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Part II: Abraham's Role and Uniqueness in Psychoanalytic Theory

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Part III: Evolution of Abraham's Thought Regarding the History of Libidinal Development (1907–1925)

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The Scientific Environment of Karl Abraham

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Adler, Alfred (1870–1937)

Born in Vienna. He held left-wing views and was knowledgeable in history, psychology and German philosophy. He had been a sickly child. He was the first of Freud's students to separate from the master; his ideas (for example, viewing the oedipus as symbolic) began to diverge in 1910. In spite of this, he was appointed as president of the Viennese Psychoanalytic Society in the same year to calm tensions caused by the naming of Jung as the president of the International Association. He resigned in the following year together with nine of the thirty-five members of the society and founded the Society for Free Psychoanalytic Study which later became the Individual Psychology Society, (willpower as an engine of character formation, expressed fundamentally in the form of masculine protest), which held its first meeting in 1911. With Stekel (Rodrigué (1996) established certain biographical similarities between the two) he founded the Zentralblatt für Psychoanalyse.

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Part I: Abraham, Psychoanalysis, and his Time

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Sigmund Freud was born in Freiberg.


The study of aphasias began after Broca's discovery of the disturbing effects caused by injury to the frontal lobe of the brain.


Equal rights for Jews in the Austro-Hungarian Empire granted by Emperor Franz Joseph.


Black Wednesday.


Brücke published the Conferences on Physiology.


Abraham was born in Bremen on 3 May.


Theodor Aschenbrandt found that administering cocaine to soldiers enhanced their endurance on manoeuvres.Freud discovered the gold method.


First meeting between Wilhelm Fliess and Sigmund Freud in Vienna.


A year of abstinence for Freud after discovering cardiac problems.


December: Freud, Manuscript K.


Abraham began his degree in medicine, which he studied mainly in Wurtzburg and Freiberg.


The World Zionist Organisation was created.

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