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How Can It Be Better?

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The next morning, Debbie called Charles to schedule a meeting. They agreed to meet at 3:00 p.m. the following day. She explained that her primary objective was to help and that to do that, she needed to understand his situation completely.

When she approached his office at the appointed time, she was anxious but optimistic. She believed that this conversation would help her help him. She wanted him to enjoy his work, and she wanted him to be successful.

It turned out to be an upbeat meeting. Debbie did an effective job of framing the issue. She asked open-ended questions and listened carefully. Although they didn’t reach any definitive conclusions, Charles fully embraced the idea of leveraging his strengths. He admitted that he didn’t have complete clarity on his strengths as they applied to his job as a project manager. He committed to think about that. At the same time, Debbie realized that she could help Charles by providing more training and direction.

It seemed to both of them that they had made progress. They agreed to meet again the following week to continue their discussion.

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21. A Brilliant Future

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HI, EVERYBODY, Ray greeted his family with enthusiasm as he came through the front door. The response was disappointing. Jamie and Tammy were too focused on Grandma Pat and Grandpa Harry to even notice his arrival. He got a hello from the grandparents, but they were enjoying the kids attention too much to say much more.

Hi, honey, Carol said without even looking up from her reading.

Ray was eager to find out where they were going for their surprise funday. So where are we headed this time? he asked.

Carol said, Pack your swimming suit; it will be warm. Since June in New Jersey can be quite warm, this was no hint. We leave at five.

Early the following morning, Ray and Carol stood at the airline ticket counter. Being seasoned travelers, neither of them would check any luggage. They had enough clothes for five days in a warm climate.

This is a surprise trip for my husband, Carol said to the woman at the ticket counter. Can we keep the final destination a secret from him?

The woman nodded and smiled at Ray. Just let me see your ID, sir. You can have a seat over there. She pointed to a chair well out of earshot.

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CHAPTER 6: Key #1: Share More Information and Listen for Information

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In an era of speed and quickness, we often hear people express frustration at how long change takes. Once a commitment is made to empowerment, everybody wants to reach the goal without having to make the journey. Like small children on a holiday trip, people seem to be asking, Are we there yet? The problem is that the change to empowerment from the hierarchical mind-set of the past involves the incorporation of significantly different ideas. We must, therefore, anticipate points of frustration and disappointment along the journey to empowerment. Following are some of the typical questions that can be expected at this stage of the change process.128






We now have some ideas about how to use information sharing and related actions to help people deal with the frustration of this second stage of the change process to empowerment. This Change and Discouragement stage is natural, but it is also quite discomforting to everyone involved. And it is a time when many companies and their leadership abandon the empowerment efforts. We, of course, have two other keys that can help people get through this rough stage. So let us turn next to discuss and respond to questions about using 152 the second key to empowerment—create autonomy through boundaries—to assist in combating the frustration of this crucial and frustrating second stage of change.

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From Vision to Reality: The Three Hows

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Jim and I achieved what we had initially agreed to do: We identified the three key elements of a compelling vision. We were both pleased with what we had accomplished.

One Tuesday morning, we sat quietly looking at each other over our cups of coffee.

Its one thing to identify the vision, Jim remarked. Its another to make it happen. Im clear about my vision for the agency, but most people in the company are not on board yet. Ive been talking about it a lot, but I dont think people are really getting it the way I want them to. I want them to be excited about it. I want them to feel a sense of ownership for making it come alive.

So youre saying that coming up with a great vision that includes all three elements is not enough, I said.

Right, said Jim. Ive thought about having marketing create something so everyone could have a copy.

Id enjoy working on that project, I replied. But Im not sure it would give people the sense of ownership youre looking for.

Youre right, said Jim. If people dont buy into it, its likely to be framed and forgotten.

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3 Great Beginnings: The First Quarter

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Ken: We were off and running after the evaluation process. I was excited because it was December, not February, and I had a highly committed partner in Tim. Our sessions three times a week really got me going on my strength and balance training with Tim providing an appropriate S1—Directing leadership style. He told me what to do and how to do it, and closely supervised my performance. With my flexibility, I was a D2—disillusioned learner, so Tim provided the S2—Coaching style I needed, with lots of direction and support. I looked forward to being around Tim. Besides being an expert in the field, he’s a fun guy. His studio is only a couple of miles from our house, so it’s really convenient. The time to drive back and forth, plus our session, takes less than an hour.

Having Tim work on my flexibility and balance, in addition to strength training, really helped. In addition, I went to the Egoscue clinic. Since I hadn’t been there in a while, they started me off with an evaluation.

They take pictures of clients from the front, back, and both sides and that way can tell if and how a client is out of alignment—which has a lot to do with flexibility and balance. Based on that analysis, they give you an S1—Directing style menu with a series of yoga-like exercises for you to do to regain alignment. For years, the Egoscue Method® was key in saving Jack Nicklaus’s back.

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