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I am writing this book to help people tackle the problems of everyday life.

The book recommends one simple formula: treat life the way you would want to be treated yourself. Talk to your plants; empathise with the moods of your car, the office copier or your computer. Recognise the weather, the landscape, nature for what they truly are—mighty gods—and learn to read their expressions. Study all the patterns of success or frustration in your life, name them as demons and learn to work with them rather than simply suffer or deny them.

In place of a plethora of self-help books offering Seven Secrets of..., Ten Scientifically-proven Habits of ..., The Four-step Process to Complete and Utter... and so on, I am suggesting one simple solution as the answer to everything: do as you would be done by.

How boring.

But it’s surprising how a simple idea like that can ruffle people’s feelings. I will people your world with demons, angels, gods and spirits of all sorts and persuasions—if you really don’t mind that, then you may want to skip this first part. But I know that some people won’t be at all grateful for all this fun.

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Week 1: Softening the Boundaries by Tuning the Senses

Ramsey Dukes Aeon Books ePub


“Hark how the little birds sing of love,” sang the old lady on the park bench.

“That's aggression, not love! They're staking a territorial claim when they make that noise,” sneered the acne-scarred youth by her side.

Why did he say that? Was the fleeting intellectual triumph really worth the effort? See how quickly the old dear has forgotten his remark and returned to blissful contemplation! But does he look any happier for his knowledge?

They live in two quite different models of reality. Society would call him ”strong-minded', but he bears his reality like an irritating burden, whereas she has disciplined the world into a cornucopia of joy. Should we not then admit that, though not so strong in mind, she is at least the stronger in soul?

The above quote comes from a book I wrote called Thundersqueak (1979). It reflects a conflict between puritanism and sensitivity.


When, for example, I read some glossy magazine article extolling the fine difference between one sort of gourmet delicacy and another, or immensely flowery descriptions of the precise impression that a certain wine leaves on the refined palate, then something in me may protest that so much time and money is being spent on expensive delicacies when there are millions of people on this planet who cannot even afford enough food to stay alive.

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It is far easier to recognise other people’s demons than one’s own. My first extended example, of the young man who could not get a job, was based on the assumption that the reader would quickly perceive the pattern and recognise that he ‘had a problem’ even when the young man was still insisting he’d just been unlucky.

As already explained, demons have their reasons to avoid being noticed, particularly when they are still enjoying the power of being able to manipulate a human without much resistance. Such a demon isn’t so worried about what other people think, as long as the host remains ignorant of its manipulation.

The exercise I suggested of scanning one’s life for circumstances when one over-reacts is much less difficult, or even necessary, when dealing with others because over-reaction becomes so obvious. The person who goes on and on about immigrants, or men, or fat cats, or teenage sex, or the monarchy, or violent crime – especially when the offending principles have little direct impact on their own lives – such a person clearly has a demon.

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Week 5: Devas, Auras - The Great Arcanum

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This is what the whole course has been building up to—the GREAT SECRET that will enable ANYONE to see fairies, devas, auras and a host of other clairvoyant wonders. SECRET KNOWLEDGE that has been jealously guarded by an exclusive cabal of priests and shamans since BEFORE THE DAYS OF THE PYRAMIDS. A totally new SCIENCE OF KNOWING that is, according to privileged sources, only just being developed in TOP SECRET CIA and RUSSIAN INTELLIGENCE laboratories and NEVER BEFORE REVEALED to the human race (except of course to all the above-mentioned priests, shamans, etc.).

Oh help…I hope this won't be one enormous anti-climax…

It is indeed a very simple trick and yet it made a great impression on me when I first stumbled across it after many years of unsuccessful attempts to develop direct clairvoyant perception. So I will make some effort firstly to re-create in your imagination the circumstances of my discovery.

After giving up on ever being able to see those Geoffrey Hodson devas when I was at school, I came across his book again many years later when I was regularly walking my partner's dog in a park. So I took to looking at trees and trying once more to tune into their auras.

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Week 2: A Sense of Place

Ramsey Dukes Aeon Books ePub


In the first lesson we began by exploring very subtle sensory data—sounds sights, tastes, smells and feelings that we know to exist but are usually too subtle to be noticed or acknowledged.

In that first lesson we deliberately didn't try to go for clairvoyant or psychic perception, because that might provoke resistance from the rational parts of our mind. The other reason was that, if we did get clairvoyant phenomena early on, they could excite our curiosity so much that we would be tempted to concentrate on those results rather than learn to open up to all impressions.

This week we go a little further, building on last week's last exercise to see how well we can read subtle bodily reactions.

You know how you can sometimes walk into a place or situation and think, “This feels bad (or good)”? If the bad atmosphere feeling is strong enough, it might put you on your guard, or even make you decide to get out. We now want to extend awareness and look a little deeper into those hunches and see if we can develop them further.

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