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Week 2: A Sense of Place

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In the first lesson we began by exploring very subtle sensory data—sounds sights, tastes, smells and feelings that we know to exist but are usually too subtle to be noticed or acknowledged.

In that first lesson we deliberately didn't try to go for clairvoyant or psychic perception, because that might provoke resistance from the rational parts of our mind. The other reason was that, if we did get clairvoyant phenomena early on, they could excite our curiosity so much that we would be tempted to concentrate on those results rather than learn to open up to all impressions.

This week we go a little further, building on last week's last exercise to see how well we can read subtle bodily reactions.

You know how you can sometimes walk into a place or situation and think, “This feels bad (or good)”? If the bad atmosphere feeling is strong enough, it might put you on your guard, or even make you decide to get out. We now want to extend awareness and look a little deeper into those hunches and see if we can develop them further.

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Week 4: Playing with Tarot

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When I named the original Arcanorium course “Clairvoyance For The Non-Psychic”, it was not so much that I believed some people to be psychic and some not, but rather that some are less sensitive to intuition or “psychic” information than others.

From my experience, the reason for being less sensitive seems to be that other faculties drown out or overwhelm the psychic data, rather than there being no psychic data to work on. For some people it might be strong feelings that overwhelm the psychic messages: for example, there are religious people who feel that anything psychic is diabolic, and this feeling is so strong that it blocks psychic impressions. I did not expect that reaction from anyone who chose to study an Arcanorium course, but I did expect some of them to have interference from the rational mind. People attracted to chaos or “post modern” magick often approach from a rational standpoint, and that was why I put so much emphasis in the first three weeks on building a more co-operative relationship between the busy mind and intuitive impressions.

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Considering the examples I gave of other people’s demons and how they are manifest, it becomes obvious that there are certain demons or families of demons that crop up all over the place, whether in local groups, nations, Western culture or all over the world. These include racism, capitalism, communism, terrorism, fundamentalism, freedom, democracy, religion, materialism... the list is endless. But what can I do about a demon that is not merely resident in mine own soul but all around me?

It is a bit like asking what a gardener can do about dandelions. If they are his own problem—e.g. his garden is infested with them—then he has also to face the fact that they are also a problem throughout Britain. So does he give up?

That is a solution, to cease worrying and maybe even learn to enjoy eating the leaves and making dandelion coffee out of his uninvited crop. But the usual answer is to take steps to eliminate the weed from one’s own garden. This requires persistence, for even if there is not a single dandelion or seed left in his plot, next year’s crop in neighbouring fields will bring fresh seeds in on the wind. This does not altogether negate his efforts, for it is still easier to remove weed seedlings than it is to deal with deep rooted established plants.

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I am writing this book to help people tackle the problems of everyday life.

The book recommends one simple formula: treat life the way you would want to be treated yourself. Talk to your plants; empathise with the moods of your car, the office copier or your computer. Recognise the weather, the landscape, nature for what they truly are—mighty gods—and learn to read their expressions. Study all the patterns of success or frustration in your life, name them as demons and learn to work with them rather than simply suffer or deny them.

In place of a plethora of self-help books offering Seven Secrets of..., Ten Scientifically-proven Habits of ..., The Four-step Process to Complete and Utter... and so on, I am suggesting one simple solution as the answer to everything: do as you would be done by.

How boring.

But it’s surprising how a simple idea like that can ruffle people’s feelings. I will people your world with demons, angels, gods and spirits of all sorts and persuasions—if you really don’t mind that, then you may want to skip this first part. But I know that some people won’t be at all grateful for all this fun.

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I was quite determined not to make over-simple distinctions between demons and angels, but the following examples—divination and meditation— have been lifted from the chapter on types of personal demon because they address a more specialist readership, not because they are so angelic.


As I am considered to be something of an expert in such matters, people sometimes put questions like the following to me.

• Is it better to use yarrow stalks to consult the I Ching rather than the simpler coin technique?

• Is it bad to ask the same question twice?

• Is it true that, if you ask a question of the tarot, it is then wrong to ask the same question of the I Ching or other system?

As far as I can see, all such questions are best answered not by a dogmatic yes or no, but rather by suggesting that the questor identifies with the system of divination. For when we consult any system—from astrology to tea leaves—we are asking it to provide advice in matters beyond our own reckoning. We are, therefore, consulting an expert.

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