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The Lights

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Sheila na Gig at Kilpeck

Clarke, Gillian Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF
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Peeing at the Odeon

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Visit to an Artist

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Visit to an Artist

For David Jones

Window upon the wall, a balcony

With a light chair, the air and water so

Mingled you could not say which was the sun

And which the adamant yet tranquil spray.

But nothing was confused and nothing slow:

Each way you looked always the sea, the sea.

And every shyness that we brought with us

Was drawn into the pictures on the walls.

It was so good to sit quite still and lose

Necessity of discourse, words to choose

And wonder which were honest and which false.

Then I remembered words that you had said

Of art as gesture and as sacrament,

A mountain under the calm form of paint

Much like the Presence under wine and bread –

Art with its largesse and its own restraint.

The Clown


Balloon on finger he watches us, the clown;

White cheeks conceal what eyes are witness of

And nimble body hides in pantaloon.

If you love this it is yourself you love,

Your own absurdity, your pride brought down.

But is this what he means, or does he mean

A dancing childish world where play is fact?

The rubber ball returns unburst and clean –

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