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ONE Understanding Next Level Teams a picture of your future

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You’ve no doubt heard about teamwork and its importance in today’s workplace. Perhaps your organization has even tried to do more with teams and has preached teamwork.

But most people are much more familiar with the idea of a work group. It’s the front line of an organization where the product is made or the service is provided. The idea of work groups is based on a view of work that is rooted in the old notion of an organization with rigid lines of managerial control, authority, and responsibility. In other words, those in leadership positions tend to assume they should make most decisions about the work, and employees tend to assume they should do what they are told by the leaders.

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, concentrating decision-making authority with a few people no longer gets the kind of results that are needed. Additionally, centralized decision making places an undue burden on those making the decisions and is frustrating to those who cannot act until the decisions are made. Communication in the traditional work system simply moves too slowly. Because decision making is slow, people are inhibited from taking action in a timely and responsible fashion. 6

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Creating Your Own Vision: Guidelines and Application

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We hope you enjoyed Full Steam Ahead! In this section weve summarized the core concepts and tools from the story to help you create your own vision. Whether you are looking to develop a personal vision, a team vision, or an organization-wide vision, these principles will apply.

Vision is knowing who you are, where youre going, and what will guide your journey.

Knowing who you are means being clear about your purpose. Where youre going is your picture of the future. What will guide your journey are your values.

Good leadership starts with vision; leadership is about going somewhere.

Vision helps you get focused, get energized, and get great results.

Vision keeps you going during times of adversity.

Yes. Vision can start anywhere. You dont have to wait for the rest of the company. If you are a team leader, you can help your team create a vision. Others in the company will begin to notice the sparkle on your team and will become curious. Meanwhile, lobby your boss and your peer group to create a vision as well. In other words, look 360 degrees—down, sideways, and up.

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Understanding Exercise and Fitness: Tim’s Toolbox

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Resources II

This appendix gives you a more in-depth overview of the components of fitness that I’ve shared throughout this book. Even if you already have a good knowledge of fitness, you may want to review this section anyway.

—Tim Kearin

Because the qualifications to be a fitness trainer do not require a license, there are many different approaches and philosophies to fitness. Just because some people look lean and muscular doesn’t necessarily mean they know what they are doing. The industry has numerous trainer certification courses where the basics of physiology and anatomy are taught along with safety concerns and CPR. Most universities and colleges offer bachelor’s, master’s and even Ph.D. degrees in many sports science areas, including kinesiology, exercise physiology, biomechanics, and several other exercise disciplines. When seeking out a trainer, it is always a good idea to check the résumé, which should include at least a bachelor’s degree and several years of experience working with individuals in your age group. It is also a good idea to check a reference or two.

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CHAPTER 7: Key #2: Widen the Boundaries to Create More Autonomy and Responsibility

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Because the world of empowerment is so foreign to people in most organizations, it is easy to begin to feel lost somewhere along the journey from hierarchy to empowerment. The mileposts to progress become unclear, creating a need to reestablish the guidelines for acting in a culture of empowerment. The initial excitement about the journey becomes bogged down in the valley of discouragement. People need to be reminded where they are going and how to get there. Being lost is never a comfortable feeling. Being in free fall between the security of hierarchy and the responsibility of empowerment is even more uncomfortable. Some people in the organization will want to give up at this point, and this is precisely the time when more focus and responsibility are 154 needed. Some of the questions people will have are along the lines of those that follow.

An information services company took a rather bold step at this stage of the change-to-empowerment process. Senior leadership took the position that employees with increased information at their disposal could now identify and define some of their own goals in collaboration with their leaders. Of the five to eight performance goals that were typical for team members, the leaders instructed members to try to develop three to four of those goals themselves. At first there was some confusion, but team members quickly came to like the idea since it explicitly utilized their input and made them feel a sense of ownership. The team leaders liked it too because it helped them shoulder the burden of identifying and defining the goals that were critical to the performance of the unit. What followed was a collaborative discussion during which all of the goals were refined to be SMART, that is, Specific, Motivational, Attainable, Relevant, and Trackable.

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Room to Grow

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As usual, Blake reached the coffee shop early. Still, he was not early enough to arrive first. But this time it was Ms. Barnwell, not Debbie, he’d arranged to meet. His boss sat waiting for him at a table by the window.

“Good afternoon, Ms. Barnwell.”

She welcomed him with a smile. “From now on, it’s Maggie, okay?”

“Yes, ma’am,” he said as he took a seat across the table from her.

“Not ‘ma’am.’ Just ‘Maggie.’”

Blake nodded. This was the first time he’d seen her since she’d returned from her vacation. He couldn’t put his finger on it, but something in her appearance had changed dramatically. Her face bore the signs of grief, but it also looked more open and less guarded.

“I heard your presentation went splendidly, Blake,” she said.

“Thanks greatly to you, Ms. Barn—I mean, Maggie. Your ideas about the short-term and long-term audience for our recommendations really resonated.”

“From what I hear, you made quite an impact at that meeting,” she said. “I know your father would be proud of you.”

A pang went through Blake, and he lowered his eyes. The triumph of his meeting with the president was a moment he would have loved to have shared with his dad, but he knew he never could. When he looked up again, Maggie was staring at him.

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