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"A" Words: SAT College Prep Vocabulary

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"M" Words: GRE Advanced Vocabulary

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"W" Words: GRE Essential Vocabulary

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Kaleidoscope Feature: Designing a Thesis Requirement in a Graduate Program Based on the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards

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Kaleidoscope Feature


ABSTRACT: In the fall of 1999, the first cohort group and the faculty in the new master of science in applied leadership for teaching and learning degree at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay began their journey. The tales of the journey, as told by its sojourners, would undoubtedly be as individually rich as the tales of the pilgrims described by Chaucer in The Canterbury Tales, “whose characters’ lifelike reality surpasses anything previously known in English" (Cook, 1961, p. xvii); however, the purpose of this article is to describe the designing of the thesis requirement (including the rationale for the requirement) and explain what form the thesis will take. This article also gives examples of several theses that have been successfully written and defended, and it discusses how several of the candidates were affected by their portion of the journey, a journey that, though freely chosen by the pilgrims/scholars, resulted in experiences that were unforeseen by all—a “mingling of seriousness and levity [among] the group assembled" (Cook, 1961, p. xvii).

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Looking “Beneath the Surface”: Authenticating Research and Inquiry for Undergraduate Teacher Candidates

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ABSTRACT: This article examines a method for working with undergraduate teacher candidates as co-researchers to foster their development as teachers who nurture an inquiry stance toward their practice and who reflect on their pedagogy in systematic and intentional ways. These undergraduates put on “teacher research goggles,” as one referred to the experience, for the first time, to see what it might be like to practice teacher research and inquiry through deliberate and methodical data collection and analysis. The project resulted in layers of configured inquiry that helped the co-researchers gain perspective and insight regarding teacher research and inquiry.

An effective teacher is a tenacious and continuous researcher and inquirer. Exemplary teachers take an inquiry stance, questioning everything about their practices and content knowledge to move their teaching forward and benefit students’ learning (Block & Mangieri, 2003; Weinbaum et al., 2004). Teacher research is defined by Cochran-Smith and Lytle (1993) as “systematic, intentional inquiry by teachers” (p. 5). Components of teacher research occur daily within many capacities in academic classrooms. Kindergarten teachers collect and create data as they observe interactions in classroom centers, reflect in their teaching journals, and write anecdotal notes. High school instructors analyze data as they review students’ responses, reflect on patterns, and collaborate with colleagues. College professors interpret results and form implications for teaching as they draw conclusions, revise lessons, plan for reteaching, and seek professional development. Any time that an instructor reflects on the methods, responses, and results of a lesson and the progress of a student for the purpose of determining effectiveness, research is underway.

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