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Amy M. Clark University of North Texas Press PDF
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How to Make Fatherhood Lyrical

Gibson Fay-LeBlanc University of North Texas Press PDF
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Part 2

George Bilgere Utah State University Press ePub


. . . that sticky infusion, that rank flavor of blood, that poetry by which I lived . . .

Close up, the cicada dying on the lawn
was indescribably weird—
a gargoyle fallen from the choir of summer—

but at last I could put a face
to the name he’d been singing
all season long.

Like that time
in a crowded elevator
at some long-forgotten MLA
when my eyes fell on a name tag
reading Galway Kinnell,

then rose slowly to a face
terribly altered from the young,
dark-haired dreamer’s
in my ancient college anthology
of American poetry,

but indisputably belonging
to the author of The Bear,
with its line about the hunter
eating the wounded polar bear’s
blood-soaked turd

just to keep himself alive
long enough to eat the bear,

a poem about paying the price
for doing what you’re born to do,
singing your one poem all summer,

burning your own body
to make a song of fire.

I smiled at him. He smiled back.
Then the doors opened, and Galway Kinnell
walked down the cold December sidewalk
like anyone else.

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The Anzac Sonata

Stallworthy, Jon Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF

under the bridge and varnished arch, dancing to the Wedding March.

She remembered the singing, the silence, the face on the pillow. She heard the jubilant note another time, another place.

But the angel opened its throat and mewed for her breast. The sky she saw reflected in its eyes seems less remote but bluer, more miraculous than before.

The hands smell sweeter than calico, and when the feet take to the floor the first ant drags its shadow into a garden where the first birds waken.

The beasts are named, and the trees also.

She saw the apple, in its season, taken and knowing what would follow, drew an arm through her daughter’s when the road was shaken.

She knew the way. The darkness grew transparent as they walked together.

And, when the dawn came up, she knew her daughter older than her older brother.


‘What did the doctor say?’ She, on her bed, could hear her heart drumming. ‘He said,

“We’ve a bit of a battle ahead.”’

Not the least cloud troubled the sky.

Heavily burdened, looking ahead, they moved up the line to die.

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Name Pinned to the Skin of a Mole

Amy M. Clark University of North Texas Press PDF

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