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Discussion by Marsilio of the Ninth Letter

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VI. The Future Ones

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Those strangers alike in heart, equally decided for the bestowal and refusal that have been assigned to them. The ones who bear the staff of the truth of beyng, the truth in which beings are built up to the dominance of the simple essence of every single thing and breath. The stillest witnesses to the stillest stillness in which an imperceptible impetus turns truth out of the confusion of all calculatively correct findings and back into its essence, such that there is kept concealed what is most concealed, viz., the trembling of the passing by of the decision about the gods, the essential occurrence of beyng.

The future ones: the slow, far-hearing ones who ground this essence of truth. Those who offer resistance to the thrust of beyng.

The ones to come2 are those future ones who receive—insofar as they expect on the way back and in sacrificial restraint—the intimation and intrusion of the absconding and nearing of the last god.

The task is to prepare for these future ones. Such preparation is served by inceptual thinking as bearing the silence of the event. But thinking is only one way the few venture the leap into beyng.

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10. Review of Fraser’s Locke

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Review of

Fraser’s Locke

25 September 1890

The Nation

Locke. By Alexander Campbell Fraser. [Philosophical Classics for English Readers.] Edinburgh: Wm. Blackwood & Sons; Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott Co. 1890.

Mr. Galton’s researches have set us to asking of every distinguished personality, what were the traits of his family; although in respect, not to Mr. Galton’s eminent persons, but to the truly great—those men who, in their various directions of action, thought, and feeling, make such an impression of power that we cannot name from all history more than three hundred such—in respect to these men it has not been shown that talented families are more likely than dull families to produce them. The gifts of fortune, however, are of importance even to these. It is not true that they rise above other men as a man above a race of intelligent dogs. In the judgment of Palissy the potter (and what better witness could be asked?), the majority of geniuses are crushed under adverse circumstances. John Locke, whose biography by Berkeleyan

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11 August 1959

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One of the dangers of the failure to dream α in the session is that the patient then splits the murderous super-ego and evacuates it. He is now surrounded by murderous fragments of super-ego, each of which immediately develops into a super-ego. These, being externalized, are not seen in the real-life objects with which he is surrounded, and a situation is produced similar to that described by Freud as typical of ‘social guilt’. Since the patient not only fears but wishes to be re-united with his murderous super-ego fragments, the danger is that he now acts out. And he does this in a way calculated to make the social forces of reality harbour murderous wishes against him. Hence the danger that he will force this by actually committing a murder.

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46. The Sciences in Their Order of Generality

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