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How It’s Communicated

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One morning Jim and I were chatting about the length of the vision statement, which was almost two pages long.

Its hard to remember all two pages, Jim commented.

Once you really understand it, you dont have to come up with all the words, I said. You can create a rallying call. Do you recall the old commercials for Ford Motor Company when they were beginning to seriously compete with Japan? I asked.

I sure do, he responded. Quality Is Job One.

I grew up in Michigan, I continued, so Im very aware of the automotive industry. I was impressed with their rallying call. To most people Quality Is Job One sounds like theyre saying, Quality is the most important job. And they are. But its also a message that conveys deeper meaning. Most people dont know this, but Job One is the term for the first car off the assembly line. This car has to be perfect because it is used as the standard against which all of the other cars are built. When workers at Ford Motor first heard Quality Is Job One, what they really heard was that every car they produced had to be perfect, held to the standard of the first job—the first car off the assembly line. They had a clear picture of what quality looks like. The rallying call also told them that they are going to seriously compete with the Japanese market in the area of quality. There was a lot of meaning attached to their rallying call, and it connected them to a shared vision. That was the year that the Ford Taurus overtook the Honda Accord as the best-selling car in that class.

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10 Another Perspective

Ken Blanchard Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

Rounding a curve on the winding mountain road, Larry and Janice saw the pale gray dome of the observatory come into view.

“Wow, what a great place to work,” Janice said. “It’s beautiful up here.”

“I must say, I’ve never met an astronomer before,” said Larry. “This ought to be interesting.”

Cynthia Strohmeyer was certainly not what either Janice or Larry had been expecting. The red-headed woman who greeted them was in her early forties at most. Wearing comfortable clothes, she met them at the entrance to the spacious room that housed the massive telescope.

“Welcome,” she said after they’d made introductions. “My uncle has told me so many good things about you guys.”

“Your uncle?” said Larry, puzzled. “Oh!” he said, the light going on. “You must be Dr. Jeffrey’s niece.”

“He didn’t tell you?” she said with a laugh.

“No,” said Janice. “He just said you’d give us a fresh perspective on what it means to refire spiritually.”

Cynthia led them to some seats at the edge of the gallery, where they had a clear view of the telescope. “I’ve been interested in math and science since grade school,” she said. “By the time I reached grad school in my twenties, I identified myself as an agnostic. I just didn’t find religion and spirituality compelling. Making assumptions without empirical evidence seemed so irrational to me. People who talked about God’s love and miracles sounded naïve and sentimental, if not downright delusional.”

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7. How to Clarify Your Life Purpose

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WHAT IS it, Carol? Mike asked. You look troubled.

Rays summary might be simple, but I hardly think answering the question about my life purpose—What do I really want?—is simple. It would be great if someone could come up with a simple way to answer the question.

As a matter of fact, Mike replied, Somebody has. Coach gave us a simple method to answer that question in just three steps.

How can a question like that ever be simple? asked Carol.

Most people have never written their life purpose, Mike replied, partly because it is a very challenging thing to do. Coachs three-step method makes it possible to do in just fifteen to thirty minutes. The key to his method is to just do one step at a time.

What Mary and I liked about it was the simplicity of each step taken one at a time. When we had completed the three steps, we had clarified our purpose and created a life mission that we could use daily. And we did it in priority order, which helps when there are several options, which is often the case. The first time is challenging but very interesting. After that, Coach encouraged us to return to our mission every three months to refine it. Each time we refined it, we got clearer about what we really wanted from life and work.

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3 Love Is the Key

Ken Blanchard Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

The sun was breaking through the morning clouds when Janice and Larry arrived at the Tongs’ house. Wendy and Harold greeted them at the door and welcomed them inside.

“Dr. Jeffrey told us you’re interested in talking about refiring,” Wendy said as she showed them to the living room. “That term took us aback, because we’ve been through a major refiring—literally.”

“What do you mean?” asked Janice.

“Our original home was burned down in the wildfires that devastated this area a few years ago,” said Harold. “Talk about refiring. We had to refire from the ground up.”

“That must have been awful. What did you do?” asked Larry.

“We rented a home nearby and were planning to rebuild,” Harold replied. “But our daughter-in-law was walking her dog in the neighborhood one morning and discovered that this house—which we’d always admired—had a for-sale sign on the lawn. We were able to buy it—and save the time and expense of rebuilding—so our house ‘refiring’ has a happy ending.”

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What Is Success?

Ken Blanchard Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

Back in the office, it was apparent from the smiles, laughter, and banter that morale was on the upswing. Debbie was hopeful that performance would follow. She was still listening as much as possible. She was still actively looking for little ways to serve her team. She was delegating more often, and that allowed her more time to think about the future. She was scouting for talent, rather than just waiting for HR to send her warm bodies. She was investing more time in the interview process, and she was working purposefully to engage the hearts and heads of her people.

At times, it all seemed overwhelming. But in her heart Debbie knew that she was just laying the foundation for bigger and better things. As she prepared for the upcoming team meeting, she really wanted to engage the team in Reinventing Continuously. So she sent an e-mail.

Send to:

Team 7




Upcoming Meeting


March 1




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