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Creating Your Own Vision: Guidelines and Application

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We hope you enjoyed Full Steam Ahead! In this section weve summarized the core concepts and tools from the story to help you create your own vision. Whether you are looking to develop a personal vision, a team vision, or an organization-wide vision, these principles will apply.

Vision is knowing who you are, where youre going, and what will guide your journey.

Knowing who you are means being clear about your purpose. Where youre going is your picture of the future. What will guide your journey are your values.

Good leadership starts with vision; leadership is about going somewhere.

Vision helps you get focused, get energized, and get great results.

Vision keeps you going during times of adversity.

Yes. Vision can start anywhere. You dont have to wait for the rest of the company. If you are a team leader, you can help your team create a vision. Others in the company will begin to notice the sparkle on your team and will become curious. Meanwhile, lobby your boss and your peer group to create a vision as well. In other words, look 360 degrees—down, sideways, and up.

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EIGHT Use Information to Drive Great Results

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When teams get through step 2, the joy of acceleration often becomes a problem for making the final step to the Next Level. It is tempting for people to take their eyes off the vision of a fully functioning Next Level Team. As we have learned, these teams focus not only on more involvement for team members but also on expanded responsibility for achieving great results. Next Level Teams have important responsibilities for everyone on the team. In Next Level Teams, people voice their opinions, disagree with one another, argue for their positions, and feel the pressure of performance responsibility. People also feel a sense of ownership, are listened to and understood, make and implement team decisions, and make use of and further develop every member’s talents.

As you move into this last step of the journey, a number of questions remain:

Let’s consider how information can be used to help address these questions and move the team closer to its ultimate goal.

At this point in the change process, teams are really beginning to use the information that they have received during the first two steps of the change. They have also seen how the information they have begun to share with management is valuable in better managerial decisions. Because of this better utilization of information and the two-way sharing of information, they are now in a better position to know what additional information they need to enhance their performance.

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What Is Vision, Anyway?

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Wednesday, I arrived precisely at 6:30 A.M. There was Jim at the back table. He immediately began talking as though yesterdays conversation had just occurred.

I knew I was onto something by the tremendous response I got from my first voice mail message. Let me tell you a bit about the history of our company so youll understand what I was looking for.

My father was an amazing man. He started this agency from nothing—sheer guts, loans, and a belief in people. Everyone adored Dad—the employees, our customers—especially the widows. He had a tremendous effect on people and made them feel important. There was a real family feeling and joy in the agency. It sparkled.

It sounds like your dad was a very special person, I said.

He certainly was, said Jim. When my father was president, there was a tremendous amount of energy, excitement, and passion. Everyone knew they were making a difference, building a company that provided a real service to the community.

And now? I asked.

Its not the same. I was proud to work my way up through the ranks. I took the helm a little over ten years ago when Dad was getting ready to retire. We had grown quite a bit, and I think he was frustrated that he didnt know everybody anymore, including the customers. Unfortunately, I didnt get much of his guidance during the transition, as he died shortly after I took over.

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An Insight with Impact

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As the new week began, Debbie had a fresh take on the world. She even brought some flowers into the office and put them by the front desk where everyone could enjoy them. She had a new-hire interview scheduled for Tuesday. This time she asked Human Resources to give her two meetings with the candidate and to schedule ninety minutes for each session— not her usual thirty minutes. Following Jeff’s lead, Debbie prepared a short list of references for the candidate. She knew that some of the people might not give her an entirely positive reference, but she wanted to be up-front and honest.

On Tuesday Debbie met with the candidate, a woman a few years older than herself. At the end of their meeting Debbie said, “Thank you for your time today. If you’re still interested in the job, I want you to come back for another meeting. I know this is a major decision for both of us, so next time, I want you to interview me. Ask anything you like. Also, I’ve prepared a short list of personal and professional references for you. You may call them if you like, but you are under no obligation. I have to be honest with you, though. Some of these people may not have the most glowing things to say about my past leadership. But I am committed to becoming a great leader, and I see it as a journey. This team is going to do amazing things, and you may be one of the people to help us.”

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Learning to Serve

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Blake contacted several companies and was able to schedule interviews with three organizations he hadn’t pursued previously. He felt the interviews went well. One of the three firms offered him a job on the spot. The second sent him a letter thanking him for his interest and letting him know that the job had been filled by another candidate who more closely fitted their needs. The third invited him back for another interview.

Two out of three wasn’t a bad average. His top-rated university, combined with above-average academics and social skills, made him a young man most companies would welcome to the team. He was pleased.

He asked the first company for a little more time to make a decision. The second interview turned into an invitation for a third. He wasn’t sure what to make of this. Were they indecisive or just careful? Were they unsure of his candidacy? Were they probing specific concerns? He thought this would be a good conversation to have at the coffee shop with Debbie.

“How’s the job search?” Debbie asked as she greeted him with a smile.

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