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Workplace Words 1

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A. In this lesson you will review some commonly used workplace words and practice careful reading. As you read each sentence, notice the word pairs in parentheses. Circle the correct word in each pair.

1. Barney heard that Blanger Bagel Company was about to

( hire / higher ) new ( employees / employers ).

2. He scheduled an ( intervene / interview ) at Blanger’s.

3. Barney filled out a job ( affliction / application ).

4. He left his ( résumé / resume ) and a list of people to be called as ( references / referees ).

5. In less than a week, the Blanger plant ( manager / manger ) called

Barney with a job offer.

6. He explained that they needed someone to bake bagels on the swing ( shaft / shift ).

7. The starting ( wag / wage ) for bagel bakers was $10.00 an hour.

8. On Monday, Barney met his new ( boss / bass ) when he started work.

B. In an around-the-clock workplace such as a hospital, the 24 hours of

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How Detroit Was Reborn: The Inside Story of Detroit’s Historic Bankruptcy Case: Detroit Free Press / By Nathan Bomey, John Gallagher, and Mark Stryker

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How Detroit Was Reborn: The Inside Story of Detroit’s Historic Bankruptcy Case

Detroit Free Press

November 9, 2014

By Nathan Bomey, John Gallagher, and Mark Stryker

City rises from horrific debt to incredible hope

U.S. District Chief Judge Gerald Rosen wondered what the hell he’d gotten himself into.

Rosen was in Florida in August 2013 for a quick golf vacation but was rising before dawn each day to read Detroit’s massive plan to restructure its debt. The numbers were horrific: $18 billion in liabilities, 78,000 blighted buildings, four of every 10 dollars already devoted to debt, pensions and retiree health care.

Thousands of elderly retirees were facing deep pension cuts—their livelihoods. Detroit's world-class art museum was at risk of losing its treasured pieces in a fire sale. The city needed hundreds of millions of dollars just to begin to climb out of the hole.


Best American Newspaper Narratives, Vol. 3

Rosen, the appointed federal mediator in the city’s historic bankruptcy case, picked up his pen and doodled an idea on the cardboard back of a legal pad. He wrote “art” and drew a box around it, representing protection for the city-owned Detroit Institute of Arts and its billions of dollars in masterpieces.

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Murray’s Problem: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / By Mark Johnson

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Murray’s Problem

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Dec. 14, 2014

By Mark Johnson

Chapter One: Scientist and Son

Murray Blackmore stood at the lectern and tried to take in the dark conference room, the men and women in wheelchairs waiting for him to wrest a little hope from science. But in his preoccupied state, the room was a blur and hope a struggle. The 39-year-old researcher took a deep breath.

An assistant professor at Marquette University, Blackmore had looked forward to addressing the symposium on spinal cord research in Boston.

Work filled his daylight hours; interrupted his dreams at night. Often he would wake at 2 or 3 in the morning, pitched from sleep into the scientific puzzles of a broken spinal cord. Ideas in the midnight hours seldom bore fruit, but his mind churned through them just the same.

He felt a responsibility. The National Institutes of Health had awarded him a $1.6 million grant. He ran a lab outfitted with cutting edge equipment. He pursued the newest ideas in the field.

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4 Intervening for English Learner Performance

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The debate about the effects of accountability systems has produced one wide area of agreement—it has drawn overdue attention to the progress of students with learning and language differences. The shorthand of accountability-speak is that these groups comprise “significant subgroups”—that is, students whose socioeconomic, ethnic, language, and disability differences warrant our attention. However, any principal knows that the broad categories of significant subgroups can obscure the uniqueness of their members.

Response to instruction and intervention (RTI2) with English learners is complex because of the many factors that influence second language development. English learners deserve supplemental and intensive interventions, especially when their performance pales in compares with that of true peers, not just chronological ones.

• What are true peers?

• What is RTI2?

• What elements are necessary in quality core instruction?

• Is English language development (ELD) the same as Tier 2?

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3: Conclusion

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and on the amount of non-English languages one could use in bilingual education (less than half a day; less than one hour per day). Ironically, while they limited the types of students who could enroll in bilingual education programs, opponents expanded the coverage to include the diverse groups of immigrants coming to this country, especially those from Latin America, the Caribbean, and Asia.65

Although all of these changes impacted the character of bilingual education, none was more significant than the redefinition of this policy allowing the funding of English-only alternatives to native language instruction. In 1978 only bilingual education programs were fundable.66

In 1984, federal policy allowed an English-only alternative to native language instruction.67 Officially, five programs were fundable. Three of these were instructional programs for LEP children: Transitional Bilingual Education (TBE), Developmental Bilingual Education (DBE), and

Special Alternative Instructional Programs (SAIP). The first two allowed for native language instruction; the latter did not. In defense of the program, supporters of bilingual education managed to insert a provision stipulating that only ten percent of total funds for this policy could be used for this English-only method.68 In 1988 this policy was amended to allow up to twenty-five percent of total bilingual education funds for establishing English-only instructional programs. The amended bill also stipulated that one hundred percent of any new funds above $130 million had to be devoted to English-only methods.69

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Then the Walls Closed In

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19. How to Raise Fluent, Comfortable, and Charming Kids

Fleming, Carol Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub


I was at a Christmas dinner recently, and since it was somebody else’s family I could observe the interactions quite deliberately. It was a rich, multigenerational affair with people talking, drinking, eating—repeated over and over again. They were catching up with each other. There is something so sweet about this ritual of renewing relationships and filling in on recent events, all done with interest and goodwill.

A young man caught my attention when he leaned over the kindergarten set and said, “Hey, guys! How are you doing? Having any luck with that puzzle?” Followed by “Hi, Grandpa! Glad you are here. You’re looking pretty sharp today!” And then to me, “Hello! My name is Richard Brody. What’s your name?”

This young man was just twelve years old. I don’t know his other traits and talents, but what I saw of his graceful sociability made a huge impression on me, and based on that alone, I predict he will have an easy and successful life. And, no, I don’t have a clue as to how he became so socially fluent, except for the amiable context of the family party.

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At the Hospital

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How many “hospital words” do you know? Match each vocabulary word with a clue. Write the word on the crossword puzzle. admitting imaging

ambulance outpatient

CAT scan recovery


critical emergency surgery MRI




2. the operating room

4. Patients entering the hospital register in the

___ department.





6. short for Magnetic

Resonance Imaging; like a high-tech X-ray

8. Immediate treatment for accident victims is provided in the

___ room.



9. special type of X-ray that uses a computer to show soft parts of the body


1. one who receives hospital care but does not stay overnight

3. Right after surgery, patients rest in the ___ room.

4. special vehicle for carrying sick or injured people

5. Extremely sick patients may be cared for in the ___ care unit.

7. In the ___ department, X-rays,

CAT scans, and MRIs produce images of the body’s insides.

CHALLENGE!  Think about the people you would find working in a hospital.

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Evaluating Ads: Recognizing Fact and Opinion

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EVALUATING ADS: Recognizing Fact and Opinion

Advertisers use both facts and opinions to promote their products. Sometimes they try to present opinions as if they were facts. Wise consumers know the difference!

A. Complete each statement with the word fact or opinion.

1. A ___________________________ can be proven true.

2. An ___________________________ is a belief that cannot be proven true.

B. Write F or O to identify each statement as a fact or opinion.

1. _____ Chipperdo snack chips were sold for the first time this year.

2. _____ Chipperdo chips are the tastiest chips in the world.

3. _____ Americans everywhere are in love with Chipperdos.

4. _____ Each Chipperdo chip has only 1 gram of fat and no trans fat.

5. _____ A smart shopper buys only Chipperdo chips.

6. _____ The best taste, the best value, the best crunch. . . that’s Chipperdos!

7. _____ You’re a sure winner when you wear

Dynamo running shoes.

8. _____ Dynamo running shoes were designed by champion marathonrunner Harold Heelblister.

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Critical Thinking

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Your mind gets good exercise when you try to look at things in different ways.

Read the first sentence in each item. The boldfaced words prompt thinking about things in a certain way. Use the example in the second sentence as a context clue to figure out the meaning of the boldfaced word.

Write the meaning on the line. The first one has been done for you.

1. Our literature teacher asked us to contrast the characters of Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer. One difference I noticed was that Tom cared more about what people thought of him than Huck did. contrast: _________________________________________________________ to tell the differences

2. In social studies, we were asked to compare the 1950s with the 1990s. I could see a similarity in the choice of automobiles, because Americans in both decades favored big, solid vehicles. compare: ________________________________________________________

3. In most book reports, students summarize the plot. Call of the Wild begins as the dog Buck is stolen from his California home, continues with his Arctic adventures, and ends with his return to nature. summarize: ______________________________________________________

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4. Small Talk 101

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Some folks get mightily confused with the style and pacing of small talk. Perhaps some similes or images will suggest the unique characteristics of small talk style in America. (Who knew it was so complicated?)

I have already likened small talk to tofu in its ubiquity and flexibility. The following similes require that you have had some exposure to a freeway on-ramp, jazz music, an automobile, and tennis. I hope that these images lead to a greater appreciation of the style of social conversation.

Small talk is like the on-ramp to the conversation freeway.

When you enter a fast-moving freeway, you do so by means of an on-ramp that allows your car to get up to speed in a protected and safe way as you merge with other cars. You are not expected to be able to negotiate ongoing freeway speeds right from the get-go, nor do we think you should be able to discuss a very deep and interesting topic the minute you begin interacting with a stranger.

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Workplace Words 2: Word Workshop

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A compound word combines two words to form a new one. Some compounds combine into one word, as in freeway; some are joined with a hyphen, as in sit-in; and some are separated with a space, as in air conditioner.

A. Many compound words are used on the job. Combine

the words in the box in different ways to make compound words. Write as many words as you can. Check a dictionary to make sure that you’ve written the compounds correctly.

One compound has been written as a model. work hour back place sales clock room spread clip time feed sheet lunch man board


 _____________________ _____________________ ______________________

 _____________________ _____________________ ______________________

 _____________________ _____________________ ______________________

B. Sometimes a shortened word is used more than the longer word from which it came. For example, gas is usually used in place of gasoline. Write the shortened version of each workplace word below. The first one has been done for you.

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2: Conclusion

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time between pre-and post-testing, the programs being studied, the adequacy of instructional staff, and the sources of funds being used.64 A particularly biting critique was issued by Robert A. Cervantes, an educator from California. Cervantes’ critique, unlike most of his contemporaries’, was broad in scope and went beyond criticizing technical aspects of the evaluation. He provided an overview of the events leading to the awarding of the contract to conduct a national evaluation of bilingual education and explained the reasons for acceptance of a “flawed” proposal. He argued that the award to AIR was related to the politics of

Watergate (Nixon’s reelection committee) and was part of a systematic plan to deprive Development Associates—the alternative group of evaluators—of federal contracts.65

Despite these criticisms, the AIR Report raised serious questions about the effectiveness of bilingual education. It was the first report to do so.


The passage of the Bilingual Education Act of 1968 was viewed in extremely positive terms by legislators, educators, and activists of all sorts. Despite its enactment, bilingual education was a minor, compensatory, and voluntary piece of legislation. During the next decade the proponents of bilingual education began to change its character and to transform the policy as it was being implemented. They expanded the scope of bilingual education legislation, contested the goals of this program, increased its funding, eliminated its compensatory provisions, and made it mandatory. In doing so, they significantly increased the federal role in local education.

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Shopping From Home

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date ____________________________


Read the following letter from a merchandise catalog. Then complete the sentences below with boldfaced words from the letter. Context clues can help you choose the right words.


Dear Customer,

We hope you enjoy our spring edition of

Robin’s Roost, a catalog of fine products for your home. To place orders quickly, visit our website at www.robinsroost.com, or call our toll-free number,


Every in-stock order has a shipping time of 3 working days. Want faster service?

For a $6.00 rush fee, orders can be sent by Rockin’ Robin’s Express Delivery.

Robin’s Roost gladly accepts all major credit cards. Sorry, no C.O.D. orders.

We cheerfully refund the full merchandise price but cannot refund shipping and handling fees.

If you are paying by check, use our convenient mail-order form.

1. A book showing things for sale is a ________________________.

2. A long-distance phone number

that can be dialed without charge (usually beginning with

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1 Personal Branding 101

Burke, Fauzia Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

All of us need to understand the importance of branding. We are CEOs of our own companies: Me Inc.
Tom Peters

When I ask authors how they feel about online marketing, the answer I get most often is, “I feel overwhelmed.” I understand that feeling, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

There has never been a better time to be an author, because for the first time authors have direct access to their readers. While there is more competition in the marketplace, there is also more opportunity.

The biggest challenge for most of my clients is finding the time to build their brands and market their books while writing the best book possible. To thrive in today’s competitive markets, personal branding is more important than ever. Your ability to successfully execute your online marketing plan will help you capture and hold your reader’s attention.

By reading this book you will have already taken the first step toward accepting your role as the marketing director of your career. You can begin your online marketing work as soon as you have an idea for your book. You will find that it is easier to get an agent and/or a publisher and certainly easier to build your audience if you have already built a personal brand online.

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