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9. Do Not Feed the Bears

Paula Young Lee Travelers' Tales ePub

Chapter Nine

Do Not Feed the Bears

Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday.

Archy the Cockroach, from Don Marquis, Archy and Mehitabel, 1927

Weeks later, as fall draws near, the morning sun means that John and I will be bushwhacking up the mountain in back of the Big House. The reason is to look for moose and deer sign, because this is what hunters do. Its also just to get to the top of the mountain, because its there, and its a beautiful day. Dressed in hiking gear and ready to go, I start filling water bottles to stuff into our daypacks as John sits at the chair by the door and starts lacing on hiking boots.

Just so you know, Don says laconically to John from his lounger in the living room, the McKennas were back there, setting up bear bait.

(... bear bait?)

They quit hunting bears, Don continues. Now they run a little guide business for tourists who want to see bears. But dont be surprised if you smell something.

(... smell something?)

Err, I say, raising my hand to object.

Not likely youll find yourself in the same spot, Don drawls, pointedly ignoring the surprised look on my face, but no need to worry. Bears get timid as soon as the bait comes out because they know the seasons starting. Theyll just run away from you.

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2: Navigating the Streetscape

Yvonne Bambrick ECW Press ePub


City traffic is a fluid and unpredictable beast. The movement along our streets presents a series of choices we need to make regardless of our mode of transport, but we need to make even more choices from the seat of a bicycle. The more you ride, the better a decision-maker you’ll become regarding what risks are acceptable while navigating through the daily urban obstacle course. Riding assertively, anticipating what’s ahead, and selecting the right route are all keys to making cycling a fantastic way to get around the city.

Your vulnerability is real on a bicycle and shouldn’t be underestimated. Be prepared to adapt to situations as they arise en route, and understand that riding a bike as part of traffic requires continuous adjustments to stay balanced and in control. As Robert Hurst writes in The Cyclist’s Manifesto, “Bicycling demands coordination, fluidity of motion, and quickness of reflexes far beyond what is necessary for driving. . . . Bicycling requires a certain minimal sum of skill and spirit. If you’re low on skill . . . you need to be strong in other ways to make up for it.”

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Chapter 33

Bean, Leon Leonwood Down East Books ePub

Chapter 33

Camp Cooking and Grub Lists

It is difficult to state just what any party should carry into the woods for a fishing, hunting or camping trip. Camper’s tastes vary, so there must be some leeway as far as grub lists are concerned, and the method of transportation must also be taken into consideration. Naturally, if you are on a canoe or hiking trip far from grocery stores, you must plan your grub list accordingly, making it light in weight and as compact as possible. On the other hand, if you travel right to your camp door in your auto, you can take along a larger variety of foodstuffs and forget the matter of weight and bulk.

I wish to have it understood that the following suggestions, grub lists and recipes are subject to individual correction. When you look at a list of food to be taken on a trip, eliminate the items which you don’t like and substitute other food materials of equal weight. For instance, if you like coffee and not tea, don’t take the tea along just because it is on the grub list.

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Whitsunday Coast

Lonely Planet Lonely Planet ePub

Whitsunday Coast

Speckling the calm waters of the Coral Sea, the superlative Whitsunday Islands are one of Australia’s greatest natural attractions. Opal-jade waters and pure-white beaches fringe the forested domes of these ‘drowned mountains’, where you can camp in secluded bays, laze in resorts, snorkel, dive or island-hop through the archipelago. Beneath the shimmering seas, tropical fish swarm through the world’s largest coral garden in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. The gateway to the islands, Airlie Beach, is a happening backpacker hub with a continuous parade of tanned, happy faces zinging between boats, beaches and banging nightclubs.

South of Airlie, Mackay is a typical coastal Queensland town with palm-lined streets framed by art deco buildings. There’s not a lot to do here, but Mackay is a handy base for trips to Finch Hatton Gorge and Eungella National Park – lush hinterland oases where platypuses cavort in the wild. To the north, Bowen has secret beaches and historical street art.

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R.D. Reynolds and Bryan Alvarez ECW Press ePub

ê ê ê ê ê PART I


“Ted called me up and said ‘Hey Vince, guess what? I’m in the rasslin’ business now!’”

—Vince McMahon, Owner, World Wrestling Entertainment


ê ê ê ONE ê ê ê


Mr. Turner’s Baby Boy

While many believed World Championship Wrestling could never die and were stunned in 2001 when it actually did, an even larger group believed the company probably should have died countless times before then, since it had consistently lost so much money. And perhaps it should have. But the misconception that WCW was a huge money-loser in its formative years should be dispelled right off the bat. In truth, WCW lost around $6 million per year in the first five years of its existence—not a horrible figure at all, considering what they were giving Turner: four hours of excellent ratings every single week of the year. Some within the Turner organization squawked at the losses, but Ted Turner himself didn’t. In fact, Turner was such a cheerleader for the company that when his board of directors suggested shutting WCW down in 1992 (their argument was that they’d save tons of money putting movies they already owned in the WCW time slots), he told them that wrestling built the Superstation, and as long as he was in charge it would always have a home there. He also told them never to bring the idea up again.

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Directory AZ

Lonely Planet Lonely Planet ePub

For more accommodation reviews by Lonely Planet authors, check out http://lonelyplanet.com/hotels/. You’ll find independent reviews, as well as recommendations on the best places to stay. Best of all, you can book online.

Book your beds well in advance during peak tourist times: summer holidays from Christmas to late January, at Easter, and during winter in snowy resort towns like Queenstown and Wanaka.

Motels Most towns have decent, low-rise, midrange motels on their outskirts.

Holiday Parks A top choice if you're camping or touring in a campervan, with myriad options from unpowered tent sites to family en suite cabins.

Hostels Backpacker hostels range from beery, party-prone joints to classy family-friendly 'flashpackers'.

Hotels NZ hotels range from small-town pubs to slick global-chain operations – with commensurate price ranges.

Bed and breakfast (B&B) accommodation in NZ pops up in the middle of cities, in rural hamlets and on stretches of isolated coastline, with rooms on offer in everything from suburban bungalows to stately manors.

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Medium 9781742204253

Capricorn Coast & the Southern Reef Islands

Lonely Planet Lonely Planet ePub

Capricorn Coast & the Southern Reef Islands

The stretch of coastline that straddles the tropic of Capricorn is one of the quietest and most lovely lengths of the East Coast. While local families flock to the main beaches during school holidays, the scene is uncrowded for most of the year, and even in high season you needn’t travel far to find a deserted beach.

The stunning powdery white sand and turquoise waters of the Capricorn Coast fit the holiday-brochure image perfectly. The pristine islands of the southern Great Barrier Reef offer some of the best snorkelling and diving in Queensland, and the opportunities for wildlife spotting – from turtle hatchlings to passing whales – are plentiful. Unspoilt beaches and windswept national parks can be found along the entire coastline.

Inland, you’ll find bustling Rockhampton – Capricornia’s economic hub and the capital of cattle country, with all the steakhouses, rodeos and gigantic hats to prove it.

Feb The Agnes Blues & Roots Festival rocks the Discovery Coast.

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Medium 9781609520809

4. Bite Me

Paula Young Lee Travelers' Tales ePub

Chapter Four

Bite Me

Biologically speaking, if something bites you, it is more likely to be female.

biologist Desmond Morris

Johns father is shooting gray squirrels from the kitchen window, trying his best to scare me away. Now that John has started bringing me to Maine every weekend, the Big House isnt big enough for the both of us. It isnt personal. Its political. Ill always be a liberal, and its best if John realizes this sooner rather than later and moves along to a nice conservative girl who isnt so noisy when she eats. The three-month hunting season on squirrels lasts through the end of December, and theres no bag limit because theyre a pest species. Specifically, the little criminals have been nesting under the hood of his truck and stealing from the bird feeder. The gray squirrels are also bullying the red squirrels out of the neighborhood, even though grays and reds dont eat the same food or chase the same girls. The red squirrel is small and sleek, resembling a chipmunk without stripes. But he cant eat acorns. Instead, he mostly eats pine nuts. As a result, he tastes like pine tar, the stuff in turpentine.

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Medium 9781741794540


Planet, Lonely Lonely Planet Publications ePub

     Includes »


     Sleeping Eating

     Understand Montserrat



     Landscape Wildlife

     Survival Guide

     Directory A–Z

     Getting There Away

     Getting Around

Twenty years ago, Montserrat marketed itself as being ‘The way the Caribbean used to be.’ Little did anyone know that in a few short years the slogan would become horribly ironic for anyone who harkened back to a pre-Palaeozoic era. A series of volcanic eruptions beginning in 1995 devastated the lower half of the island, turning Plymouth, the capital and only significant town, into an ash-covered wasteland.

Today, most tourists come for volcano-related day trips. Driving down the coast, you quickly get a feel for the island’s rich tropical life and take in jaw-dropping vistas of the destruction.

Those who stay overnight get to experience Caribbean culture without the crowds, casinos and cruise ships. They also get the chance to witness the island’s rebirth. Hundreds of single-family homes are now dotted across Montserrat’s unaffected northern half, while a new capital is slowly but surely taking shape around Little Bay.

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Medium 9781741794540

US Virgin Islands

Planet, Lonely Lonely Planet Publications ePub

     Includes »

     St Thomas

     Charlotte Amalie

     Red Hook East End

     St John

     Cruz Bay

     North Shore

     Coral Bay Around

     St Croix


     Point Udall Around

     North Shore


Hmm, where to go for consistent 80°F (27°C) weather, calypso-wafting beach bars and a taste of West Indian culture, but without any border crossing or passport hassle? The US Virgin Islands (USVI) have your back, mon.

St John is the greenest island, literally and figuratively. Two-thirds of its area is cloaked in parkland and sublime beaches, ripe for hiking and snorkeling. It also leads the way in environmental preservation, with several low-impact tent-resorts for lodging. Dizzying cruise-ship traffic and big resorts nibbling its edges make St Thomas the most commercialized island. St Croix is the odd island out, floating far from its siblings and offering a mix of rainforest, sugar plantations, old forts and great scuba diving. And wait – there’s a fourth Virgin that often gets overlooked. That’s Water Island, a stone’s throw from St Thomas’ airport but a world away in its taxi-less, shop-less atmosphere.

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Medium 9781742200460

Understand Tibet

Lonely Planet Lonely Planet ePub

Tibet Today

As Tibet charts a course between economic boom and political unrest, what concession, if any, will Běijīng offer the Tibetans?


Follow the transformation of Tibet from a warring empire to a Buddhist nation, and its perennially complex relationship with China.

Tibetan Landscapes

The roof of the world is home to some remarkable endangered species, as well as resources vital for the planet’s future.

The People of Tibet

Nomadic lifestyle, exiled communities, the ideas behind pilgrimage – learn about the various unique facets of Tibetan identity.

Tibetan Buddhism

Before immersing yourself in the monasteries and temples get an understanding of the religion that underpins everything in Tibet.

Tibetan Art

Buddhism is the dominant inspiration in Tibetan art, from masked dances and traditional opera to chörtens, murals and mandalas.

The Future of Tibet

Does Tibet’s best hope for the future lie in the international community, in reincarnation or in its traditional culture?

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Medium 9781608933914

Chapter 5

Bean, Leon Leonwood Down East Books ePub

Chapter 5

How to Hunt Black Bear

No game animal in Maine is more elusive, more difficult to stalk, or once having been started, more difficult to shoot than a black bear. A bear is seldom caught unawares, for he has an almost uncanny sense of smell and is faster than chain lightning in his mental and physical reactions.

In northern Maine the best month to hunt black bear is October, for it is the month that they are locating comfortable winter quarters and are intent on piling on surplus fat in anticipation of a long sleep to come.

If the beechnuts are plentiful, walk slowly along the hardwood ridges, not on top of the ridges, but where the black growth mingles with the hardwoods. Travel with wind in your face. Be on alert. Should the bear you are hunting smell or hear you, he certainly will head for parts unknown without any preliminary motions. He won’t stop to investigate, and once started, you might as well find a needle in a haystack as to attempt to locate him that day.

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Medium 9781741047066

Southern Bahamas

Planet, Lonely Lonely Planet Publications ePub


     Includes »

     Long Island

     North Long Island

     South Long Island

     Crooked Island District

     Crooked Island

     Long Cay

     Acklins Island

     Inaguas Mayaguana

     Great Little Inagua


Tear up what you think you know about the Bahamas when you come to the remote islands of the south. Yes, the sand is just as white, the water the same extraordinary blend of blues and the welcome just as friendly (if not more so) – but the simple difference here is that of development. No megaresorts or fast food restaurants blight the coastline, seeing another person on a beach is a crowd, and traffic is virtually nil.

The largest island in the Southern Bahamas is aptly named Long Island, though it’s hard to imagine anywhere less like its New York namesake. While it is lined with great beaches and enjoying some beautiful scenery, there are just a handful of small resorts on the island and finding total seclusion is never a problem.

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9. Glory

Abraham Aamidor Indiana University Press ePub

Chuck Taylor, then in his sixty-eighth year, received many telegrams, congratulatory letters, and goodwill calls when he was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 1969. The letters and cards and telegrams were piled high on a circular table in the breakfast nook inside his Port Charlotte, Florida home. He could puff on the sweet-smelling tobacco in his briar pipe—he smoked that pipe all the time in his later years—or he might dip a small spoon into his favorite lemon ice cream and savor the fruits of his labors that had made his name famous all over the land.

One letter stood out. Chuck must have leaned forward on his elbows when he saw the postmark—it was from Terre Haute, Indiana—and a satisfied smile likely swept over his face as he unfolded the letter and read its contents. All the other correspondence from coaches and fans and businessmen were predictable, even “canned” accolades, but this piece of mail that he held firmly between his fingers was different. This was a tunnel back to his early career, a reminder to Chuck that he was so much more than a salesman or even an icon or just another retiree set out to pasture on a Florida golf course.

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Medium 9781608680221

11. How to Help a Bike Shop Help You by Ulrike Rodrigues

New World Library ePub

Ulrike Rodrigues

I’m a lifelong bike rider and sometime bike-shop staffer, and I know the hardest part of getting into biking can be getting into a bike store. Sure, enthusiasts think of the local bike shop as a lively meeting place stocked with cool parts and cool people, but many average folks (and bike forum commentators) say they feel intimidated by bike shops’ unfamiliar gear, jargon, and particular style of customer service.

But according to a Shimano-sponsored study, today’s bike shops are changing. Because they’re surviving on slim profit margins in an extremely competitive industry, they need you to like them. Sure, they want you to buy lots of stuff, but they also want to see you riding your bike. It’s good for them and it’s good for you. But they can’t help you with that if you’re too nervous to walk through the door.

My advice? Remember that — as the customer — you hold the power. Armed with some basic information and a few insider tips, you can help a bike shop help you.

A bike shop is just a retail environment that sells products and services. One tip to finding the right bike shop for your needs is to understand that there are different kinds of bike shops with different products and services.

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