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Sleepy-Time Friend Kit

Heidi Staples Stash Books ePub

Friend Kit


TOTE BAG SIZE: 6˝ wide × 8½˝ high × 3˝ deep, plus strap


PILLOW SIZE: 5˝ × 3˝

This little stuffed doll can be made into just about any character you like, and his size is a great fit for small hands. Use his pocket for a stuffed friend of his own or special treasures, like jewelry or just-lost teeth. A coordinating tote plus miniature quilt and pillow add extra fun to the mix.


Lynne Goldsworthy of Lily’s Quilts (lilysquilts.blogspot.com)

Any tips for busy people trying to fit sewing into their life? Find a little corner where you don’t have to tidy things away every time you stop sewing. I like to have one hand-sewing project that can be picked up whenever I have a free minute.

Organizational tips for the sewing room? I have a trash bin right next to my cutting mat and a scraps box underneath. When I’m cutting, tiny scraps go into the trash, and bigger scraps go straight into the scraps box.

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Jet-Set Case

Heidi Staples Stash Books ePub


CASE SIZE: 12˝ × 8˝ closed, 12˝ × 18˝ open


Traveling with three little girls in tow is a major event, and the only things that keep me sane are plenty of caffeine and lots of organization. Pretty little cases like this one are just the thing I need for corralling jewelry, makeup, and small toiletry items that might otherwise wander off in the midst of packing. The D-ring loop serves double duty as a closure and as a way to hang the bag when you arrive at your destination.

With a change in fabric choices, the Jet-Set Case can fill a variety of uses. Fill it with school supplies to make a deluxe pencil case. Add sewing materials to make a traveling embroidery or cross-stitch case. The ideas are endless.

Jet-Set Case

Interior, 12˝ × 18˝, provides plenty of space to carry your most important supplies. My version features the Vintage Happy collection by Lori Holt for Riley Blake Designs.

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Double-Zip Clutch

Heidi Staples Stash Books ePub


CLUTCH SIZE: 11˝ × 8½˝ closed, 11˝ × 17˝ open

This project is probably the most adaptable one in the book. Adjust the size, fabric choices, and inner pocket formation to make a gift that will fit just about any situation. See Bright Idea!.


Double-Zip Clutch

opens to 11˝ × 17˝ to hold stationery or other items

Making the Clutch

Seam allowances are ¼˝ unless otherwise noted.

Fuse interfacing to the wrong side of the fabrics for the exterior, inner pocket, and flap. See Supplies.


1Right sides together, fold the inner pocket fabric in half to make a rectangle 12˝ × 8˝. Stitch the raw edges together along the 12˝ side.

2Fuse the 7¾˝ × 12˝ interfacing rectangle to one side of the inner pocket unit. Turn the unit right side out. Press. Topstitch ¼˝ from the edge of each 12˝ side.

Add interfacing, turn the unit right side out, press, and topstitch.

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Traveling with Your Sewing

Heidi Staples Stash Books ePub

Make Something Bigger: Projects for Time and Travel

I must govern the clock, not be governed by it. —Golda Meir

While there will always be occasions that call for quick projects, it’s good to leave room in your life for the occasional challenge. There’s going to be a moment when you’re browsing online and a new pattern catches your eye. It’s gorgeous and interesting, and it already has a growing following among the blogs. Your fingers are itching to get started. “But how,” you ask, “am I going to find time for something that big? Small finishes I can do, but that? No way.”

All that is about to change.

Splitting a Big Project into Manageable Pieces

As far as I’m concerned, a project is “big” if …

+It means a lot of hand sewing. This includes projects involving English paper piecing, embroidery, or hand quilting.

+It’s made up of quilt blocks that are difficult to piece or have lots of small pieces.

+The quilt itself is physically large, calling for a large number of blocks.

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Medium 9781607059790

Brass Ring Pillow

Heidi Staples Stash Books ePub

Brass Ring

PILLOW SIZE: 18˝ × 18˝

BLOCK SIZE: 14˝ × 14˝

A traditional Wedding Ring block, also known as a Crown of Thorns block, looks surprisingly modern when transformed into a pillow made of low-volume prints or enlarged to make a lap quilt. “Going for the brass ring” is an old American saying that dates to the turn of the twentieth century, when carousel riders used to reach for brass rings as they straddled horses on the outer ring of the ride. Today the phrase refers to those who are willing to do their utmost to achieve their dreams. It’s a lovely thought to accompany a gift for someone special who may be embarking on a new life adventure.

Favorite scraps or charm squares (5˝ squares) can be put to use in this miniature version of the original block, embellished with an extra row of piecing on each side. Low-contrast prints and a tight color scheme make a quiet statement with big impact.


Angela Pingel of Cut to Pieces (cuttopieces.blogspot.com)

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