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14. Fermented Vegetables: Nutritional and Therapeutic Treasures

Hunter, Beatrice Trum Basic Health Publications ePub


Fermented Vegetables: Nutritional and Therapeutic Treasures

For many Americans, the most familiar fermented vegetable is sauerkraut. For Germans, it is the national dish. Like yogurt and other cultured milk products, fermented vegetables are products resulting from the action of lactic acid bacteria. Sometimes, the process is called lacto-fermentation, referring to the lactic acid. Or, such products may be termed cultured vegetables. Whatever the term, all fermented vegetables contribute nutrients, digestibility, and healthful qualities to the diet. They differ from yogurt and other cultured milk products insofar as they do not require inoculation with a bacterium to ferment them. Rather, fermented vegetables depend on free and wild unpatented bacteria present in the air.


Numerous health benefits are ascribed to fermented vegetables due to the lactic acid that cultures them. They are reported to

• stimulate the immune system

• contribute to protecting the body against infections

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10. Your Personal Health Notebook

Zimring M.D., Michael P. Basic Health Publications ePub




HIS CHAPTER PROVIDES A COMPREHENSIVE TRAVEL TO-DO LIST and a convenient place for you to record all of the important information weve discussed in the previous chapters. The checklists include reminders to photocopy some of that information to give to your emergency contacts as well. Note: If you are traveling with a companion, spouse, and/or children, fill out the relevant portions for each traveler.

Using this chapter will ensure that your medical and other travel-related information is well organized and complete, and packing this book in your carry-on bag (or keeping it with you at all times) will ensure that your personal health notebook and other useful information is always handy in case of any question or emergency on your trip. Happyand healthytrails to you!

                 MY TRAVEL LOG                

Traveler ________________________________________________________

Date(s) of Trip __________________________________________________

Mode(s) of Travel _________________________________________________

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7. Anemia

Mindell R.P.H. Ph.D., Earl Basic Health Publications ePub

In anemia, either the number of red blood cells or the amount of hemoglobin (oxygen-carrying protein) in the red blood cells is inadequate for an ample supply of oxygen to reach the body systems. Common causes of anemia are excessive bleeding, decreased red blood cell production, and increased red blood cell destruction. Symptoms vary, but may include fatigue, weakness, and lightheadedness. Supplementing with certain vitamins, minerals, and herbs can aid the bodys production of red blood cells.


•  Folic acid: 400800 mcg daily.

•  Iron (organic): 1015 mg of essential iron daily.

•  Vitamin B12: 1001,000 mcg daily.

•  Vitamin C: 5001,000 mg daily.


•  Chive: as directed on label.

•  Dong quai: as directed on label.

•  Quinoa: as directed on label.

•  Rose hip: as directed on label.

•  Watercress: as directed on label.


•  Burdock root and yellow dock interfere with iron absorption.

•  Excessive consumption of coffee and caffeinated soft drinks.

•  Too much iron (that is, two to five times more than the RDA).

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CHAPTER 5. Fifty Exercises for Your Gut

Tuley, Marty Basic Health Publications ePub

Determine never to be idle . . . It is wonderful how much

may be done if we are always doing.


I have selected the gut exercises in the Butt & Gut Program with similar criteria as the butt exercises. We start with simple movements that to some degree provide limited muscle isolation. Then, as the program progresses, youll use more advanced movements that will need added accessory muscle action. The more muscles we involve, the more intense the exercise. More muscle movement needs more energy and that places a greater demand on your bodys physiologyyour heart pumps faster and you breathe harder. However, it is the design of your bodys midsection that makes it almost impossible to single out certain muscles. Maybe more so than anywhere else in the body, the muscles that comprise your midsection and your core work in an interconnected fashion. We can vary the degree of muscle involvement with exercise selection, but we cannot isolate.


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5. Packing on the Pounds Increases Diabetes Risk

Klatz M.D. D.O., Ronald Basic Health Publications ePub

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