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Questions Southern Baptists Never Ask

Robert Flynn University of North Texas Press PDF

Questions Southern Baptists

Never Ask j

If being sucked out of an airplane to meet Jesus in the Rapture is devoutly to be desired, why not buy a ticket on Ed’s Cut Rate

Airline and meet him sooner?

What is the point of the rapture if you can’t enjoy the misery of those left behind?

If the Bible is literally true why is grape juice substituted for wine?

If the Bible is literally true why didn’t St. Peter turn to stone?

If Paul meant the church and not husbands and wives when he wrote “submit yourselves to one another,” was the church in Ephesus for singles?

If women can’t be pastors because the Bible says “husband,” why do girlfriends have to be submissive when the Bible says “wives?”

If the Bible means “men only” when it says “husband of one wife” does the Bible mean “women only” when it says that a woman whose husband is dead does not commit adultery if she remarries?

What Southern Baptist agency gave King James the authority to authorize the King James Baptist Bible? Can that authority be taken away by the next Southern Baptist Convention?

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Questions Catholics Never Ask

Robert Flynn University of North Texas Press PDF

Questions Catholics Never Ask j

When the Virgin Mary visits the earth, why does she always dress like a Muslim?

Other than the halo, how do they know she is the mother of Jesus and not the mother of Mohammed?

How old is that dress any way? It’s unlikely there are any fashion designers in heaven but couldn’t Michaelangelo whip up something? da Vinci?

When the Holy Mother returns, shouldn’t it be “revisitation” rather than “visitation?”

Why is it necessary for the Holy Mother to appear at all if she always has the same message? Love one another? Can’t she think of something that hasn’t been used in soft drink commercials?

If the Secrets of Fatima were important enough for the Holy

Mother to appear on earth to reveal, why did the popes keep them secret until after the events had occurred? Shouldn’t she have appeared again to be sure her message was delivered?

If the pope is the head of the church, why doesn’t the Holy

Mother go directly to him? Doesn’t he listen to women?

What if God and the Virgin Mary got their roles crossed and God spoke to the pope and the Virgin appeared to the president of the Church of Latter Day Saints? Would good

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The Garden Kitchen

Simon Winchester Lonely Planet ePub

As a young woman, San Francisco native and resident Holly Erickson ate her way across Europe, sampling the likes of reindeer stroganoff and poached whale – and much delicious food as well. She then studied literature at the University of California, Berkeley, and cooking at the California Culinary Academy. The owner of Mrs Dalloway’s Catering service, she is also writing Lights! Camera! Cuisine!, a cookbook based on cinematic food scenes, and The Devil Sends Cooks, a book about private chefs and their clients, from which ‘The Garden Kitchen’ is excerpted.

Friends of my family had bought a rambling old house in South London. They were an affable young British couple, who thought that their three-storey renovator’s delight was too big to waste on two and so had taken in lodgers. After I graduated from college, but before I’d been to culinary school, they hired me to cook. I would be given one of the vacant rooms and in return would cook for the lodgers and the food-loving couple themselves.

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DIY Ecstatic Dance Jam

Dani Burlison Petals & Bones Press PDF


Do I enjoy unconventional cardio workouts?

Do I become giddy at the mere mention of “embodied play,” “soul activation,” or “vibrational sound healing”?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be ready to ecstatically jam on the dance floor.

2. The next step to creating an Ecstatic Dance Jam is to find attendees that share the same feelings about sweat, drumming, raw foods and saffron-dyed fabric. Again, find a quiet place, practice deep breathing and tap into your intuition’s core. It will lead you to the people you need to invite. If you live near power lines or a cell phone tower and find that their unnatural energy or radioactive waves create a barrier between you and your clairvoyance (and you loaned your tin foil hat to your aunt Freya), there are other avenues to finding the group of Ecstatic Dance Jammers that will mesh well with you in your sacred space. Places to seek these jamming dancers include the Whole Foods raw desert aisle and Earth

Day festivals. You may also spot potential guests dancing to jam bands at the local farmers market or pedaling pot brownies or other cannabis-rich snacky treats at reggae concerts. And of course, don’t forget the 7 a.m. naked yoga class at the nearest hot spring resort. Also, tantra workshops, crop circle study groups and your neighborhood psychic institute are well worth looking into for attendees. Tip: Men wearing linen pants and no underwear are always game for

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The Most Perfect Hotel in the World

Simon Winchester Lonely Planet ePub

Simon Winchester is the author, most recently, of A Crack in the Edge of the World, a centennial account of the great San Francisco earthquake. Among his other books are Krakatoa, The Map that Changed the World and The Surgeon of Crowthorne (also published under the title The Professor and the Madman). Simon lives in New York City and on a farm in the Berkshire Hills of western Massachusetts.

This is a story not my own, but one that belongs to a literary figure of so towering a reputation among the belles lettristes of London that he feels it rather beneath him to relate it. He complains that the tale is, as they were once wont to say in Rome, infra dig, since it concerns such mundanities as the location of hotel rooms, the design of baths and the taps with which they are customarily equipped, the latest reported methods of making gin martinis and the rituals of American wedding nights. The fact that this confection, of what are to most readers really rather interesting items of ordinariness, was assembled for the making of the story in what was at the time one of the world’s finest hotels, to wit the Connaught, of Carlos Place, London W1, cuts neither ice nor mustard with the figure to whom the tale belongs – an attitude of such unrelieved stubbornness that it has compelled me to conclude, if somewhat irrelevantly, that the aforesaid literary figure is in fact, and in titanic proportions, a crashing snob.

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