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14. The Cost of Aligned Thinking: Three Gifts of Time

Steffen, James Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

THE FOLLOWING evening as they sat around Coach Erics big oak table, Ray and Carol were filled with questions and emotions. Ray unloaded first.

I was intrigued by Woodys saying Aligned Thinking could get rid of all interruptions forever. As if that werent unbelievable enough, he said he could do that and still do justice to his clients, colleagues, and family.

What Woody and Prue shared was terrific, very positive, Carol jumped in. When we learned the MIN Secret, it was a high. We saw its elegant simplicity. But it was such a letdown to learn we have a handle on only 30 to 40 percent of the value of Aligned Thinking.

Coach smiled. Im glad Woody and Prue did the wonderful job that I was convinced they could do. Look at it this way: Lets say the amount of wisdom you have come away with fills a hundred pages. And lets say you have 99.9 percent of what there is to be learned. How much more value can you expect when you implement the process in your lives?

With a puzzled look, Carol said, Very little.

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Opening Your World

Blanchard, Ken Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

As Blake prepared for his next meeting with Debbie, he had that feeling again—that feeling that things were going to be okay. Although the circumstances looked bleak, he was optimistic. Thankfully, his group hadn’t lost any more customers, Sam was still his training partner, the cross-functional team was making some progress, and he hadn’t been fired yet. Maybe that was all that was fueling his buoyant spirit. Yet he felt there was something else going on—something good—but he couldn’t put his finger on it.

When Debbie arrived for their next meeting at the coffee shop, Blake was already seated at a table, notebook in hand. His plate was full at work—he didn’t think he could handle any more growth opportunities right now—but his curiosity was getting the best of him. He knew from the GROW acronym that there were two more ways a leader could fuel his or her growth, and he wanted to know what they were.

“How are you?” Debbie asked.

“Fantastic, I think,” Blake replied.

“You think?”

“Yeah, I think things are good.” Blake did his best to explain why he was optimistic.

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3. Aligned Thinking Offers Hope

Steffen, James Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

THAT SATURDAY evening at their favorite restaurant, Ray and Carol met Ed and Alanna for dinner. As soon as they ordered their meal, Carol—being the action-oriented person she was—related the entire situation: the frustration of too much to do, too many interruptions, and too little meaning in their lives.

Ray added, Carol astounded me. In some areas, her situation was worse than mine. We asked ourselves, Who among our friends seem to have their lives together, and how do they do it? We thought of the two of you. You seem to have some secret power wed like to know about.

Ed smiled. Thanks, guys. It wasnt always this easy. Alanna and I used to have the same feelings and problems that you do, like too much to do and too little meaning in life. Then we attended a workshop led by Coach Eric. He was our soccer coach in school, Ray. Remember?

Ray nodded. Sure. Never had a coach who was more positive and encouraging. We won a lot of championships with Coach Eric, didnt we?

Yep, said Ed. Turns out Coachs business is giving productivity seminars to Fortune 500 companies. He helps people get what they really want from life and work by guiding them to become Aligned Thinkers. Hes highly successful at it. Thanks to Coach, Alanna and I learned how to live as Aligned Thinkers.

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12. Life Aligning Question Three: The Now Question

Steffen, James Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

THE FOLLOWING Saturday evening, Carol and Ray met Prue and Woody Madson, who served them a delicious meal of leftovers from a huge party theyd had on Independence Day. After everyone had feasted on beef stroganoff and an excellent cabernet sauvignon, Prue asked, Did anyone save room for dessert?

Standing at the head of the table, Prue tempted Ray, Carol, and Woody with a Dutch apple pie. Fresh from the oven, its heavenly aroma filled the room. Its great with vanilla ice cream, she said with a wicked grin.

Woody and Ray said yes without a second thought. Carol was not so quick to decide.

I honestly dont know! She let out an exasperated sigh. That has to be the most delicious looking pie Ive ever seen. But Ive been trying to cut down on sugar.

Woody responded, Your dilemma—what to do this moment—ties right in to the third Life Aligning Question, which starts as a riddle.

Carol and Ray leaned forward slightly in their seats, focusing their full attention on Woody. Something in his tone had sounded rather mysterious, and they were eager to hear what hed say next.

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20. Are You Living Your Ideal Professional and Personal Life?

Steffen, James Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

RAY HAD really outdone himself with the last funday for purpose: a surprise ski weekend in Vermont. Tammy and Jamie had skied until the lifts closed, while Ray and Carol quit early on Saturday to review their life and work purposes. With his son and daughters help, Ray had pulled the trip off as a total surprise. Carol, a fierce competitor, had promised to top it this quarter.

Since this was June and the one-year anniversary of their beginning the Aligned Thinking journey—a journey that had turned into a pilgrimage to fulfill their lifes purpose— Ray suspected something big was coming. It was the planners privilege to assign the surprised any reasonable task in preparation. A month ago, Carol had asked Ray to take this Thursday through Monday off. Last night, she had handed him a sealed envelope that read, Do not open till you are on the train going to work.

As the train rumbled through the tunnel, Ray opened the note. It read:

     Dear Ray:

     Are you living your ideal professional and

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