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Gestures of love

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Speaking to each other involves risk. It’s often difficult to extend ourselves, to let down our guard, especially with those we fear or avoid. When we’re willing to overcome our fear and speak to them, that is a gesture of love. Strangely, what we say is not that important.

We have ended the silence that keeps us apart.

I learned this listening to Bernie Glassman describe a meeting between two homeless men. One was a “mole person.” He lived underground in

New York City, with thousands of other homeless people who never come up to the streets. The other man lived in city parks. Bernie described his delight when these two reclusive and withdrawn men began talking to each other. A woman questioned whether there was any value in this conversation—the men seemingly had spoken more lies than truth. Bernie quickly replied: “It doesn’t matter what they were saying. They were talking to each other.”

I think about how much courage it took for those two frightened men to speak. Bernie knew the courage of their actions, the first tentative extension out from their painful, private experience. He wasn’t concerned with their words. (And he knew that if they kept talking, they’d gradually become more truthful—for this is what always happens.)

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Saving the Cat

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Creativity is the soul expressing itself in speech, gesture, sound, color, movement, building, inventing. Before all else it is simply to be able to say something. That’s one of the great mysteries in both art and everyday life: how something appears from nothing. After something is said, all kinds of tricks and techniques can be applied to make our work more artful. We can study Beethoven’s crude, splotchy notebooks and see how he tested and turned his phrases, combined and split them, played all the combination and permutation games of art to make his statements more refined, eloquent, beautiful, energetic. Often the original ideas from which he developed his masterpieces of spiritual art were, in themselves, almost trivial or ridiculous. The important thing is to start someplace, anyplace. Then we can play with, refine, elaborate the original statement until it pleases us. Before the dance of inspiration and perspiration can begin, there must be some raw material, some spark of inciting energy.

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Five The Five Elements Framework Overview

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Work on the voice is
in the interest of the
human truth it expresses.

Kristin Linklater


The Five Elements Framework we are about to explore will give you a sonic map for accessing a wide variety of colors and sounds in your voice. We’ll explore where each sound is sourced in the body and the gifts or qualities that are evoked by each one. As you build more flexibility, awareness, and choice in your voice, you’ll become more adept at choosing the right voice for the situation. I’ll share stories about how my clients have put these vocal qualities to work in their lives and what happened as a result. Within each of the following chapters in this part of the book, you’ll be directed to the Full Voice website with a practice video for each voice. I’ll demonstrate how each voice sounds and guide you through a simple vocal exercise for accessing that quality in your own voice. Each of the five elements chapters also includes reflection questions and a list of famous people (or creatures) who exemplify that element.

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