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Fun with Friends

Low, Rachel C&T Publishing ePub

I bet that for many of you, one of your favorite things to do is spend time with your friends. I bet it doesn’t matter whether it’s during school, after school, or on weekends. Anytime is a good time with your BFF or bestie! Am I right?

Now, what to wear for this good time? Why not design and make an outfit yourself? Now that you are learning to sew and design, you can really create whatever style you like. And when your friends say, “I LOVE that!” and ask, “Where did you get it?” you can proudly say, “I made it!” You could even invite your friends to sew with you. How great is it to come up with ideas together and share them?

In this section, you will make and style a few basic clothing items and accessories. Show off your creative style; it will surely be Fun with Friends.


1–1½ yards of knit fabric (Check your size, to figure out how much fabric to buy.)

Knit non-roll elastic, 1˝ wide (See Let’s Prep, Step 4, to figure out how much you need.)

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Fashion Designing

Low, Rachel C&T Publishing ePub


Another great way to discover your creative style is to do some fashion illustration. Whether you have an entire collection in mind, an outfit you want to make, or just one piece, fashion illustration gives you (and others) a visual representation of what your specific vision is.

Most fashion designers are constantly drawing their designs for their collections. They work from these drawings to consider various fabrics and ultimately to choose fabrics and make the garment.

Some designers draw their designs freehand. Some use croquis.

It provides a well-proportioned fashion figure for you to draw your garments and accessories on. You have your own croquis to color and design! Trace a croquis using lightweight paper or vellum (what the fashion designers use) or make photocopies of the page so you have lots of croquis on hand to use and design.

Patterns of different pieces of clothing and boots are also blank and will help you draw the various fashion silhouettes. Trace over them again and again if you use lightweight paper for your croquis, copy them with a photocopier, or make templates on a heavier paper or cardboard so you can use them over and over.

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On the Sunny Side

James Whitcomb Riley Indiana University Press ePub

HI and whoop-hooray, boys!

Sing a song of cheer!

Here’s a holiday, boys,

Lasting half a year!

Round the world, and half is

Shadow we have tried;

Now we’re where the laugh is,—

On the sunny side!

Pigeons coo and mutter,

Strutting high aloof

Where the sunbeams flutter

Through the stable roof.

Hear the chickens cheep, boys,

And the hen with pride

Clucking them to sleep, boys,

On the sunny side!

Hear the clacking guinea;

Hear the cattle moo;

Hear the horses whinny,

Looking out at you!

On the hitching-block, boys,

Grandly satisfied,

See the old peacock, boys,

On the sunny side!

Robins in the peach-tree;

Bluebird in the pear;

Blossoms over each tree

In the orchard there!

All the world’s in joy, boys,

Glad and glorified

As a romping boy, boys,

On the sunny side!

Where’s a heart as mellow?

Where’s a soul as free?

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Waitin’ fer the Cat to Die

James Whitcomb Riley Indiana University Press ePub

LAWZY! don’t I rickollect

That-’air old swing in the lane!

Right and proper, I expect,

Old times can’t come back again;

But I want to state, ef they

Could come back, and I could say

What my pick ’ud be, i jing!

I’d say, Gimme the old swing

’Nunder the old locus’-trees

On the old place, ef you please!—

Danglin’ there with half-shet eye,

Waitin’ fer the cat to die!

I’d say, Gimme the old gang

Of barefooted, hungry, lean,

Ornry boys you want to hang

When you’re growed up twic’t as mean!

The old gyarden-patch, the old

Truants, and the stuff we stol’d!

The old stompin’-groun’, where we

Wore the grass off, wild and free

As the swoop of the old swing,

Where we ust to climb and cling,

And twist roun’, and fight, and lie—

Waitin’ fer the cat to die!

’Pears like I ’most allus could

Swing the highest of the crowd—

Jes sail up there tel I stood

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Boy Lives on Our Farm, The

James Whitcomb Riley Indiana University Press ePub

THE BOY lives on our Farm, he’s not

Afeard o’ horses none!

An’ he can make ’em lope, er trot,

Er rack, er pace, er run.

Sometimes he drives two horses, when

He comes to town an’ brings

A wagon-full o’ ’taters nen,

An’ roastin’-ears an’ things.

Two horses is “a team,” he says,

An’ when you drive er hitch,

The right-un’s a “near-horse,” I guess

Er “off”—I don’t know which—

The Boy lives on our Farm, he told

Me, too, ’at he can see,

By lookin’ at their teeth, how old

A horse is, to a T!

I’d be the gladdest boy alive

Ef I knowed much as that,

An’ could stand up like him an’ drive,

An’ ist push back my hat,

Like he comes skallyhootin’ through

Our alley, with one arm

A-wavin’ Fare-ye-well! to you—

The Boy lives on our Farm!

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