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Forrie, Allan Thistledown Press ePub
With one sharp motion and two pin-prick marks on his ankle, Steven Lattey’s world is turned upside down in “A Snake Story”. After a torturous journey to the hospital and a painful recovery, Lattey fixates on his escape from a premature death.

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Working-Class Heroes

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I write “Oblivious” along the flat line at the beginning. Along the gradually descending line I write “Mass of Men.” Along the vertically descending line I write “Event.” Along the steeply ascending line I write “Rebirth,” and along the less steep line I write “Life.” I bisect the line vertically at the Event point with a dotted line and write “Flesh” on the left side and “Spirit” on the right. I’m drawing the diagram as an aid to my own thinking and so I’m ready in case tonight’s meeting ever gets under way, but when I turn around I find that everyone is now seated and facing me. I guess tonight’s meeting is under way.

“Oh,” I say. “Hello.”............. See All Chapters
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The Unlocked Cage

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The Ministry of Awakening

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“You might want to think about this,” says Bob, looking at me over the tops of the pages he’s holding. “These amateurs and hobbyists, as you call them, are your audience.”

“My audience?”

“Well, your intended audience,” he clarifies. “It might not be wise to alienate them like this.”

“If I have an intended audience,” I reply, “it’s people who know they’re stuck and want to get unstuck, not people who don’t know they’re stuck and just want to pass the time and pass judgment.”

He sighs in exasperation. We’ve been having more or less this same conversation for several days.

“And what do you suppose is the difference?”

“The former would receive criticism with gratitude, and the latter as a personal attack. Awakening is a process of breakthroughs, and breakthroughs don’t come from incense and candlelight and inner peace. You look at spiritual aspirants as those most likely to achieve awakening, but........ See All Chapters
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27. From The Restaurant at the End of the Universe by Douglas Adams

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In his shack was an old beaten-up armchair, an old scratched table, an old mattress, some cushions and a stove that was small but warm. He stood up and found a glass that was lying on the floor by the mattress. He poured in a measure from his whisky bottle. He sat again.

“Perhaps some other people are coming to see me,” he said.

The door opened.

“Hello?” said the man.

“Ah, excuse me,” said Zarniwoop, “I have reason to believe…”

“Do you rule the Universe?” said Zaphod.

The man smiled at him.

“I try not to,” he said. ................. See All Chapters

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