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44 Tapping Your Personal Power

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Tapping Your

Personal Power


Power. We’ve all got it. What is it? How do we use it?

The concept of personal power is based on how we feel about ourselves and is demonstrated by how we communicate and interact with others. When we have a positive understanding of ourselves, we relate to others in a positive way because we have respect for others and ourselves.

We all have personal power because most of us have the ability to understand how we think, feel, react, and act. How we interpret this understanding and how we actively use it vary. A knife may be used to create a delicious casserole or to kill someone. Like using a knife, how personal power is used depends on the individual.

Even when you are affected by circumstances outside your control, you can still use your personal power to make a choice in the way you react. Even not making a choice is making a choice!

Pleasing others rather than pleasing yourself is sometimes not in your own best interests. OK, so everyone loves you—but does anybody respect you?

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1 Achieving Ambitions with Goal Setting

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Ambitions with

Goal Setting


Goal setting is a very powerful technique that can yield strong returns in all areas of your life. By knowing precisely what you want to achieve, you know what you have to concentrate on and improve, and what is merely a distraction. By setting goals, you can:

Achieve more

Improve performance

Increase your motivation to achieve

Increase your pride and satisfaction in your achievements

Improve your self-confidence

Plan to eliminate attitudes that hold you back

Research has shown that people who use goal setting effectively:

Suffer less from stress and anxiety

Concentrate better

Show more self-confidence

Perform better

Are happier and more satisfied

The first step in setting personal goals is to consider what you want to achieve in your lifetime. Setting lifetime goals gives you the overall perspective that shapes all other aspects of your decision making. Try to set goals in all of the following categories:



Physical fitness


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46 Time Management

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Good time management involves a shift of focus to concentrate on results— to make time for what is important. Improve your management of time by:

◆ Using an activity log to evaluate your use of time and your energy levels at different times of the day

◆ Knowing how much your time is worth, and hence which tasks should be avoided, dropped, or delegated

◆ Determining and agreeing what is important for success in your job, and what constitutes exceptional performance

◆ Setting the goals and plans that will lead you to that success

Consider using your time more effectively by:

◆ Doing important work when you feel at your best

◆ Eating properly and resting effectively so that you spend more time performing well

◆ Running and attending meetings effectively

◆ Making use of time spent waiting

◆ Making use of traveling time

◆ Improving your reading skills

◆ Dropping unimportant tasks

◆ Making use of delays

Create more time by delegating effectively and getting up early!

Control the distractions that interfere with your work by:

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5 Career Planning

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Nowadays, each one of us has the opportunity to be in charge of our own working life. It is up to each person to plan their career and reskill when appropriate. Are you aware of the following facts?

◆ The skills most commonly thought to be lacking are IT skills, communication skills, and personal skills.

◆ According to the Department for Education and Employment, growth in demand in the higher skilled occupations is predicted to the year 2005 and beyond and there is a growing emphasis on multiskilling and quality.

◆ Core workers are expected to have a wide range of skills including leadership, managerial, development, professional, and technical abilities.

◆ If you want to get the maximum return from your networking, you need to give a high profile to your transferable skills.

◆ You need to be able to work without a clear job description and to prepare yourself for short-term employment.

◆ To stay in work you will need to constantly demonstrate your value to the organization in each new situation.

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7 Coaching Others

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A good coach encourages others to think for themselves. In other words, good coaches teach others to fish for themselves, rather than feeding them fish.

Coaching is a form of leading—you lead people to think differently. Coaching means asking questions that lead others to new insights, and helping people solve their own problems. One of the challenges in coaching is to resist offering people your own answers and thereby metaphorically feeding them fish; it is an accepted fact that people commit themselves most fully to their own solutions.

Coaches help people carry out any occupational task more effectively and aim to help high performers reach greater heights.

Managers who use coaches are committed to self-improvement, and it is becoming increasingly evident that managers develop more effectively with the help of a coach rather than just relying on ad hoc experience or courses.

Coaching is not complete until the other person has a concrete action plan to do something different.

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