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6 The Dream Abides: 2000-

Christie, John Down East Books ePub

First, a word or two about my chosen title for this final chapter in the Sugarloaf Story. Fans of the Coen Brothers’ movies—and I count myself among the most rabid, even though I’m not much of a moviegoer (I just choose them well)—consider The Big Lebowski to be one of their best.

In this classic, the star-crossed hero, one Jeffrey Lebowski, is mistaken for another Lebowski from whom some scurrilous scoundrels are attempting to extract some serious money. The trials and tribulations that Jeffrey, who refers to himself as “The Dude,” endures are hilarious, and in most cases brought upon himself by a combination of his naiveté, his substance-induced foggy state of mind, and the stupidity of his friends. After all is said and done, he survives to flounder along for another day. When asked how things are going, he responds, “The Dude abides.”

Webster tells us one definition of the word abide is “to continue to endure,” and that’s how The Dude meant it. And that’s how I mean it in the title of this chapter. The dream does endure. And the dream is one that includes the hopes of Amos and the Bigelow Boys, of Bunny Bass and George Cary and King Cummings and Warren Cook, and now multiple generations of Sugarloafers from Maine and afar who share a deep devotion to this special place.

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1: Gearing Up

Yvonne Bambrick ECW Press ePub


Other than confidence and a good sense of how to behave as part of traffic, the only thing you need to get started cycling is a bicycle. You can begin by borrowing a bike or using a bike-share program if your city has one, but most people will soon want a ride of their own. It can be a bit overwhelming deciding which bicycle to pick, so in this chapter I’ll be your guide to the bike styles and basic equipment you’ll need to get you road-ready.

When I started riding regularly again in my early 20s, I went with an inexpensive used bike that a friend offered to me. It needed a repair, so with that (and a new lock) as the only expenses, I was off! I’ve since had about a half-dozen second-hand bikes that served their purpose but were nothing special. Each one was fairly generic looking and eventually either stolen or ridden beyond repair. In 2008, in part because of my new role as Toronto’s cycling advocacy spokesperson, I got serious about the type of bike I was riding and picked up a life-changing (I’m not kidding) Dutch-style upright city bike. I currently have two bicycles — the Dutch bike, which serves as a workhorse for carrying groceries and any number of things, and a road-style city bike for longer distance or uphill rides when a lighter, faster bike makes it a bit easier going.

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The Youngest Cowboy

Ron Tatum University of North Texas Press ePub

The Youngest Cowboy

One of my daughters teaches at an expensive private daycare/grade school facility and she tells me stories about some of the younger students, the four- and five-year-olds. Some of them seem to have quite a time of it. If they don’t get their way, or some other kid takes their toy, they throw all kinds of fits. They cry, scream, throw themselves on the floor, hit everyone around them, run out of the building. The choices are unlimited. The teachers then have to reach into the bag of tricks learned in their child behavior classes at college and come up with some method to quell the outburst without doing any emotional or physical damage to the kid. If they touch the kid they will be sued, of course, by irate parents who do not believe in spanking their children or doing anything else that might traumatize them. These parents probably allocate 10 percent of their income to buy child behavior books and take parenting classes in order to raise the perfectly adjusted child. No physical punishment, no criticism, no loud voices. The child must be respected and allowed to participate in its own development. “I understand you are angry at your little sister, but can you think of a different way to show your displeasure? Setting her hair on fire is not really fair to her. Would you like to tell us how you feel about that?” There are hundreds of themes like this.

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7. Keeping It Real: Sports Video Game Advertising and the Fan-Consumer

Thomas P Oates Indiana University Press ePub

Cory Hillman and Michael L. Butterworth

IN THE UNITED STATES, FEW, IF ANY, CULTURAL ACTIVITIES, products, or experiences are immune to the often unrestrained hands of commercialism, marketing, and advertising in the ambitious and overzealous pursuit of audiences and consumers. Sports are especially subject to these conditions, evidenced by the following examples: advertisers spent approximately $10.9 billion on national sports broadcasts between the final quarter of 2010 through September 2011; NBC paid the International Olympic Committee $2.2 billion to broadcast the 2010 and 2012 Winter and Summer Olympics; CBS and Turner Broadcasting agreed to pay nearly $11 billion to the NCAA for the rights to the annual men’s college basketball tournament. Divisional realignment in college football has also been stimulated by the desire to create “megaconferences” in the chase for lucrative television packages with major networks, and the NCAA’s decision to determine its national champion of college football’s Football Bowl Subdivision with a four-team playoff beginning in 2014 came with estimates that the tournament could be worth as much as $6 billion.1 Meanwhile, fans spent $3.2 billion on Major League Baseball (MLB) team merchandise in 2011, marking an 8.1 percent increase from the previous season, and the typical NFL fan spends approximately $60 on apparel, snacks, and other merchandise during the week of the Super Bowl.2

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Brisbane & Around

Lonely Planet Lonely Planet ePub

Brisbane & Around

Australia’s most underrated city? Booming Brisbane is an energetic river town on the way up, with an edgy arts scene, pumping nightlife and great coffee and restaurants. Lush parks and historic buildings complete the picture, all folded into the elbows of the meandering Brisbane River.

Brisbanites are out on the streets: the weather is brilliant and so are the bodies. Fit-looking locals get up early to go jogging, swimming, cycling, kayaking, rock climbing or just to walk the dog. And when it’s too hot outside, Brisbane’s subcultural undercurrents run cool and deep, with bookshops, globally inspired restaurants, cafes, bars and band rooms aplenty.

East of ‘Brizzy’ is Moreton Bay, with its low-lying sandy isles, beaches and passing parade of whales, turtles and dolphins. To the west is the rural inland hub of Toowoomba (also underrated) and the surprising Granite Belt Wine Region, which bottles up some impressive drops.

Jan Brisbane swelters during summer, the perfect time to head to North Stradbroke Island.

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Cairns & the Daintree Rainforest

Lonely Planet Lonely Planet ePub

Cairns means R & R – the Reef and Rainforest. Together, they make this far-flung city an East Coast essential. Endless bus- and boatloads of eager beavers shuttle between Cairns and these World Heritage wonders, although upmarket Port Douglas is closer to the outer Reef and the Daintree Rainforest. Sultry, carefree Cairns swings between backpacker samsara and family fun-land. Head to Palm Cove or Port Douglas for upscale retreats. Inland, lush Atherton Tableland's cooler climes, lakes and waterfalls offer welcome relief from Cairns' humidity and crowds.

Highways hug scenic sections of the shoreline to Port Douglas, before meeting the mighty Daintree River's vehicular ferry. From here, the protected rainforest stretches up to Cape Tribulation, tumbling onto seductive white-sand beaches where hidden perils – marine stingers (October to May) and saltwater crocodiles (year-round) – should be taken seriously.

True-blue adventure-seekers head onwards to Cooktown on the 4WD-only Bloomfield Track.

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Turks & Caicos

Planet, Lonely Lonely Planet Publications ePub

     Includes »

     Caicos Islands


     The Cays

     North Caicos

     Middle Caicos

     Turks Islands

     Grand Turk

     Salt Cay

     Understand Turks Caicos


     The Turks Caicos Way of Life

     The Landscape Wildlife

     Survival Guide

     Directory A–Z

     Getting There Away

     Getting Around

The Turks and where? That’s the reaction most people have when you mention these tropical isles. Like all great Shangri- Las, this one is hidden just under the radar. Be glad that it is, as this tropical dream is the deserted Caribbean destination you’ve been looking for. And the best part – it’s only 90 minutes by plane from Miami.

So why would you want to go there? How about white-sand beaches, clear blue water and a climate that defines divine. Secluded bays and islands where you’ll see more wild donkeys than other travelers. Historic towns and villages where life creeps along at a sedate pace.

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Taranaki & Whanganui

Lonely Planet Lonely Planet ePub

Halfway between Auckland and Wellington, Taranaki (aka 'the 'Naki') is the Texas of New Zealand: oil and gas stream in from offshore rigs, plumping the region with enviable affluence. New Plymouth is the regional hub, home to two excellent art galleries, a provincial museum, and enough decent espresso joints to keep you humming.

Behind the city, the moody volcanic cone of Mt Taranaki demands to be visited. Taranaki also has a glut of black-sand beaches: surfers and holidaymakers swell summer numbers.

Further east the history-rich Whanganui River curls its way through Whanganui National Park down to Whanganui city, a 19th-century river port that's ageing with artful grace.

Palmerston North, the Manawatu region's main city, is a town of two peoples: tough-talkin’ country fast-foodies in hotted-up cars, and caffeinated Massey University literati. Beyond the city the region blends rural grace with yesterday’s pace: you might even find time for a little laziness!

AMt Taranaki is one of NZ’s wettest spots, and frequently cops snowfalls, even in summer: weather on the mountain can be extremely changeable.

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18 Of Jeeps and Giants

Mike Roos Quarry Books ePub

Now 8–0 in conference play and 12–3 overall, the Spuds found themselves in control of the race to the conference championship, with only four weeks and five games remaining before the Sectional. Only Chrisney remained as a conference opponent, but the Wildcats would have to wait. As a group, the final five games would present a variety of challenges, and Pete Gill regarded them most importantly as excellent tune-ups to prepare for the postseason. The first of the four weeks appeared the most difficult, with two road games: a Wednesday night trip to Dubois followed by a Saturday jaunt to the big city of Evansville to play the state’s top-ranked team, Rex Mundi.

Dubois was the only opponent Ireland regularly scheduled for two games per season. Since the two teams had already split two games between them, both regarded this as the rubber match to settle the score between arch-rivals, provided, of course, they didn’t meet again in the Sectional, which was always a possibility. Ireland had looked very impressive in the first meeting and very unimpressive in the second at the Holiday Tourney, the game that had, in essence, begun the ongoing tug-of-war between Pete Gill and Joe Lents. Although Joe’s productivity since December had fallen dramatically, Pete had chosen a version of trench warfare in dealing with his recalcitrant star. There was no actual truce between them, although there were few shots being fired on either side. Still, anyone who thought things had quieted between them would have been deluded. For Joe especially, another game with Dubois only served to reopen the wounds. As a result, his frame of mind for the game was considerably less than optimal.

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Medium 9781741794540

St-Martin/Sint Maarten

Planet, Lonely Lonely Planet Publications ePub

     Includes »

     Sint Maarten


     Simpson Bay

     Maho Mullet Bay



     Friar’s Bay

     Pic Paradis

     Grand Case

     Anse Marcel

     Orient Beach

     Oyster Pond

     Survival Guide

For hundreds of years the Caribbean was the playground of imperialists who transported rum, slaves and gold between worlds. These faraway kingdoms repeatedly conquered and retreated, radically changing the area’s political geography with the spark of a cannon. After years of divvying up these sand-strewn paradises, only one of the Caribbean’s 7000 islands remained so dear to two separate empires – the French and the Dutch – that they decided to share it.

This arbitrary division of land has given the scrubby island two very distinct personalities, like a set of Siamese twins. At times they work as one, but in other instances they become a caricature of themselves by exaggerating the traits that makes them unique: the French cling to their European roots, while the Dutch side plays up its jammin’ vibe. Although neither side likes to admit it, the whole really is greater than the sum of its parts.

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Ron Tatum University of North Texas Press ePub


I’m sitting here with my Dad in the California convalescent hospital where he is spending the last days of his life. This is the man who had been a college All-American and professional football hero, was an Olympic-class track man, and had been the sparring partner for Freddy Steele, the middleweight boxing champion of the world. This is the dynamic, strong-minded giant who dominated my early years and who, in some ways, still does. Now he sits in a wheelchair, hooked up to a feeding tube inserted in a hole they cut in his stomach because he can’t swallow. He makes choking noises. He’s not wearing his teeth because they hurt, and his mouth is shriveled up into what you might expect on the face of a 91-year-old man.

It takes enormous effort for him to move any part of his body, and he clutches a rolled-up towel they put in each of his immobile hands. I have no idea why. They’ve put one of his old baseball caps on his head, probably to make him look more like a human being, but it’s on crooked and I feel stupid trying to straighten it out. Will that make him look more alive? It looks ridiculous.

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Medium 9780253010285

8 Life under the Knife

Mike Roos Quarry Books ePub

“My gosh, Joe! This is where you lived?”

“You made me bring you here.”

On a rainy Sunday afternoon in August, Joe Lents and Connie Leinenbach stood in the decay of the little shack in Burns City where Joe had lived the first eleven years of his life, the place where he had slept fitfully and uncomfortably in one room with a brother and three sisters, where his parents had fought with random and terrifying violence, and where his mother had died painfully of cancer.

“I had no idea it was this tiny and dirty,” Connie said in the gloom of the abandoned kitchen.

“Nobody’s lived here since we left. It was a little cleaner then. Not much.”

“It’s so depressing, Joe.”

“What did you expect?”

“No hot water, no indoor plumbing.”

“There are people who have it a lot worse than this.”

Connie felt the sadness welling up inside her and put her arms around him. “Oh, Joe! I’m so sorry.”

“Why?” he said, pulling away and stooping to pick up an old scrap of newspaper with an ancient headline, “Ike Re-elected.” “It’s got nothing to do with you. Come on. Let’s get out of here. This place gives me the creeps.”

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Medium 9781608933914

Chapter 31

Bean, Leon Leonwood Down East Books ePub

Chapter 31

Camping - Equipment

The best hunting and fishing it often found away from the “beaten trails.” What to take to those far-back places depends on the number of people in the party, the duration of the trip, the time of the year and the methods of transportation.

Bean’s pack basket came in three sizes: boys’, men’s, and extra large. This basket belonged to a former employee and was used for camping from Moosehead Lake to Alaska.

If you travel by Shank’s Mare to such locations, or go by canoe, take only the necessities. The list below is intended for two people.

Hiker’s or cruiser’s tent.

Two sleeping bags.

Large canvas knapsack.

Pack basket with waterproof cover.

Small axe and sheath.

One two-cell flashlight with two extra batteries and one extra bulb.

Folding reflector baker.

Gasoline lantern. (Take candles if transportation is difficult.)

Utensils for cooking and eating should include frying pan, three-quart stew pot with cover, small coffee pot with strainer spout, one stirring spoon, one baker tin, two tin plates, two spoons, two knives, two forks, two cups, salt and pepper shakers.

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Christchurch & Canterbury

Lonely Planet Lonely Planet ePub

Nowhere in New Zealand is changing and developing as fast as postearthquake Christchurch. Visiting the country’s second-largest city as it's being rebuilt and reborn is both interesting and inspiring.

A short drive from Christchurch's dynamic re-emergence, Banks Peninsula conceals hidden bays and beaches – a backdrop for wildlife cruises with a sunset return to the attractions of Akaroa. To the north are the vineyards of the Waipara Valley and the family-holiday ambience of Hanmer Springs. Westwards, the chequerboard farms of the Canterbury Plains morph quickly into the dramatic wilderness of the Southern Alps.

Canterbury's summertime attractions include tramping along alpine valleys and over passes around Arthur’s Pass, and mountain biking around the turquoise lakes of Mackenzie Country. During winter, the attention switches to the ski fields. Throughout the seasons, Aoraki/Mt Cook, the country’s tallest peak, stands sentinel over this diverse region.

ACanterbury is one of NZ’s driest regions, as moisture-laden westerlies from the Tasman Sea dump their rainfall on the West Coast before hitting the eastern side of the South Island. Visit from January to March for hot and settled summer weather, and plenty of opportunities to get active amid the region's spectacular landscapes.

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Medium 9781609520809

17. Ham Supper for 227

Paula Young Lee Travelers' Tales ePub

Chapter Seventeen

Ham Supper for 227

I like pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals.

Sir Winston Churchill

Ow, Patrick announces, as everyone sits down to Sunday supper at the Big House. I just bit on something.

Buckshot, John says calmly.

But Im eating potatoes, Patrick protests.

Buckshot, John repeats, and reaches for another serving of venison chop suey.

So tell me about the wedding! I prod Patrick.

We got married, Patrick shrugs, still chewing with a slightly puzzled expression on his face. Then we fished at the lake.

Thats it?


You still doing the pig roast?


What about the pig? I poke him. Have you got one yet?

Nope, he replies. If I bring a pig home early, Christy will start cooing over it and before you know it, it will be another Bucky. And then Ill just have to get another pig to roast.

Just to be clear, Bucky wasnt a pig. He was a dog stuck in the body of a goat.

It is a truism of animal husbandry that certain animals come in pairs. The dove is one of them. The goat is another. Even if herds of other friendly animals are around, a single goat will not do well on its own. The specifics of the pair dont matter: It can be girl-girl, boy-boy, boy-girl, old-young, big-small, or black-white. They just both have to be goats, preferably two of the same kind, and not an Archy and Mehitabel kind of pair (a cockroach and an alley cat, in case you were wondering). Bucky thought he was a dog. So did all his friends. Wagging his tail, Bucky followed Patrick wherever he went. Begging to be petted, Bucky lived inside the house and shed on the couch. But one day, while nobody was home and he was all alone, he died. Death deprived him of his amazing powers of mind control, and behold! Bucky was returned back to being a goat. It was very upsetting.

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