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CHAPTER 10: Key #2: Incorporate Boundaries into Everyone’s Value System

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All along the journey to empowerment we have had to be aware of utilizing the three keys as a package to promote change. This final stage is no different from the first two, except that now more of the guidance from boundaries comes from within the people. People are now asking for the information they need and making good use of that information. The boundaries that guide behavior in the empowered culture are much wider than at the beginning of the journey. The challenge is to take the last step of incorporating the boundaries fully into the value systems of the people in the organization. Managers have come a long way toward becoming team leaders, just as the people have progressed far toward being team members. That is not to suggest, 220 however, that boundaries are no longer needed to guide autonomous actions. Rather, it is to suggest that the locus of the boundaries needs to be moved as much as possible into the hands and minds of the team members. Let us turn to responding to the questions that are typically on the minds of people at this stage of the journey to empowerment.

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Gaining Knowledge

Blanchard, Ken Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

Blake accepted the job at Dynastar and was eager to get started. His start date was set for two weeks after graduation.

This gave him just enough time to settle into his new apartment and have one more meeting with Debbie before he began. This time, there’d be no talk of job hunting. Just one topic: how to GROW as a leader.

They met at the usual coffee shop. After brief greetings, Blake got right to the point. “Tell me how I can GROW as a leader.”

“Gladly,” Debbie began. “Growth is what separates living things from dying things. Organizations and people that are fully alive, GROW—leaders especially. Sometimes, people and organizations aren’t really alive at all—not in the fullest sense of the word. They’re not fully alive because they are not growing. Think of a heart-rate monitor. If you’re not alive, the line is flat—you’re clearly not growing. Growth brings energy, vitality, life, and challenge. The people I meet who aren’t growing are also the ones who find life and their jobs boring. Without growth, we’re just going through the motions.”

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Serving Leaders

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Debbie became more enthusiastic about her team and her work over the next few weeks. She was beginning to see how all of what Jeff was teaching her fit together. As the day of their next meeting approached, she thought about the question she had asked at the end of their last meeting. I wonder who he’ll select as the leaders who best put the principles of SERVE into practice?

On the morning of their meeting, Debbie headed for Jeff’s office with her newfound sense of optimism. I’ve learned so much. This mentoring has been a great experience!

They began by sharing what was going on in their personal lives. From the beginning, Jeff had always expressed interest in her life, both at work and outside the office.

Turning to the business at hand, Jeff asked, “Have you had any fresh insights since our last meeting?”

“Yes, quite a few,” Debbie said with some satisfaction in her voice.

“Like what?”

“I learned that the ideas you shared actually work! Also, as I began to think about establishing and living the values of our organization, I realized that ‘if it is to be, it is up to me.’”

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How It’s Created

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The next time we met, Jim began the conversation by saying, I understand that others need to be involved in shaping the vision. Im okay with sharing my vision with others and listening to their thoughts and reactions. But how much do I allow others to have input? Im pretty passionate about it. To be honest, I dont know how much Im willing to change it.

I thought about the vision of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It really wasnt just his vision alone. His vision expressed the hopes and dreams of millions of people.

I think its your job as the leader of this company to ensure theres a shared vision, to champion the vision, but not to own the vision, I offered. Everyone in the company must own the vision. Otherwise, its just your vision and not a shared vision. The more involved people are in creating it, the more they will feel a sense of ownership—then its not just your vision; its everyones vision.

That makes sense, Jim replied. But also I think leaders are supposed to know where theyre going. If I dont tell them what the vision is, theyll lose confidence in me. On the other hand, if they dont agree with my vision, it doesnt matter how passionate I am—its not going to happen.

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16. Why It’s Dangerous to Teach Aligned Thinking to Kids

Steffen, James Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

AS THE summer continued, Ray and Carol daily discovered more ways the MIN Secret and the Aligned Thinking tools helped them enjoy their ideal professional and personal lives. One day as they were celebrating the moment with iced tea by the pool, Ray said, I think its time we take up Woodys challenge to share the tools with the kids.

A worthwhile challenge, said Carol. We need some kind of opportunity. Something to motivate them. Got any ideas?

Ray and Carol had sipped their iced tea thoughtfully for a few moments when Jamie and Tammy appeared. From the looks on their faces, it was obvious they wanted something.

Tammy began. Its my turn to plan family night. We want one more family day before Jamie goes off to college in three weeks.

Then it was the college freshman-to-bes turn. You know how you always say we should take responsibility for being creative? So Tammy and I have researched the possibilities. Six Flags Great Adventure has a special: bring three, get the fourth free.

Ray nearly said no without thinking. The familys entertainment budget was already depleted for the summer. And with Jamie going to college, funds were tight. However, Ray caught Carols eye. This was the opportunity they were looking for.

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