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Chapter One The Pinkas

Samuel S. Bak Indiana University Press ePub
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5. Sex Ed Chicks

Paula Young Lee Travelers' Tales ePub

Chapter Five

Sex Ed Chicks

Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.

Peter Clemenza, in The Godfather, 1972

A flock of baby chickens has arrived at the house in Maine. They started out as sixteen unsexed chicks, meaning the males and females werent sorted before going into the box. Odds are that the ratio of male to female will be 50/50, but the actual contents are a surprise, kind of like one of those Jumbo Mystery Boxes sold by the novelty shop Archie McPhee, Americas foremost purveyor of fighting nun windup toys and the classic rubber chicken. How to sex a chick? I pick one up and eyeball its X-rated parts. No dangling bits. Its a hairy eyeball with little whirling legs. Peep! Peep! But, alas, no show. Its such a tricky task telling the boys from the girls that chicken sexer is an actual job, and even the professionals get it wrong. I do an internet search of sexed chick, and get dozens of strange hits. The top entry? Sex Ed Chicks.

The omniscience of math prevails: precisely eight of the baby chicks turn out to be males. Seven are dispatched right away. Translation: they are killed. They expire whether or not you approve; blissful ignorance does not change the way of the world. To placate their children, parents buy pastel-colored chicks at Easter to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. These baby birds come dyed. No surprise, then, that they dont live very longdrowned in dog slobber, smothered in chocolate kisses, set free so they can be promptly run over by an SUV. Pet owners absolve themselves of these deaths, because it wasnt their fault. The cat did it.

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19. The Best Officers and Men

Rick Miller University of North Texas Press PDF



A L M O S T I M M E D I AT E LY the question arose as to Jones’ successor. Speculation centered on Neal Coldwell, who had been acting adjutant general and Jones’ pick to handle his inspection and quartermaster duties.

General William P. Hardeman, a superintendent of the Texas Confederate Home and founder of Texas A&M University, was also mentioned as a candidate for the post.1 But Governor Roberts did not waste any time.

On Thursday, July 21, the day after Jones’ funeral, he wired Wilburn H.

King at Sulphur Springs, asking him to resign as a state representative and accept appointment as adjutant general.2 Born in Georgia, King moved to Texas in 1857 and served in the Confederate Army from Cass County, rising to brigadier general. After the war, King practiced law at Jefferson, then moved to Hopkins County where he served as mayor of Sulphur

Springs and from where he was elected to the state legislature.3 In addition to serving during the Civil War with Governor Roberts, King was politically aligned with the Democrats, essentially a liberal populist.4

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Douglas Gibson ECW Press ePub
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One: The Guadalupe Homestead

Paul N. Spellman University of North Texas Press ePub


The Guadalupe Homestead

Isaac Samuel Rogers stood straight and tall at the center of the small Bolivar Courthouse assembly room. He pulled at his tight starched collar, the twenty-one-year-old Tennessee farmer uncomfortable in suit and tie on this cold March evening. But the occasion of his wedding kept him resolute, somber, uncomplaining. To his left stood his brother William, like Isaac a farmer in the Hatchie River Valley of Hardeman County, Tennessee. Seated just behind him in the straight-backed hickory chairs were several members of the Elkins family—the elder William, his wife and a cousin or two sat ramrod straight at the edge of their seats. On Isaac’s right stood eighteen-year-old Mahala Elkins, soon to be his bride. Woodson Vader, justice of the peace for the Bolivar area and a neighbor and friend of the Rogers clan, intoned the civil ceremony then pronounced the couple husband and wife. Isaac was pleased to loosen his collar for the remaining festivities that Tuesday evening. It was March 18, 1834.1

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