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Faith in the Unknown

Edited by Karen A. Waldron, Janice H. Brazil, and Laura M. Labatt University of North Texas Press PDF

faith in the unknown

Daini reflected, “True faith is to follow the tiniest light in the deepest of dark, trusting that it will guide you to safety.” For some, faith is an assurance that things will work out, even during the worst of times. For others, it is a religious belief, or perhaps a spiritual awakening, that carries them through their daily encounters and experiences. While the authors in our previous chapter turned to the inner self to sustain their courage, the writers in this chapter rely on faith to light their way.

Valerie Bridgeman Davis surrounds her poem, “The Soul’s Source,” with the words of Thomas Moore: “The soul is its own source of unfolding.” Her piece is about trusting one’s instincts and developing a faith in oneself for answers.

Bridgeman Davis writes, “in your soul are answers / to questions you’ve never asked.”

Also looking within, the voice in Bárbara Renaud González’s “La Diosa” delves into her worst fears: of love, of writing, of being alive. She pleads to her

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In the Bones

Matt Miller University of North Texas Press PDF

In the Bones

Up on the hill the bubble gum of her pink winter coat is mashed against the concrete sky. She kneels in the moss of the old cemetery.

My daughter has never run away before but I remember how to run away looks like. And so

I squish through our mire of yard, step past the breaking lilac of crocus pushing up despite the late March slush and snow.

I climb the hill, up the underbrush, to where her head hangs down in front of the stone of Abigail Thing,

“Died 1765.” A winged death head crowns the marble slab and pulling at a stripped finger of pine root my daughter says she wants to see a skeleton: “Not the fake ones at the museum.” I scare her when I say to dig Abigail up means her ghost will come to haunt.

I want her to know the mystical which means to fear the mystical but the nightmares are already at the edges of her eyes so I say that will not happen, the ghost will not happen. But I scare her by saying the police will come if we dig up the bones of Abigail.

“They’ll arrest us and we won’t see

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You're in the Picture

Stefanie Wortman University of Northern Texas PDF
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When the Green Gits Back in the Trees

James Whitcomb Riley Indiana University Press ePub
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See You In the Funny Pages

Matt Miller University of North Texas Press PDF

See You In the Funny Pages

Fold me up at last into this globe of blue ideas and tilted axes, seal the top back on and set me spinning across the pitch, that scaffold of dark matter physicists have finally found, but which is all around and has always been right here showing up most recently orangehaired at a movie theater in Colorado to say Riddle me this, Batman with 6000 rounds at 50 rounds a minute.

What’s happening to our baby boys?

Why keep pulling them into lockers and hurt showers? Who lets this happen?

Lacerations on the palms are defense wounds, not the marks of Jesus.

Why aren’t our girls and sad eyed

Sal Mineos throwing flowers at the husks inside the red jackets?

I’ve lost you, I know, I’m sorry.

I’m looking for the language of bullets but the bullets themselves are more accessible, a lot cheaper, and so much the quicker way to make a difference in the lives of others. What can Captain America do against stiff onshore winds?

One pained shield is no good against a thousand gunmen shouting fire inside a theater, inside a school, inside their own heads over and over, each voice another minute under water.

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