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11. Cortisol, Infections, and Potbellies

Farris, Russell Basic Health Publications ePub


Cortisol, Infections, and Potbellies

I would sell my soul to the devil to be one of those girls who can eat nine sausages for breakfast, a huge plate of eggs and never gain a pound. I might make a pact with Satan to get a better metabolic rate.


Does excess cortisol really cause potbellies? Absolutely. When people take cortisol-like medicines, they often develop potbellies within a few months. When someone develops a tumor that stimulates cortisol production, the first visible sign of it will be a potbelly. People with AIDS often develop high cortisol levels and potbellies even while their muscles waste away. Children starved until their arms are no bigger around than your thumb will often have high cortisol levels and potbellies. Cortisol indisputably causes potbellies.

Yet, when researchers weigh a group of people and measure their cortisol levels, the links between cortisol and obesity can be confusing and contradictory.1,2 These conflicting research results are caused by the following factors:

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10. Inside Out and Upside Down

McCabe, Vinton Basic Health Publications ePub


Inside Out and Upside Down


efore any cases get taken and any remedies given, it is important that we have some sort of understanding as to how we get sick and how we move toward cure. Perhaps our best guidelines for the healing process come from Constantin Hering, a German homeopath who had the excellent fortune to be born on January 1, 1800. In his eighty years of life, Hering started out training to be an allopathic doctor studying under the mentorship of a Dr. Robbi, who was himself a rather rabid opponent of all things homeopathic.

Because of Robbis vociferous attacks on homeopathy, a publisher approached him to write a book on the subject. And because the young Constantin was Robbis student assistant, he was assigned the task of helping Robbi with his research. Unfortunately for Robbi, Hering found much that he liked in the writings of Samuel Hahnemann.

When Hering contacted Hahnemann and let him know of his appreciation of homeopathy, Hahnemannwho had been all but driven out of Germany for his beliefs and could not support his family through the practice of medicineadvised the younger man to keep his mouth shut and to graduate from medical school and then practice medicine as he saw best. Instead, Hering spoke up, letting Robbi know of his change of thinking and then himself changed medical schools in order to get his medical degree.

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1. Getting Started

Chauchard, Dr Claude Basic Health Publications ePub


Getting Started

Let me introduce Julien, one of my patients. He is a very smart young man who works for an advertising company and likes to enjoy his life. When we start our conversation, he does not believe in preventive medicine for aging.

JULIEN: Im thirty-eight years oldwhat has a book on aging got to do with me?

DR. CHAUCHARD: This book is not just for elderly people; it is for all those who want to live in full health for as long as possible. For older readers, it will be a case of learning to age in the best way. But adults of all ages should be concerned because we start growing old not just after the age of fifty but from the moment we are born. In our society, we have not yet grasped this revolutionary understanding of the body, let alone allowed it to affect the way we live our lives.

Showing you how to live for a long time is just one of the objectives of this book. In addition to adding years to your life, you can also add life to your years. In short, you can rejuvenate yourself with this program! Youth passes swiftly, marked by growth spurts. As Paul Nizan wrote at the start of his famous book Aden Arabie, I was twenty years old. I wouldnt let anyone say that its the best time of your life. At the other extreme, old age fades away, and our life with it. What remains, in the middle, is a period of undetermined length that we call the age of maturityadult lifewhich is also the active life, the time for seeking fulfillment in our work and our love life.

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1. Building a Foundation of Health

Meletis M.D., Chris Basic Health Publications ePub

As you have probably already discovered, getting pregnant isnt always that easy. It can be a very complex process, and many variables have to be in place for it to happen. Our goal is to empower you and your partner by providing useful information to make the process less complicated and to help you get pregnant.

Lets start with the basics: To get pregnant, a woman has to ovulate and release an egg, or ovum. A man has to produce enough normal sperm that can move well. Then he must be able to ejaculate sperm that can make their way through the womans reproductive system to reach and fertilize the ovum. In turn, the ovum has to be able to develop and implant itself in the endometrium (the lining of the uterus), where it can develop into a healthy baby over the next nine months. Refer to Figure 1.1 on page 4 and Figure 1.2 on page 5 for illustrations of the male and female reproductive systems.

Considering all the physiological factors necessary to establish a pregnancy, its really not surprising that roughly 6 million Americans are infertile at one time or another. That means they have been unable to conceive after at least one year of regular intercourse without contraceptive use. Fertility declines as we age (especially after age thirty-five for women), so people who wait until later in life to conceive may find it particularly challenging. That means they may need to enhance their bodies fertility to make it happen.

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