePub

Frankfurt am Mainaa

Germany’s financial and commercial capital, Frankfurt is characterised by a forest of skyscrapers in its centre, filled with international companies, government organisations and banks. Some of the world’s biggest trade shows, including the famous Frankfurt Book Fair, take place in high-tech halls near the airport, the largest and busiest on the continent. But Frankfurt isn’t all business. Join the locals in the traditional cider taverns, visit Goethe’s birth house or take in the stellar exhibits in the string of museums hugging the south bank of the Main River.

=     Population: 643 000

i      Info: Lobby of Hauptbahnhof (main train station). t(069) 21 23 88 00. www.frankfurt.de.

Ñ   Location: Two major autobahns join near Frankfurt: The A3 (Köln–Nuremburg) and the A5 (Karlsruhe). The city is 2hrs from Köln and 2hrs 30min from Nuremburg.

õ   Parking: Garages are located throughout the city. Visit www.frankfurt.de for specific locations and fees.

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Diana Balham FrommerMedia ePub



This is it: our biggish, brashest, and really quite cosmo-politan center, the City of Sails, where you can almost always see the Sky Tower, even when you’re wandering in the Waitakere ranges or sipping a pinot gris on Waiheke Island. And you can quite possibly see the sea: Auckland sprawls its way around two glorious harbors—the Waitemata and the Manukau—and its residents keenly identify with all things watery. Aucklanders tend to be laid-back, but this is a city that is going places. Hey, it’s not New York, but we love it here.


Getting There & Arrival

By Plane    Auckland Airport (www.aucklandairport.co.nz;  0800/247-767 in NZ or 09/275-0789) is 21km (14 miles) south of the city beside the Manukau Harbour. It’s about 30 minutes from the CBD when traffic is flowing normally. The Jean Batten International Terminal has a huge shopping area with around 100 retail outlets, including convenience stores and pharmacies. Two competing duty-free agencies, LS Travel Retail Pacific and Aer Rianta, have good deals on fashion, fragrances, and the usual stuff. They are open for all incoming and outgoing flights. There’s an arrival pickup service, which means you can leave your duty-free goods at the airport and pick them up when you fly out.

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1 The Best of Cancún & Mexico’s Caribbean Coast

Christine Delsol FrommerMedia ePub


The Best of Cancún & Mexico’s Caribbean Coast

by Christine Delsol & Maribeth Mellin

Yes, it’s true—the aquamarine sea is astonishingly clear and warm, the sand is powder soft, and visitors are greeted with genuine hospitality along Mexico’s Caribbean Coast. Just about everyone visiting the region gets a taste of Cancún, since its airport is the main entryway to the region. Those who linger in this famed resort city face endless delights, from flashy discos to gourmet restaurants, with archaeological sites and an excellent museum to give a sense of place. Visitors to the Riviera Maya find myriad water sports, jungle excursions, unforgettable walks through indigenous villages, and exhilarating eco-adventures. Tropical fish thrill divers and snorkelers visiting Cozumel, while Isla Mujeres pleases laid-back, beach-loving travelers. Costa Maya, extending to the Belize border in the south, remains tourism’s last frontier, with long, empty beaches and a few villages only beginning to ramp up for tourists. We’ve logged thousands of miles in this beautiful region and have developed several personal favorites—always subject to change as we discover new delights.

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Historical Site

Michelin Michelin ePub

Open year-round daily. Visitor center at 3029 Spirit Lake Hwy., Toutle; t 360-274-0962; www.parks.wa.gov/stewardship/mountsthelens; open May–mid-Sept daily 9am–5pm, rest of the year 4pm; closed major holidays. t 360-449-7800. www.fs.usda.gov/mountsthelens. $5.

One of the world’s most famous volcanoes, Mount St. Helens erupted in 1980 with the intensity of 500 atomic bombs, destroying its northern flank and blasting away more than 1,300ft of elevation. In 1982 the US Congress declared Mount St. Helens a National Volcanic Monument. Today the eviscerated mountain, surrounded by a 172sq-mi preserve, is a leading visitor attraction.

Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument

Practical Information

When to Go

July is the best time to see flower-filled alpine meadows at Mt. Rainier, but any summer day through September offers the best opportunity for clear weather and great views at both Rainier and Mount St. Helens. Summertime frequently brings fog to the Washington coast, so the best times to visit are the shoulder seasons or winter-storm season.

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Maggie Childs FrommerMedia ePub

Cooling off near the Karlsplatz fountain.


Just outside the Ringstrasse, the “City Park” was once open ground outside the city walls. Flanking the Vienna River (Wienfluss), it was laid out in English landscape style in 1862. With expansive lawns, shaded areas, a playground, and a duck pond, it is a popular and tranquil destination just on the fringe of the inner city, for both tourists and locals. START: Stadtpark entrance (U-Bahn 4, Stadtpark).

The Kursalon is the place to hear Strauss waltzes.

❶ ★★★ Stadtpark entrance. The main entrance (off Johannesgasse) is flanked by magnificent Jugendstil portals of carved stone. The chase scene through the sewers at the end of The Third Man movie—one of the most famous in the history of cinema—was produced along the Wienfluss under the bridge here. See p 50.

❷ ★ Statuary. Scattered around the park you’ll find busts commemorating some of the many musicians and artists associated with Vienna—Schubert, Bruckner, and Lehár are here, together with landscape painter Emil Schindler (1842–92) and the hugely influential artist, designer, and “magician of colors,” Hans Makart (1840–84). The park’s most famous tenant, however, is Johann Strauss II. The rather gaudy, gilded statue of the “King of the Waltz” playing his violin near the Kursalon is, without doubt, Vienna’s most famous (and much photographed) statue.

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Sari’s Story: Labuan Bajo’s First Female



Sari’s Story

Sari’s Story: Labuan Bajo’s First Female

Dive Guide

Sari Sehang

The youngest of four children from a remote village on the island of Rinca, Indonesia, I always thought I would be a police officer. During middle school, I saw how tourism was growing in the nearest town and around my island and decided to study tourism and travel at vocational high school. During my 3-month work experience at

Wicked Dive, I went out on the dive boats to practise my English. When I saw how excited the guests were when they saw manta rays and turtles

I wanted to try diving. A British female dive guide encouraged me to try it out, and I loved it! There was a lot to learn and many challenges to overcome. My father did not agree at all; he was scared about aggressive sharks, he thought it was a heavy job, not suited to women. When I told him there were plenty of foreign female dive guides, he said they were different, different culture, stronger, braver, but I remained determined.

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6. The Best Dining

Donald Olson FrommerMedia ePub

Dining Best Bets


Best Falafel

Dada Falafel Linienstrasse 132 (Go to Page)

Best Riverside Dining

Patio Helgoländer Ufer/Kirchstrasse (Go to Page)

Best Splurge

Vau Jägerstrasse 54 (Go to Page)

Best Skyline Views

Solar Stresemannstrasse 76 (Go to Page)

Best for Families

Ampelmann Restaurant Stadtbahnbogen 159/160 (Go to Page)

Best Spicy Sausage

Curry 36 Mehringdamm 36 (Go to Page)

Best for Chocolate Indulgence

Fassbender & Rausch Charlottenstrasse 60 (Go to Page)

Best Alpine Flavors

Schneeweiss Simplonstrasse 16 (Go to Page)

Best Old-World Tavern

Gasthaus Krombach Meinekestrasse 4 (Go to Page)

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Christie Pashby FrommerMedia ePub

Relaxing by postcard-pretty Moraine Lake.

The Town of Banff

The Town of Banff is the beating heart of Canada’s first and most important national park. Planned and organized as a resort town from the beginning, the focus here remains on pleasing visitors. There are historic and natural highlights dotted around the outskirts of town, but the center of all things is bustling Banff Avenue, the main drag. Here, tourists speaking dozens of languages nip in and out of shops, pop into a pub for a pint, get their skis and bikes tuned up, and enjoy some truly fabulous cuisine.

❶ ★★ Banff Information Centre. This is a must for your first stop of the day. In the heritage building in the heart of “downtown” Banff, it’s a great orientation center, with helpful desks staffed by the friendly folks at Parks Canada and the Banff-Lake Louise Tourism Bureau. They have maps, brochures, and trail updates, and they can help you decide what to do when. At the back, there’s a short video that will also help you get your bearings and understand just why this place is so important.  20 min. 224 Banff Ave. ☎ 403/762-1550. Mid-June to early-Sept 9am–7pm, mid-Sept to mid-June 9am–5pm. Closed Dec 25. See p 13.

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Historical Sites

Michelin Michelin ePub

Coast Salish peoples roamed the shores of what’s now Elliott Bay long before British naval captain George Vancouver sailed into Puget Sound in 1792. No serious settlement occurred in the area until the 1850s, when an Oregon Trail party chose Alki Point as a suitable site. Chief Sealth and his fellow Duwamish Indians welcomed the newcomers. Eventually a trading post and lumber mill were established, and throughout the late 1850s, Seattle continued to grow. With local timber depleted, coal became the city’s major export. In 1897 Seattle became the gateway to the Klondike, supplying gold prospectors who swarmed the city. As the gold petered out, timber barons Frederick Weyerhaeuser and William Boeing established industries that would fuel the area’s economy for years to come (Boeing switched from timber to a new technology: flight). Early 20C streetcar suburbs expanded city boundaries, drawing German, Scandinavian, Italian and Asian immigrants as workers and entrepreneurs, but the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941 prompted authorities to send the city’s 7,000 Japanese residents to detainment camps. The early 1960s brought construction of I-5 and Seattle’s second World’s Fair, and now famous icon, the Space Needle. The fair structures left behind formed the basis for a major urban renewal project. The latest such project will renovate the city’s waterfront. Home to Starbucks and lots of roasteries (plus high-tech giants Microsoft and Amazon), Seattle has a widespread cafe culture. It's known for sparkling seascapes and recreational opportunities.

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4. The Best Shopping

Mark Baker FrommerMedia ePub

Shopping Best Bets


Best for Architecture Buffs

Exlibris, Veleslavínská 3 (Go to Page)

Best Place to Find Old Maps

Antikvariát Pařížská, Pařížská 8 (Go to Page)

Best Place to Buy a Wooden Rocking Horse

Rocking Horse Toy Shop, Loretánské nám. 3 (Go to Page)

Best Place to Buy a Real Puppet

Marionety, Týnský dvůr 1 (Go to Page)

Best Bohemian Crystal

Moser, Na příkopě 12 (Go to Page)

Best Contemporary Glass

Artěl, Celetná 29 (Go to Page)

Best 1930s Shopping Center

Lucerna Pasáž, Štěpánská 61 (Go to Page)

Best Department Store in a Brutalist Building

Kotva, Náměstí Republiky 8 (Go to Page)

Best Place for English-Language Books

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2. The Best Full-Day, Three-Day, One Week & Ten-Day Tours

Jeanette Foster FrommerMedia ePub
You could spend weeks on Oahu without running out of things to do, but it’s possible to see the highlights of this romantic isle in just 3 days. Following this tour will let you see the best of Oahu, from Waikiki to the North Shore. You’ll definitely need to rent a car, so remember to plan for that cost. Each day begins and ends in Waikiki, which, like most urban cities, has traffic congestion, so allow plenty of travel time, especially during rush hour. START: Waikiki. Trip Length: 109-mile (175km) loop. Day 1 Waikiki Beach. You’ll never forget your first steps onto the powdery sands of this world-famous beach. If you’re just off the plane, plan to spread your towel on the beach, take in the smell of the salt air, feel the warm breeze on your skin, and relax; you’re in Hawaii. Go to page. Walk down Waikiki Beach toward Diamond Head. Bus: 20. See All Chapters
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4: (Re)Walking Stories: Pilgrimage, Pedagogy and Peace

McIntosh, I.S.; Harman, L.D. CABI PDF


(Re)Walking Stories: Pilgrimage,

Pedagogy and Peace

Sara Terreault*

Concordia University, Montréal, Canada


The subject of this chapter is the methodological and pedagogical journey taken by my colleague

Matthew Anderson and me as we develop and teach an undergraduate course in pilgrimage studies. We maintain that deep understanding of pilgrimage is inextricably linked to the existential integration of the practice of pilgrimage: that as researchers, teachers and students of pilgrimage, we are called to become pilgrims. I explore the theoretical genesis and practical implications of this choice for us and for our students. First, I parse the notion of pilgrimage and explain the transdisciplinary, embodied, performative pedagogical philosophy underlying the course. In order to concretize the theory, I offer my own narrative of a particular pilgrimage undertaken with our students, and make space for some of their voices. The pilgrimage recounted runs 32 km between two 17th-century sites: the Chapelle de Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours, founded by Saint Marguerite Bourgeoys (1620–

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2 THE BEST SPECIAL-INTEREST TOURS: Imperial Vienna, Jugenstil Vienna, City of Music, Vienna with Children, Jewish Vienna, The "Third Man" in Vienna, Ringenstasse. Bobo Vienna

Maggie Childs FrommerMedia ePub

Borromeo—the patron saint of Karlskirche.Imperial ViennaThe Hofburg, residence of the mighty Habsburg dynasty for over 600 years, should be on every visitor’s itinerary. Originally a medieval castle, it was extended by each successive emperor to demonstrate the power and riches of the Habsburgs, until it effectively became a “city within a city.” The resulting labyrinthine complex, and the astounding treasures within it, established Vienna’s reputation worldwide as a place of unrivalled elegance, wealth, and splendor. START: Michaelerplatz (U-Bahn 3 Herrengasse).❶ ★ Michaelerplatz. Layer upon layer of history has been unearthed in Michaelerplatz—the monumental square adjacent to the Hofburg—and Roman remains and medieval foundations have been excavated at its center. Then there’s the grandly colonnaded Michaelertrakt (St. Michael’s Wing) and Michaelertor (St. Michael’s Gate) entrances to the Hofburg, both added by Emperor Franz Joseph in 1893. The fountains on the outer limits of the main gateway (see below) symbolize Habsburg power both on land and at sea. The gigantic copper-clad cupola above the Michaelertor looks especially striking (and photogenic) from Kohlmarkt. The Michaelerkirche opposite, was once the parish church of the Imperial Court. Also in the square, Loos Haus (designed by Adolf Loos) broke architectural boundaries in 1912 with its functional design and unadorned green marble facade (p 34, ❼).

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Historic Sites

Michelin Michelin ePub

City Hallaa

In City Hall Park, bounded by Broadway, Park Row, Lafayette & Chambers Sts. Visit by guided tour only (see sidebar). R train to City Hall.

New York’s second official city hall, inaugurated in 1812, was designed by Joseph F. Mangin and John McComb Jr., who shared a prize of $350 for their efforts. Atop the graceful cupola is ”Justice” with her scales; out front stands a statue of patriot Nathan Hale, who famously said, “I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country” before being hanged by the British in 1776. Abraham Lincoln’s body lay in state here in April 1865, when 120,000 New Yorkers paid their respects.

Visiting City Hall

City Hall is only open to the public via the free, one-hour guided tours held Wednesday at noon, departing from the NYC Information Kiosk at the south end of City Hall Park (Broadway at Barclay).

City Hall was half brownstone, not by design but by political penny-pinching, until 1956. Today it hosts welcoming ceremonies for visiting dignitaries and is the end point of ticker-tape parades.

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