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Standing behind a lectern on a box

To see above the microphones cocked

To catch my words, cornered in a pen

Made of clicking shutters and shouting men

I lost my way, Cortez above the sea.

No slave whispered ‘memento mori’,

I never saw jackals in the shadows

Holding their pens like Herculean arrows

In wait for cripples from dodge-ball games,

Or the bullet coming, like Jesse James.

In the Empty Quarter no phones ring

Lunch goes undone, the caravan dwindles.

You sit alone sorting hate mail and bills

For futures bought on notoriety,

Fingering mistakes and credulities

Like a mumbling Bedouin’s palsied hand

Telling prayer beads in a parched land.

When the dogs and kites rose from their mess

I downed Ecclesiastes, stiffed the press,

Stuck poultices to flesh where skin had been,

Traded leathers for suits, tucked a foulard in

And walked once more over London Bridge

Into the City.

Defeat is a scourge

That changes men: I’m always wary now,

Flinch from compliments, pat each smile down

For the powdered purpose that harbours grief

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Place Name: Try See

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Def: Extreme Rendition

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