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Part I: The Story: A Peacock in the Land of Penguins

BJ Gallagher Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

There once was a time,
in the not so distant past,
when penguins ruled many lands
in the Sea of Organizations.

These penguins were not always wise,
they were not always popular,
but they were always in charge.

Most organizations looked the same:

Top executives
and managers
wore their distinctive penguin suits,
while worker birds
of many kinds
wore colors and outfits
that reflected their work
and their lifestyles.

Birds who aspired to move up
in their organizations
were encouraged to become
as penguin-like as possible —
to shorten their steps
and learn the penguin stride,
to wear penguin suits,
and follow
the example of their leaders.

Employee Development Departments
extensive training programs
appropriate penguin-like behavior.

The rules
and norms
were clear
from Day One.

Penguins advised in subtle
(and not so subtle) ways:

“This is the way we do things here.”

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Understanding Exercise and Fitness: Tim’s Toolbox

Ken Blanchard Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

Resources II

This appendix gives you a more in-depth overview of the components of fitness that I’ve shared throughout this book. Even if you already have a good knowledge of fitness, you may want to review this section anyway.

—Tim Kearin

Because the qualifications to be a fitness trainer do not require a license, there are many different approaches and philosophies to fitness. Just because some people look lean and muscular doesn’t necessarily mean they know what they are doing. The industry has numerous trainer certification courses where the basics of physiology and anatomy are taught along with safety concerns and CPR. Most universities and colleges offer bachelor’s, master’s and even Ph.D. degrees in many sports science areas, including kinesiology, exercise physiology, biomechanics, and several other exercise disciplines. When seeking out a trainer, it is always a good idea to check the résumé, which should include at least a bachelor’s degree and several years of experience working with individuals in your age group. It is also a good idea to check a reference or two.

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Element 1: Significant Purpose

Ken Blanchard Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

Thats great, Ellie, Jim said the next morning when I told him what I had learned. The advent of the steam engine introduced a strong source of energy and power and created a transformation. Equating the power of vision with the power of the steam engine makes sense.

Now Ive got something to share with you, he continued. Remember when you pressed me to say what full steam ahead really means?

Yes. You said it means being fully powered, knowing where youre going, and moving ahead full force.

Thats right. I also said it means being so clear about your purpose, so committed to it, and so sure about your ability to accomplish it that you move ahead decisively despite any obstacles.

I remember, I said with a smile.

Well, I woke up with an aha. I realized that purpose is an important part of vision. Dad was passionate about our purpose, and he made sure that everyone in the agency understood and supported it. I think it was one of the secrets to Dads vision.

Tell me more, I invited.

By purpose, I mean understanding what we are here for, why we exist. Purpose means understanding what business we are really in so that we all can focus our efforts in support of that purpose.

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The Presentation

Ken Blanchard Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

The team was getting closer to its first presentation. Blake shared with them Ms. Barnwell’s ideas about the short-term audience and the long-term audience. The team liked the concept. As they made their final preparations, they were trying to decide who would actually do the presentation. After an hour of pros and cons, the team decided to have three presenters. Sam would set the context, Blake would present the “state of the industry,” and the senior marketing person on the team would present the team’s recommendations.

Blake was honored to have been given the chance to present to the short-term audience: the senior leadership. He certainly didn’t want to overplay it in his own mind, but in some way, it felt like he would be teaching. As Blake thought about this, he knew it would be a tremendous opportunity to GROW.

The team decided to present Ms. Barnwell’s idea of addressing the long-term audience—all the company’s leaders—as one of the recommendations. They would wait and see how the senior leaders would respond. The presentation was scheduled for a Tuesday morning. The team had been given one hour to present, and they allocated another hour for questions.

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CHAPTER 12: Summarizing the Action Plan For Creating Empowerment

Ken Blanchard Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

The journey to empowerment is one of the most challenging any set of people can undertake. It challenges and calls upon us to change many of our most basic assumptions about organizations. Furthermore, there is no one way to move from hierarchy to empowerment. Each company and its people will be different. Indeed, each manager and set of employees within a company will be different. What we have tried to provide in this book is a set of guidelines for navigating the journey. We have provided descriptions of many of the kinds of actions that will help in the change process. And in so doing, we have provided answers to many of the questions that leaders and team members have about moving to empowerment.

To make the change takes real commitment and effort, but it also helps to have an action plan to guide the efforts of 250 everyone involved. Indeed, it may be essential to a successful journey. It is critical to recognize that any organizational change will go through various stages if it is to be successful. As we have described in detail, the three stages of change are

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