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Y MARCH 2005, I’d been “retired” from ETS for a year and a half, but it had been a lucrative year and a half indeed. As soon as I’d hung up my ETS pencil, the offers for consulting work started flooding in, and those offers were not small. I accepted because I had to pay the bills (damn, that was some Cobra health payment!) and because I was unqualified to do anything else. I took gigs with former colleagues at ETS to develop training materials, with Maria (who was in business for herself in Iowa City) to write test items, and with Riverside

Publishing in Chicago, which had mysteriously gotten my name and quickly signed me to a contract as a “test-scoring expert.” A friend from NCS had also called to ask if I could lend a hand on a scoring project, but the pay was so small (17 bucks an hour) I had to make a serious effort not to laugh in my old pal’s face.

Being a consultant was like running my own private Halliburton: I did what I felt like and charged what I wanted, the

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