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Flinders Ranges & Outback SA

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If you want to experience the Outback (the loose geographic zone comprising 70% of mainland Australia), wheeling into the Flinders Ranges is a great way to start.

Approaching the Ranges from the south, the wheat fields and wineries of South Australia's midnorth district give way to arid cattle stations beneath ochre-coloured peaks. This is ancient country, imbued with the Dreaming stories of the Adnyamathanha people. Emus wander across roads; yellow-footed rock wallabies bound from boulder to boulder.

Further north on the Stuart Hwy and along the legendary Oodnadatta and Strzelecki Tracks, eccentric outback towns such as Woomera, William Creek, Innamincka and Coober Pedy emerge from the heat haze. This is no country for the faint-hearted: it's waterless, flyblown and dizzyingly hot. No wonder the opal miners in Coober Pedy live underground!

AMay Sunbaked desert colours shimmer as the Outback cools at the end of autumn.

AJun–Aug Winter is peak season in the Outback: mild temperatures, clear skies and wandering Grey Nomads.

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16. Light Up Your Life by Lars Goeller

Amy Walker New World Library ePub

Lars Goeller

The electric light, wrote Marshall McLuhan, is pure information; it is a medium without a message. The light creates an experience that wouldn’t otherwise exist: on a bike it is a medium that the rider fills with black asphalt, dirt paths, and overhanging branches. It doesn’t matter if a light is used for brain surgery or bike riding at night; some things can only be done safely with an electric light.

Cyclists out at night adopt a few different styles to deal with the danger of being fast, quiet, and only lightly armored while mingling with car traffic. On the deadlier end of the spectrum, there are the ninjas. Dressed in black and gliding silently through the darkened streets, they trust in their catlike agility to save them from disaster. Without so much as a single reflector on their bikes, nothing else will. Then there are the moving stop signs. These are riders who wear highly reflective clothing in the hope that a combination of street lamps and car headlights will keep them visible. These people may well be a thousand times brighter than the ninjas, but that isn’t really saying a lot. A driver making a sharp left turn will probably lose sight of them somewhere as the car’s headlights swing around, and then just barely catch a flash of reflected light as the “stop sign” disappears underneath the car.

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1. The Name of the Game Is Jocktronics: Sport and Masculinity in Early Video Games

Thomas P Oates Indiana University Press ePub

Michael Z. Newman

ALTHOUGH IT MAY NEVER BE SETTLED WHICH VIDEO GAME deserves to be called the first, it’s notable that two games based on racquet sports always come up in talk of the medium’s origins. Tennis for Two, a demonstration using an analog computer and an oscilloscope at Brookhaven National Laboratory (1958), and Pong, the first hit coin-operated game from Atari (1972), are in some ways quite similar.1 Both are competitions between two players given the ability to direct the movement of a ball, which bounces back and forth between them. Both are examples of sports games, a genre that would prove to be among the most enduring, enjoyable, and lucrative in the history of electronic play. And both can be placed within a tradition of masculine amusements adapted from professional athletics, which had already been popular in American society in penny arcades and around gaming tables for more than a half century when electronic games were new. We can regard Pong not just as an early and influential video game, but as part of a history of sports simulations and adaptations and as an electronic version of tavern and rec room amusements such as pool and Ping-Pong, from which it gets its name.

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Chapter 17

Bean, Leon Leonwood Down East Books ePub

Chapter 17

How to Fish for Salmon, Trout and Togue

Of all the fresh water game fishing, Salmon is my favorite. They hit hard, jump high and fight every inch of that way to the net.

Fishing party with Salmon and Trout caught at Moosehead Lake 1939. Over half of these fish were taken on Live Bait Fly as described in this chapter. Left to Dr. A.L. Gould, Willis Libby, Levi Patterson, and L.L. Bean.

During the first month after the ice goes out in the Spring I find trolling with bait the most successful. I use a sewed-on Smelt on one rod and Night Crawlers on the other. I recommend a 7 1/2 ounce 9 1/2 ft. Trolling Rod, level winding 100 yard Reel, 25 lb. test Nylon Line with markings at 50, 75 and 100 ft., a 15" Leader, two Swivels and a 12" Snelled 2/0 Hook. Row slowly and run from 50 to 100 feet of Line until you land your first fish. Note how much line you had out and continue using the same length.

For sewing on smelts and shiners I recommend the following method: Place a few gut hooks in a can of water or minnow bucket so snell will be pliable when ready to bait up.

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Directory AZ

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For more accommodation reviews by Lonely Planet authors, check out http://lonelyplanet.com/hotels/. You’ll find independent reviews, as well as recommendations on the best places to stay. Best of all, you can book online.

The North Island is blessed with great accommodation at every budget level, including excellent holiday parks (fancy campgrounds with tent sites, self-contained cabins, games rooms and often a swimming pool) and some of the world's best hostels. As you'd expect, things are pricier in the big cities of Auckland and Wellington. Motels are the top sleeping choice for most Kiwi families, so you'll find them liberally scattered around all of the main holiday destinations. Hotel accommodation is mainly limited to the bigger cities, with the best range in Auckland and Wellington.

Bed and breakfast (B&B) accommodation on the North Island pops up in the middle of cities, in rural hamlets and on stretches of isolated coastline, with rooms on offer in everything from suburban bungalows to stately manors.

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