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Pet Coon, The

James Whitcomb Riley Indiana University Press ePub

NOEY Bixler ketched him, and fetched him in to me

When he’s ist a little teenty-weenty baby-coon

’Bout as big as little pups, an’ tied him to a tree;

An’ Pa gived Noey fifty cents, when he come home at noon.

Nen he buyed a chain fer him, an’ little collar, too,

An’ sawed a hole in a’ old tub an’ turnt it upside-down;

An’ little feller’d stay in there and won’t come out fer you—

Tendin’ like he’s kindo’ skeered o’ boys ’at lives in town.

Now he aint afeard a bit! he’s ist so fat an’ tame,

We on’y chain him up at night, to save the little chicks.

Holler “Greedy! Greedy!” to him, an’ he knows his name,

An’ here he’ll come a-waddle-un, up fer any tricks!

He’ll climb up my leg, he will, an’ waller in my lap,

An’ poke his little black paws ’way in my pockets where

They’s beechnuts, er chinkypins, er any little scrap

Of anything, ’at’s good to eat—an’ he don’t care!

An’ he’s as spunky as you please, an’ don’t like dogs at all.—

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Felt Gift Card Holder

Annabel Wrigley FunStitch Studio ePub

a teeny bit more challenging

Felt Gift Card Holder

What Do I Need?

12˝ × 12˝ piece of felt

Little fabric scraps

Bright, fun-colored thread

Fabric glue

Pinking shears

Perle cotton or embroidery floss

Basic sewing supplies

special skills

•Refer to The Rules of Sewing

• Using an iron

• Making and using templates

• Sewing a running stitch

Prepare the Pieces

1.Use the patterns (Felt Gift Card Envelope, Felt Gift Card Stamp, Felt Gift Card Address, Felt Gift Card Heart) to make templates.

2.Trace the templates onto the appropriate fabrics.

3.Carefully cut out the shapes.

Let’s Make It

Thread the sewing machine with fun-colored thread and stitch around the entire envelope shape, sewing nice and close to the edge.

I just love giving gift cards … Sometimes they are the perfect gift for that person who has everything!

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Polynomials: COOP-HSPT Algebra

Ace Academics Ace Academics ePub
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South Wind and the Sun, The

James Whitcomb Riley Indiana University Press ePub

O THE South Wind and the Sun

How each loved the other one—

Full of fancy—full of folly—

Full of jollity and fun!

How they romped and ran about,

Like two boys when school is out,

With glowing face, and lisping lip,

Low laugh, and lifted shout!

And the South Wind—he was dressed

With a ribbon round his breast

That floated, flapped and fluttered

In a riotous unrest,

And a drapery of mist

From the shoulder and the wrist

Flowing backward with the motion

Of the waving hand he kissed.

And the Sun had on a crown

Wrought of gilded thistledown,

And a scarf of velvet vapor,

And a raveled-rainbow gown;

And his tinsel-tangled hair,

Tossed and lost upon the air,

Was glossier and flossier

Than any anywhere.

And the South Wind’s eyes were two

Little dancing drops of dew,

As he puffed his cheeks, and pursed his lips,

And blew and blew and blew!

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Verbal Problems: SSAT-ISEE Algebra

Ace Academics Ace Academics ePub

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