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The Salvation of Harvey Nicotine

Ratzlaff, Lloyd Thistledown Press ePub


HARVEY NICOTINE WAS IN TROUBLE because he didn’t want to attend Mass. The vice-principal had heard him out and said he’d be allowed to skip this time, but would have to undergo counselling for his problem, and would be expected at Mass next time, as usual.

Harvey came to my office and repeated his story. A terrible thing had happened at his reserve during the summer holidays, just shortly after his fourteenth birthday. He’d been out riding his bicycle near a large pasture, when he saw two men in a far corner standing over the carcass of a cow. It made him curious, and he left his bike in the ditch and headed over to see what had happened. But as he arrived, the men whirled around, and he saw inverted crosses on their foreheads and cultish emblems on their clothes. He was terrified — he knew they had just sacrificed this animal and he’d caught them by surprise; and they seized him and threw him headlong onto the body, and as he fell, he passed out.

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The River Within Us

Virgo, Seán Thistledown Press ePub


Trevor Herriot

FOR FIVE YEARS NOW I have not seen fish eggs in the marsh and flood zone that still somehow manages to breathe life into the river just downstream of Lake Katepwe. I have seen: a gathering of 872 pelicans on the lake just above the marsh; a harlequin duck lost and alone on the weir; gangs of bald eagles lurking in the poplars; mink, several times, bounding over beaver lodges; fireflies winking their soft lights above the bullrushes at dark; all manner of fisher-birds working the shallows, from herons to osprey to kingfishers to cormorants to terns; and LeConte’s sparrows, tiny with burnt orange on their cheeks, heads cocked back to sing the marsh alive from the top of signs that say “Fill Dirt Wanted”.

The Qu’Appelle, like most of our prairie rivers, is a troubled waterway, worrisome to anyone who gives it time or thought. A narrow stream, naturally brown and turbid from clay and loam on its uplands, it meanders across south-eastern Saskatchewan mixing the ecologies of the Northern Great Plains with those of the Aspen parkland to the north. The piece of the Qu’Appelle that I have come to know best is a three-mile stretch from Lake Katepwe downstream to a double-arched concrete bridge that marks where the old highway crossed in a respectful circumnavigation of the marshes and fish-spawning grounds. The new highway slashes across the belly of the wetland where the river channel resumes at the end of the lake, thereby shaving at least three or four minutes off cottagers’ car trips to their cabins and resorts. Right next to the arched bridge is the old Katepwe schoolhouse, a brick box anchored to the south-west riverbank where the children of white and Metis families were once schooled in reading, writing, ’rithmetic and river. The people who own the schoolhouse now have no little ones, and so the syllabus of a riparian education on this piece of the Qu’Appelle has fallen to my four children and one mature student tolerated for his ability to rescue mud-hole victims, fillet fish, hoist canoes, and drive cars.

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List of Reviewers

Michael J Ryan Indiana University Press ePub

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Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology, P.O. Box 7500, Drumheller, AB T0J 0Y0 Canada.

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Brigham Young University, Department of Geology S-387 ESC, P.O. Box 24606, Provo, UT 85602 USA.

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David C. Evans

Royal Ontario Museum, Department of Natural History, 100 Queen’s Park, Toronto, ON M5S 2C6 Canada.

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Jr John O Whitaker Indiana University Press ePub

Table P-1. Vascular Plants Occurring in Indiana Listed by Common Name

Common Name

Scientific Namea



Aplectrum hyemale


Adam’s needle



Alder buckthorn

Rhamnus alnifolia





Alkali grass



Alkali yellowtops



Allegheny barberry

Berberis canadensis


Allegheny chinquapin

Castanea pumila


Allegheny spurge

Pachysandra procumbens


Allegheny vine

Adlumia fungosa


Alsike clover



American beak grass

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14 High Jinks, 1965

Richard Westwood Utah State University Press ePub

The Grand Canyon was Georgie’s special place, and she began to spend more and more of her trip time there. In 1965 her schedule called for two Havasu Canyon hikes, one Cataract Canyon run, five trips through the Grand Canyon, one on the Nahanni River in Canada, and one on the Usumacinta along the border of Mexico and Guatemala.1

Georgie was a champion of animal rights, even though she didn’t spend much active time in the movement. In the spring of 1965 she wrote to California State Senator John G. Schmitz in support of a bill for the protection of poultry and rabbits presented to youngsters for pets at Easter. In a reply dated March 4, 1965, the Senator agreed with her that “many of these children are too young to understand their responsibility toward pets of this type and lack the maturity of control which should be exercised in handling them.”2

Whitey continued to have severe drinking problems. He would be on the wagon for a while and then try to catch up when he fell off. During his drinking binges he was not always reliable. Georgie tried to be a stabilizing force for Whitey, but that in itself may have contributed to the problem. The rafting company was now Georgie’s, and she controlled the purse strings.

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