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47. Safety Driven

Klatz M.D. D.O., Ronald Basic Health Publications ePub
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5. Yogurt: An Ancient and Modern Food

Hunter, Beatrice Trum Basic Health Publications ePub


Yogurt: An Ancient and Modern Food

Curdled milk products may have been discovered by Neolithic people shortly after they learned to milk animals. Milk, allowed to rest for a few hours in warm weather, would soon have curdled. Depending on which wild yeasts were floating in the air, the curds would be fine or coarse. The former would develop into a product similar to yogurt or other cultured milk drinks; the latter, into soft fresh cheese.

Eventually, humans discovered that they could precipitate curdling in milk by adding certain types of vegetable juices, or by pouring the milk into a leather pouch made from the stomach of a calf. The lining of its stomach contains an enzyme, rennin, which produces a curdling agent, rennet. No doubt, enzymes in the vegetable juices also were the agents responsible for curdling. People found that if they pressed the curds into basketry molds or perforated earthenware containers, the whey would drain out and the curds would form cheese.

Yogurt Factoids

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6. Water from Your Tap: Soft or Hard?

Hunter, Beatrice Trum Basic Health Publications ePub


nless you are willing to assume an active role in improving local and federal water regulations, you do not control the drinking water from your taps supplied by municipal water facilities. Once water reaches your taps, you have options regarding the control of safety and quality of the water. You can make choices about water piping if you are building a new home or retrofitting an existing structure. You can select a water conditioner, filter, purifier, or distiller, if any of these appliances appears to be justified.

Ideally, water piping should be made of an inert substance that does not dissolve, vaporize, interact, or leach hazardous substances into water. Unfortunately, no type of piping exists that meets all of these qualifications. Some are better than others, depending on the characteristics of the water. The piping material may affect the water, and in turn the water may affect the piping. One effect occurs due to the softness or hardness of the water.

In general, soft water is acidic; hard water, with dissolved minerals, is alkaline. If soft water is especially acidic, it corrodes water pipes and can release toxic metals such as cadmium, lead, and cobalt. Hard water does not corrode pipes, but presents another set of problems. Calcium and magnesium salts precipitate calcium and magnesium bicarbonates. The gradual accretion forms a hard coating that prevents corrosion (except in rare instances when hard water atypically is acidic). Thus, hard water helps prevent the release of toxic metals into the water. Many studies show that hard water contains beneficial minerals and is a positive feature in human health, whereas soft water is a negative feature in human health.

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PERK #65: … And to Adopt Some Good Habits

Strang BA BEd MEd, Florence Basic Health Publications ePub

Perk #65

… And to Adopt Some Good Habits

My son, Donovan, walked into the kitchen one morning and asked, “Mom, why does it smell like someone just mowed the lawn in here?”

“Well, son, that’s my breakfast,” I replied.

Yes, my friends, I was doing grass—wheatgrass, that is. In case you are wondering, it tastes every bit as good as it sounds (if you are a cow). However, along with kicking some old bad habits, cancer motivated me to adopt some new, healthy ones. Juicing wheatgrass was one of them.

I’d read a lot of good things about wheatgrass juice. I am no medical expert, but taking living grass, squeezing the green “blood” from it, and then drinking it has to be good for you. The fact that it ranks right up there with broccoli and raw cabbage in taste tests is further proof to me that it is healthy. Therefore, while it takes a lot of work to produce just one ounce of the juice I figured this new health kick was worth a try! While I have not kept up with juicing on a daily basis, I still do it from time to time. (My newest health kick is sprouting!)

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PERK #93: Eavesdropping on the Ward

Strang BA BEd MEd, Florence Basic Health Publications ePub

Perk #93

Eavesdropping on the Ward

There I was, months after my cancer treatments had ended, back in the hospital battling off an infection in the area of my incision (FYI, there are no perks of having infections). I’ll admit, I am not one to share my living space with strangers. So anytime I had to stay in the hospital, I opted for a private room. Since this particular stay was an emergency, however, there were no private rooms available so I was forced to stay on a ward with the common folk. I know … I know … Beyoncé would never put up with that, and I seriously considered writing a stern letter to the hospital administration.

The interesting thing about sharing a room with three other people is the false sense of security that they get thinking that the thin curtain surrounding their beds (falling one foot short of the floor) provides any semblance of privacy. So while lying in my bed, staring at the ceiling, I overheard some doozies of conversations! Here is a sampling:

Conversation #1

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