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On Leaving Home

Gibson Fay-LeBlanc University of North Texas Press PDF
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Two Sonnets

Elizabeth Jennings Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF

It makes us fear an end before it comes

And haunts all sweet farewells,

It is the dark dissembler of our dreams

And it can leap from bells

Which enter marriages just as they start.

You cannot hold time back.

It dizzies every movement of the heart

And is in love with lack.

Two Sonnets

For my mother who has been dead for two years


Your natural wisdom is what I remember,

Your clever hands re-shaping, sewing, cooking.

You always come back to me in September

When St Giles’ fair still is making

Its noise in roundabouts and in loud colour,

Straight to the bull your dart went but you said,

‘It was a fluke.’ All pleasures you made fuller

And gave them back from heart as much as head.

Nothing you did was vulgar or a fluke,

You had an instinct about poetry

For making was your life. You loved a book

By Jane Austen or Trollope. You could see

The point of writing poems and you took

My first ones to the post. You are with me.


Not as sadness but a presence who

Shaped my life. So often I was ill

And once you kept the fire up all night through,

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Old October

James Whitcomb Riley Indiana University Press ePub

Old October’s purt’ nigh gone,

And the frosts is comin’ on

Little heavier every day—

Like our hearts is thataway!

Leaves is changin’ overhead

Back from green to gray and red,

Brown and yeller, with their stems

Loosenin’ on the oaks and e’ms;

And the balance of the trees

Gittin’ balder every breeze—

Like the heads we’re scratchin’ on!

Old October’s purt’ nigh gone.

I love Old October so,

I can’t bear to see her go—

Seems to me like losin’ some

Old-home relative er chum—

’Pears like sorto’ settin’ by

Some old friend ’at sigh by sigh

Was a-passin’ out o’ sight

Into everlastin’ night!

Hickernuts a feller hears

Rattlin’ down is more like tears

Drappin’ on the leaves below—

I love Old October so!

Can’t tell what it is about

Old October knocks me out!—

I sleep well enough at night—

And the blamedest appetite

Ever mortal man possessed,—

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Near the Creek Emptied of Water

Rob Schlegel The Center for Literary Publishing ePub

Dry-lightning and a thunder made
of needle and pitch—

a sock and its thread a bird found
outside the cabin, the bird

that disturbed the silence—by its feet
I hanged it with thread from the cabin’s eave—

and a tally of stains in the curtains.
These should be enough to keep the sick away.

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The Perky Flowers, 1999 (UD, uncatalogued)

Elizabeth Jennings Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF

The Perky Flowers

The flowers are perky in their green arbours

Lifting thin faces into the new sun, drinking the light with a huge morning thirst,

Gesturing at the flaring, effulgent light

See how the faces of carnations rise

Rich and alert, excitable sending their incense

Into blue light, O the faces of flowers are perky

And must not be refused when they invade us,

Making our morning new, our world unfallen.


Someone will always be slipping away when the others

Go on talking and drinking. They notice, of course,

Knowing they can do nothing. Close as brothers

They lean on the table, now and then talk, now and then

Simply think and enjoy the company.

But they know, of course, that none of them is free.

That each will be away, each betrayed.

For their great friend, the choice was long ago made,

And though the whole of the horror could be altered

It will not be for the world in need of great

Pain and agony, the crucial loss.

Will-power has been allowed its leash but on

Easter Sunday, we’ll see the abandoned Cross

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