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Rider of the Knee, The

James Whitcomb Riley Indiana University Press ePub

KNIGHTLY Rider of the Knee

Of Proud-prancing Unclery!

Gaily mount, and wave the sign

Of that mastery of thine.

Pat thy steed and turn him free,

Knightly Rider of the Knee!

Sit thy charger as a throne—

Lash him with thy laugh alone:

Sting him only with the spur

Of such wit as may occur,

Knightly Rider of the Knee,

In thy shriek of ecstasy.

Would, as now, we might endure,

Twain as one—thou miniature

Ruler, at the rein of me—

Knightly Rider of the Knee!

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"K" Words: SSAT-ISEE Essential Vocabulary

Ace Academics Ace Academics ePub
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Slumber Party

Low, Rachel C&T Publishing ePub

Show up to your next sleepover with slumber party essentials that you have designed and sewn yourself. Make your PJ’s pop, have sweet dreams with your pretty eye mask, and carry all your stuff in a stylish sleepover bag.


1–2½ yards of cotton or flannel fabric (Check your size in How Much Fabric to Buy.)

Knit non-roll elastic, 1˝ wide (See Let’s Prep, Step 4, to figure out how much you need.)

Basic sewing supplies

Safety pin


Pattern paper


See How to Use Patterns for tips.

1 Trace the pajama pant front and back patterns (on pullout) in the correct size onto your pattern paper. Copy any markings from the originals onto your 2 patterns. Cut out the paper patterns.

Hold the pattern pieces up to yourself to check the length.

If you want your pants longer, now is the time to make the patterns longer.

If you want your pants a lot shorter, it’s easier to do that now too!

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Old Hay-Mow, The

James Whitcomb Riley Indiana University Press ePub

THE Old Hay-mow’s the place to play

Fer boys, when it’s a rainy day!

I good-’eal ruther be up there

Than down in town, er anywhere!

When I play in our stable-loft,

The good old hay’s so dry an’ soft,

An’ feels so fine, an’ smells so sweet,

I ’most ferget to go an’ eat.

An’ one time wunst I did ferget

To go ’tel dinner was all et,—

An’ they had short-cake—an’—Bud he

Hogged up the piece Ma saved fer me!

Nen I won’t let him play no more

In our hay-mow where I keep store

An’ got hen-eggs to sell,—an’ shoo

The cackle-un old hen out, too!

An’ nen, when Aunty she was here

A-visitun from Rensselaer,

An’ bringed my little cousin,—he

Can come up there an’ play with me.

But, after while—when Bud he bets

’At I can’t turn no summersetts,—

I let him come up, ef he can

Ac’ ha’f-way like a gentleman!

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Bumblebee, The

James Whitcomb Riley Indiana University Press ePub

YOU better not fool with a Bumblebee!—

Ef you don’t think they can sting—you’ll see!

They’re lazy to look at, an’ kindo’ go

Buzzin’ an’ bummin’ aroun’ so slow,

An’ ac’ so slouchy an’ all fagged out,

Danglin’ their legs as they drone about

The hollyhawks ’at they can’t climb in

’Ithout ist a-tumble-un out agin!

Wunst I watched one climb clean ’way

In a jim’son-blossom, I did, one day,—

An’ I ist grabbed it—an’ nen let go—

An’ “Ooh-ooh! Honey! I told ye so!”

Says The Raggedy Man; an’ he ist run

An’ pullt out the stinger, an’ don’t laugh none,

An’ says: “They has ben folks, I guess,

’At thought I wuz predjudust, more er less,—

Yit I still muntain ’at a Bumblebee

Wears out his welcome too quick fer me!”

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