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Square Roots and Powers: COOP-HSPT Arithmetic

Ace Academics Ace Academics ePub
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Chapter 5: Ups and Downs

Alex Monnig SportsZone PDF


Florida State was back in the

Chris Weinke

Quarterback Chris Weinke attempted just 13 passes as a freshman in 1997. Then he took over as starter in 1998. It was rare for coach Bobby Bowden to let a sophomore start at quarterback. But at 25, Weinke was older than most sophomores after a minor league baseball career. He led the Seminoles to just under 31 points per game that year. That ranked twenty-ninth in the country. While still good, it was low for the Seminoles.

Soon the Seminoles were back to their high-powered ways. Weinke threw for 3,432 yards and 29 touchdowns in 1999. Florida State scored more than 38 points per game that year. Most importantly, the team had its first undefeated season and won its second national championship. Weinke saved his best personal season for last. As a senior in

2000, he threw for 4,167 yards and 33 touchdowns. That was good enough to earn him the Heisman Trophy.

national title hunt in 1996 and 1997.

But the Gators kept the Seminoles from getting back to the very top. In 1996,

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"V" Words: COOP-HSPT Vocabulary

Ace Academics Ace Academics ePub
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Embroidered Pet Portraits

Annabel Wrigley FunStitch Studio ePub

a teeny bit more challenging

Embroidered Pet Portraits

•What Do I Need?

Inkjet printer fabric sheets (most measure 8½˝ × 11˝ and can be found in packages online or at a fabric store)

Inkjet printer

8˝ wood embroidery hoop

Embroidery floss or perle cotton (size 8)

Small beads (optional) (Make sure your needle can pass through the hole in the beads. If it is too tight, you may need a larger bead!)

Basic sewing supplies

special skills

•Refer to The Rules of Sewing

• Using an iron

• Hand sewing

Let’s Make It



1.Choose a digital photo of your favorite pet. You will be printing the image onto fabric, so it is important to make sure that everything is prepared correctly before you start the printing. Ask an adult if you need help.

2.Pull up the photo on the computer. Change the photo to black and white using the editing feature. It prints really well this way. Resize the photo so that the image of your pet will fit into an 8˝ embroidery hoop.

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Geometry: COOP-HSPT Arithmetic

Ace Academics Ace Academics ePub
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Prewriting: Gathering Resource Information

Emily Hutchinson Saddleback Educational Publishing PDF

Basic Skills Practice

Prewriting: Gathering Resource Information

Suppose you are assigned to write an essay based on research. The quality and quantity of the information you gather is important. What questions about your subject are you going to investigate? Begin by listing these questions. Then consult the sources that are most likely to be helpful in answering your questions.

A. What topic will you select for your essay? You might want to write about

politics, history, biology, culture, or ethics. Alternatively, you may write about anything else that interests you.

Write your essay topic here: _______________________________________________

Now write five questions about your topic. After each question, write the source you would consult to get the answer. These sources might be encyclopedias, atlases, almanacs, newspapers, magazines, or documentaries.

They might also include electronic databases on CD-ROMs or on the Internet, personal interviews of experts, biographies, or primary sources such as journals and diaries.

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Monomials: COOP-HSPT Algebra

Ace Academics Ace Academics ePub
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Boy Lives on Our Farm, The

James Whitcomb Riley Indiana University Press ePub

THE BOY lives on our Farm, he’s not

Afeard o’ horses none!

An’ he can make ’em lope, er trot,

Er rack, er pace, er run.

Sometimes he drives two horses, when

He comes to town an’ brings

A wagon-full o’ ’taters nen,

An’ roastin’-ears an’ things.

Two horses is “a team,” he says,

An’ when you drive er hitch,

The right-un’s a “near-horse,” I guess

Er “off”—I don’t know which—

The Boy lives on our Farm, he told

Me, too, ’at he can see,

By lookin’ at their teeth, how old

A horse is, to a T!

I’d be the gladdest boy alive

Ef I knowed much as that,

An’ could stand up like him an’ drive,

An’ ist push back my hat,

Like he comes skallyhootin’ through

Our alley, with one arm

A-wavin’ Fare-ye-well! to you—

The Boy lives on our Farm!

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Ratio and Proportion: SSAT-ISEE Algebra

Ace Academics Ace Academics ePub
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Runaway Boy, The

James Whitcomb Riley Indiana University Press ePub

WUNST I sassed my Pa, an’ he

Won’t stand that, an’ punished me,—

Nen when he was gone that day,

I slipped out an’ runned away.

I tooked all my copper-cents,

An’ clumbed over our back fence

In the jimpson-weeds ’at growed

Ever’where all down the road.

Nen I got out there, an’ nen

I runned some—an’ runned again

When I met a man ’at led

A big cow ’at shooked her head.

I went down a long, long lane

Where was little pigs a-play’n’;

An’ a grea’-big pig went “Booh!”

An’ jumped up, an’ skeered me too.

Nen I scampered past, an’ they

Was somebody hollered “Hey!”

An’ I ist looked ever’where,

An’ they was nobody there.

I Want to, but I’m ’fraid to try

To go back. . . . An’ by-an’-by

Somepin’ hurts my throat inside—

An’ I want my Ma—an’ cried.

Nen a grea’-big girl come through

Where’s a gate, an’ telled me who

Am I? an’ ef I tell where

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Our Hired Girl

James Whitcomb Riley Indiana University Press ePub

OUR hired girl, she’s ’Lizabuth Ann;

An’ she can cook best things to eat!

She ist puts dough in our pie-pan,

An’ pours in somepin’ ’at’s good and sweet,

An’ nen she salts it all on top

With cinnamon; an’ nen she’ll stop

An’ stoop an’ slide it, ist as slow,

In th’ old cook-stove, so’s ’twon’t slop

An’ git all spilled; nen bakes it, so

It’s custard pie, first thing you know!

An’ nen she’ll say:

“Clear out o’ my way!

They’s time fer work, an’ time fer play!—

Take yer dough, an’ run, Child; run!

Er I cain’t git no cookin’ done!”

When our hired girl ’tends like she’s mad,

An’ says folks got to walk the chalk

When she’s around, er wisht they had,

I play out on our porch an’ talk

To th’ Raggedy Man ’at mows our lawn;

An’ he says, “Whew!” an’ nen leans on

His old crook-scythe, and blinks his eyes,

An’ sniffs all round an’ says,—“I swawn!

Ef my old nose don’t tell me lies,

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Slumber Party

Low, Rachel C&T Publishing ePub

Show up to your next sleepover with slumber party essentials that you have designed and sewn yourself. Make your PJ’s pop, have sweet dreams with your pretty eye mask, and carry all your stuff in a stylish sleepover bag.


1–2½ yards of cotton or flannel fabric (Check your size in How Much Fabric to Buy.)

Knit non-roll elastic, 1˝ wide (See Let’s Prep, Step 4, to figure out how much you need.)

Basic sewing supplies

Safety pin


Pattern paper


See How to Use Patterns for tips.

1 Trace the pajama pant front and back patterns (on pullout) in the correct size onto your pattern paper. Copy any markings from the originals onto your 2 patterns. Cut out the paper patterns.

Hold the pattern pieces up to yourself to check the length.

If you want your pants longer, now is the time to make the patterns longer.

If you want your pants a lot shorter, it’s easier to do that now too!

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Medium 9781576336267

"W-Z" Words: COOP-HSPT Vocabulary

Ace Academics Ace Academics ePub
Medium 9781622500253


Emily Hutchinson Saddleback Educational Publishing PDF

Basic Skills Practice


Proper nouns, which name specific persons, places, or things, must be capitalized.

Common nouns are not capitalized. The number of the noun (singular or plural) used as a subject determines the number of the verb used with it. It also determines the number of any pronoun that refers to it. Here are some examples:

proper nouns:

common nouns:

singular noun with singular verb:

plural noun with plural verb:

singular noun (antecedent) with singular pronoun:

plural noun (antecedent) with plural pronoun:

Abigail, California, Brooklyn Bridge woman, state, bridge

Abigail wants to visit New York soon.

The two friends want to visit New York soon.

Jane lost her umbrella.

The boys bought their own tickets.

A. Write nouns or simple sentences as described below.

1. a. proper noun naming a relative: ________________________________________

b. common noun naming a relative: ______________________________________

2. a. proper noun naming a city: ___________________________________________

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Neat Men’s Necktie

Annabel Wrigley FunStitch Studio ePub

a teeny bit more challenging

Neat Men’s Necktie

What Do I Need?

Old necktie (Thrift shops usually have a huge supply for a dollar or so.)

1¼ yards of fabric OR a piece of fabric measuring 20˝ × 39˝; you should cut your fabric so that the tie pattern is running parallel to the selvage (Since you can make 2 ties from the 1¼ yards, you could share the fabric with a friend.)

10˝ × 10˝ piece of a contrasting fabric

Coordinating sewing thread

Basic sewing supplies

special skills

Refer to The Rules of Sewing

Using an iron

Prepare the Pieces

1.Using your seam ripper, carefully unpick the entire tie, starting at the back seam.

Thinking of a neat gift for Dad? I don’t think you can beat a super-smart-looking necktie made by you! Pick a cute yet manly fabric and craft the perfect gift for your pop.

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