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Don't Touch Me There

Dani Burlison Petals & Bones Press PDF


an environment so far out of my comfort zone that I might as well be visiting Pluto was also a little horrifying. I needed some reassurance.

The information on the front page of the CuddleParty.com website is straightforward and nonthreatening. Yet I couldn’t erase the visions in my mind of middle-aged pony-tailed dudes cruising for young, pretty, affirmation-thumping

New Age women. As I poked around the internet, however, photos of past parties, revealing bare arms intertwining indistinguishably in a sea of flannel-pajama bottoms and overstuffed pillows, tapped into a deep fear inside of me.

Thoughts of germs and cold, clammy hands running lightly across my back while moaning and sighing mixed with enchanted dolphin music invoked visions of what I imagined would be not unlike an unwilling visit to a couple’s tantra retreat. My blood pressure rose. I laughed nervously. I decided that I needed to go and see for myself.

As we drove the streets of San Francisco, Skye already sporting his completely awesome glow-in-the-dark footie pajamas, I prayed that we would be lost for so long that they would not admit our late arrival. Being one of the most grounded and open-minded of my friends, Skye was there to calm my nerves and talk me down from the extreme anxiety I was experiencing.

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A Sexual Primer

McKinnon, Neil Thistledown Press ePub


DURING MY LONG LIFE I HAVE undertaken many expeditions to explore the outermost regions in the kingdom of love. It occurs to me that I would be doing you, the reader, a serious disservice were I not to provide you with explicit descriptions of the acts committed by those individuals who are sexually affiliated, each with the other, and that I would be remiss were I not to also provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to perform the described acts. To carry out this task it will be necessary to enumerate the variety of fleshly combinations extant in today’s world and to exposit the essential qualities of each.

Relationships of a sexual nature occur in a variety of forms. They can be between a man and a woman, between a man and a man, between a woman and a woman, between many people and many other people, between individuals and inanimate objects, and between various parts of one’s own anatomy. In addition there are numerous permutations including a ménage à trois, a ménage à quatre, a ménage à cinq and others, ranging to whatever sized ménage can comfortably fit in a double bed.

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6. The Button

Michael Lopp O'Reilly Media ePub

Getting your head on straight and intelligently answering questions is only half of the game. An interview is an exchange of information, and the first and best way to screw up that up is to forget is that it’s as important for you to gather information as it is to give it.

You may really need this job, and this might give you the impression that the steady flow of people who are grilling you are calling the shots. And yes, if you let them, they will be, but while they need to learn about you, you need to learn about them. You need to figure out their Button.

Before you start pushing buttons, you need some context in the form of the interview list. Some employers don’t want to share this until you’re in the building, but even in that case, you can spend a few minutes figuring out your day.

Who do they have talking with you? Is it just your peer group? OK, then this is round #1 and, if things go well, there will be another round. Is it the entire org chart? Well, looks like you’re interviewing at a start-up and will be exposed to the entire business. Awesome.

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Snake Karma

Simon Winchester Lonely Planet ePub

Linda Watanabe McFerrin has been travelling since she was two and writing about it since she was six. A poet, travel writer, novelist and contributor to numerous journals, newspapers, magazines, anthologies and online publications, she is the author of two poetry collections and the editor of the fourth edition of Best Places Northern California. Her work has also appeared in Wild Places, In Search of Adventure and American Fiction. Other book-length works include the novel Namako: Sea Cucumber and short-story collection The Hand of Buddha. In spite of everything, she is still a great lover of snakes.

The fer-de-lance is an extremely venomous snake. More deadly than a rattlesnake, this pit viper is also missing its genetic cousin’s one redeeming virtue – a warning rattle. It strikes suddenly, and when it bites, it injects a substance that is part neural toxin, part anticoagulant and part digestive enzyme, so that the process of digestion can begin at once. You don’t have long once it bites: a minute, maybe two.

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Walk of Fame

Simon Winchester Lonely Planet ePub

Jeff Vize has trampled over wet cement, flower beds and innocent bystanders in at least forty countries. He currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Charlotte, and son, Loïc. He is currently at work on a travel memoir, Pigs in the Toilet (And Other Discoveries on the Road from Tokyo to Paris), from which this story is adapted.

I’m not a movie star, but I’ve played one abroad. Not that I know anything about acting, dialogue or even comic timing. I just know what it’s like to be famous: I was a celebrity for five days in Bangladesh.

If you’ve ever been to Bangladesh, you know what I’m talking about. In fact, if you’ve ever been to any developing nation you’ve no doubt had the same experience, particularly if your skin colour is a few shades darker or lighter than the locally prevailing hue. But ethnicity isn’t all that matters – it can be your clothes, your demeanour or your perpetually confused look. You don’t have to appear on TV either; you just need to step out of your hotel room.

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