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The Science behind the Whale Done Approach

Blanchard, Ken Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

This book brings to the parenting of children many behavioral principles and techniques that have succeeded spectacularly in training killer whales and other marine mammals, making it possible to work with these animals cooperatively. In fact, these principles and techniques have been so successful—even with the most feared predator in the ocean, the killer whale—that they have changed the entire field of marine mammal training. And they are now expanding to the training of many other animal groups, from other wild animals to domestic pets.

What has made these principles and techniques extraordinarily successful is that they are based on leading behavioral science research and universal discoveries about changing behavior. This research initially focused on changing human behavior—both child behavior and adult behavior—and it is very consistent with the knowledge about human behavior that Ken Blanchard draws on in his many books. For a good introduction to this behavioral science research, see Alan E. Kazdin, Behavior Modification in Applied Settings, sixth edition (Wadsworth, 2001).

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Gaining Knowledge

Ken Blanchard Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

Blake accepted the job at Dynastar and was eager to get started. His start date was set for two weeks after graduation.

This gave him just enough time to settle into his new apartment and have one more meeting with Debbie before he began. This time, there’d be no talk of job hunting. Just one topic: how to GROW as a leader.

They met at the usual coffee shop. After brief greetings, Blake got right to the point. “Tell me how I can GROW as a leader.”

“Gladly,” Debbie began. “Growth is what separates living things from dying things. Organizations and people that are fully alive, GROW—leaders especially. Sometimes, people and organizations aren’t really alive at all—not in the fullest sense of the word. They’re not fully alive because they are not growing. Think of a heart-rate monitor. If you’re not alive, the line is flat—you’re clearly not growing. Growth brings energy, vitality, life, and challenge. The people I meet who aren’t growing are also the ones who find life and their jobs boring. Without growth, we’re just going through the motions.”

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The Missing Link

Ken Blanchard Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

When the author called the entrepreneur’s cabin, he was greeted with a warm, hearty hello.

After introducing himself, the author said, “I’m sorry to disturb you at your cabin, Mr. Murray, but your assistant Evelyn told me you wouldn’t mind answering a few questions.”

“Please, call me Phil,” the entrepreneur said. “And by the way, I’m a big fan of your books.”

Within a couple of minutes, the author felt like he was talking to an old friend. When the author explained why he was calling, he could sense Phil’s excitement.

“I’ve been interested for a long time in ‘the missing link,’” said the entrepreneur.

“The what?” the author asked.

“The missing link,” repeated Phil. “That’s what’s lacking in the learning process when we just read books, listen to CDs, or attend seminars.”

“The missing link—that’s exactly what I want to find,” said the author. “People seem to enjoy the books I write, the CDs and videos we produce, and the seminars I conduct, yet I don’t see a lot of people actually using what they learn. The gap between what people know and what they do is driving me crazy!”

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Moving Forward

Ken Blanchard Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

Three weeks elapsed before Blake’s exams were over and Debbie had a free afternoon. The meeting was scheduled for the same coffee shop. Again, they both arrived early.

“Good afternoon!” Debbie said. “How are you?”

“I’m okay,” Blake said. The truth was, he was still grieving over his father’s death.

“Getting used to losing a loved one takes time,” Debbie said gently. “Did you have time to think through the things we discussed at the end of our first meeting?”

“I did. Just as I feared, I don’t know the answers to all the questions.”

“That’s okay. I rarely know all the answers to my own questions,” Debbie said with a grin. “And that really doesn’t diminish the power of the question. Often the search for the answer is just as valuable as the answer itself. Let’s see what you’ve come up with so far.”

They began to discuss Blake’s strengths and passions. Blake was very talented, so this was a fascinating conversation.

“It’s easy to see Jeff’s influence on your life,” she said. “After just twenty minutes, we’ve identified the following about you: You’re comfortable meeting people. You enjoy working with children—you were a camp counselor during your high school years. You’re a good student—a high GPA and other test scores helped you get into a prestigious university. You majored in business administration with a minor in marketing. And you’re athletically inclined—you played several sports growing up and are still an avid skier.”

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Accentuating the Positive to Help People Win

Ken Blanchard Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

Later that morning the author knocked on the door of Herb’s office. Herb obviously knew in advance that the author was coming, because he looked up and said, “I understand you like to catch people doing things right.”

“I certainly do,” replied the author. “I love the entrepreneur’s idea that to really learn how to do something, you have to be willing to be coached and study under a master. But I feel the follow-up system he got from his father—tell me, show me, let me, correct me, et cetera—doesn’t accentuate the positive. He told me you confronted him on the lack of support and the learning system you use in the company now includes catching people doing things right. I’d be interested in learning about that.”

“Be happy to share what we’re doing,” said Herb. “First, let me give you a little background. We hire two kinds of people: winners and potential winners. Winners are people who are already experienced in what we have hired them to do and have a good performance track record.”

“They don’t need much help, do they?” guessed the author.

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