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Ranging from five-star resorts to windowless shacks with shared latrines, you really have your choice of accommodations in developed A-list destinations such as Managua, Granada, León, San Juan del Sur and the Corn Islands. Top-end places start to thin out a bit as you head for the interior.

We divide hotels into categories according to price, then order by author preference. The majority of hotel rooms in Nicaragua have their own bathroom, and in our listings we stipulate when the bathroom is shared, except of course in dorms where the bathroom is always shared.

Absolute peak season in Nicaragua is really only two weeks or so – Christmas and Easter, when entire towns book out and prices skyrocket. Outside that time, many hotels maintain prices year-round. If there is a high season, it’s somewhere between November and March – outside the rainy months. We list prices for normal high season, not absolute peak.

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The Bad Job?

Ron Tatum University of North Texas Press ePub

The Bad Job?

I thought I had done a bad job on one particular horse I shod in Northern California. A quite pleasant lady had called to set up an appointment to shoe her mare. She said she would meet me at the pasture because she was the only one who could catch the mare. She told me the horse was easy to shoe, just hard to catch.

I showed up on the appointed date and was pleased to see that the horse was, in fact, easy to shoe. I enjoyed talking with the lady, and I enjoyed shoeing her horse. I figured I had done a good job. I gave my usual suggestion to the owner that the shoeing should be done every eight weeks. With my regular customers I always pull out my appointment book and schedule the next visit, but with new customers I hesitate to do that in case they decide they don’t like my work and don’t want me back in eight weeks. I’ll wait for them to call me. I told her she should call me, or some other shoer, around that time to pull off the shoes and either trim and put new shoes on, or just trim the feet. If you leave the shoes on past eight weeks, the feet will just keep growing and the horse might go lame. She said she would call me.

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Hinkel Shillings and the Red Ranger

Edited by Kenneth L. Untiedt University of North Texas Press PDF



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On April 21, 1941, terrible news passed through the crowd of three thousand at the annual state field trial of the Texas Fox and

Wolf Hunters Association near Crockett. The nocturnal hunters of fox and coyote—“hilltoppers,” “moonlighters,” or just “plain old forks-of-the-creek fox hunters”—had assembled for one of their rare daytime competitions to discover who had the best dog.

Judges watched hounds with big numbers on their sides run foxes in broad daylight to see which ones led the packs. Day or night, such men never rode to hounds like the red-coated horsemen.

Instead, in most of their hunting, they stood by fires and listened in the dark to the voices of a special breed of dog developed to chase foxes entirely on its own. It was a strange hound and a strange bloodless sort of hunting, in which, as folklorist F. E. Abernethy once observed, “The race is the thing, and it is the running of it that is its significance, not the reward at the end. . . .”1 In truth, as outsiders often observed, there seemed no obvious reward to fox hunting. The game was left alive to run another night, and in any case, nobody ate foxes.

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46. Mixing Cycling with Other Transportation: Go Farther, Faster, with Greater Flexibility by Eric Doherty

New World Library ePub

Eric Doherty

Cycling is a great way to get around. But for some trips, cycling may take you only part of the way in safety and comfort. In such cases, it may make sense to use your bike along with another mode of transport. This is the basic idea behind multimodal transportation — using multiple transportation modes in the ways they serve you best.

The most common type of multimodal trip involving cycling is cycle-transit-walk: riding to a public-transit stop, parking your bike, riding transit until you’re close to your destination, and then walking the last stretch. But there are dozens of possible combinations involving bikes, car and van pools, taxis, trains, long-distance buses, ferries, and private cars.

One of the more common and useful combinations is the oneway transit or carpool trip. I went to a university on top of a steep hill, Simon Fraser University near Vancouver, Canada. Rather than ride up the hill, I would put my bicycle on the bicycle rack on the front of a bus and ride the bus to the top. On the way back, I got the fun of riding downhill and the flexibility of shopping by bicycle on the way home. With this mode of commuting, people who don’t want to arrive at work sweaty from a long ride can save their exercise for the trip home.

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Planet, Lonely Lonely Planet Publications ePub

Cosmo’s SEAFOOD $

(Norman Manley Blvd; mains J$300-1000; 10am-11pm) Our favorite spot for seafood in seaside Negril, Cosmo’s eschews fine-dining flash for a few rough-hewn tables, a beachside location and plates of melt-in-your mouth, amazing seafood. The curry conch is deliciously spicy – enough kick to wake your mouth up, not so much to be unbearable.

Angela’s ITALIAN $$

(Bar-b-barn Hotel; mains US$6-20; breakfast, lunch dinner) We don’t know why pizza goes so well with the beach, but it does and the pizza at Angela’s is some of the best in Negril. As are the pasta plates and a host of other Italian dishes, all of a quality we frankly weren’t expecting on a Jamaican beach.

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