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4. Jane

Susan Hellen Wallace, Sr. FSP Pauline Books and Media ePub

Thomas continued to gather around him a growing number of new friends from various walks of life. One of these was a landowner named John Colt, who frequently invited Thomas to his home. Thomas enjoyed his visits with Mr. Colt, his wife, and his family. The food was tasty and the company was lively.

A few of the Colts’ daughters were of a marriageable age. And twenty-six-year-old Thomas was quietly attracted to the second eldest, but it was customary that the eldest daughter in a family marry first. Jane is also a fine young woman, Thomas thought. Perhaps if we got to know each other better, we could grow to love each another.

Seventeen-year-old Jane Colt enjoyed the carefree lifestyle of a wealthy sixteenth-century English family. She was not required to accept any major responsibilities, and she often let afternoons slip away in games and pleasant pastimes with her friends. Jane loved social events. Like the other young women of her day, she had little classroom education. Jane expected to fulfill her life’s purpose as most women did—in the role of wife and mother.

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“Hope Does not Disappoint”

The Daughters Paul Pauline Books and Media ePub

Twice during high school, I took part in mission trips with my parish youth group living and working at an orphanage for disabled children in Nicaragua. Both times our trip consisted of more than simply digging foundations or mixing cement (which we did a lot of); the trips were life-changing experiences that revolutionized my perspective on the world. The greatest lesson I learned was also the simplest: With God, there is always joy and hope.

The children of this orphanage were the most vulnerable and marginalized in society: orphans with disabilities living in a poverty-stricken, developing country. Yet, these same children were the most joyful individuals I had ever met. We would play, dance, and laugh with them constantly, and it brought us overwhelming fulfillment to know that just our presence was able to put a smile on their faces and bring them joy.

My second trip was two years after my first. A lot had changed: there was now another dormitory house, an administration/classroom building, and a chapel under construction on the property. There were also several more children living in the orphanage. It was amazing to see how the work of many missionaries had built up this community, and I was happy to have been a part of it. This place gives hope to these kids, who, without this orphanage, might be in even more harmful situations.

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5: Toward the Cross

Margaret Charles Kerry Fsp Pauline Books and Media ePub


Toward the Cross

Fernando loved Holy Cross Monastery from the moment he first saw its tall, majestic steeple towering above him. There he happily placed himself under the guidance of Canon John, a famous scripture scholar who had previously taught at the University of Paris.

Fernando soon found himself immersed in the study of the Bible and the writings of Saint Augustine and other Fathers of the Church. He was eager to learn and wholeheartedly threw himself into his studies. But crosses are found everywhere in life. And they were not missing at Coimbra. Fernando quickly realized that his new monastery was split into two opposing groups.

King Alfonso II, the son of King Sancho, had cheated his sister out of her inheritance. Alfonso was excommunicated by the archbishop for having committed such a selfish deed. But in order to win his favor, some men had sided with King Alfonso against the archbishop and the Church. Unfortunately, one of these was the superior of Holy Cross Monastery. His love for wealth and riches caused the superior to seek his own pleasures. Some of the teachers and students at the monastery also followed his bad example.

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12. To San Damiano

Marianne Lorraine Trouv Fsp Pauline Books and Media ePub


To San Damiano

Clare and Agnes were still living at Sant’Angelo. One day a visitor arrived.

It was Francis. “I have some good news for you!” he said. “You’ll now have your own convent. San Damiano is finally ready for you!”

“That’s wonderful!” Clare burst out. “It’s been a little awkward living here with the other nuns. They’re wonderful, of course, but they have their own life and mission. God has a different mission in mind for us.”

“Yes,” Agnes chimed in. “But tell us about San Damiano!”

“Well, you know that, with the help of others, I repaired the church. There’s a small building behind it for you to live in. It’s simple and poor, but you’ll have all you need.”

“How soon can we go?” Clare asked.

“Right away!” was the reply.

Soon they were on their way. After a

few hours of walking, they were in San Damiano.

As they walked down to the small stone building set among olive trees, Clare turned to her sister. “I’m so happy!” she exclaimed. “What a beautiful spot. Here we can be alone with God and pray for the needs of our people!”

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Like Terms: SSAT-ISEE Algebra

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