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Subtraction: Fractions: SSAT-ISEE Arithmetic

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Verbal Problems: CLEP Algebra I

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B. R Packages

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Many of R’s most useful functions do not come preloaded when you start R, but reside in packages that can be installed on top of R. R packages are similar to libraries in C, C++, and Javascript, packages in Python, and gems in Ruby. An R package bundles together useful functions, help files, and data sets. You can use these functions within your own R code once you load the package they live in. Usually the contents of an R package are all related to a single type of task, which the package helps solve. R packages will let you take advantage of R’s most useful features: its large community of package writers (many of whom are active data scientists) and its prewritten routines for handling many common (and exotic) data-science tasks.

You may hear R users (or me) refer to “base R.” What is base R? It is just the collection of R functions that gets loaded every time you start R. These functions provide the basics of the language, and you don’t have to load a package before you can use them.

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Trig Functions and Identities: CLEP Precalculus

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Hack #12. Graph Relationships

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Whenever a relationship between two variables is discovered and defined, we can use one variable to guess another. Drawing a regression line allows you to picture the relationship and make predictions.

So, you've just been named assistant regional manager of ice cream sales for 10,000 square feet of prime beachfront retail space along the shores of Sunflower Lake in northeast Kansas. Congratulations! You have a lot of responsibility and many strategic decisions to make about how to maximize profit. One dilemma that you will confront is whether to even open. Being open costs money and uses resources, and if you will sell few ice cream cones that day, it probably won't be worth it to even unlock the service window of your brightly painted plywood shack.

If only there were some way to magically know how good business will be on any given day. As an amateur statistician, you assume there must be a scientific way to guess how many cones will sell without having to actually open for business and test the market for the day. You're in luck. There is a way to make estimates of the value or score on some variable (such as ice cream sales) by using other information.

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