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Summer Tourist Quilt

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Tourist Quilt

QUILT SIZE: 44˝ × 44˝

BLOCK SIZE: 12˝ finished

Sewing up one of these quilts is like sitting down after your last vacation to look at all the pictures you took on your trip—oh, the memories! You can use the pieces in your scrap bucket or cut a square from each new print that comes to live on your fabric shelves. Summer Tourist is a quilt to be made over time, sewing up a block whenever you have enough prints collected. This is also a great project for using leftover charm squares and mini charm squares.

If you’re looking for instant gratification, try something smaller like the Weekend Tourist. This mini quilt is a great way to showcase some of your favorite prints when you’re looking for a fun, quick finish.


Summer Tourist

44˝ × 44˝, 12˝ blocks

Making the Quilt


Make a 36-Patch block in each color group, alternating saturated and low-volume prints.

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Why Every Modern Girl Should Sew

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Why bother sewing?

You can buy clothes at Walmart for a fraction of what it costs you to make them. Home furnishings are available online at the click of a button, and styles are changing faster than anyone can keep up. Gifts line the shelves at the local mall, and if you’re really desperate, you can buy something handmade (by someone else, of course) on Etsy.

Besides, who has time to sew? Have you looked at your calendar lately? Where exactly are you going to find time to do this in between meetings, errands, and the 50 other appointments on your schedule today?

Making the Case for Sewing

In today’s world, it may seem as if sewing has become completely irrelevant, but I disagree. So do a lot of other people out there. The handmade revolution has exploded in recent years. There was a time when people made everything themselves because they had no other choice. Now we’re choosing to make more things ourselves because we’re finding that it’s a more fulfilling way to live.

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Chevron Table Set

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Table Set


PLACE MAT SIZE: 12˝ × 17˝

Chevrons are not only a great modern accent on these table items, but they also give you the chance to showcase some of your favorite prints. I chose to use a brown sketch print that has the appearance of linen without the stretchy texture that could make these Flying Geese a little more challenging to sew. One of the place mats is intended for a child, while the other three use the same prints found in the runner.


Though the materials list gives you a little leeway for cutting mistakes, you can actually make these chevrons using only a stack of charm squares if you make each cut perfectly!

Chevron Table Runner

9˝ × 37˝, featuring Sketch by Timeless Treasures Fabrics

Making the Table Runner

Seam allowances are ¼˝ unless otherwise noted.


1Arrange the chevron prints (2 squares and 1 rectangle each) in order.

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Dotty Hexagon Pillow

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Hexagon Pillow

PILLOW SIZE: 17˝ × 12˝

Here’s your chance to give hexagons a try! Grab a stack of solid-color charm squares and put together this salute to the color spectrum. If you’re feeling feisty, try making the pillow with prints instead of solids. Either way it’s bound to brighten up your next rainy day.


Dotty Hexagon Pillow

17˝ × 12˝, featuring Kona Cotton Solids by Robert Kaufman Fabrics

Making the Pillow


If this is your first time with hexagons, be sure to do a little research on basting the hexagons and sewing them together. See Resources for links. If you’re already a hexie fan, be sure to check out Tacha Bruecher’s masterpiece Hexa-Go-Go for some incredible project ideas!

1Baste each trimmed charm square to a 1¼˝ hexagon paper foundation, using your preferred method.

2Refer to the Hexagon Assembly diagram to arrange the hexagons into 7 rows, 4 with 8 hexagons each and 3 with 9 hexagons each. Space the white hexagons among the colored ones.

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Brass Ring Pillow

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Brass Ring

PILLOW SIZE: 18˝ × 18˝

BLOCK SIZE: 14˝ × 14˝

A traditional Wedding Ring block, also known as a Crown of Thorns block, looks surprisingly modern when transformed into a pillow made of low-volume prints or enlarged to make a lap quilt. “Going for the brass ring” is an old American saying that dates to the turn of the twentieth century, when carousel riders used to reach for brass rings as they straddled horses on the outer ring of the ride. Today the phrase refers to those who are willing to do their utmost to achieve their dreams. It’s a lovely thought to accompany a gift for someone special who may be embarking on a new life adventure.

Favorite scraps or charm squares (5˝ squares) can be put to use in this miniature version of the original block, embellished with an extra row of piecing on each side. Low-contrast prints and a tight color scheme make a quiet statement with big impact.


Angela Pingel of Cut to Pieces (cuttopieces.blogspot.com)

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