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Old Tramp, The

James Whitcomb Riley Indiana University Press ePub

A OLD Tramp slep’ in our stable wunst,

An’ The Raggedy Man he caught

An’ roust him up, an’ chased him off

Clean out through our back lot!

An’ th’ Old Tramp hollered back an’ said,—

“You’re a purty man!—You air!—

With a pair o’ eyes like two fried eggs,

An’ a nose like a Bartlutt pear!”

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Fools and Folly in Erasmus and Porter

Edited by Thomas Austenfeld UNT Press ePub

Fools and Folly in Erasmus and Porter

Jewel Spears Brooker

In the articulation of her literary ancestry, Katherine Anne Porter created a place of honor for Erasmus, and in her personal canon, she made room at the top for The Praise of Folly. She told her nephew that she had been formed by Erasmus "from her tenth year" (Letters 415). In 1932, she was reading him in Basel, and on June 19, 1941, she signed a contract with Doubleday to write his biography. After the publication of Ship of Fools, she reiterated her admiration, hinting that her representation of folly was inspired by his. Porter was drawn to Erasmus in large part because of his moral imagination. Both were keen observers of human nature and both considered folly to be endemic in the human condition. But they present strikingly different concepts of folly. For Erasmus, folly is foolishness, and although it is the butt of his satire, he generally finds it amusing. For Porter, on the other hand, folly is innate wickedness. When writing of ordinary human life in The Praise of Folly, he is tolerant and urbane; in contrast, in Ship of Fools, she is harsh and scornful. Unlike Porter, Erasmus actually likes his fools, and far more than she, he identifies with them in their folly.

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Solids and Surface Area

Michael Buckley Saddleback Educational Publishing PDF



Solids and Euler’s Formula

There are several parts to a solid, or polyhedron:

Face: each surface or polygon.

Edge: the segment formed by the intersection of two faces.

Vertex: a point where 3 or more edges intersect, the plural is vertices. faces,

The rectangular prism to the right has

edges and


The relationship between the faces, edges and vertices is known as Euler’s Formula.

Rules for Using Euler’s Formula

1. Identify what you are given:

faces: count the number of polygons edges: count the number of segments vertices: count the points where 3 or more segments meet

2. Plug the numbers into Euler’s Formula: V + F = E + 2


How many vertices are in a pyramid with a square base?

Step 1 Identify what you are given:

faces: count the number of polygons edges: count the number of segments

Step 2 Plug the numbers into Euler’s

Formula: V + F = E + 2

1 rectangle and 4 triangles

There are 5 faces.

There are 8 edges.


V = 5; there are 5 vertices


1. Find the number of edges in a triangular prism.

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Chapter 3: Peterson's Progress

Alex Monnig SportsZone PDF


Getting Defensive

Bill Peterson became well known for his high-powered offenses at Florida State. But the defense was just as important in the school’s breakthrough 1964 season. The Seminoles’ tenth-ranked defensive unit allowed fewer than eight points per game. It opened the season with three shutouts. The dominant defensive line was given the nickname of “The

Magnificent Seven.” It was so good that people often forgot about the quality of the team’s defensive backs. That is why they became known as “The Forgotten Four.”

One reason for the scoring outburst was wide receiver Fred

Biletnikoff. He was one of the best offensive players to ever play college football. In fact, the award given annually to the best college wide receiver is now named the Biletnikoff Award. Biletnikoff played for

Florida State from 1962 to 1964. In 1964, he set single-season school records with 57 catches, 987 receiving yards, and 11 touchdowns. For that, he was chosen as Florida State’s first consensus All-American.

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Verbs: Agreement with Subject

Elliott Quinley Saddleback Educational Publishing PDF

Basic Skills Practice

Verbs: Agreement with Subject

No doubt you already know that singular subjects take singular verbs and plural subjects take plural verbs. singular:

Lance is a Democrat. plural: The Hongs are Republicans.

A fly buzzes.

The flies buzz.

But some cases of subject-verb agreement can cause problems. Here are two examples: collective nouns:

• Does a collective noun indicate a group acting together as a single unit?

Use a singular verb.

The jury has brought in a verdict.

• Does the collective noun indicate members of a group acting individually?

Use a plural verb.

The jury were arguing among themselves.

nouns of measurement:

• Does the noun name an amount of money • Does the measurement or amount refer or a measurement that refers to a sum or to a number of individual units? Use a a whole amount? Use a singular verb. plural verb.

Fifty dollars is the amount that he still owes.

Fifty dollars have been identified as counterfeit.

A. Circle the verb that correctly completes each sentence.

1. Our football team ( compete / competes ) against 10 opponents this year.

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