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The Ministry of Awakening

Jed McKenna Wisefool Press PDF
“You might want to think about this,” says Bob, looking at me over the tops of the pages he’s holding. “These amateurs and hobbyists, as you call them, are your audience.”

“My audience?”

“Well, your intended audience,” he clarifies. “It might not be wise to alienate them like this.”

“If I have an intended audience,” I reply, “it’s people who know they’re stuck and want to get unstuck, not people who don’t know they’re stuck and just want to pass the time and pass judgment.”

He sighs in exasperation. We’ve been having more or less this same conversation for several days.

“And what do you suppose is the difference?”

“The former would receive criticism with gratitude, and the latter as a personal attack. Awakening is a process of breakthroughs, and breakthroughs don’t come from incense and candlelight and inner peace. You look at spiritual aspirants as those most likely to achieve awakening, but........ See All Chapters
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CHAPTER THREE: I’m the urban shaman

Duncan Barford Aeon Books ePub

Space and time. Have you ever stopped to wonder what they are? Have you ever peered deeply into your experience and considered what they are like?

They lend a fundamental structure to our experience, but in trying to grasp what time and space are we can easily overlook the equally interesting question of what use is being made of them.

Where space and time connect with human consciousness there arise the notions of place and occasion. And what constitutes the content of our lives more than these? Our lives are a procession of places and occasions. As soon as we turn our attention to how experience takes this form, we start to realize how our lives are chopped up into places and occasions of different types, within which different rules of behaviour are applied.

It seems too obvious to be worth pointing out how we are expected to behave differently when driving on the motorway from how we behave when walking on a pavement. It even seems absurd to argue that the contrast between our behaviour in a school (say) and in a supermarket has any real significance. Surely, we simply have to educate our children and buy our food, so why wonder that society sets aside places and occasions for this? Yet, if we trouble ourselves to think about it, the institutions of our culture have no other means of manifestation than the way they dictate our usage of time and space. To question or challenge this usage is a powerful technique for changing both culture and our experience of reality.

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The Unlocked Cage

Jed McKenna Wisefool Press PDF
Medium 9781608680306

Part 2: One-Minute Mindfulness for Work and Creativity

Donald Altman New World Library ePub

The act of driving requires our full attention. I know of a woman who drove through her garage door one morning because she was on automatic pilot and didn’t notice that it was still closed! The lapse of a split second can have devastating results. How do you approach your morning drive?

Do you use the morning drive to prepare for the day to come? Is driving a placeholder, a time for fitting in extraneous activities? Do you let the frustrations of the road soak into your body and spirit, filling you with anger or draining you of energy? A one-minute mindfulness approach to driving can improve your emotional tone, stress level, and ability to be open and adaptable.

When I discuss the brain and multitasking in workshops, I often ask participants to share stories about multitasking while driving. Here are a few that stand out: eating soup, with a spoon; putting on makeup and getting dressed; reading the newspaper or a book, even on a busy freeway; simultaneously smoking a cigarette, drinking a cup of coffee, putting on mascara, and backing up the car.

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A Road into Chaos and Old Night

Scott Russell Sanders Indiana University Press ePub

When I first read a handful of his essays in college, I didn’t much care for Ralph Waldo Emerson. He seemed too high-flown, too cocksure, too earnest. I couldn’t imagine he had ever sweated or doubted. His sentences rang with a magisterial certainty that I could never muster. In the library, his portrait gazed from the wall with a superior air; his name was carved in stone alongside the names of other literary immortals. More like an angel than a man, he seemed to float above the messy Earth where I labored in confusion. He rarely told stories, rarely framed arguments, rarely focused on any creature or place, but instead he piled one oracular statement atop another like a heap of jewels, each one hard and polished and cold.

While resisting Emerson, I fell under the spell of another citizen of Concord, Henry David Thoreau, who was agreeably cranky and earthy. Here was a man who rode rivers, climbed mountains, ambled through forests, and told of his journeys in wide-awake narratives, as I aspired to do. He built a cabin with his own hands, hoed beans, baked bread, and chopped wood. Thoreau kept his feet on the ground, his eyes and ears alert to the homely world—ants fighting on a stump, mud thawing on a railroad bank, men building a bridge, skunk cabbage perfuming a swamp. He led an outdoor life, keeping his distance from the gossipy town. He stood up against slavery, protested the Mexican war, went to jail for refusing to pay the poll tax, and wrote prose that seemed to me as wild as the loons he chased across Walden Pond.

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Medium 9780971435223


Jed McKenna Wisefool Press PDF

I was staying in a bed and breakfast in Connecticut when my newly acquired and much-despised disposable phone started chirping. It was Lisa, calling to let me know her dad Frank had passed away.......

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Forrie, Allan Thistledown Press ePub
“Otherwise Than Place” by Don McKay examines the relationship between humans and nature using examples from his memory to illustrate that though people seek to contain wildness or leave their mark through destruction, nature inevitably continues its slow cycle.
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Scott Russell Sanders Indiana University Press ePub

Finding a traditional Quaker meeting in Indianapolis would not be easy. No steeple would loom above the meetinghouse, no bell tower, no neon cross. No billboard out front would name the preacher or proclaim the sermon topic or tell sinners how to save their souls. No crowd of nattily dressed churchgoers would stream toward the entrance from a vast parking lot filled with late-model cars. No bleat and moan of organ music would roll from the sanctuary doors.

I knew all of that from having worshipped with Quakers off and on for thirty years, beginning when I was a graduate student in England. They are a people who call so little attention to themselves or their gathering places as to be nearly invisible. Yet when I happened to be in Indianapolis one Sunday this past January, I still set out in search of the meetinghouse without street address or map. My search was not made any easier by the snow lilting down on the city that morning. I recalled hearing that the North Meadow Circle of Friends gathers in a house near the intersection of Meridian and Sixteenth Streets, a spot I found easily enough. Although I could not miss the imposing Catholic Center nearby on Meridian nor the Joy of All Who Sorrow Eastern Orthodox Church just a block away on Sixteenth, the only landmark at the intersection itself was the International House of Pancakes. Figuring somebody in there might be able to direct me to the Quakers, I went inside, where I was greeted by the smell of sausage and the frazzled gaze of the hostess. No, she’d never heard of any Quakers.

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The First Step

Jed McKenna Wisefool Press PDF

It is not probable that this monomania in him took its instant rise at the precise time of his bodily dismemberment. Then, in darting at the monster, knife in hand, he had but given loose to a sudden, passionate, corporal animosity; and when he received the stroke that tore him, he probably but felt the agonizing bodily laceration, but nothing more. Yet, when by this collision forced to turn towards home, and for long months of days and weeks, Ahab and anguish lay stretched together in one hammock, rounding in mid winter that dreary, howling Patagonian Cape; then it was, that his torn body and gashed soul bled into one another; and so interfusing, made him mad..............

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Jed McKenna Wisefool Press PDF
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Maren S. Showkeir Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub
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The Golden Rule

Jed McKenna Wisefool Press PDF

“Well,” I reply reluctantly, “if you’re asking just from curiosity about me, the answer is I don’t know. I get a bit confused when the discussion turns to metaphysics. If you’re asking because you want to know if mystical powers are necessary to achieve enlightenment, then the answer is no; no superpowers required. If you’re asking whether or not you get mystical powers as, like, a bonus when you become enlightened, then the answer isn’t so clear. I don’t see auras or know the future or anything like that. I suppose I could go out and develop some mystical skills, but I wouldn’t know what to do with them. I have no such desire. On the other hand, I have – uh, heightened abilities might be a good way to put it – that most of you haven’t gotten around to developing or recognizing in yourselves yet. These abilities are not really related to enlightenment directly, though; at least, they don’t hinge on it, nor it on they. I’m talking about the ability to manifest desires, for one; to shape your personal reality...........

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1. That Which Cannot Be Simpler

Jed McKenna Wisefool Press PDF
“How long do you think this will take?”

“We’re unlocking all the mysteries of creation, you can’t find some room in your schedule?”

“But if you’re saying it’s so simple…”

“Fine. Under five minutes......... See All Chapters
Medium 9781608682652

11. Indigenous Wisdom and Shamanism: Meister Eckhart Meets Eddie Kneebone, Black Elk, and Bill Everson

Matthew Fox New World Library ePub

Meister Eckhart Meets Eddie Kneebone, Black Elk, and Bill Everson

The round form of the drum represents the whole universe and its steady, strong beat is the pulse, the heart, throbbing at the center of the universe. It is as the voice of Wakan-Tanka, and this sound stirs us and helps us to understand the mystery and power of all things.


The aspect of being at one with the universe…is included in our lives. It is a part of us.…For me, Creation Spirituality…is like the Dreamtime in the way that it brings the entire cosmos into our lives, making it a part of us, and us a part of it.


God loves all creatures equally and fills them with his being. And we should lovingly meet all creatures in the same way. We find this attitude among the pagans, people who came to this sense of love-filled equanimity.


The shamanistic tradition has always been about fostering, or restoring, our intimate connection with the cosmos and all the life within it. It teaches reverence for and identification with animals and creation. Shamanism is found almost universally among ancient and indigenous peoples, and evidence of it ranges from the Arctic to the southern tip of South America, from East to West and points in between. Shamanism speaks deeply to our ancient memory of how, in ages past, humans and animals “shared the same language” — meaning we humans were closer to our animal roots and more alert sensually to the mysteries of nature, be they the rock world, the plant world, the winged world, or the world of the four-legged ones. We were keen observers and translators, one might say, of the signals of other creatures. For our ancestors, this was surely a survival mechanism, but it was also a spiritual reality.

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Medium 9780980184822

One Truth

Jed McKenna Wisefool Press PDF

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