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CHAPTER EIGHT Narrative psychiatry

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Narrative psychiatry

SuEllen Hamkins

arrative psychiatry brings together narrative and biological understandings of human suffering and wellbeing. It relishes discovering untold but inspiring stories of a person’s resilience and skill in resisting mental health challenges while exposing and deconstructing discourses that fuel problems. It examines what the doctor’s kit of psychiatry has to offer in light of the values and preferences of the person seeking consultation, authorising the patient as the arbiter of what is helpful and what is not.

Narrative psychiatry, as I theorise and practise it, arises from the confluence of several streams of inspiration in my life. Postmodern philosophy (Foucault, 1979) and feminist theory (Gilligan, 1982;

Morgan, 1970) inspired me early on to discern and unpack operations of power in society. I studied medicine with the intention of becoming a doctor who could selectively draw from bio-medical discourses while resisting their hegemony, with hopes of attending more empathically to my patients (Lewis, 2011). Narrative psychotherapy (Freedman &

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CHAPTER ONE Psychiatric diagnosis and its dilemmas

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Psychiatric diagnosis and its dilemmas

David Harper

n the West, the dominant discourse for understanding mental distress is a psychiatric one and a key element in this discourse is diagnosis. Systemic practitioners encounter diagnoses every day because they are enshrined in their institutional contexts. In the

USA, for example, practitioners are required by insurers to give clients a diagnosis from the American Psychiatric Association’s (2013)

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). In other countries, diagnoses from the World Health Organization’s (2010)

International Classification of Diseases (ICD) might be required for a range of administrative reasons. In addition, in the UK, the National

Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) has published a range of clinical guidelines based on diagnostic categories. Systemic therapists have a range of responses to diagnosis. For example, in their study, Strong, Gaete, Sametband, French, and Eeson (2012) noted

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Epilogue: The Sound of a Going

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And let it be, when thou hearest the sound of a going in the tops of the mulberry trees, that then thou shalt bestir thyself for then shall the LORD go out before thee, to smite the host of the Philistines. — Samuel 5:24, KJV

A black butterfly lands on the blanket draped over my arm as I approach the pioneer cemetery. I’m going once more to sit in Diefenbaker Park, when the little soul stops me. I’ve heard that this means good luck. I’ve heard that psyche means both soul and butterfly, and I fancy this one has come to visit on my last walk. I’ve lived near this park for fifteen years, longer than anywhere else in my life, and the place has been my tutor and my therapist. I’m moving away, willing, unwilling, resigned.

Once you were a worm, I tell the soul, and look at you now. But your wingtips are frayed — and I ponder how it’s only June and already things are crumbling. I whisper my thoughts about the wind and the way and the second coming, and the soul sits for a moment before flying on.

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Settling Twice

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Deborah Joy Corey

I n Penobscot, Maine, I often travel a stretch of road similar to the one that ran past my childhood home in New Brunswick, Canada. It wanders the same easy way through scattered country houses, a Baptist church, abandoned barns, and a general store. On the southward stretch, I pass the tiny rectangular field like the one where my older brother Dana was shot on Halloween night, when he was twelve.

In Bangor, Maine, there is a replica of the five-story brick mental hospital where my maternal grandmother died. It has stacked, barred windows identical to those one of her daughters would stand in years after her mother

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Virgo, Seán Thistledown Press ePub


Iltyd Perkins

Monday, September 17th

Disston Table: 3 hrs. Cut dovetail sliders for extension mechanism, (12 BF QS WOak @ 8.00/BF). surface, joint & thickness all. Cut dovetail slots and inserts. Fussy. MEMO; remember to use same ht. on router table to cut strips as grooves. Fit not too good but OK.

Walk dog; Visitors — Stibbard (sp??) Bruce & Jane /Joan (?? check !!). 598 2001 Fax 598 2002 (Saltspring) 569 671 2908 (Seattle). Discussion re chairs, poss. table — need for Tgiving (US) — hahaha — Christmas maybe? Call back.

Disston table: 2 hrs — fit dovetails and fasten, bandsaw curves at ends. Sand.

TOTAL HOURS. Disston 5. Cfwd 64. Total 69.

On one wall of my workshop under a hanging bundle of templets for a Gimson Ladderback Chair (five slat) are several dusty copied photographs and some postcards. The original photographs came from a variety of books that I’ve come across over the years. These are the books I would least like to part with, the last to go in any future winnowings, and seem to be those that were not searched out or known by name beforehand. Which makes a convenient excuse for not troubling to look in the first place, but simply to put myself occasionally in the way of chance. Of course, there’s always a troubling underthought — what have I missed? — but there’s significance enough.

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