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Germans are famously organized, and travelers will be wise to follow their example in doing a little advance planning for a trip to Germany, from how to get there and around to where to stay.


By Plane

Lufthansa ( 800/645-3880 in the U.S., 800/563-5954 in Canada, or 01805/805805 in Germany; www.lufthansa.com) operates the most frequent service from North America, with service from almost 20 cities. Given the quality of the fleet and service, as well as timeliness, a flight on Lufthansa is a good kickoff to a trip to Germany.

American Airlines ( 800/443-7300; www.aa.com) flies nonstop from Chicago, Dallas, and other U.S. hubs to Frankfurt daily, and American’s flights connect easily with ongoing flights to many other German cities on Lufthansa or British Airways. Delta Airlines ( 800/241-4141; www.delta.com) offers daily nonstop service to Frankfurt from Atlanta, Cincinnati, and New York’s JFK; nonstop to Munich from Atlanta; nonstop to Berlin from JFK; and connecting service to Hamburg. United Airlines ( 800/538-2929; www.united.com) offers daily nonstops from Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago to Frankfurt and Munich. Air Berlin ( (866/266-5588; www.airberlin.com) flies from Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, and other U.S. cities to Berlin.

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Hand-painted flasks at Crafty Wonderland.

Shopping Best Bets

Best for Books

★★★ Powell’s City of Books, 1005 W. Burnside St. (p 77)

Best for Shoes

★★ Imelda’s Shoes and Louie’s Shoes for Men, 3426 SE Hawthorne Blvd. (p 80)

Best for Unexpected Discoveries

★★ Cargo, 81 SE Yamhill St. (p 81)

Best for Toys

★★★ Finnegan’s Toys, 820 SW Washington St. (p 78)

Best for Vintage Surprises

★★ Ampersand Vintage, 2916 NE Alberta St. Ste. B (p 77)

Best for Oregon Souvenirs

★★ Made in Oregon, Pioneer Place Mall (p 80)

Best for Hats

★★ John Helmer Haberdasher, 969 SW Broadway Ave. (p 80)

Best for Kids’ Clothes

★★ Hanna Andersson, 327 NW 10th Ave. (p 78)

Best for Jewelry

★★ Gilt, 720 NW 23rd Ave. (p 81)

Best for Sheer Selection

★★ Pioneer Place, 700 SW 5th Ave. (p 82)

Best for Used Outfits

★ Red Light Clothing Exchange, 3590 SE Hawthorne Blvd. (p 80)

Best for Records & CDs

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Munich (München, pronounced Mewn-shin, in German), the capital of Bavaria, is a town that likes to party. Walk through the Altstadt (Old City) on a sunny day or a balmy evening and you’ll see people sitting outside, in every square, drinking, eating, and enjoying life. And there is a lot of life to enjoy in this attractive city, which seems to epitomize a certain beer-drinking, oom-pah-pah image many people still have of Germany (an image, by the way, that makes most Germans laugh or cringe). The beer and oom-pah-pah is definitely here—you’ll find it at the famous Hofbräuhaus and other beer halls—but suds and songs sung in swaying unison are only one part of Munich. The other part is rich, cultured and sophisticated, with a kind of proud, purring prosperity that supports the arts on a grand scale and appreciates the finer things in life (such as the BMWs that are produced here). In addition to having several world-class museums, it can lay claim to having the richest cultural, gastronomic and retail life in southern Germany. It’s softer and not as gritty as Berlin or Hamburg, at least not in its lovely and lively inner core, where church bells chime and the streets are paved for people, not cars.

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The word is out and maybe you’ve heard it: Germany is one of Europe’s great travel destinations. Every year, more and more visitors from around the globe are discovering the pleasures to be found in Germany’s cities, towns, and countryside. Tourist numbers have risen steadily in the 25 years since the country’s dramatic reunification in 1989–1990 and show no sign of slowing down.

Germany’s appeal is really no great mystery. Moody forests, jagged Alpine peaks, and miles of neatly tended vineyards are not just scenic but the stuff of legend, places that have inspired fairy tales and where much of Western history has been played out. The Germans more than anyone appreciate the soothing tonic of a hike in the Black Forest or a stroll on North Sea dunes, and just seeing these storied lands from a train window can be good for the soul. The cities are treasure-troves not just of great art and history but of culture, sophisticated lifestyles, and, from ever-changing Berlin to old-world Baden-Baden, cutting-edge architecture. Food—well, don’t write off the cuisine as just a lot of heaping plates of wurst and sauerkraut and schnitzel with noodles. For one thing, these traditional dishes are delicious, and one of the pleasures of traveling in Germany is discovering time-honored regional favorites.

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8. The Best Arts & Entertainment

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Arts & Entertainment Best Bets


Best Cabaret

Bar Jeder Vernunft Schaperstrasse 24 (Go to Page)

Best Jazz Club

Quasimodo Kantstrasse 12a (Go to Page)

Best Contemporary Opera

Komische Oper Behrenstrasse 55–57 (Go to Page)

Best Symphony Orchestra

Berliner Philharmoniker Herbert-von-Karajan-Strasse 1 (Go to Page)

Best for Rock & Indie Concerts

Columbia Halle Columbiadamm 13–21 (Go to Page)

Best for Drama Classics

Deutsches Theater Schumannstrasse 13a (Go to Page)

Best Opera Company

Staatsoper Unter den Linden Unter den Linden 7 (Go to Page)

Best Arthouse Cinema

Arsenal Potsdamer Strasse 2 (Go to Page)

Best for Classical Concerts

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