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III. Evaluation of Dreams in PsychoAnalytic Practice

Ella F. Sharpe Karnac Books ePub

1. Dream interpretation the corner-stone of psycho-analytic technique.

2. The value of the dream for the analyst.

3. The value of exploration of the preconscious with reference to the work of Freud and Jones.

4. The latent content is the clue to the wish-fulfilment.

5. Convenience dreams.

6. Illustrations of the value of dreams in addition to that of latent content.

FREUD’S Interpretation of Dreams was the first textbook for psycho-analysts. His discovery of the unconscious mind placed in the foreground of interest the significance of dreams. Psycho-analytic technique in the early days of the therapy directed the Eatient’s attention to them during the analytical our almost to the exclusion of other topics in which the patient might be interested. “ Free association “ sometimes meant in practice free association to dreams, and a patient who insisted upon dwelling upon other things was at times regarded as showing “ resistance “ to analysis. The technique of analysis was almost synonymous with the technique of dream interpretation. Every dream was eagerly exploited as the one and only way into the unconscious mind and a patient who did not dream presented a great problem to the analyst for whom the sole key was the dream.

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Chapter 1: It is all about Attitude

Marie Elisabeth A. Franck Mortensen CreativeSpaces-fm.com ePub

Chapter 1: It Is All About Attitude:
- Changing your mindset
- Drinking champagne at the rest home
- Mastering the art of everyday living
- Lone’s zest for life
- ”The Creative Spaces in Between”

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6. Heraclitus and the Art of Cosmic Contemplation

Jules Evans New World Library ePub

EDGAR MITCHELL WAS ON HIS WAY back from the moon when the ecstasy overwhelmed him. Mitchell was one of the three-man Apollo 14 space mission, which left Earth on January 31, 1971, and landed on the moon five days later. He was responsible for the lunar module, and spent nine hours on the surface of the moon. He was the sixth human ever to walk there. On the way home, with his lunar responsibilities fulfilled, Mitchell had “more time to look out of the window” than his fellow astronauts. He tells me:

We were orbiting perpendicular to the ecliptic — that’s the plain that contains the Earth, moon and sun, and were rotating the shuttle to maintain thermal balance. Every two minutes, a picture of the Earth, moon and sun, and a 360-degree panorama of the heavens appeared in the spacecraft window as I looked. And from my training in astronomy at Harvard and MIT, I realized that the matter in our universe was created in star systems, and thus the molecules in my body, and in the spacecraft, and in my partners’ bodies were prototyped or manufactured in some ancient generation of stars. And I had the recognition that we’re all part of the same stuff, we’re all one. Now in modern quantum physics you’d call that interconnectedness. It triggered this experience of saying wow, those are my stars, my body is connected to those stars. And it was accompanied by a deep ecstatic experience, which continued every time I looked out of the window, all the way home. It was a whole-body experience.

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23 Broaden Your Cultural Perspective

Mark Muchnick Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

MORE THAN EVER before, the saying “It’s a small world” rings true when it comes to being globally connected. Whether in politics, environmental issues, military conflicts, technology, or the economy, there is a growing awareness that what’s going on in other parts of the world can have a very real and immediate impact on our lives. But despite the realization that we are a global community, the lens through which we view other people, their customs, and their ways of life is still rather limited. For instance, many of us proclaim to celebrate cultural diversity with only superficial knowledge of the cultures being celebrated. From this standpoint, our perspective is myopic and may in turn be a reason for regret.

The time is ripe to broaden our perspective on cultural diversity as part of our evolution as world citizens. While this can be done in part by travel or study abroad, it is also as simple as taking the initiative to expand our awareness of the diverse cultural world that is closer to home. For instance, two colleagues of mine, Joe and Susie, have a long-standing ritual with a group of their friends from different cultural backgrounds where they celebrate each other’s traditions and holidays together throughout the year. This includes learning more about their different religious faiths and even visiting each other’s respective places of worship.

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Dee Clayton M-Y Books Ltd ePub

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